Best Joint Supplements For Dogs 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guides

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Taking care of your dog’s joints is one of the most fundamental and basic things to keep in mind when you become a dog owner. It is the health of their bones and joints that lets them run swiftly to fetch the ball you threw or to do the most basic things without any pain or stiffness. It is equally important then that you know the best joint supplement for dogs so that you can reach out to them whenever required. 

Best Joint Supplements For Dogs

Joints can become stiff or start to ache and your otherwise enthusiastic dog may start to get tired easily. You may notice that your dog starts to lie down on the floor more so that it doesn’t have to move a lot. If you buy a joint supplement for your dog,  they will slowly and steadily start to regain their energy and return to their usual active state.. We have reviewed products and companies that provide joint supplements for dogs and have curated a list of some of the best ones.


Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Best Joint Supplements For Your Dog

1. Ingredients

The ingredients of joint supplements are quite crucial when it comes to choosing the best dog joint supplements. There are some rudimentary elements in joint supplements that you should keep an eye out for: 

(i) Glucosamine Hydrochloride is a significant building block of ligaments, and it is normally found inside the body. Glucosamine is essential for the development of connective tissues, and it improves the body’s capacity to create collagen and joint liquid. It additionally helps supply the body with the vital materials to fix joint damage. 

(ii) Chondroitin Sulfate is a compound found in the ligament. It helps develop solid joints by warding off the impact of harmful chemicals. It additionally improves water maintenance and develops the vital properties of the ligament.

(iii) MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is one of nature’s sources of dietary sulfur, which is, for the most part, used to help solid joints and ligament. It regulates the side effects of osteoarthritis by greasing up the joint ligament and improving mobility. When combined with Vitamin C, it permits more supplements to enter the cells, removing undesirable substances, and improving general well being. 

(iv) Creatine Monohydrate provides the vitality that is required to fuel the compression of muscles. It reuses and renews energy for the muscles and improves muscle execution,  leading to muscle development. 

(v) Omega 3 Fatty Acids help move oxygen through the circulatory system to all organs of the body. They help in improving the quality and work of the cell layer improvement and are essential for solid organs and tissues. They assist keep with keeping a healthy coat of skin and forestall early maturing and contain calming properties, making them instrumental in subduing the agony and pain related to joint pain.

(vi) Vitamin E, Manganese, and Zinc are some antioxidants that have to be in your dog supplement. Manganese helps in the creation of ligaments, bolsters typical bone formation, and assists in the strengthening of muscles and bones. Zinc works with more than 200 proteins in the body to help in the upkeep of cells and digestion. Vitamin E protects cells in the body and is known to prevent maturing.

For more information about these ingredients, you can check

2. Bioavailability

This term refers to the amount of one substance that can be used and absorbed in the body. At certain times, many vitamins, minerals, and supplements are formulated in the cheapest possible way, which means that the body may or may not be able to make use of them. For example, there may be 5000 mg of glucosamine in a tablet, but the body may only be able to absorb 300 mg because it is too difficult to process. 

Buying high doses of cheap supplements does no good if it can’t be absorbed by the body. Buying a more expensive supplement with a lower dose but higher bioavailability actually provides the body with more of the key ingredient(s) than a cheaper supplement with lower bioavailability. This is why you should carefully scan through the ingredients of the joint supplement to get the best joint supplement for dogs.

3. Form 

As you would probably know, dog supplements come in two main forms: powder and chewables. Now, the form you choose completely depends on your dog’s preferences and tastes. You don’t have to worry if your dog is a picky eater because both forms can be sprinkled on top of their food. 

While chewables can be administered however you want, powder joint supplements can only be given with their food. Power joint supplements also tend to run out faster than chewables but that also depends on the amount that you buy. 

4. GMOs 

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism, or any other living being whose genetic characteristics have been changed in a research facility using inherited structure or transgenic advancement. This makes combinations of plant, animal, bacterial, and many other beings that don’t occur in nature or through standard cross reproducing techniques. 

Genetic change impacts a significant part of the things we make use of every day. As the amount of GMOs for commercial use grows every year, the non-GMO Project works tirelessly to give the most accurate and cutting edge measures for a non-GMO check. 

The best joint supplements for dogs are those with the non-GMO tag. These organisms are incredibly destructive to dogs and to nature. When you are looking through the list of ingredients, make sure that there is a non-GMO tag present.  

5. Count 

The count of the soft bites inside each joint supplement package matters because it will tell you how many soft bites you can give to your dog each day and how long it will last. The best joint supplements for dogs are those that have at least 80 counts of soft chews in them so that even if you give two of them to your dog every day, it will last you more than a month. 

6. Flavor 

This factor is highly influenced by what kind of food your dog prefers. While almost all supplements come in meat flavors, you might find some in flavors like peanut butter. The best part about these supplements is that one packet might offer two flavors or two types. 

Because you can also sprinkle these on top of your dog’s food, it probably would be better that you buy the same flavor of joint supplements as the dog food so that your dog doesn’t get confused or suspicious. Nevertheless, there is no need for you to worry because all these flavorful bites offer just the right amount of taste and nutrition. 

7. Safety

Is it truly alright for your pooch to take these supplements? You can look through the joint supplement’s confirmations and certifications to confirm this. You could also ask your veterinarian if you want to be sure.

Since your dog’s safety is paramount, you have to be very careful about the product. The best joint supplement for dogs would be the one that has the best ingredients, all of which are safe for your dog to ingest. 

8. Specific Requirements

While it is worthwhile to buy a joint supplement that fulfills all of your dog’s needs, you can look for supplements that address specific needs. For example, if your dog has arthritis and has been facing knee problems, you can look up the best supplements for dogs with arthritis. These supplements will help your dog get back to their energetic self in no time. 

While it’s great to look up supplements that take care of all the joints, if there is an area that you should be paying extra attention to, you should do so after consulting your local veterinarian. 

9. Ease of Administration 

Buying a joint supplement doesn’t do you much if you can’t get your canine to eat it. Many joint enhancements are chewable and come seasoned, which is enough to persuade a dog to at least attempt to eat it. Be that as it may, if your pet is a picky eater, you should remember the flavor that they prefer while you look for a joint supplement.

10. Allergies 

While looking for the best joint supplement for dogs, you have to be very careful if your dog has an allergy. If you don’t know or don’t think that your dog has an allergy, you should get a veterinarian’s proposition on what exactly your pooch requires and whether it has an allergy. 

The most prevalent allergies found in dogs are related to express starches. In such cases, corn, wheat, soy, rice, beans, and grain might be a better filler for the grain that your dog is highly affected by. There are quite a few joint supplements that don’t make use of any of these products because they know how harmful it is to canines. You can take a look at those and buy them after consulting veterinarian. 

Top 12 Best Joint Supplement For Dogs 2021

1. Nutramax Laboratories Cosequin 

Cosequin Maximum Strength Joint Supplement Plus MSM - With Glucosamine and Chondroitin - For Dogs of All Sizes

Cosequin is the #1 veterinarian-recommended retail joint health supplement brand that uses only scientifically researched ingredients. With more than three types of counts, this joint supplement is very affordable. The one that we recommend to you would be the one with 132 counts which can be bought for a little under $35. 

This joint supplement is highly recommended if your dog is facing difficulties climbing stairs, getting into your car to go for a drive, or going for walks. These supplements are formulated to meet a variety of needs and will be able to match both your and your dog’s expectations. 

These chicken-flavored chewable tablets support joint mobility and help your dog maintain healthy joints Manufactured in the US with globally sourced ingredients, Cosequin is a high quality, dog joint supplement, and is excellent for long-term use and maintenance. Even though the packaging varies, the company makes use of the same great formula for all its products!


2. Doggie Dailies 

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for Dogs, 225 Soft Chews, Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10,

With about 225 soft chew pieces-2 grams each-in the package, this joint supplement comes in two flavors of chicken and peanut butter. Each of the flavors is priced a little lower than $34. 

Doggie Dailies has carefully crafted a healthy and delicious joint supplement that will help provide the vital vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and essential enzymes your dog needs for energy and strength. These chicken-flavored hip and joint dog treats are super easy to administer and taste so good that your pet will ask for more. 

All made with ingredients that can be trusted and are known to support dog joint health, improve mobility, and ease discomfort. Improving your dog’s joint health is extremely easy with these soft dog treats. Every soft chew is loaded with Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin, MSM, Yucca Schidigera, CoQ10 (coenzyme q10), Hyaluronic Acid (HA); Plus Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin C & E, Salmon Oil & Cod Liver Oil for skin and coat health. 

The formula used for these treats helps reduce inflammation, lubricate joints, and repair any damaged cartilage. Doggie Dailies offers safe and effective hip and joint chews for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes. A daily dose of this dog glucosamine can help increase your pet’s energy levels and improve their mobility and overall joint health. 

Every delicious chicken-flavored soft chew contains the perfect balance of six powerful active ingredients that work together to cushion and protect your dog’s joints. The advanced glucosamine for dogs is made by using cold-press extrusion which helps preserve the integrity of the ingredients to ensure maximum potency for your pup.

The facility in which these dog treats are manufactured is GMP compliant and level 3 SQF certified. Every batch of the joint supplement is tested by an independent lab. You can order now to find out how effective these joint supplements are. 


3. FurroLandia Hemp

FurroLandia Hemp Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs - 170 Soft Chews - Made in USA - Glucosamine for Dogs - Chondroitin - MSM - Turmeric - Hemp Seed Oil - Natural Pain Relief & Mobility

These Hemp chews are formulated with hemp extracts and glucosamine elements that reduce chronic joint and hip pain along with slowing down the degeneration of collagen. The best part about these joint supplements is that you won’t have to hide them in your dog’s food because these treats are made of natural and tasty ingredients that your dog will love!

These Hemp supplements consist of glucosamine, turmeric, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid which are some of nature’s most effective ingredients in joint supplements for dogs. The blend also makes use of 8000 milligrams of hemp extract which has been found to have a natural calming effect on dogs. The glucosamine in these supplements can help your pet get the much-needed relaxation from all kinds of chronic joint pain. 

Each bottle of FurroLandia Hemp chews comes with a count of 170 chews so that your furry friend can have a supply that will last a long time. 


4. Zesty Paws 

Zesty Paws Glucosamine for Dogs - Hip & Joint Supplement for Dog Arthritis Pain Relief - with Chondroitin & MSM - Advanced Natural Mobility Pet Soft Chews for Joints - All Breeds & Sizes

Suitable for all ages, these 90 count chews come in a bright orange box that is guaranteed to cheer your dog up. You also get a choice when it comes to the flavor: bacon or duck. Both of the flavors are available for the affordable price of $26.

These mobility bites are pet supplements specifically formulated with a blend of OptiMSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin that reduces and relieves aches, soreness, inflammation, and arthritis in any dog. OptiMSM formula is a GRAS-designated form of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) that undergoes a multi-stage distillation process to ensure 99.9% purity. 

This dog supplement may also promote heart health and immunity. These bites come in a delicious bacon flavor that your four-legged companion will adore. There is nothing better than seeing your pet enjoy this tasty treat. 

Zesty Paws understands how much your pet’s health and wellness mean to you. That is why they craft each and every batch with the utmost care. All the dog vitamins and chewables are made in FDA-registered facilities that are NSF and GMP-certified in the USA. 



These Hemp treats contain natural, premium, and active ingredients such as Glucosamine,  Chondroitin, Turmeric, MSM, ]Hempseed Oil, and powder to support healthy joint function, improve your dog’s energy and mobility.

Perfect for pets of all ages-young or old -these supplements are great for the hips and joints. Formulated with hemp oil, these chews help relieve the pain from aging, arthritis, or hip dysplasia.

One jar of these delicious dog treats will provide a supply for 1 to 4 months depending on your dog’s size. If you check this product out on Amazon, they have a chart that you can see so that you have a better reference for how long these treats will last your dog. 

With 120 soft chews in each jar, these hemp chews are made by strictly following the highest manufacturing standards in the world. No soy, corn, dairy, artificial flavoring, sugars, or hormones have been used in the production of these chews. It is a premium, therapeutic grade product. 


6. Extend Joint 

Extend Joint Care Natural Glucosamine with MSM for Dogs

Extend Joint Care for dog granules contains Joint Shield Complex which is a blend of glucosamine (300 milligrams), MSM, type II chicken collagen, and ascorbic acid to support healthy joint function and connective tissues. 

With 30 beef-rich packets, each weighing 4 milligrams, this advanced formula will prove to be very helpful for your dog. The product is manufactured in the USA so you don’t have to worry about its quality. 

It should be sprinkled over your dog’s wet or dry food or mixed with water and poured over food like a gravy, once per day. You should give at least 4-6 weeks to this joint supplement for the best results. 

The reviews for this product have been overwhelmingly positive and it is highly recommended that you buy it if your dog has arthritis or any hip problems. Other than these, this product also impacts the intervertebral area, elbows, stifle (knee), and the corpus (wrist).


7. VetIQ 

VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

With supplements of different types that focus on specific areas, you can buy one to help your dog grow a health coat of skin and hair. When it comes to joint supplements, however, there’s only one type that you can buy for $11 which will take care of your dog’s hip and other joints. 

It is made in the US and also recommended by veterinarians there. The VetIQ Max Strength Hip And Joint Supplement for dogs comes with 180 chews per bag to promote total joint health for your dog. 2 soft chews of this joint supplement contain Omega-3, 600 milligrams of glucosamine, 210 milligrams of MSM, and 210 milligrams of krill. 

Since the hips and joints provide maximum support and mobility to your dog, it is important that they get enough nutrients. If you’re worried that your dog food is not doing much to help those areas, these soft chews will take care of that for you. The triple-action formula used in the joint supplement’s making helps support the cartilage, lubricate joints and maintain the muscles.


8. Nutramax Laboratories

Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM Soft Chews

Another Nutramax Laboratories product, this Dasuquin with MSM is specifically formulated for large dog breeds that weigh over 60 pounds. This product provides maximum joint health of all joint supplements brands. 

These easy-to-administer soft chews have been made with a veterinary formula that is guaranteed to give your dog enough vitamins for the upkeep of its health. One of the reviewers stated that she wanted to check if these soft chews actually made a difference in her dog’s state so she didn’t buy them after she ran out of them. A couple of weeks after, her dog started limping again and showed signs of stiff bones. This  proves how great an impact these Nutramax Laboratories have. 

Dasuquin is made by an American company, the same company that makes Cosequin for humans. They use high-quality ingredients and make the supplements in the US. They specifically guarantee the bioavailability of their ingredients which refers to the amount of a particular ingredient actually available to for the body to use.


9. PetHonesty

Glucosamine for Dogs - Dog Joint Supplement Support for Dogs with glucosamine Chondroitin, MSM, Turmeric - Advanced Hip and Joint Support for Dogs Chews and Pet Joint Pain Relief

This is an advanced formula to reduce your dog’s joint pain and increase its mobility, PetHonesty’s soft chews combine glucosamine, MSM, and other powerful all-natural ingredients like turmeric. 

Higher the amount of active ingredients, longer will the joint supplement last. This statement stands true for these soft chews too. All the ingredients in the product come together to help your dog be more mobile, active, and flexible while also reducing pain. They have higher concentrations of active ingredients than their competitors. This means better results, longer-lasting supply of treats, and more bang for your buck.

PetHonesty is committed to premium quality ingredients and strict safety standards. These hip and joint supplement chews are natural and contain no sugar, wheat, corn, GMOs or preservatives. Made in the USA, only the highest-quality ingredients have been used in this product’s manufacturing. The said ingredients have natural healing properties along with being nutritional. 

Every ingredient in PetHonesty’s Hip and Joint Supplement is focused on reducing pain and inflammation and building joint strength. Eggshell meal coats joints, organic turmeric, and yucca schidigera are antioxidants that prevent inflammation and glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin sulfate are powerhouses that support cartilage and connective tissue development in your dog. This product will truly improve the quality of your dog’s life and the time you get to spend them will be better and longer. 


10. Infinite Pet Supplements 

All-Natural Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs - with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Organic Turmeric - Supports Healthy Joints in Large & Small Canines - 90 Chewable Treats

Available in the form of powder and chewables, you can get either of the two for under $30. All human grade ingredients with no side-effects such as organic turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM have been included in this chewable beef liver flavored treat. It will be easy as a breeze to administer these chewables to them. 

Glucosamine for dogs with chondroitin is used to support and repair the joints and cartilage. It also helps to retain flexibility. MSM is used to soothe any type of inflammation and provide relief from arthritis. Infinite Pet Supplements is held in high regard by veterinarians as well as dog owners. 

The use of organic turmeric makes this supplement one of the most powerful natural, anti-inflammatory products for dogs. It helps alleviate dog arthritis, improves heart health, is a holistic liver detoxifier, helps relieve allergies, kills parasites, treats stomach ailments, aids in metabolism, and weight management. What more could you ask for? 

This product also comes with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results of the product, you can send a message to the company and they will refund it in full without any hassle. It is manufactured in the US and is helpful for large dogs, small dogs, active dogs, those with hip dysplasia, and joint problems. 


11. Zesty Paws

Zesty Paws Senior Advanced Glucosamine for Dogs - for Hip & Joint Arthritis Pain Relief - Chondroitin, Turmeric Curcumin & MSM - Mobility Supplement with Green Lipped Mussel & Hyaluronic Acid

Another Zesty Paws product, this blue box of joy has been made specifically for senior dogs. It comes in the flavor of chicken and has been formulated with a blend of powerful ingredients that promote flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and comfort for dogs at advanced ages. 

These chews contain Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, & New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel in every chew. Together, these powerful compounds can help cushion & lubricate the hips & joints. 

Weighing 350 milligrams per soft chew, OptiMSM is a GRAS-designated form of MSM that undergoes a multi-stage distillation process to ensure 99.9% purity for powerful hip & joint support. These supplements also contain Qmin , a form of Turmeric Curcumin, and BioPerine to help process the curcumin for the best results.

Each chewable also contains Green Lipped Mussel, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Hemp Extract to provide additional support that keeps your dog feeling mobile, comfortable, and happy.


12. Veterinary Naturals

Veterinary Naturals Hemp & Hips Soft Chews Joint Supplement for Dogs – Hemp Oil, Turmeric and Glucosamine for Dogs - Joint Support for Dogs’ Arthritis & Pain - Dog Joint Supplements

As is clear by its name, this product is made out of all things natural and comes in the flavor of beef and bacon. With Glucosamine for dogs, Hemp, Organic Turmeric, and Omega-3 fatty acids, this is the best joint supplement for dogs. These Hemp & Hips are in the form of soft chews and they have been specifically formulated for pain relief from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other issues that older dogs face.

Hemp oil and glucosamine have been used in these soft chews which help dogs with pain, arthritis, seizures, inappetence, and cognitive dysfunction. The hemp oil for dogs is the only premium hemp oil made in a cGMP and ISO9 certified facility. Veterinary Naturals have used no artificial products whatsoever in these chewables. They, like you, want the best for dogs. 

Collagen, turmeric, and vitamin E have been blended in this dog joint supplement along with glucosamine to help with arthritis, hip dysplasia. They help to maintain the elasticity of skin, muscles, tendons, help with pain relief, and provide the best joint health. 

These dog joint supplement chews come with omega fatty acids and hemp oil to give your dog the perfect Omega 6 to 3 ratio of fatty acids. With glucosamine for dogs, Hemp & Hips for dog’s hip and joint, these chews are made with love to relieve chronic discomfort and improve mobility, reducing your dog’s pain and allowing him to run, chase and play. These are made in facilities that follow that strictly comply with  GMP standards. You are requested to consult your veterinarian before buying this product.


FAQs on Joint Supplements for Dogs

Q1. When should I start giving my dog joint supplements? 

When your vet gives you the go-ahead. Usually, it is older dogs, those who already have problems in their joints, and those who can develop problems in their joints. If your dog falls into one of the mentioned categories, you should start giving them joint supplements in small doses. 

Q2. How much MSM should I give my dog? 

The best joint supplement for dogs comes with an amount of MSM that is perfectly safe for your dog to take but if you’re still having second thoughts, let us clear them up for you. It all depends on how much your dog weighs and exercises. About 500-1000 milligrams is ideal for your dog if it weighs 75 pounds and works out 15 milligrams of medication per kilogram of its body weight.

Q3. Is Hyaluronic Acid safe for dogs? 

Known as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronan, or “HA”, Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-like substance normally found in the connective tissue space and the synovial liquid of the joints. Researchers have demonstrated that Hyaluronic Acid for canines can be helpful in supporting the joint’s strength and mobility.

Get The Best Joint Supplements For Your Dogs To Give Your Pooch A Pain-free Life Today!

We hope that this article was able to help you find the best joint supplement for dogs. We advise you to bookmark it so that you can get back to it whenever you run out of supplements. We also hope that any supplement you end up buying helps your dog bounce back to their active state and is able to play with you for longer. Happy Shopping!

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