How to Clean Dog Paws After A Walk – 7 Hacks

How to Clean Dog Paws After A Walk

Our pooches perk up at the slightest hint of the word “walk”. Indulging them in this favorite activity of theirs is undoubtedly our pleasure, but the problem starts after. Walking through parks, streets, or even soft forest grounds makes their paws muddy and dirty. This is a significant problem for many pet owners. 

Dogs have sensitive paws, and exposure to filth on the streets leads to several problems. It highly results in skin irritation, bacterial infection, dry skin, smelly feet, just to name a few. This is the reason you must ensure that your dog’s paws are adequately cleaned after walks. 

There’s a lot of confusion about how to clean dog paws after a walk. You think the dirt is the only potential problem when it comes to your dog’s paws, but it’s not. The large amounts of bacteria coming along with it have the potential to cause greater damage. To do away with both the bacteria and the dirt, thorough cleaning of the paws after a walk is essential grooming.

Regularly cleaning the soft paws of your pooches is a necessity. With regular cleaning, you’ll be able to check their paws for cuts and wounds more frequently. If there’s a cut or burn or inflammation, you’ll be able to tend to it immediately and prevent any bacterial infection from the accumulated dirt. 

It actually gets even scarier. Ticks, a constant source of worry for dog parents, particularly like hiding between the toes of pooches. Thorns and small sharp objects can also get stuck. However, you can take care of these by regularly cleaning your dog’s paws.  

Now, coming to some other problems of muddy paws, we all know all too well that those muddy paw prints over the carpet spell trouble. It’s quite strenuous to scrub the floors and couches every time the furry friends go for a walk. The easier option is just understanding how to clean dog paws after a walk.

There are several viable options to take care of your dog’s paws. Check out the various home remedies to take care of your dog’s paws and their cracked pads while disinfecting them. Simple and easy, take a bit of your time out to pay attention to your dog’s paws because it’s equally important for their good hygiene and health. 

Now, let’s learn how to clean dog paws after a walk.  

Top  7 Ways to Clean Your Dogs Paws After A Walk

1. Wipe it Off

Baby wipes are quite useful for a quick clean-up. The best part is that baby wipes are very easy to carry around with you. You can keep them in your bag or car, and use them anytime to clean your dog’s paws. It is absolutely safe to use baby wipes on your dog’s paws. 

If you don’t want to use the baby wipes and want to use something more specific, you can opt for wet wipes that are made especially for dogs. These wipes tend to all the subtle needs of our pooches. They’re mild, natural, and are fragrance-free in certain options. The amount of moisture is just enough to do away with the dirt or debris. 

However, it is up to you to make sure that you check the hypoallergenic choices of wet wipes for your dogs if they have any allergies. The Vitamin E in these wipes is widely acknowledged to be quite miraculous for dogs’ skin.

2. Wash It Right 

The next most fundamental way to take care of your dog’s paws is to wash them well. Walks through muddy parks and dirty streets and puddles, dirty the paws to the point where wipes are not sufficient. 

Get some lukewarm water and a bit of mild soap. Slowly and carefully rinse your dog’s paws to ensure that all the dirt gets washed off. For small dogs, you can wash their paws in the sink. For larger breeds, however, you need to do it in the bathtub. 

If you’re looking for an easier way to deal with this while on the move, use the Dexas MudBuster cup. Here’s the thing to do! This is a handy, small, and portable paw cleaner in the shape of a cup. Just take the paw to be cleaned and put it inside the cup filled with water. Twist it, then take the paw out and dry it softly with a towel. 

3. Handy Mat

Want the dirt from your dog’s dirty paws to be left at the door of your house? Well, then you need to switch to a double durable Dog Paw Cleaner Mat for cleaning your puppy’s paws. The Gorilla Grip Doormat is pretty efficient in serving this particular purpose. Just lay it at the entrance, and all the debris and the dirt will be left there and won’t bother you by getting inside your home. 

The greatly absorbent material is fundamental for taking care of the dust and dirt from your dog’s walks. The soft surface of it adds to the comfort. It would help to clean the mat regularly for optimum performance. If you’re still queasy about it, you can turn to the 10-year guarantee that comes with it. 

The next part is the one that appears to be tricky. How do you get your furry friends to wipe their feet on the mat before entering? It’s easy. Place a strong-smelling treat under the mat. Your pooch will automatically wipe its feet on it in an attempt to dog out the treat from under it. After a point, a verbal indicator can also work. 

4. The Spray for Disinfecting The Paw

A dog paw disinfectant is very easy to use. You can use the disinfectant spray after washing your dog’s paws. It’s very useful when it comes to getting rid of the bacteria from all the dirt and debris. After a thorough cleaning, your dog’s paws need to be disinfected, too. This is to prevent any bacterial infection or irritation. 

5. The Disinfecting Tablet 

Handy and feasible, the Warren London Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz Tablets are very efficient in cleaning paws. It comes in the form of tablets and is very easy to use and carry around. This is how you have to use it. 

Take a bowl of warm water. Use one tablet and let it dissolve in the warm water. Take your dog’s paw and dip it very gently into the bowl of warm water. Immerse it completely and make sure that the paw is soaked for 5 minutes straight. 

For best results, use a cleaning brush or a cleaning mit. Keep massaging and scrubbing the paw the entire time you are soaking it. It can also be really helpful in combating yeast infections. 

6. The Vinegar Hack

Did you know that you can easily use some homemade remedies to take care of your dog’s paws? Simple and easy, these ingredients will make sure that your dog has healthy paws without much ado. One such effective hack is to use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. 

Vinegar can refresh your dog’s paws and can also do away with the smell. With its antifungal properties, it ensures that no bacterial infection breaks out in your pooch’s paws. It also prevents yeast infections. 

All you need to do is make a mixture of water and vinegar. The ratio of water to vinegar in the mixture has to be a simple 2:1. Take your dog’s paw and gently soak it for a few mins to get the best results.  

7. The Coconut Oil Hack 

Did you know that Coconut oil has certain extremely important properties that are very effective in cleaning your dog’s paws? For example, 

  • It is antiviral 
  • It is antifungal 
  • It is antimicrobial 
  • It is antibacterial

And also, it is anti-inflammatory. 

Mix the coconut oil with a bit of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, and you’re all equipped with a highly efficient solution to keep away infections and bacteria. 

In addition to this, coconut oil is widely acknowledged for its healing properties. In case your dog is being troubled by cracked paws or a wound refusing to heal, coconut oil can help. It soothes the rough, cracked skin.

how to clean dog paws after a walk

How To Clean Dog Paws After A Walk?

If you’re like me and scrolled to the conclusion, here’s how you can clean your dog’s paws after a walk.

You have to start by checking your dog’s paws carefully before cleaning. Spread them gently and start examining the paws for cuts or wounds. Apart from that, check very well if there’s any sharp object or thorn stuck to the paw. Pay careful attention to any hint of a burn or injury. 

Trim the fur around the paws well beforehand. This enhances the cleaning and helps avoid the matting of the fur. In case you don’t want to let the bacteria and dirt enter the house, you can start setting up a cleaning unit at the entrance itself. 

In case of inflammation of the paws, soak some oats in the bathtub. Then massage it gently to ensure that the inflammation goes down. 

It is okay to wash your dog’s paws every day. However, it is also sufficient if you clean them once every week. Remember, if your dog walks on extremely muddy or dirty grounds or streets, paw cleaning will need immediate attention. 

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