Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Food Review

Life would be really bland without our pets. Their presence makes life so much better; they make good days better and give us the perfect snuggles on the days when we’re feeling low.

We want our furry friends to have good food which will help them stay healthy and happy! We can express our love by taking care of them and one way to do so is by ensuring we get them the food that is best for them. Find the best dog food from our chicken soup for the soul dog food review

Dogs need to eat, which means that your job as a dog parent will be to choose between the varieties of dog food advertised in the market. Not all dog food is what it’s advertised to be and hence, one must stay aware and not get deceived.

In this article, we’ve done the job for you. Finally, the search for good food that your doggo will love comes to end as you scroll down to read our Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food review

Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Food Review

Give your pup everything that will keep him energized and healthy. The variety offered by this brand ensures that there’s something for everyone. 

Their product line includes a variety of 7 dog foods. Not only are they diverse, but also they’re trustworthy. All these products are AAFCO approved and this is mentioned on all their labels.

AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials sets standards of quality and nutrition for animals and pet foods in the United States.  

These recipes offer complete, well-balanced nutrition to our beloved pets. Brands cannot put these promises on their packaging unless they’re approved by the AAFCO.

Top 4 Best Chicken Soup for the soul dog Foods

1. Chicken Soup for the Soul Adult
(Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe)

Give your pets, it’s all things good minus the unnecessary additives. This product contains 100% real chicken and turkey as it’s two key ingredients, which are important for maintaining lean muscles.

These provide ten essential amino acids that are required by a dog for a healthy life. This helps in building your dog’s immunity, with the goodness of antioxidants and rich superfoods like apples, blueberries, and spinach. 

These foods play an essential role when it comes to maintaining healthy digestion and active metabolism, with the help of prebiotic fiber from sources like dried chicory roots.

They deliver what they promise and thus, all the food that you purchase is free from wheat, corn, and soy. All these foods are sourced from and made in the USA. 

Chicken meal is a meat concentrate that is a source of rich protein. It contains nearly 300% more protein than what you would find in fresh chicken.

Peas, like all legumes, are a rich source of both carbohydrates and natural fiber. Oatmeals in this recipe provide Vitamin B, dietary fiber, and also make the meal gluten-free for our furry pals.

What makes this so much better than the rest is the use of ingredients like flaxseeds and chelated minerals. Flaxseeds are one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

They’re rich in soluble fibers as well. Chelated minerals makes it easy to absorb and makes this product a good choice for dog foods.

The dry nature of this food makes it very easy to transport and it is packed with nutrients in every serving,even more than wet food. You can mix it with other foods as well.

The nutrients in the food contain minerals that are chemically attached to proteins, and they improve digestion. It contains probiotics that have friendly bacteria and antioxidants which helps in boosting the immunity and growth of your dog.


2. Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed Adult Dog Food
(Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe)

Specially tailored to suit the dietary demands of a dog of a large breed, this meal by Chicken soup for the Soul ensures your pup’s health and growth.

These meals contain just the right ratio of nutrients to enhance growth and development with its high protein content, which also helps in tissue development, and carbohydrates, which give your dog the energy boost they need for every day.

All this comes together to form a well-balanced meal that your dog will love! 

Its ingredients contain real chicken & turkey, which not only make the food more delicious but also add a lot of nutrition. Omega -3 and omega -6 help build healthy skin.

The calorie count of 3,523kcal will energize the metabolism of your dog, boost immunity, and help them easily digest the tasty food. 

Some pet foods contain sources of gluten such as soy and wheat which may cause stomach issues and skin irritation for many dogs but you don’t have to worry about those issues now because this meal is gluten-free!

It’s a wholesome meal with several benefits like glucosamine and chondroitin, which enhance bone strength, and stronger joints and muscles. They’re safe, 100% natural, and free from fake color, preservatives, and flavor.

Make sure you make your purchase from stores that have good ratings, and check the contents and the manufacturing date before purchasing any product. It’s always a smart move to keep an eye out for products that are sealed and not tampered with.


3. Chicken Soup for The Soul Mature Dog Food
(Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe)

A lot of products in the market make fake promises of quality and benefits. This makes it tricky for a buyer who wants to choose the best for their dog.

However, if you’re looking for nutritious food with a great taste that your mature dog will absolutely love, then look no further because this is just what you want. 

It includes nourishing ingredients like real chicken and turkey, which are a great source of animal protein. Omega-3 & omega-6 help boost immunity.

The rich fiber content helps in regulating a normal bowel movement. These additional proteins help in breaking down the food easily for digestion.  

It also contains a tomato pomace that provides fiber-rich content to dogs. The key feature of this product is that it is natural and absolutely free from artificial add ons like flavors, colors, preservatives, and more.


4. Chicken Soup for the Soul Small Bites Dry Dog Food

No brands out there are acing it as well as this one when it comes to creating a highly nutritious, well balanced, and tasty meal for our pets. To make it easy to consume by dogs, this meal contains small kibbles that they can easily chew upon.

They easily break down and can be digested without any difficulties due to the benefits of prebiotics, chelated minerals, and rich proteins found in these ingredients.

Brown rice is a rich source of fiber and various minerals like manganese, phosphorus make it easy to digest as compared to corn grain, which may leave them with stomach issues.

This is a strategically planned meal that aims to deliver the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids that are needed for the health of our dogs.

A few brands add artificial coloring to their product to add a more appealing taste. However, this has been linked with causing cancer. Chicken Soup For The Soul dog food is transparent about all the ingredients that are used in their food.

Being aware and cautious is always a smart thing to do. Make sure to buy your products from reputed stores and check their manufacturing dates. You don’t want to give your dear pet something that isn’t good and thus, it is better to take precautions. 

Chicken Soup For The Soul is offering meals that are loaded with nutrition for good health and strength of our pets. They take the game up a notch by segregating their foods in two lines, Grain Free and Life Stages.

A lot of research has gone into curating these recipes and they have been approved by the AAFCO, which makes it a reliable brand. 

They offer diversity to the purchasers as they can add some variety to their pet’s meals without making any drastic changes. They go the extra mile when it comes to creating uniquely shaped kibbles which help in cleaning teeth and fighting plague. 

If you have an old pet that drinks less water or prefers wet food, they have a line for the same. Like us, they love their furry friends and want to offer them the best treats! 

Grains can cause problems in digestion at times and thus, keeping that in mind, they’ve made their products grain free. Ingredients like chicory roots and pea flour help in balancing the meal and make room for more meat, which our dogs absolutely love! 


Find The Best Dog Food From Our Chicken Soup For The Soul Dog Food Review Today!

All their products are curated keeping in mind what would suit the dogs. They love all dogs equally and hence, have a line that caters to pups of all ages and sizes! 

So if you’re looking for dog food that is not only great for your dog’s health but also really delicious, then we believe your hunt comes to an end here. Chicken Soup for the Soul is the answer you were looking for. Serve your furry pets the most nutritious food to keep them energised for never ending snuggles, cuddles, and energetic memories! 

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