Purina Dog Food Reviews

purina dog food reviews

Dogs have been our best friends for as long as we can remember. Anyone who owns dogs or pets them knows that they are one of the friendliest animals.

Although dogs are friendly, loving, and easy to deal with, they require a lot of attention when it comes to caring for them properly. Providing for your dogs and nurturing them can be challenging, especially when you have never done it before. 

Well, the first step towards providing for your dog is giving them proper and adequate food. If you have never owned a dog before, you will naturally be confused as to what kind of dog food is suitable for dogs. In this article, you will find the best Purina dog food reviews to ease your purchase!

Even experienced dog owners can find it hard to make a decision about whether they want to switch the brand of their dog food to something else. 

Every dog owner hopes to feed their furry friend the best dog food that there is out there. With hundreds of brands available in the market and flashy advertising all around, making the right decision and picking one could be a task in itself.

Purina is one brand that is not only well known in the dog food industry but is also a preferred brand for its customers. The brand has earned the love and trust of buyers over many decades.

Purina has been manufacturing dog food for more than 8 decades now. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of pet food in the world, with a large and loyal customer base. It is also a major employer in the community and contributes to it as well. Being an old brand means an experienced brand. 

It promises quality through conducted research and experience in the dog food industry. Purina is also listed on relevant websites like Glassdoor with great reviews and top ranks.

If you are someone who is struggling with choosing the right brand of dog food for your pooch, you may want to seriously consider buying Purina. 

Whether you are thinking of switching your current dog food brand for a more trusted one or just want to experiment with brands to see which one your dog will love, Purina is worth a try.  It promises a combination of the right nutrition with a delicious taste in its products for your dog.  

However, conducting in-depth research is essential before proceeding to pick a food brand that you will be feeding your furry friend for a while (or maybe a lifetime).

There are some vital questions that you should ask yourself before investing your trust and money into a dog food brand. True, Purina is a known and reputed dog food brand but is Purina a good dog food brand? Is it really the right choice when it comes to dog food or are there better options in the market?


This Purina dog food reviews article will talk about all the things you need to know about dog food before buying it.

So, if you are looking for some help in deciding the right food brand option for your dog and want to know if Purina has what it takes to be your next go-to brand of dog food, keep reading. 

Given below are some factors to consider before buying dog food and Purina’s rating under those categories.

About the Brand: Purina

Many people depend on brand names to determine the quality of the product that they are going to buy. When it comes to looking for the best dog food in the market, buyers will impulsively run after big brand names.

However, having a good brand name does not guarantee a good quality product. Sometimes, even premium dog food brands might not fulfill basic requirements or standards of dog food. 

Brand consciousness is necessary but it should not be the sole factor that you consider while making a decision about the next brand of dog food that you will choose for your beloved pooch.

Anyway, talking about brand names, Purina is considered as one of the most popular brands in the dog food industry. It has made itself a well-known name with decades of experience and high quality. 

The experience and quality suggest that Purina certainly knows what would give your pooch the right nourishment that it needs to grow up healthy and happy. As an old and established brand, it has some set standards and it gives tough competition to other dog food brands on the market. 

Purina Dog Food Varieties

Many dog food brands have a limited variety of food products. Purina, on the other hand, comes with a huge variety of food products to suit the taste and requirements of different dogs.

After all, why should flavour and taste be restricted to adult food? Your dogs also deserve delicious flavours in their food. Dog food does not always have to be bland and Purina’s wide variety of dog food flavours take care of that.

When it comes to picking one from the various options, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. From the type of dog food to the kind of meat there is in the ingredients, there are many things to consider.

The most preferred form of dog food is dry dog food but different dogs may require different kinds such as wet dog food or raw food. 

Purina comes with a whole range of types like dry dog food, dog food with gravy and many more that you can explore. You should also pay attention to how your dog is reacting towards the food that you are giving them.

It is also essential to look out for any possible symptoms of allergies and reactions, especially if you are switching dog food brands. 

Switching brands of dog foods can be tough for your dogs. Pet dogs can become used to the kind of food that they eat on a regular basis and therefore, switching dog food brands can make your dog experience certain issues (which are generally temporary).

According to customer reviews, some dogs experienced digestive issues (mainly diarrhea) upon switching from other brands to Purina. 

However, the experience was only temporary until the switch was complete and the dogs then seemed to enjoy the toothsomeness of the brand. 

Ingredients In Purina Dog Food

Checking the ingredient-list should be your priority if you are going to buy or change your current brand of dog food.

Dog food should ideally contain meat as the primary ingredient as dogs are carnivorous and need the protein, which they get from meat, to maintain their health and muscles. Purina uses a combination of meat and grains in their dog food products. 

Many other dog food brands, however, are strict about not including grains of any kind in their product. The list of ingredients in Purina products does not describe well the other ingredients in their products.

The ingredients list just includes animal by-products and unnamed sources like animal digest after the primary ingredients.

Dog nutritionists have mentioned that the ingredients are not the best out there, but agree that they are absolutely safe to consume for your dog and will provide your pooch with the required nutrition. 

Apart from other ingredients, Purina products also include added vitamins and minerals which will give your dog the right nutrition through food.

Purina products include fresh and healthy ingredients in their dog food and the brand was also the first one to bring the line of natural pet foods in the market, which was received very well.

Purina dog food products are also AAFCO compliant, which further confirms that the products are absolutely safe and healthy for your pet dog. 


Pricing is also a factor to consider, especially if you have multiple pet dogs or just want to get your hands on a high-quality yet budget-friendly product. Purina seems to be the real deal in terms of its pricing.

Despite the fact that Purina is an established, well-known brand,  it maintains decent pricing for its products. Purina is the option if you want to skip the overpriced and overhyped premium dog food brands and get a product that does better in terms of both, pricing and quality.

Purina Review: The Go to Dog Food Brand?

Purina has proven to be a top contender among other dog food brands with its wide range of flavours and affordable pricing. The ultimate judge of the product would be your dog.

Purina dog food reviews from customers on other sites and sources reveal that dogs seem to love the appetizing flavours of the products by this brand. 

The switching problem seems to be the only concern regarding the product and that is also not a grave issue as it is only temporary. Dogs seem to take some time to switch between different brands and products anyway.

One thing that you should take note of, however, is the compatibility. It will depend on various factors like medical condition, age, overall health, etc. of your dog. 

You can read more Purina reviews to be completely sure about the product but we are sure that your pooch will love the brand. 

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