Best Raw Dog Foods Of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Stella & Chewy’s2. The Honest Kitchen3. Natural Balance
Stella & Chewy Best Raw Dog FoodThe Honest KitchenNatural Balance L.I.D

Feeding your dog with a complete and balanced diet is crucial for his health. Your dog’s diet must contain all the essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins in the prescribed amount.

And this is what every dog food brand promises to its customers. But god knows how honest they are. So it’s your chore to be wise enough in order to figure out the most suitable brand.

Today, there are numerous raw dog food brands available in the market. This, on one hand, offers great choices to the pet owners while on the other hand, gives rise to lots of confusion.


But no matter what, your dog deserves the best. So it’s your responsibility to research the best raw dog food in the market.

To help you with this, I have reviewed the top 25 best raw dog food brands in this exclusive dog food guide. Going to any of my prescribed dog food brands will leave your four-legged friend cheerful and healthy.

First, let’s look at the factors to consider while buying the best raw dog food. So without further ado, let’s glance through the vital factors first.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Raw Dog Food

If you’re very optimistic about your dog’s diet, leave no factor unchecked while buying your pet’s favorite meal.

1. Meat Content

In any raw dog food, meat is a significant component alongside raw bones. Hence as an owner, checking out the meat content is highly recommended.

Many companies try to juggle meat content in their product. So it’s better to peek into the ingredients for utter confirmation. The meat requirement varies from dog to dog. So you should consult your holistic vet for the accurate figure.

Plus, as meat is the primary source of fat for your dog, its content too, must not exceed the safe limit. It should ideally remain between 2-13%. If it’s much more than this, it may be retrieved from the trim.

Trim is a cheap and rich source of unwanted fat. To figure out whether your dog’s food contains trim or not, just look into your dog’s meal bowl. If you see a grease-like substance, it’s due to trim.

Always remember that too much fat is harmful to every animal, not only to the dogs. It leads to obesity, heart problems, and choking of intestines. Hence, in that case, shift to another dog food brand fulfilling the above criteria.

2. Organ Content

Similar to fat, protein content should lie between 14-19%.

Along with the meat content, your pet’s wholesome food must contain organs meat too. So any brand incorporating sufficient organ meat is the best raw dog food brand for your dog.

For instance, heart meat is excellent for your dog’s muscle. The kidney and liver contain fragments of necessary vitamins and minerals in the natural form.

Additionally, ensure that organ meat constitutes about 5-10% of the overall diet of your beloved dog.

3. Dog’s Age

Your dog’s age plays an important role when it comes to his overall diet. Your dog needs an appropriate diet according to his life stage (puppy/adult/senior).

It not only leads to your dog’s proper growth but also enhances the immune system. For example, a puppy needs a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids, etc. This helps him remain active all day long.

It builds his immune system and allows a smoother transition to adulthood. This isn’t the case with an adult dog and a senior dog. Dogs belonging to these two categories need a diet less rich in amino acids, vitamins, and proteins.

Because at these stages, dogs are involved in less physical activities. So burning extra calories takes more time. And in case it doesn’t happen, your dog may become overweight.

Hence as a pet owner, it’s important for you to take your dog’s age into consideration while feeding him.

4. Dog’s Breed

There are numerous dog breeds visible in the market. And for every breed, there exists a particular diet that may not be suitable for the dogs of another breed.

So while buying your dog’s favorite food, be breed-specific. Don’t buy dog food meant for another breed if it’s cheaper than yours. For this, consult a veterinarian about the nutritional needs of your dog.

5. Canned Or Dry food

The choice of canned (wet) or dry food completely depends on your dog’s taste. While some dogs prefer wet gravy-based food, others just shake their head in discord.

According to a study conducted to find out which category of food is popular among dogs of any breed, dry food appeared as the clear-cut winner. But as said earlier, the final decision needs to come from your dog’s side.

Both dry and wet foods have their own pros and cons. First, let’s talk about canned or wet food. The wet food is easy to digest. It contains a good level of moisture that makes it suitable for dogs who consume less water.

This maintains the water content in their body. Plus, wet food contains fewer calories. So, wet food is suitable for adult/senior dogs.

Dry food, on the contrary, contains more calories. So it’s suitable for puppies. You can leave dry food in your dog’s food bowl for almost two hours without any fear of bacterial accumulation or spoilage.

Dry food has a longer shelf life than wet food. Plus, dog food needs less or no time for preparation. It’s easy to store and carry.

If your dog creates a mess while eating, it’s better to go with dry food or kibbles. So these were some of the key factors to look at when buying the best raw dog food.

Top 25 Best Raw Dog Foods Of 2021

1. Stella & Chewy

Stella & Chewy Best Raw Dog FoodIf you’re looking for the best frozen raw dog food, then go with this Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties. Dog food is a 100% complete and balanced diet for your dog. It contains 85% extra meat, bone, and organ content than other food brands.

For a better immune system and digestion, these dinner patties contain probiotics and antioxidants. Since it’s frozen food, it has a decent shelf life. The dinner patties are not processed. Thus making sure that you feed natural stuff to your dog.

Stella and Chewy’s dinner patties are rich in omega-6 fatty acids and natural oils. This aids in keeping your dog’s fur shiny and healthy. Further, Stella and Chewy’s recipes are grain-free, natural, and nutrient-dense, which means no needless carbohydrates for your dog. So if your dog adores frozen raw food, look no further.


2. The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen

If you’re very specific about your dog’s health and want to feed him some natural stuff, then The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food will surely amaze you. The Honest Kitchen is based in the USA and uses 100% natural and safe ingredients in their recipes.

This human grade grain-free dog food contains zero fillers, byproducts, and is free from artificial GMO ingredients. Plus, the dog food is easy to serve. Just add warm water, wait for 2-3 minutes, and serve a gluten-free nutritious food to your dog.

The raw dog food contains a balanced level of carbohydrates and calories to further aid in the digestion process. So if you own an adult or a senior dog, feed him with this human-grade dehydrated grain-free food for easy digestion.

The food belongs to the category of “all-breed food” i.e. no matter what breed you own, you can serve this food to dogs of any breed. That’s the biggest plus point of dog food.


3. Natural Balance L.I.D

Natural Balance L.I.DIf you’re looking for dog food containing simple and limited ingredients, give this product from Natural Balance a try. This raw dog food contains a single source of protein in the form of chicken. In this way, your dog gets enough protein for better muscle growth.

Sweet potato ensures a substantial amount of potassium and carbohydrates. A balanced proportion of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids helps in maintaining your dog’s luxuries coat.

Keeping in mind the increasing usage of artificial preservatives in dog food, products from Natural Balance go through 9 quality checks before reaching your dog’s food bowl.

Plus, if you’re facing any difficulty in finding the right nutrition for your dog, don’t worry. Their highly trained veterinary technicians will assist you in every way possible.

However, after going through the reviews, I found that dogs of certain breeds are facing indigestion. So consult a veterinarian before feeding him this dog food.


4. The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen hUMAN GRADEThe Honest Kitchen human-grade dehydrated organic whole grain dog food contains protein in higher proportion making it suitable for adults and puppies. It is formulated from free-range chicken and dehydrated in order to provide maximum nutrients to the dog.

Plus, the tag of human-grade marks its superior quality over others. Its serving process is as simple as it sounds. Just add warm water, wait for 2-3 minutes and serve a wholesome and nutrient-rich diet to your dog.

Since most of the dogs are allergic to wheat-based products, the company has ensured to keep this diet wheat-free. However, going through the reviews, I found that this dog food contains small traces of garlic and sodium selenite.

So the dog food from The Natural Balance is my answer to your query “what is the best raw dog food”.


5. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray NutrishNo other brand can meet the quality standards set by Racheal Ray Nutrish, a popular dry dog food brand. They carefully pick high-grade protein sources like chicken and beef, then blend them with fresh wholesome vegetables, essential vitamins, and minerals.

The end product is this super-premium dry dog food providing several health benefits to your four-legged friend. This company believes in producing dog food made with natural ingredients instead of processed ones.

For this, they use real turkey raised in the U.S. farms. It’s a lean, digestible protein that builds and maintains your dog’s muscle mass. Real venison is another naturally obtained protein-source from New Zealand.

The meat contains a sufficient amount of iron that maintains the energy level of your dog and keeps him energetic all day long. It also keeps your dog satisfied and full for hours.

Brown rice and green peas form an indispensable component of this Racheal Ray Nutrish recipe. They are a good source of fiber and carbs. Cranberries and carrots provide essential vitamins like vitamin C and potassium. Hence, for your adult dog, buy this super-premium dog food today.


6. Wellness Core Turkey & Chicken

Wellness Core Turkey & ChickenIf you’re looking for the best raw diet for dogs, your search can end here. Wellness Core natural grain-free dry dog food is made from 100% turkey, chicken, salmon, and farm-fresh veggies. It’s further fortified with probiotics, essential vitamins & nutrients, antioxidants to maintain the health and shine of your dog’s fur coat.

Wellness Core believes in producing dog food free from wheat, soy, meat by-products, grains, etc. In this way, your dog gets the best dog food prepared with sheer vigilance. Good quality turkey and chicken ensures that the food your dog consumes remains protein-packed.

Here’s a quick recipe for your dog shared by the company. First, select grain-free kibbles suitable for your dog. In this, add a Core topper like moist nuggets, frozen dried meat, etc. At the top, add a savory wet food to enhance the taste. You can also feed special dog treats to your dogs in between his meals.

Going through the reviews, I found that this dog food is effective in reducing itching and strengthens the immune system of the dogs. What are you waiting for? Order one bag for your beloved dog today.


7. Merrick Backcountry

Merrick BackcountryMerrick backcountry grain-free dry dog food is an ancestral canine diet containing rich protein sources for which every dog craves. Merrick provides your athletic dog with all the nutritional benefits of a raw diet.

Key ingredients of the backcountry grain-free food include deboned beef dried to lock in fresh taste. It contains omega fatty acids for protecting the shine of your dog’s fur coat. Balanced levels of glucosamine and chondroitin maintain healthy hips and joints.

Hence, if you’re looking for a gluten-free raw dry dog food, check the product from Merrick.


8. Amazon Brand – Wag

Amazon Brand - WagWag is a brand owned by Amazon. Its dry dog food contains turkey as the key ingredient. Turkey is the #1 ingredient that provides an adequate amount of protein to the dogs. Each serving of this dry dog food comprises 36.9% protein, 17.5% fat, 1.2% phosphorus, and 0.4% sodium. This ensures that your dog gets every nutrient in an adequate amount.

Wag dry dog food is formulated using high-quality ingredients like fresh poultry, vegetables, lentils, and is free from artificial preservatives. All the ingredients are blended in the USA. Furthermore, every batch is tested for ensuring that every quality standard is met.

The company allows you to return the product if it fails to meet your expectations with a full refund. Also if you’re new to the brand, you can opt for their trial bag.


9. Stella & Chewy Beef Meal Mixers

Stella & Chewy Beef Meal MixersIf you’re looking for the best freeze-dried dog food, look no further. Stella and Chewy’s has come up with a solution in the form of this super beef grain-free meal. It contains 95% extra wild-caught meat, bones, and organs. It is enhanced with added minerals, probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidants to nourish your dog.

Since it’s a topper, you can add this to any kibble or wet food that your dog prefers. Stella and Chewy’s dog foods contain only limited and simple ingredients with zero grains and gluten. The meal mixer goes through minimal processing and consists of essential oils and omega-6 fatty acids. These maintain the natural shine of your dog’s fur.

The quality ingredients used in this dog food support lean muscles and boost your dog’s stamina and endurance. Natural enzymes and raw bone work chemically to keep your canine’s teeth clean and strong. What are you waiting for? Order your bag from the link given below.


10. Primal Chicken Formula

Primal Chicken FormulaPrimal freeze-dried dog food is made from chicken raised without antibiotics and added hormones. The dog food includes human-grade ingredients making it a complete balanced diet for your dog.

Every ingredient used in Primal dog foods is procured from farms of the U.S. and New Zealand. Primal foods offer you the luxury of feeding your dog with the best raw dog food. Plus, the feeding process is as easy as it sounds. Either serve it in the natural form or add 2-3 ml of warm water for easy digestion.

Primal dog food is suitable for dogs of all breeds and life stages. Hence, give your dog a taste of luxury by feeding him with Primal freeze-dried dog food.


11. Sojos Complete

Sojos CompleteSojos Natural Pet Food is known for its ingredients’ originality. Every ingredient used in this freeze-dried dog food is naturally obtained and is free from chemicals. Sojos food recipes are made without artificial fillers and preservatives.

The main source of protein in this dehydrated grain-free dog food is turkey. Along with it, other ingredients include sweet potatoes, broccoli, dried kelp, flax seeds, etc. These provide the essential vitamins and minerals required for proper muscle growth.

Hence, for the better health of your dog, feed him with the natural raw dog food full of nutrients. However, going through the reviews, I found that there are bigger chunks of meat than usual making it difficult to chew and swallow. Plus, a foul smell starts forming after a few months of usage.


12. Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

Instinct Raw Boost MixersInstinct is known for its toppers’ recipe that makes even picky eaters go for raw food. The protein-packed, minimally processed, and grain-free raw food toppers support digestion, maintain the dog’s coat, and boosts the muscle growth. Instinct raw boost mixers are made from 28 ounces of natural meat.

So you can expect a whole new level of mealtime enthusiasm from your dog. The raw dog food is freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients and taste. The whole recipe of Instinct raw boost mixers is made in the USA with delicious ingredients from around the world.

Plus, adding the kibble toppers is very easy. Just remember to minimize the calories of the base food to prevent overfeeding. The food is meant for dogs of all life stages and breeds. Apart from these pros, there lie some cons. The treat size is too small for an adult dog. The price is on a higher side as compared to other brands.


13. Crave

CraveCrave grain-free adult dry dog food is made from 100% natural and farm-fresh ingredients with real meat as the #1 ingredient. The dog diet contains zero fillers and artificial preservatives ensuring that you’re feeding a chemical-free diet to your dog.

Meat used in the diet provides enough protein and energy for his day-to-day activities. Every portion of the dry dog food contains 34% extra protein thus boosting lean muscle growth. You can mix Crave dry and wet dog food to provide your dog with an extra dose of protein and unique taste.

Whether you’re looking for small or large breed dog food, this dog food, packed with nutrients and essential fatty acids will definitely fulfill all your requirements. However, this dry dog food is not for picky eaters and contains chunks of chicken. So if your dog is allergic to chicken, don’t feed him this diet.


14. Wellness Core

Wellness CoreIf you’re looking for the best dry dog food suitable for small breed, look no further. Wellness Core natural grain-free dry dog food will stand firm on all your expectations. The diet is made from non-GMO sourced ingredients and is 100% free from grain, wheat, soy, and by-products.

High-quality turkey and chicken maintain an optimal protein level. Don’t hesitate about the product’s overall quality. Every batch is skillfully tested in the USA labs before reaching your dog’s meal bowl. An interesting fact about this diet is that you can also feed this food to a cat.

Other key ingredients include peas, potatoes, tomato pomace, etc. These ingredients provide an optimal amount of carbohydrates to the dog. It’s highly recommended to consult a veterinarian before feeding this diet to your dog.


15. Dr. Harvey’s Canine

Dr. Harvey's CanineDr. Harvey’s Canine Health human-grade dog food is recommended by holistic vets around the world. The whole recipe is skillfully formulated in the United States kitchen with farm-fresh and gluten-free ingredients. You won’t find any traces of meat by-products, wheat, fillers in any of the dog products from Dr. Harvey.

Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health human-grade base mix when mixed with other dry kibbles or wet foods, give your dog a diet fortified with nutrients. Here’s a simple recipe to start with. Add warm water to the mix.

Allow it to rest for 7-8 minutes. Add any portion of a protein-rich source like beef, chicken, etc. To enhance the taste, add any oil of your choice like flaxseed oil, sesame, or olive oil. The dish is ready to serve.

The dog food base mix is suitable for dogs of every breed and life stages. Plus, inside the bag, you will find a handy guide that will direct you to what to do at every step. What are you waiting for? Get your batch from the link given below and use your creativity in coming up with a wholesome meal for your dog.


16. Northwest Food Nuggets

Northwest Food NuggetsYour search for the best freeze-dried dog food can end with the Northwest Naturals freeze-dried wholesome nuggets. The recipe is formulated in such a way to meet the guidelines set by the AAFCO dog food nutrients profile. The nuggets are made from 80% beef with zero fillers, grains, and meat by-products.

Get the assurance of feeding your dog a nutrient-rich diet. Another advantage of this freeze-dried dog food is that you can store it anywhere and not only in the freezer. Along with beef, fresh vegetables are fruits are also used for an extra dose of nutrition.

However, these nuggets are a bit bigger for a small dog to chew and swallow. Apart from this, everything is satisfactory making it an ideal choice for your four-legged friend.


17. ZiwiPeak

ZiwiPeakZiwiPeak air-dried dog food is one of such kinds. The dog food is complete and balanced with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. It contains 95% grass-fed meat, organs, meat, and green mussels. The product is air-dried and high in natural protein and kilocalories.

Plus, packed with more power than ordinary raw food and kibbles. The company uses a modern way of naturally preserving meat. A dual-stage air-drying process eliminates pathogens like salmonella and listeria while keeping the nutrients intact. The meat is obtained from grass-fed farming that marks its nutritional value.

Ziwi believes that feeding anything natural in small amounts provides an abundance of nutrition. Hence their dog food is free from artificial fillers, GMO ingredients, etc. As wheat, soy, sugar, glycerin, etc. are difficult to digest by animals like dogs and cats, you won’t find such ingredients in this dog food.

Three portions of raw food are equal to one portion of this air-dried food. So feed small quantities of this diet for reduced volumes of stool while not compromising with anything else. What are you waiting for? Order one bag for your dog from the link given below.


18. Canidae Pure Ancestral

Canidae Pure AncestralYour search for the best raw dog food can end with Canidae grain-free pure ancestral high meat diet. This adult dog diet contains adequate amounts of fish species like deboned salmon, mackerel, pollock, tuna, etc. Each 20-pound includes around 17 pounds of fish ingredients.

A raw coating of freeze-dried salmon over the kibble enhances its taste for which your dog craves. The dog food is fortified with added antioxidants for a healthy immune system and probiotics for easy digestion. Plus, the meal is protein-rich to meet the energy requirements of your dog.

Veggies like carrots, garbanzo beans, squash, parsley & sage bolster the diet with iron and potassium. If you’re scouring for a low carb diet for your dog, this will definitely please your dog. So buy a bag of this nutritious and wholesome dog food packed with natural proteins from the link given below.


19. Sojos Mix-A-Meal

Sojos Mix-A-MealIf you’re looking for easy-to-make dog food, look no further. Sojos mix-a-meal naturally dehydrated dog food is an easy to serve meal. Just add a raw or cooked protein source of your choice into this mix of assorted veggies and fruits. And give your dog a handcrafted meal he deserves.

The pre-mic is grain and gluten-free. Sojos pre-mix recipes are made without chemically treated ingredients, fillers, preservatives, or anything artificial.

However, the vegetable content has decreased post the company’s new recipe formulation. This has decreased the net contents of the pack keeping the price tag the same. But if you’re going with a budget of $40-$60, you can give this pre-mix from Sojo a try.


20. The Honest Kitchen Veggie, Nut & Seed

The Honest Kitchen Veggie, Nut & SeedThe Honest Kitchen is a popular dog food brand based in the United States. They never utilize meat by-products, harmful fillers, artificial preservatives in any of their dog products. The base mix is free from fruits, grains, and soy but holds onto the necessary vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

Add warm water and either raw or cooked meat of your choice to prepare a handcrafted meal for your dog. Since you own the luxury of adding the protein source your dog adores, it’s an excellent option for picky dogs. The recipe doesn’t contain sweet potatoes and chemically treated ingredients.

The Honest Kitchen prepares dog food using human-grade ingredients ensuring that you feed your dog a homemade meal every time. The food mix is suitable for dogs of every breed and fulfills the requirements of an adult dog. If you want to buy one for your dog, hit the link given below.


21. Dr. Harvey’s Veg-To-Bowl

Dr. Harvey's Veg-To-BowlIf you’re searching for a grain-free holistic dog food mix for your beloved pet, Dr. Harvey’s veg-to-bowl dehydrated base mix will amuse you. Recommended by holistic vets across the country, be assured of the product’s quality and nutritional values.

The farm-fresh ingredients incorporated into this holistic mix help dogs reclaim and maintain their vibrant health. Dr. Harvey’s dehydrated base mix contains non-GMO ingredients and natural veggies to supplement the taste of every meal.

Here’s the recipe that will make your dog lick his meal bowl. Add warm water to the base mix. Let it sit for 7-8 minutes. Add either raw protein or a cooked one as per your dog’s taste. If required, add olive oil, flaxseed oil, or sesame oil for taste enhancement.

The above recipe aids in weight loss by providing a lower-calorie and highly nutritious home-cooked diet to your dog. Plus, it eradicates digestive issues such as chronic diarrhea, constipation, loose stools, and gas. Hence, buy this Dr. Harvey’s base mix for providing your dog a homemade meal.


22. Stewart Raw

Stewart RawThis dog food from Stewart will provide the benefits of freeze-dried and grain-free food in a single pack. The recipe is made in the heart of the Midwest, United States using USDA-certified ingredients. Minimal processing locks in nutrition and your dog gets more goodness in every meal. You won’t find any sugar, corn traces, fillers, preservatives, and wheat-based products in this dog food.

The meal is fortified with antioxidants to support your dog’s immune system and probiotics to aid in the digestion process. Even with no artificial flavorings and colors, the freeze-dried dog food brings dogs running by themselves for every meal.

Stewart’s single protein recipes are suitable for dogs with stomach allergies. Furthermore, freeze-dried food is easy to serve and possesses a longer shelf life. If your dog gets fed up with any flavor, don’t worry and buy him another one.

However, a foul smell starts forming inside the bag after a few weeks of opening. But that’s a minute issue. Everything else is just perfect with this dog diet. So hit the link given below to order one for your dog.


23. Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm

Dr. Harvey's ParadigmIf you would ask me what is the best raw dog food, I’ll suggest you Dr. Harvey’s paradigm green human-grade base mix. It’s an ideal base mix for creating a low carb ketogenic diet for a diabetic dog. The holistic blend of six dehydrated veggies contains no dies, fillers, wheat, grains, soy, and harmful preservatives.

Here’s a quick recipe for your reference. Add lukewarm water to the base mix. Let it sit for 7-8 minutes. Add raw or cooked protein as per your dog’s taste. For taste enhancement, add olive oil, flaxseed oil, or sesame oil.

The above recipe aids in weight management and cures other health-related issues like sensitive stomach, various types of allergies, etc. If your budget lies in the range $30-$50, you can go with this dog food base mix.


24. Cesar

CesarIf you’re having a low budget and aren’t in the mood to upgrade it, don’t feel sad and go for this Cesar simply crafted wet dog food. It will fit under your low budget with ease. You can either serve the food alone or mix with kibbles for more nutrition and better taste.

The dog food comes packed in easy-to-peel trays taking the serving process to the new level. Just peel, serve, and let your dog enjoy his wholesome meal. It’s a limited ingredients recipe consisting of simple and natural ingredients such as real chicken, beef, fruits, and veggies to give your dog a tasty meal.

Cesar promises zero fillers, zero artificial colors, and zero preservatives in its every dog food. The food is suitable for dogs of every breed and puppies. However, it’s not a complete meal.

Each tray contains mouse-sized stuff. To increase its volume, you need to mix it with either kibble or add extra protein sources like chicken, turkey, etc. In this way, you can also serve this meal to adult or senior dogs.


25. Royal Canin Mature 8

Royal Canin Mature 8 If you’re looking for nutritious and wholesome wet dog food, look no further. This Royal Canin dog food is made up of precisely balanced nutrients. These nutrients supply the required nutrition to your dog in an adequate amount.

Varied sized dogs have distinct needs. It becomes difficult to meet all those needs at a single time. Hence, the diet is formulated carefully to meet unique needs like joint support, optimal weight, and dental care. Plus, it also maintains a unique jaw shape and size.

You can feed Royal Canin wet dog food to dogs of every breed and life stages. Another plus point of the dog food is that the company has incorporated both dry and wet food into this diet. The texture of the dry food removes tiny food particles that stick between the teeth.

Wet food provides the required hydration to digest the food. However, considering the pricing, the quantity of food the buyer gets is trivial.


FAQs on Raw Dog Foods

1. Is Raw Food Good For Dogs?

Raw food has both pros and cons. Talking about its pros, raw food simplifies the feeding process. It’s easy to store and carry from one place to another. Talking about its cons, feeding raw food continuously may not provide the complete nutrition your dog needs.

Also, it is not suitable for senior dogs with a weak immune system. Raw food contains more calories that are hard to burn. Hence, raw food is good when consumed occasionally.

2. Can I Mix Kibble With Raw Food?

No, never mix kibbles with raw food. This is because kibbles take 8-10 hours to digest and raw food takes only 4-6 hours. So if both are fed together, the overall time of digestion will increase and raw food will remain undigested for longer. This is harmful to the health of the dogs.

3. Will Raw Chicken Hurt A Dog?

It depends on whether your dog consumed boneless chicken or chicken with bone. In the former case, it’s less serious as the dog himself will vomit the chicken out. But in the latter case, it’s a serious issue. This is because sharp pieces of the bones may damage the intestine while moving down the tract.

4. Which Is Better: Raw Food Or Canned Food?

Both raw and canned foods have their own pros and cons. Raw food is easy to store and feed while canned food is difficult to store and feed. Raw food contains more calories thus making it suitable for puppies. Canned food is suitable for adult dogs. Also, dry food is difficult to digest due to the lack of moisture content while canned food is easy to digest.

5. Why Is Raw Feeding Bad For Dogs?

Raw diets are controversial. While some vets will appreciate feeding raw food for benefits such as shinier coat, high energy levels, strong teeth, smaller stools, etc.

On the contrary, other vets will urge you to discontinue its usage for reasons like bacteria in raw food, difficulty in digestion, etc. So it’s up to you and your dog’s preference. But ideally, you should never feed raw dog food for extended periods.

6. What Raw Dog Food Consists Of?

Raw dog food should contain the following for proper nutrition.

  • Muscle meat
  • Bones either whole or ground. I would suggest bones in the ground form for easy digestion.
  • Fruits like apples, cranberries, grapes, etc.
  • Raw eggs
  • Organ meat of livers and kidney

7. What Are The Best Raw Dog Food Brands?

Best raw dog food brands are.

  • Stella and Chewy’s
  • Northwest Naturals
  • Cesar
  • The Honest Kitchen
  • Stewart
  • Canidae
  • Racheal Ray, etc.

8. What Are The Important Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Food?

Your chosen dog food must constitute the following features.

Straightforward to use

  • Affordable
  • Enough shelf life
  • Grain-free
  • Free from chemicals and preservatives.

9. Is Frozen Raw Dog Food Safe?

Yes, frozen raw food is safe for your dogs but again, you need to handle it sensibly. For instance, defrost the required quantity of food rather than the whole packet. Never keep frozen dog food at room temperature for long. It not only affects the taste but also hampers its quality.

10. What Is A Dog Food Mix?

Dog food mixes are the base mix to which you can add anything you want your dog to consume. It can include fruits, veggies, oils, meat, etc. Remember, a dog food mix is not the final meal to feed your dog.


Hence, through this blog, one thing must be clear that selecting the best raw dog food is an arduous job. Every brand utilizes a unique recipe for its dog food. There are numerous dog food brands each claiming themselves as the best in the industry.

As a pet owner, you should remember that the brand that satisfies your dog’s needs is actually the best raw dog food brand. Your chosen brand must be renowned and breed-specific.

Plus, always take the changes occurring in your dog’s health by consuming any food seriously. This will assure you that you’re feeding him the right nutrition. So be smart enough and specific with your dog’s nutritional needs. I

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