Indoor Activities to Keep Your Dogs Entertained

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, and your dog. You are his life, his love, and his leader. He will be yours, faithful, and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Having said that, nothing feels better than playing with your dog in the garden or a park and letting their energetic and playful self finally have some fun. Planning a beach trip or taking them for a good long walk is always refreshing for yourself.

Dogs are called the best friend of men and have this uniqueness that makes everyone happy. However, during the rainy season or at times like the early months of 2021 where we’re all locked down at home, it’s probably difficult to go out and have fun. Hence, here are few activities that you can still do with your dog at home to kill boredom.

Top 11 Indoor Activities for Dogs

1. Sniff and Search

This is the dog version of scavenger hunt where you can hide treats in different places in the house and let your dog search for them using their heightened sense of smell. You can choose the level of difficulty and watch your dog wagging their tail while they search for their treats.

To do this, you can first let them see where you’re placing the treats and cue them to find the treats. Positive reinforcement is always healthy, hence don’t forget to pat them and encourage them as they find the treats one after the other.

2. Shell Games

The shell games are also an easy and stimulating game that you can play with your dog. You just need three or more cups. Hide treats under one cup and shuffle the cups. Once this is done, prompt them to find the cup that has the treat. 

You can start with putting the treat right in front of them and then eventually increase the difficulty level of the challenge. This also helps to stimulate their brain and enhance their problem solving capacity.

3. Tug of War

Tug of war is another game that you can play with your dog. Playing this does not require much space and is good mental and physical exercise for your dog. All you need is a good rope or a strong piece of cloth that does not tear easily and your excitable dog.

Furthermore, contrary to what some believe, playing a game of tug of war does not make your dog aggressive. In fact, dogs who play tug of war are found much more compliant to their owner and love to engage in the game with their owners. And also, don’t forget to follow the rule, “teeth should not touch hands.”

4. Kong Ball Game

This is presumably the best game to keep your dog engaged long enough that they get tired and sleep. If you want to keep your dog busy all you need to do is fill up the kong ball with their favorite treat and let them work for it for a while.

Kong Balls are a great way to give a challenge to your dog and make them work to get the treats. The kong ball has a small hole that is just the perfect size to allow the treat to fall out easily, without frustrating your pet.

5. Fetch in the Hall

What if you cannot go out to play fetch the ball in the park, you can do it in the hall. Although it’s recommended you do it only if you have a long hallway or space big enough to play the game. Also, make sure you use a lightweight ball to avoid breaking stuff in the process. 

You can throw the ball in the hall and let your dog make up for the run that they would otherwise experience in the open.

6. Interactive Puzzle Feeder

This is a great way to have fun with your dog. You can easily get an interactive dog feeder and get your dog working with their canines. Although they may figure it out after sometime, it can become a good exercise to work their canines to stop them from destroying shoes and sandals.

All you need to do is get a puzzle feeder and put some treats in them, and if your dog is able to get them out, make sure to appreciate their hard work.

7. Teach them New Tricks 

Most of our free time goes with playing with our pet in the garden or a park. Hence, staying indoors can give you some time to teach your dog new tricks and games. If your dog already knows most of them, you can challenge them and improvise their movements. 

Although teaching tricks may sound difficult to many, it is not that tough to get them rolling and weaving between your legs. If he is a well trained dog, you can also incorporate new tricks into their learned behavior.

8. Puzzle Games

There’s a gazillion puzzle games available online and in stores to play with your dog, kong wobbler being a popular game among pet owners. There are different sites online that can assist you in making simple puzzle games using water bottles, cans, and tins for your pet.

 Moreover, you can easily make simple toys to play indoors. Ball tug toys, simple t-shirt rope toys etc at home to play with your dog. Games and simple brain exercises can exert your dog both physically and mentally, however they are good for brain stimulation.

9. Brush Up on Obedience Training

Obedience is a tricky thing to teach your dog, but once you master the art of teaching them to be an obedient dog, there’s no going back. If they already have a reliable recall and follow your command, you can still work on brushing them up while at home.

Although we are not training our pet to be a military dog, it’s always nice to have them sit around and behave, and not tear up and destroy shoes and clothes.

  10. Play Interactive Games

Interactive games are always a good way to keep your dog busy at home. You can play games such as tug, find the treat, hide and seek, fetch etc. these games actively help your dog control behavioral problems such as excessive barking or chewing.

A game of tug becomes a good exercise to increase manners and control their impulse. Infact, many games are helpful to stimulate and help your dog enhance their behavioural instincts and train their actions.

  11. Grooming 

Indoor activities can also include a good grooming session for your dog, which is very important for your dog’s coat health. You can invest in trimming, brushing, and bathing them during this time and help clean them up.

It is very important to maintain their nails and coat with occasional brushing and trimming. This makes sure that they don’t unintentionally scratch you or leave a trail of dog hair wherever they walk.

Summing Up

There’s a lot of things that you can play and do with your dog. Besides being one of the most loving and playful beings on this planet, they are also the cutest family members who can potentially melt anyone’s heart with their antics and innocent face. The emotional stimulus and positivity that they bring in their surroundings is one of the reasons why they are good for your physical and mental stability.

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