Best Brushes For Huskies 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Huskies are popular dog breeds and are known for their extremely cheerful nature and unique hairy coat. If you have lived with a husky, you would know that their shedding pattern is crazy, and in winters, you will find their fur all-around your house.

But, if you have the right grooming tool in your hand, you can easily tame their coat and reduce the shedding activity to a certain extent. Before you buy a brush for huskies, it’s important to understand them first.

Know The Huskies

The Huskies, also known as the Siberian Huskies, love to run and play in the cold seasons. This is because they are gifted with an athletic body and have thick and double haircoat that almost nullify the effects of coldness on their body.

The breed has a double hair coat. So, your job as a pet parent increases. Unlike other breeds with double haircoat, the haircoat of Siberian huskies are incredibly thick and appear puffy. 

Therefore, there are high chances of tangle formation, and you will have to sit for hours to get it all undone.


The topcoat of the Siberian huskies consists of thick, overly long, and fluffy guard hairs. As the name suggests, the guard hairs act as a protection layer for their skin and body. The coat helps in maintaining an optimal temperature that the huskies can withstand.

In cold winters, the guard hairs act as an insulation layer and provide enough heat for them to stand stable on their feet. During the warm conditions, the guard hair blocks the harmful UV rays from reaching the skin coat. The guard hairs also open up the skin pores and let the skin breathe during the warm climatic conditions.

The top hair, even though it is fluffy, isn’t of the curly texture. The outer hair is either pin straight or has a slight waviness to it. Thus, it would be easy for you to comb the hair and get rid of the debris collected on the haircoat. 

The outer coat sheds all year profusely, and you will have to brush it frequently to reduce the number of hairs shed.


The undercoat is softer than the topcoat and provides insulation during the cold winters. The hair texture is curly or crumply as it helps to trap the heat more effectively. The hair is also thin and is greater in numbers when compared to the topcoat.

Unlike the top, the Siberian huskies shed their undercoat only twice a year. This happens mainly during the spring and fall seasons when the weather conditions aren’t extreme. The whole undercoat takes about two to three weeks to shed off completely, and when it happens, the undercoat sheds in small clumps.

During the summer seasons, the undercoat becomes extremely thin or almost non-existent. Thus, the huskies are left with the topcoat, and therefore, their skin receives all the warm breeze, and they are kept cool.

Thus, during the winter seasons, the undercoat is thick and fluffy, and during the summers, it becomes sparse or even non-existent.

Wooly coat

The wooly coat is found in certain Siberian huskies. The outer coat or the topcoat, which is longer than the usual length, is classified as a wooly coat. Some pet parents like a wooly coat, but there are certain disadvantages to it.

If the dogs have a wooly coat, it will take longer for the haircoat to dry completely. This can be a problem during the winters, and they would shiver with cold. Also, as the outercoat is longer, very little protection is provided during the winters.

Wondering where to find the best brushes for huskies? If that’s the question in your mind, you need not ponder anymore!

From the best brushes for huskies to some of the most commonly asked FAQs about the same, we have curated it all for you. Scroll down and find the right brush to curb your husky’s shedding activity.

Top 9 Best Brushes For Huskies 2021

1. Coastal – Safari – Dog Undercoat Rakes

Coastal - Safari - Dog Undercoat Rakes Best Brushes For Huskies

The Coastal safari undercoat rake contains tapered pins that penetrate deep into the undercoat. It allows you to easily pull out the dead hair and reduce the shedding activity of your huskies. The undercoat rake helps you easily get rid of all the loose hairs and mats and helps to maintain a healthy and beautiful haircoat.

The single-layer rake is specially designed for medium and long hair coats. Thus, it would be suitable for Siberian huskies with wooly haircoat as well.

The single row is highly helpful for penetrating deep into the haircoat without causing additional tangles in the hair. The undercoat rake would be highly helpful for dogs with a double haircoat coat as it has widely spaced pins on it.

Coming to the handle’s construction, it is long, and you can easily hold it in your hands without losing the grip. On the handlebar, you can find a layer of rubber that prevents slipping.

The pins of the rake are made of stainless steel material and have slightly rounded edges on them. This feature ensures that the pins won’t poke the dog’s skin coat.

Apart from removing the mats and tangles, the rake is highly helpful in distributing the natural body oils all over the body. Overall, this undercoat rake wins our vote as one of the best brushes for huskies to reduce their shedding activities and to aid the growth of healthy and thick hair coats.


  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t poke the husky’s body while brushing.
  • Helps to evenly distribute the natural oils all over
  • Aids the growth of healthy hairs
  • The ergonomic design of the handle


    • Not suitable for brushing the haircoat during summers when the undercoat is thin


2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This self-cleaning brush from Hertzko gently removes the loose undercoat hairs and gets rid of the tangles and mats between the layers. The hairbrush would be perfect for dogs with medium to long haircoat. The pins on the brush are widely spaced, and it can easily pick up the mats without causing additional knots on the haircoat.

The ergonomic construction of the brush allows you to have full control over the brushing activity. The handle has special grooves on it wherein you can easily fit your fingers. Also, it isn’t too long or short, just the right size.

The self-cleaning action of the brush is another attractive feature of this brush. Once you have done the brushing activity for the day, all you have to do to clean the brush is press the button at the top. Once you click the button, the pins retract themselves, and you can easily remove the hairs from the brush base.

The rounded edges of the pins not only groom but also massages your pet. It carefully removes the mats and ensures that the hair remains groomed. With regular combing, you can retain the texture of the overcoat and make it look polished all year long.


    • An ergonomic construction of the handle
    • Best for use during the summer seasons
    • Easy to clean the brush after the brushing activity
    • Quickly spreads out the natural oils and massages the skin coat while brushing.
    • Increases the blood circulation on the skin coat and stimulates the growth of new hairs


    • Pins might get stuck in the undercoat when it’s very fluffy and thick.


3. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

The Pet grooming brush from Pet Neat is best for grooming the outercoat and reducing the shedding activity. The brush has closely placed bristles that slowly pull out the dead hair from the hair coat and stimulate the existing follicles.

The construction of the bristles is unique. The stainless-steel blade-like strands effectively pull out most of the dead hair without making a mess. Once you have finished brushing, you can remove the blade from the handle and clean it.

This not only saves time but also makes sure that the bristles are free from all kinds of dirt that might cause infection to your huskies.

The bristles of the brush are blunt, and therefore, it won’t poke your husky. The end of these bristles is slightly curved, and the bristles as such are lean and stiff. It allows you to penetrate deep into the haircoat and remove the hair without the bristles creating additional mats or tangles.

The design of the handle is also unique. It is made of durable plastic material with a thin layer of rubber that makes it easy for you to hold the brush. You can wipe out and disinfect the handle to ensure that it doesn’t transfer any germs or infections onto the haircoat.


    • Easy to pull out the loose hair
    • Stainless steel bristles can be easily removed.
    • The curved bristles won’t poke the skin coat.
    • Made of highly durable material that can be easily cleaned
    • Suitable for both cats and dogs


    • Not suitable when the husky’s hair is super thick and fluffy


4. Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Tool

Pat Your Pet Pet Grooming Tool

This 2-in-1 dual-head undercoat rake is best for removing the tangles and mats. You can also use this tool for deshedding purposes. On one side of the rake, you can find 17 teeth, and this side is best as a deshedding tool. The other side has nine teeth, and it is best for detangling purposes.

The bristles aren’t like the regular detangling or deshedding brushes. It is very thin in cross-section and has curved edges. This feature ensures that the bristles can easily pick up the hair without poking the dog’s body.

Both types of bristles comprise stainless steel. This ensures that the bristles won’t corrode, and you can use it to comb the dog’s hair while you are bathing them.


    • Pulls out only the dead hair
    • Doesn’t poke the dog’s body
    • Easy to clean the brush after the grooming session
    • Suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats
    • It can be used during the bathing session as well.


    • The hair might clog the base during the grooming session.


5. Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush

Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush

The Glendan Dog brush is a slicker type of brush that is best for removing the tangles and mats from the pet’s haircoat. This slicker brush has thin and medium-long pins with fairly pointed tips.

Therefore, the brush can easily penetrate the thick and fluffy haircoat and get rid of the knots.

As the brush has a broad base, you can easily cover a good area in one go. As the bristles are a bit crowded, you will have to go slowly the first time to ensure that the brush doesn’t get stuck inside the haircoat.

The base of the brush is made of rubber and covered with plastic covering. The brush’s handle is also made of plastic and has a rubber lining to add extra grip. As the pins are strong, they won’t bend when you try to remove the mats. However, you will have to be careful while brushing the haircoat as aggressive combing can hurt your dog and cause bruises on their skin coat.


    • Easy to remove tangles
    • Easy to grab the handle and brush the haircoat
    • Penetrates deep into the haircoat with ease, no matter how thick or thin it is


    • It doesn’t have self-cleaning action; thus, the cleaning process would be quite tricky.


6. FURminator Grooming Rake

FURminator Grooming Rake

This undercoat rake from FURminator is ideal for removing loose hairs and for stimulating the growth of new hair follicles. The bristles have a funnel shape and might look like it’s pointed, but it isn’t.

You can use the brush to regularly comb your husky’s haircoat as it has a massaging action as well. Since you aren’t tampering with the texture of the outer coat, it’s okay to use the brush on a daily basis.

The overall design of the brush is relatively ergonomic. The handle makes it quite easy for you to have a grip on the brush and, therefore, accurately control the brushing action.

Always use this brush from the top of the head to the tail area. If you brush it otherwise, it can damage the inner haircoat’s texture and make the overall haircoat shabby.

As the bristles are made of stainless steel and are strong, it is highly suitable for thin as well as thick fur. Thus, the brush would come in handy during all kinds of seasons, no matter how thick or thin, long or short your husky’s hair coat is.


    • Easy to remove the loose hair without poking the husky’s body
    • One of the best dog brushes for the husky breed
    • Made of durable materials
    • An ergonomic construction of the handle makes it easy for you to control the brush during the combining session.
    • Widely spaced bristles make it easy to clean the brush after the grooming session.


    • Not suitable for detangling purposes


7. Furminator deShedding Pet Supplies

Furminator deShedding Pet Supplies

This product is yet another deshedding brush from FURminator and is specially designed for dogs with medium to a heavily thick fur coat. The product has closely spaced bristles, but it can glide through the thick hair coat with ease and remove all the unwanted, dead hairs lying over the haircoat.

Apart from removing the loose hairs, it can easily get rid of the unwanted debris stuck onto your husky’s coat. The bristles can easily get into the depth of the haircoat and pull out the dirt clinging onto the hair follicles.

The main highlight of this brush is that you can easily remove the stainless-steel blade. With one press of the button at the top, the blade gets detached from the handle. Then you can use your hand to pull off the hair stuck onto the bristles.


    • Suitable for the thick hair coat of the huskies
    • Made of durable materials
    • The bristle blade can be easily detached, which makes the cleaning process faster.
    • Ideal for cats as well as dogs


    • Not suitable when the fur is relatively thin as the bristles might poke the husky’s skin


8. GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

This Professional grooming brush from GoPets comes with a double set of bristles that are entirely different from each other. On one side of this brush, the bristles are sparsely placed. This side is suitable for removing the tangles and mats from the haircoat.

On the other side, the bristles look like a thick brush and are best for defining the outer coat’s texture.

This side of the brush comes in handy when you have completely trimmed down the haircoat of your husky and want to groom the remaining hair on their body.

The brush’s main advantage is that you can get salon-style grooming at home if you know the right technique.

One can use the brush a maximum of two times a week. The detangling end has thin and long pins that would easily penetrate the hair coat and get rid of the knots.


    • Suitable for detangling and defining the hair texture
    • Can be used at all times, even when the hair is fluffy
    • Easy to clean as the pins are widely placed
    • Used and trusted by professionals


  • You can use the thick side only when the hair is thin or completely trimmed down


9. Thunderpaws Best Professional De-Shedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush

Thunderpaws Best Professional De-Shedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush

The Thunderpaws Best professional De-shedding tool is suitable for all kinds of haircoat. Thus, you can use it on your husky, even if their hair is quite thick.

The bristles are evenly placed in a single row and have a rounded edge design. This property helps it to easily get into the depth of the haircoat and pull out the unwanted hair without causing any bruises on the skin.

One can also use the brush during the bathing session. Slowly run it through the dog’s body after applying shampoo, and you can define the texture of their hair.

You can easily detach the blade or bristles on the brush after each combing session. It allows easy cleaning of the brush, and also, you can disinfect the whole set to avoid the transfer of germs.

Overall, the brush is quite easy to use at all times and is highly recommended for huskies. If you are in search of a good deshedding tool, then this would be the best brush for huskies. It provides value for every penny you pay for and lasts long.


    • Ergonomic design
    • Suitable for all kinds of haircoat
    • It can be used during the hotter as well as colder seasons.
    • The bristles don’t poke the dog’s haircoat.


    • The bristles might come off automatically when you vigorously pull the brush during the combining session.


Factors That Will Help You Buy The Best Brushes For Huskies

Before you finalize a brush, know that a single brush won’t be enough for all the grooming needs of your huskies. You might have to rope in more than one brush to ensure that your huskies remain groomed at all times.

There are other factors as well that you must consider before you zero down to a choice. Here are some of the important ones:

1. Based On Their Haircoats

Siberian huskies do change their coat texture depending on the seasons to adapt to the surroundings. In winter, their coat would be super thick and fluffy. Whereas in the summers, their inner coat becomes very thin. In some cases, the huskies shed all of their undercoats.

As their haircoat changes texture and thickness, you will have to rope in two types of brushes: one for the winter haircoat and the second for the summer hair coat.

1. Winter Season

To reduce the shedding activity and stimulate hair growth during the winters, go for an undercoat rake that has sparsely spaced bristles. In this way, the bristles can easily penetrate deep into the undercoat and pull out all the dead hair lying there.

Also, as the bristles are wide apart, it won’t cause additional clumps or tangles during the grooming session.

2. Summer Season

During the hot months, the shedding activity increases drastically. It is totally normal, and you don’t have to worry about it. Use a rake with closely spaced bristles. This process can not only pull out the dead hairs but also groom and maintain the texture of the outercoat.

Also, during the pregnancy period, due to hormonal changes, huskies do shed their hair profusely. During this time, you can go with the brushes that you use during the summer seasons.

2. Type Of Brush

As mentioned earlier, each brush has its function, and the best results are obtained when one uses it for the mentioned purposes. Some of the widely used brushes are as follows:

1. Pin Comb

Pin comb or the brushes with thin, long bristles are highly effective in pulling out the mats and getting rid of the severe tangles on the husky’s outercoat. The long thin bristles can easily penetrate deep into their haircoat and pull out the mats without disturbing the other hair follicles.

These brushes have rounded edges, and therefore, it won’t poke your dog’s skin or cause any rashes.

The brush might not work very efficiently during the winter season when the hair coat is super thick and fluffy. During these months, you will have to go for something with widely spaced bristles.

2. Undercoat Rake

An undercoat rake is best during the winter seasons. As mentioned earlier, these brushes have widely spaced bristles that are strong and steady. These bristles are thick enough to easily dig deep into the fluffy haircoat and pull out the loose hair, and get rid of the tangles.

3. Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is a variant of pin brushes. The only difference is the slicker brush has a broader base while the pin combs have a straight, thin base.

Most times, the slicker brushes come with a self-cleaning button. Upon pressing this, the pins retract, and you can easily take off the dead hair from the base.

The slicker brush is excellent for removing the tangles and mat from the outercoat. As the pins are short, it can’t penetrate deep into the haircoat and pull out the dead hair.

4. Deshedding Tool

Deshedding tool, as the name suggests, is meant to reduce the shedding activity and stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. This tool usually has widely spaced bristles on a comb-like tool, and it can easily hold onto the dead hair and pull them out.

As the bristles are short, you will have to go in more than two times to get rid of the hair from a specific part of the haircoat. The bristles are extremely rounded at the edges and don’t cause any kind of irritation to the huskies.

You can also find deshedding gloves and these are highly recommended to huskies who aren’t a fan of the grooming sessions.

3. Self-cleaning Or Not

It’s rare to come across a brush that has self-cleaning action. But If you come across one, don’t let it go. Huskies have a short and fluffy inner coat. During the winters, they become extremely thick, and you will have a hard time trying to get rid of the hairs from the brushes after the grooming sessions.

Apart from slicker brushes, you can also find pin combs and undercoat rakes with self-cleaning action. Some brushes come with detachable bristles, which makes the cleaning process extremely simple.


The list mentioned above of brushes for huskies is based on the factors mentioned above. If you are a new pet parent to a husky, you can buy the ones listed as the best brushes for huskies.

Always remember that huskies are highly active, and they can accumulate a lot of debris on their haircoat. To avoid any severe skin infection or allergies, regularly comb their hair and get rid of all the unwanted things from their haircoat.

Another tip to keep their hair coat shiny and healthy is to give it a regular trim. As mentioned earlier, some huskies are born with wooly haircoat, and this haircoat provides very little protection during the extreme climate.

Trimming it short and retaining the original texture ensures that the huskies are kept comfortable during the hot or cold months.


Q1. What Kind Of Brush Do The Huskies Need?

Huskies require two sets of brushes as their skin coat texture and thickness depend on the seasons. For the colder months, the brush needs to have widely spaced bristles to combat the thicker undercoat.

During the hotter months, the bristles need to be closely spaced. This is because their haircoat loses much of its thickness to combat the heat.

An undercoat rake would be a great choice as you can use it during both seasons to get rid of the unwanted, dead hair lying inside the haircoat. Also, brushes with bristles that are moderately spaced can be effective at all times.

However, make sure the bristles can be easily cleaned after each grooming session. Their thick hair is hard to manage and next to impossible to get rid of from a regular comb.

Q2. Can You Over Brush A Husky?

If you over brush a husky with a comb having closely spaced bristles, it can damage the outercoat’s texture. The outercoat is instrumental in maintaining the ideal temperature for the husky’s body.

If the temperature gets tampered with, it can seriously affect their health. Thus, never over brush a husky’s outercoat. With that said, you can use a deshedding tool every day to remove the loose hair.

It can also stimulate the hair follicles and increase the growth of the haircoat.

Q3. How Often Should You Brush A Husky?

Ideally, you should brush a husky once a week. The maximum is three times a week. Anything over this amount can damage their outer coat’s texture and ultimately trigger increased shedding activity.

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