Best Brush for Labs 2021: Reviews And Buyer’s Guides

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats and Tangled Hair – Your Dog or Cat Will Love Being Brushed with The Grooming BrushDakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool-Effective Grooming Tool for Cats Dogs with Short Medium Long Fur-Reduces Pet Hair ShedFurminator Undercoat deShedding Tool

Famous for their friendliness and ease of trainability, Labrador retriever is one of the most common and loved dog breeds. You simply can’t stop admiring the way they wag their tail and move around the house.

An interesting fact that is unknown to many about the labs is that they have dual haircoat. Inside the long shiny hair coat, you see outside, there exists a short, fluffier hair coat that provides insulation from the freezing temperatures.

Double the haircoat, more the grooming required. Thus, you need to buy the best dog brush for labs that untangles the knots and removes the dirt like no other.

Worried about how to find the best? Delve deeper into our article to get all your questions answered. We have some product suggestions as well!


Factors to look out for when Buying the Best Brush for Labs

If you are a new pet parent, then you would be equally worried and surprised by the amount of hair a Labrador sheds in a day. Owing to their double coat, the Labrador molts a lot, and this is entirely normal.

If you are planning to buy a brush for your labs, then the factors mentioned below would help you make the right choice.

1. Type of brush required

The type of brush you use matters, as each type of brush has its own purpose and should be used in such a way that it doesn’t tamper the natural shedding cycle of the labs.

·   Furminator brush

The furminator brush is one of the most popular brushes used by lab parents. The bristles of this type of brush can quickly get under the topcoat and remove the dead fur lying above the second-thick coat.

If your lab sheds too much hair, then be careful while grooming with the furminator brush. Extensive grooming with this brush can cause bald patches.

When you use a furminator brush, make sure that you do a patch test. Groom a small portion of the lab’s fur and observe how its fur reacts.

 Start with gentle strokes, and slowly comb deeper into the second layer while making sure that you don’t cause any bald spots.

·   Slicker brush

The slicker brush is best suited to remove the tangles from the first coat of your lab. The brush is ideal for removing the long, dead, and loose fur without pulling out the healthy ones.

Unlike the furminator brush, the bristles of the slicker brush are very fine, bendable, and sufficiently long. This ensures that the bristles comb deeper into the first layer and get hold of the loose fur tangled with the existing fur.

Once you are done with the grooming session, the bristles/pins can be easily retracted, making the cleaning process much more comfortable.

·   Shedding brush

The shedding brush can come in handy while removing the dead fur without disturbing the healthy fur. The tool can also reduce the shedding process by 95%.

The bristles of this tool are sharper than a furminator, thus make sure you do a patch test.

The tool is best for reducing the shedding of your Labrador. As the dog has a double hair coat, the sharpness of the bristles won’t be felt by the dog.

The cleaning process is also very quick. You can easily remove the bristle-blade and pull out the hair with your hand.

·   Glove brush

Glove brush has bristles attached to thick, plastic gloves. You can quickly put on the gloves and groom your labs by gently stroking on their fur.

Even though the bristles aren’t that effective in reaching deep enough into the second fur coat, the brush can help get rid of the excessive hair on the top of the first coat.

If your pet is new to brushes and grooming sessions, then starting with a glove brush would be the best idea.

As you have the flexibility of controlling the strokes, your pet won’t recognize they are being groomed, and slowly you can switch onto other types of brushes.

·   Rubber brush

The rubber brush is suitable for dogs with smooth and silky hair. As labs have one of the most beautiful hair coats among the dog breeds, the rubber brush is highly effective in distributing the natural hair oils and removing the tangles.

This brush would make for a good shampoo brush, as it can efficiently distribute the lather throughout the hair coat and penetrate deep into the second coat as well.

The brush provides a rubber handle where you can insert your four fingers and support the movement of the bristles with your thumb. This helps you have better control over the brush and also is highly effective in reaching all the parts of the dog’s body.

·   Bristle brush with handle

The bristle brush has thick and mushy bristles that effectively pull out the dead and loose fur from the lab’s body. The product can also comb the shiny coat and distribute the natural oil throughout the hair coat.

However, the cleaning process can be a bit tedious as you will have to manually pull out the fur hairs from the bristles.

·   Pin brush

Pin brushes look exactly like the brushes we use normally. The bristles are wide apart and are long enough to penetrate deep into the hair coat.

In addition to this, you can easily clean the brushes as the fur hairs come out very quickly.

The brush is useful in pulling out the loose hairs and detangling the knots.

The main disadvantage of this type of brush is that you will have to be gentle with the strokes, else the brush can cause even more tangles than there already is. 

2. Cleaning of the brush

Look out for brushes that are easy to clean. Make sure you eradicate the hairs from the brush before starting a grooming session.

If the bristles are wide apart, then the cleaning procedure would be much more comfortable. Also, you can opt for retractable bristles that make the cleaning process quick and efficient.

In addition to the cleaning process, remember to disinfect the brush once in a while.

Top 10 Best Brush For Labs 2021

1. Hertzko Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Best Brush For Labs

The Hertzko Slicker Brush with retractable bristles helps you to remove the loose and dead fur from the Labrador easily. It can also detangle the knots and remove the dirt particles lying deep inside the hair coat.

The product works great on dogs as well as cats, no matter how thick or thin their hair coat is.

The bristles are very fine, long, and bendable; thus, it doesn’t hurt your pet during the grooming session. Also, as the bristles are very thin, it penetrates deep into the hair coat and is therefore efficient for dogs that have a double hair coat.

Once you have completed the grooming session, press the button provided on the top of the brush to retract the bristles. Then, you can easily remove the hairs without much effort.

The handle of the brush has grooves that give it a comfortable grip,helping you hold the brush firmly while you groom your pet. The handle also has a thumb rest on it, which ensures that the brush won’t slip from your hands.

With more than 4.6 ratings out of 5 on Amazon, this slicker brush from Hertzko is the best dog brush for labs in our list. Make sure to give this brush a try!

The downsides: even though the company claims the brush is suitable for all dogs, the bristles are quite hard and therefore, should be used on dogs having at least a double hair coat. As the labs have a double haircoat, the brush won’t cause any harm.


2. DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair

DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair & Cat Hair Shedding Tool-Effective Grooming Tool for Cats Dogs with Short Medium Long Fur-Reduces Pet Hair Shed

The DakPets deshedding brush helps in reducing the shedding up to 95%. The tool is ideal for both dogs and cats alike.

The brush comes with a detachable 4-inch brush-blade that effectively pulls out the loose hair from the hair coat and facilitates the growth of a shiny and smooth coat.

The regular use of the product can also help in distributing natural hair oil throughout the haircoat. But make sure you do so gently else it can accidentally pull out of the healthy fur hair.

The non-slip handle of the brush gives you a better hold and control over the product so that you can easily reach out to all parts of the dog’s body.

As the brush removes only the dead fur without damaging the topcoat, you need not worry about triggering any additional shedding of hairs.

The cleaning process of the brush is straightforward and quick, as all you have to do is press the clip handle and release the blade from the clasp. Once removed, you can easily pull out the hair with your hand.

The downsides: the blade or bristles of this brush is kind of sharp and therefore, it isn’t ideal for dogs with a thin or single hair coat.

Also, if your pet isn’t familiar with the tool, do a patch test and see the reaction of the haircoat. At times, the tool might pull apart the healthy hair as well, and this can be extremely painful to the dog. Thus, a patch test would help you understand the reaction of your dog.


3. Pet Grooming Brush by Pet Neat

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding by Up to 95% Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats

This is yet another shedding brush from Pet Neat, and it comes with a 100mm stainless steel bristle-blade. The tool can remove loose hair quickly and, at the same time, doesn’t disturb the healthy fur coat.

The non-slip handle of the product gives you better hold on the product, and you can easily control its functions as well.

You can release the clip handle by detaching the blade. Once detached, the cleaning process is much easier compared to other dog brushes. All you have to do is just pull the hairs out and disinfect the blade later on.

The downsides: the product has sharp bristles and, therefore, not recommended for all breeds of dogs. The Labradors may not feel anything during the grooming session, but dogs with a single coat might get accidental cuts.


4. Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool 

Furminator Undercoat deShedding Tool

The furminator brush is one of the most popular dog brushes, and also one of the best dog brushes for labs in the market. The brush gently removes the loose hair trapped between the haircoat without tampering the healthy hairs.

The product comes with a detachable blade that is neither too sharp nor too blunt. This ensures that the hair can be removed without hurting the dog regardless of the type of hair coat he has.

The ergonomic handle of the product is another plus. You can control the movement of the blades, and the grooves on the handle make sure that it doesn’t slip away from your hand.

 The downsides: if the coat of your Labrador gets too long, then it is recommended to use the tool once you have trimmed the hair. If not, the hairs can get easily tangled with the blades of the brush and may lead to the formation of tight knots.


5. FURminator Grooming Rake

FURminator Grooming Rake

This is yet another grooming brush from Furminator that helps you easily groom the dog hairs. The wide bristles of the brush ensure that hair doesn’t get tangled during the grooming session and also fastens the cleaning process of the rake.

The ergonomic design of the handle needs special mentions. The non-slip design of the handle ensures that the product doesn’t move around, thus giving you full control over the product.

The product is suitable for daily use and doesn’t tamper with the natural shedding process of the dogs.

The tool is extremely lightweight and, therefore, easy to use. As the bristles aren’t too sharp, you don’t have to worry about them causing any accidental cuts on your dog’s body.

The downsides: the bristles can bend at times, and this can lead to the formation of unnecessary knots. To avoid this, trim the long hairs of the lab and then use the rake for better results.


6. Chirpy Pets Brush for Shedding

Chirpy Pets Dog & Cat Brush for Shedding, Best Long & Short Hair Pet Grooming Tool, Reduces Dogs and Cats Shedding Hair by More Than 90%, The Deshedding Tool

The Chirpy Pets dog shedding brush can easily remove loose hair without damaging the healthy hair. The product is also efficient in reducing up to 90% of the shedding process.

The product quickly pulls apart the loose hair in just two to three strokes. The blades aren’t that sharp, so you don’t have to worry about the tool hurting your dog.

As the blade is of stainless steel, you can easily wash the brush with water and don’t have to worry about the rust formation.

The downsides: the tool isn’t suited for dogs with long hair coats as it can easily rip off the long hair due to the formation of unnecessary knots.


7. Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush

Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush- Slicker Pet Grooming Brush- Shedding Grooming Tools

The Glendan slicker grooming brush features thin and long bristles that are flexible. This ensures that the dog doesn’t get hurt due to the bristles.

The long bristles easily penetrate deep into the hair coat and detangle the tightest knots. But you might have to go very gently over the knots or else the product would pull the hair apart.

The brush handle has a 360-degree swivel action that allows you to reach all the parts of the dog body with ease. In addition to this, the ergonomic design of the handle provides full control over the tool.

The downsides: the bristles get clogged with hair very quickly. Therefore, you will have to clean the brush every now and then. In addition to this, the bristles aren’t retractable; thus, you will have to remove the hair manually.


8. Thunderpaws De-Shedding Tool

 Thunderpaws Best Professional De-Shedding Tool and Pet Grooming Brush, D-Shedz for Breeds of Dogs, Cats with Short or Long Hair, Small, Medium and Large

The Thunderpaws de-shedding tool helps in drastically reducing the amount of shedding by 95%. The product features a 4-inch-thick stainless steel bristle blade that effectively removes the hair without tampering the outer hair coat.

The product has an ergonomic handle design that helps you have better control over the tool. The handle’s non-slip makes sure that the product doesn’t accidentally slip away from your hand, thus avoiding any sort of accidents.

The stainless-steel blade can be easily detached and washed using lukewarm water. As the blade is made from stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rust formation.

The downsides: the product is great on short hair, but fails to be as effective in the case of long hairs. Also, the bristles clog very fast, and thus you will have to clean the brush every now and then.


9. Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush 

Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats - Easy to Clean Pet Grooming Brush Removes Mats, Tangles, and Loose Hair with Minimal Effort and Comfort - Suitable for Long or Short Hair

The Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush comes with retractable bristles. The brush is best for removing the loose hair without damaging the existing haircoat.

The thin and long bristles penetrate deeply into the haircoat to remove loose hair. The bristles can also bend easily, preventing accidental cuts.

With just the push of a button, you can quickly retract the bristles, and the cleaning process becomes much more manageable.

Another plus of the product is that the hair doesn’t accumulate very quickly, owing to the ample spaces between the bristles. This means that you need not have to clean the brush after a few strokes.

The downsides: the button used for retracting the bristles might stop working after some time. If this happens, then the cleaning process becomes tedious.


10.  Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Ruff 'n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush   2 Free Bonuses

The Ruff n’ Ruff slicker brush has wide bristles and comes along with pet nail clippers and a wide comb. The wide comb is effective in removing tangles that are hard to remove with the slicker brush.

The push-button on the handle helps you easily retract the bristles without much effort. As the bristles are wide apart, the problem of frequent clogging doesn’t appear.

The handle of the brush has grooves so as to provide maximum grip and control over the tool. The non-slip design also helps to rule out the possibilities of accidental damage.

For effective grooming sessions, make sure you use the wide comb first and remove the tangles, if any. Once you have untangled hair coat, use the slicker brush to gently remove the loose hair and finish the grooming session with the pet nail clippers.

The downsides: the slicker brush takes in small tufts of  hair at a time; thus, you have to apply two to three strokes on the same patch to get rid of all the loose hairs.


FAQs on Brush For Labs

1. Should you brush Labradors?

Just like brushing any other dogs, the Labradors also require frequent grooming sessions to get rid of the loose hair and knots on the topcoat. As the breed has a double coat, you might have to brush the coat at least twice a week to make sure there are no loose hairs, and to distribute natural oil evenly.

2. How do you Brush a lab’s hair?

As Labradors have a double coat and the outer coat can get really long, it is highly advised to start with a wide comb.

Remove the knots and tangles with the help of the wide combs and then use any type of brush as per your dog’s liking.

 If you don’t use a wide comb and start with a dog brush directly, it can pull apart the healthy hair. It might even cause accidental cuts and immense pain.

3. How often should you Brush a Labrador?

If your Labrador has really long hair, then brush it at least four times a week using a wide comb and followed by a good dog brush.

If your Labrador has a really small outer haircoat or if you trim the hair coat frequently, then twice in a week would be more than enough.

Apart from removing the tangles, regular brushing can evenly distribute the natural oils and help in the growth of a healthy coat.

4. Is the Furminator bad for labs?

The furminator brush is the best dog brush for labs as they effectively remove loose hair without causing much damage to the healthy hairs. Furminator brushes can also be used by other dog breeds.

The specialty of the furminator brushes is that it has an ergonomic design, and the bristles are of the right amount of sharpness. This ensures the effectiveness of the grooming session.

In addition to this, the furminator brushes can help stimulate the hair growth by spreading out the natural hair produced across the body.

Get The Best Dog Brush For Labs And Make Your Pup Look Gracefully Adorable Today!

If you are a new parent or it is your first time having a Labrador, then we have got you covered about the fundamentals you need to know before grooming those beautiful locks of your pet.

Labradors have one of the smoothest and silkiest haircoat of all dog breeds, and therefore, it requires special brushes and grooming sessions to keep it intact.

The aforementioned list contains our pick of the best dog brush for labs.

Purchase the one that you think perfectly suits your lab to provide the best experience. This majestic breed deserves nothing less than the best.

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