Best Dry Dog Foods 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

1. Hill’s Science2. Taste of the Wild3. Orijen
Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin RecipesTaste of the Wild Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison High Protein Real Meat Recipes Dry Dog Food with Superfoods and Nutrients Like Probiotics, Vitamins and Antioxidants for Adult Dogs or PuppiesORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Grain Free, High Protein, Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients

Pet parents have a lot of confusion while trying to choose the best dry dog food for their canines. They are challenged by brand competitions, conflicting customer reviews and the multiple options for dog food. It becomes quite difficult for them to make the right choice. 

The frequently considered conditions while buying dog food range from kibble sizes to quality of nutrition. According to vets, the appropriation of ingredients in the dog foods also vary from one dog to another. Hence, all of these factors need to be considered before picking the best dry dog food for your pooch. 

We have looked into the most frequently asked questions regarding the best choice of dog food. This article has been curated to list the best, premium quality dry dog foods. Here we answer the question, “What is the best dry dog food?

Factors to Look For While Buying Best Dry Dog Food

  • You should always make sure that the dog food is free from added preservatives and fillers. Many dog-food companies use fillers because it makes it more convenient for them to sell their products at cheaper prices. However, this creates serious medical issues in the dog’s digestive tract. 

  • Choose a brand that hasn’t overcooked the ingredients. With excessive cooking, natural ingredients lose all their natural, nutritious goodness. This is not good for the dog. Look for dog foods labelled as “fresh packed” or “natural packed” for good health of your canine. 

  • Always choose dry dog food according to the taste preference of your dog. If you’ve the perfect flavour, your pooch will enjoy his or her meal. In addition to this, you’ll find that the feeding process becomes much easier, in this way. 

  • Don’t always stick to one dry dog food or dry dog foods from the same company. It is usually seen that dog food companies stick to a particular nutrient distribution. The different products of the company are highly likely to have similar nutrient levels. Due to this, your dog might experience excess of some nutrients and deficiency in others. 

  • Keep an eye on the amounts of protein and fat while choosing the best dry dog food. You can find this in the Guaranteed Analysis section of the dog food on the label. It talks about the minimal levels of protein and fat that are guaranteed to be present in the dog food. 

Top 18 Best Dry Dog Foods 2021

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet best dry dog food

This dry dog food is best suited for adult dogs inclusive of those with a sensitive stomach and skin. It provides the choicest digestive health and helps nourish the skin. It also helps in promoting a shiny coat in adult dogs. 

Rich in probiotic fiber, this adult dog food helps in supporting a well-balanced gut microbiome in grown dogs. Its highly-digestible formulation makes way for optimal nutrient absorption and easier stool pick up. It is easily one of the best adult dog foods.

Coming to the kind of nutrition it provides, it is the best dry dog food to help your adult dog develop a lustrous and healthy coat and skin. This is because it has high percentages of Vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids to help in this process. It is the best quality dry dog food consisting of trustworthy global ingredients, made in the USA. It is highly recommended by Veterinarians. 

The first five ingredients include chicken, brewers rice, chicken meal, yellow peas and cracked pearled barley. The feeding amounts need to be adjusted according to the desired weight for your dog. It’s always best to take a vet’s advice for this. It is the best dry dog food for maintaining a completely balanced nutrition of adult dogs. 

Looking through the highly positive customer reviews, it’s easy to conclude that it is the best adult dog food within an affordable range. It has been bettered through research over the ages to prepare extremely tasty meals that are heartily enjoyed by adult dogs. It also has another grain free recipe consisting of chicken and potato.  


2. Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat 

Taste of the Wild Roasted Bison and Roasted Venison High Protein Real Meat Recipes Dry Dog Food with Superfoods and Nutrients Like Probiotics, Vitamins and Antioxidants for Adult Dogs or Puppies

It’s quite natural for dogs to crave a taste of the wild now and then, having evolved from wolves. This is the best dry dog food to help canines get that wild taste in a nutritious modern-day diet. It is an exclusive combination of ancient grains with roasted, smoked and fresh meat, fowl and fish. It is the best quality dog food to ensure the complete nutrition, health and well being of your dogs. 

The flavours of roasted bison and venison are perfect for a taste of the wild ancient prairie. The primary ingredient is meat which makes it a high quality dry dog food. The formula is protein-rich also because of the combination of various ancient whole grains like sorghum, quinoa, chia and millet seeds.

Based on the latest research and formulated according to FDA and AAFCO requirements, this is the best quality dry dog food. An expert team with experience in veterinary medicine, food science, food production, pet food nutrition and formulation has come up with this superb formula.

They use ingredients from sustainable and trustworthy sources from around the world. It’s made with no-corn, wheat or filler. It doesn’t consist of artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives. 

It has a high concentration of nutrients and is very easy for digestion. The large amounts of proprietary probiotics in it are species-specific. This contributes to the overall health and well-being of the pooches through the surviving and thriving of the GI tracts.

 By following every scientifically progressive food safety protocol, it is easily the best dry dog food. It is apt for the nutrition of dogs through all stages of life. The brand’s products are made in the USA and it is family owned and run. 

The seven primary ingredients include buffalo, chicken meal, pork, roasted bison, roasted venison, grain sorghum and millet. It is recommended for the consumption of all breeds and all breed sizes. The ancient grains like grain sorghum, millet, chia and quinoa seeds provide minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and omega fatty acids. 

The flavours of pasture raised roasted bison and venison make the meals delectable for dogs. To develop a strong and healthy digestive and immunity system, their proprietary K9 strain Probiotics are made specifically for dogs. The viability is ensured by adding these probiotics after the cooking procedure. 

This is indeed the best dry dog food as it provides 80 million live active cultures. This contributes towards a healthy and well-balanced digestive and immunity system in dogs. It also maintains your dog’s healthy skin and shiny coat through optimal levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Analyzing customer reviews it has also been seen that it is a great pocket friendly dry dog food. 


3. ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Grain Free, High Protein, Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients

ORIJEN Original provides a biologically appropriate diet for your dog consisting of large amounts of nutrients. It has been designed to furnish your dog’s diet with fresh and raw whole-animal ingredients. Consisting also of wild-caught herring and flounder, free-run chicken and turkey and cage-free eggs, it has been created to nourish dogs. Combined together, they make a meat-rich diet for your dogs that are essential for them, keeping their evolved biological needs in mind. 

This is the best quality dry dog food for all stages of a dog’s life. It is grain free and consists of five differently sourced fresh and raw animal ingredients. The consistency of the quality animal ingredients in it is 85% with 15% vegetables, fruits and botanicals.  It has the added feature of perfect ratios of Whole Prey ingredients to imitate wild prey. 

The usage of the fresh and raw meat, organs, cartilage and bones caters to the biological and natural nourishment and diet needs of the canines. The provision of the fresh regional ingredients is through acquired supplies from trustworthy people. The ORIJEN dog foods are made in Kentucky in the Dog Star Kitchen. 

It is very apt for maintaining the psychological and metabolic needs of canine friends. This top-notch dry dog food is made without synthetic additives, plant proteins and other ingredients that are evolutionarily unsuitable for your dogs. For a meat-packed, high protein diet, it has been gently freeze-dried to lock in all of the natural goodness. 



Iams Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken

The IAMS ProActive Health Adult Dog Food for Large Dogs is a recipe consisting of farm raised chickens as its primary ingredient. Added with wholesome grains and veggies, it is highly recommended by veterinarians for it’s usage of real ingredients. The glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate rich formula is essential for the healthy joints of your furry friends and helps avoid osteoarthritis.

Not just strong bones, this best adult dry dog food is also necessary for a healthy metabolism, highly shiny skin and coat and a strong immunity system. The fat-burning feature of L-carnitine makes IAMS dog food exclusive and different. It is scientifically created with a dog’s basic diet needs in mind. 

The strong muscles are a must for the canines and they provide for it by using lean proteins. It is extremely apt for maintaining healthy joints and bones in large breed dogs. This quality dry dog food is also essential for taking care of the digestive health and immunity of dogs. They achieve this through a combination of fiber and prebiotics. 

The first five ingredients include chicken, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain corn, ground whole grain sorghum and chicken by product meal. It is the best dry dog food styled mainly for the diet needs of large breed dogs. 



IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Minichunks Dry Dog Food, Chicken

Made with real ingredients, this dog food comes with a high commendation from vets. It is a perfectly balanced recipe starting with farm raised chicken and including veggies and wholesome grains. This is the best quality dry dog food to ensure that your dog has a strong immunity system and a healthy metabolism. 

Not only that, it also contributes to the healthy skin and glistening coat of the canines. The fact that the small, crunchy kibbles have been prepared to scrub their teeth with every bite, sets it apart as the best adult dry dog food. It provides the added assurance that the dogs will be protected from plaque and bad breath. 

Digestion is enhanced through its well tailored formula of prebiotics and wholesome fibers. Observable development in strong muscles occurs because of the high quality proteins from real chickens. Recommended by vets, this is the best quality dry dog food to ensure the dog’s overall well being with focused support on building a strong immunity system. 

The first five ingredients include chicken, ground whole grain sorghum, ground whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal and dried plain beets pulp. It has been suitably diet designed as minichunks for the dog to enjoy a tasty meal. Having originated in the United States, this is the best adult dry dog food.


6. Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

This is a great dry dog food, well-formulated for the health and overall balanced well being of your dogs. It is a beautiful blend of the finest natural ingredients with a provision of required vitamins and minerals. It gives the dog parents as much satisfaction in feeding these ingredients to the dogs, as the canines enjoy eating it. 

This has been specially designed for your dog’s diet with the premium quality real meat, fruits and vegetables. The exclusive high protein from real lamb helps in building and maintaining the muscles of pooches. Adult dogs have certain energy needs which are met by the essential proteins and carbohydrates in this best quality dry dog food. It also features Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help promote a gorgeous coat and healthy skin. 

It has been crafted with the unique Blue’s Exclusive Life Source Bits. Carefully selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists, it is a precise and measured blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This not only helps in supporting a healthy immune system in dogs but also provides for life stage requirements and a healthy oxidative balance. It doesn’t contain chicken (or poultry), by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. 

The first five ingredients include deboned lamb, menhaden fish meal (omega 3 fatty acids), brown rice, oatmeal, barley and pea starch. It is the best dry dog food to be fed to the adult dogs of all breeds and all breed sizes. 


7. Taste of the Wild Canine Grain

Taste of the Wild High Protein, Real Fish, Premium Dry Dog Food with Real Salmon, Superfoods

The DNA of the dog is the same as that of their evolutionary ancestors, wolves, according to Modern Science. Years of taming and training have eventually moulded dogs into domestic routines but their craving for a taste of the wild remains. Keeping that in mind, this best quality dry dog food has been curated to cater that taste to them with all-round nutrition. 

Rich in fish protein, sweet potatoes, and free of grains, this dry dog food has been designed to suit the sensitivity of your dog. It has the apt nutrients and ingredients for enhancing the canine’s digestible energy, highly. All of these factors come together to make sure that your dog’s health thrives. 

They offer an exclusive taste sensation to your pooches, with the usage of a delicious recipe consisting of  real smoked salmon. Well-loaded with vegetables and fruits, it gives your furry friend a healthy lifestyle through the smart antioxidant rich formula of fish and potato. The particular emphasis is on the taste of a wild ancient stream. 

The salmon contributes towards building strong, healthy and lean muscles in your dog. Higher concentrations of protein are found in this combination recipe of ancient whole grains. This includes grain sorghum, chia, millet, and quinoa seeds. The formulation has been approved by an experts team in terms of the AAFCO and FDA requirements.  

The first five ingredients include salmon, sweet potatoes, ocean fish meal, potatoes and peas. 

The sources from which the ingredients are sourced are highly reliable and sustainable. No corn, wheat or filler goes into the making of this dog food. Artificial colours, flavours and added preservatives are absolutely avoided while preparing it. 

The high level of nutrients and species-specific proprietary Probiotics in the formula have been well-designed. It is to ensure that it survives and thrives in the GI Tract and results in the overall health and well being of the dogs. Made in adherence to the food safety protocols, this USA-based family owned and run business, is easily the best adult dry dog food


8. Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Sport, Energy & Vitality Support, High Protein Dry Dog Food

Your dog deserves nothing but the best and it is ensured by the exceptional nutrition offered by Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 dry dog food. This is the best dry dog food for all active dogs and is widely popular among the owners of athletic canines and sporting dogs. It enhances the endurance power of pooches through effective concentrations of nutritions in the recipe. This is done in a way that leads to efficient optimization of oxygen metabolism. 

The formulation has been designed to provide a blend of 30% protein and 20% fat. This ensures that your dog’s metabolic needs are taken care of and he develops strong and healthy muscles. The recipe is infused with amino acids to reward your dog with the required muscle nourishment after their hard work. 

Chicken is the main ingredient featured by the recipe and this assures the dog-owner of it having the necessary provision of proteins and nutrients. This is important to keep up with the busy lifestyle of your dogs. Joint health is promoted by EPA and glucosamine in the formula leading to great ease in mobility. 

The premium recipe, rich with antioxidants, has been tailored to give full nourishment to your furry friend’s immunity system and to defend it against free radicals. You can rely on this best quality dry dog food to provide an all round, 100% balanced nutrition to your dog in all stages of its life.  


9. Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition 

PEDIGREE Adult Complete Nutrition Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog Food 20.4 Pounds

Gift your canine a scrumptious meal with this best quality dry dog food. The taste of succulent steak fused with accentuating hearty flavours of the vegetables, makes Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Grilled Steak and Vegetable Flavor Dog Food, your right choice. With every bite of it, your canine will be taking in the goodness of whole-grain and real meat protein. This will bring about a healthy digestion and maintain your dog at it’s best, with the added benefit of steak flavour. 

The Omega 6 fatty acids and essential nutrients in the recipe have been formulated to promote a healthy skin and shimmering coat. Furthermore, it has the added benefit of being completely free of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavours. Dogs love the unique crunch of its tasty kibbles and this texture helps clean the dog’s teeth with every bite. If you’re looking for a nutrition packed, hearty treat for your dog, this is the best adult dry dog food for you. 

The first five ingredients include ground whole grain corn, meat and bone meal (calcium source), animal fat (Omega 6 fatty acids source [preserved with BHA and Citric Acid]), corn gluten meal and soybean meal. Made in the USA, this premium recipe features whole grains and a blend of special fibres. It provides a healthy digestion and the provision of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are responsible for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Having analyzed customer reviews, it seems that this is the best dry dog food recommended for adult dogs of all breed sizes. 


10. IAMS Proactive Health Mature Adult Dry

IAMS Proactive Health Senior Dry Dog Food, Chicken, All Breed Sizes

Highly recommended by vets, this adult dry dog food is made with completely real ingredients. The taste of farm raised chickens blended with wholesome grains and veggies makes it a great buy for your dogs. The recipe has been specially formulated to boost the immunity of older dogs. This is done through an efficient antioxidant blend inclusive of vitamin E and beta carotene.  

The kibbles have been designed while keeping the needs of the senior dogs in mind. The easily-digestible, crunchy kibbles are not only loved by canines but also provides senior dogs with strong muscles and bones. They also promote a shiny coat, healthy skin and there’s a notable reduction in plaque.  

The main ingredient is chicken. While introducing this IAMS dog food, it is usually advisable to gradually mix it with the present diet of your dog for at least 4 days. It maintains a well-rounded, healthy digestion of the senior woofers with a blend of fiber and prebiotics. It has been specially prepared to cater to a mature dog’s specific wellness and nutritional needs. 

The first five ingredients include chicken, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain sorghum, chicken by-product meal and ground whole grain barley. It is the  best adult dry dog food to serve senior dogs of all breed sizes. It has been highly recommended by customers for proactive health of the senior dogs.


11. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws for Small Breed Dogs

It is often confusing for parents of small breed dogs or toy breed dogs to choose the right food for their pets. It is to be kept in mind that a small breed dog is a full grown canine at the same time. They also need their right fill of required nutrition. Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws is the best adult dry dog food to provide them with the precise nutrition. 

It is specially formulated and prepared with easy to digest ingredients to suit the digestion conditions of little dogs’ stomachs. The kibbles have been designed to be well suited to the mouths of little canines. The exclusive protein content and quality is appropriate for maintenance of lean muscles. The nourishment from Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E contribute to a healthy skin and coat. 

The natural ingredients contain blended proprietary antioxidants to support your adult small dog’s immunity system and to promote its lifelong health. With the new attractive product packaging, marketing names, kibble sizes and formula experimentations, there’s a lot to look out for. 

Made in the USA with globally sourced, natural ingredients, this is the best quality dry dog food, largely trusted and recommended by customers and vets. The first five ingredients include chicken meal, brewers rice, soybean meal, whole grain wheat and whole grain sorghum. 


12. Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food 

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Easy to Digest Dry Dog Food with Real Meat, Sweet Potato And Pumpkin

This is a high quality dry dog food that’s grain free and is infused with easy to digest salmon. The exceptional recipe consists of an exclusive blend of pumpkin with sweet potatoes and features real salmon as the primary ingredient. The all natural formulation is prepared with healthy sweet potatoes and pumpkins, in addition to vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These contribute to the thriving life and health of your dog. 

It has been carefully curated without the use of the extras, no added corn or wheat or soy. Customers highly commend this best quality dry dog food for the absolute lack of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This nourishing recipe has been formulated keeping the inherent goodness of natural ingredients in mind. 

The first five ingredients include salmon, pumpkins, Menhaden Fish Meal, garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes. For over 30 years, Nature’s recipe has curated well crafted recipes for breeds of all sizes in all life stages, from puppies to senior dogs. 


13. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

The dog’s wild spirit is satisfied by the taste of the Blue wilderness natural dry dog food. The high protein, grain-free formulation is infused with the goodness of delicious protein-rich chicken. The Life Source bits brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients provide an all-round nourishment. 

With special attention to the specific needs of adult dogs, it has been formulated with a high concentration of quality proteins and complex carbohydrates. The fruits and vegetables provide for the energy requirements of the dog. The recipe has been prepared with full focus on the dog’s age-old craving for meat. The high protein helps the dog in building lean muscle mass. 

The healthy natural ingredients provide the necessary nourishment to your dog for it to maintain an active lifestyle. A shimmering coat and notable healthy skin develop from Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. The premium formula termed Life Source Bits is the exclusive and balanced amalgamation of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is very central in maintaining a healthy immunity system of the canines and also the development of strong bone and teeth. 

This is the best quality dry dog food to meet the adult dog’s specific life stage requirements. The oxidative balance is fundamentally maintained by Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food. The ingredients are gathered from the finest natural sources and are highly decked with vitamins and minerals. Recommended highly by customers, it is the best adult dry dog food to feed to all breed sizes. 


14. Blue Buffalo Senior Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food – Natural Dry Dog Food for Senior Dogs

This dry dog food is prepared exclusively with real meat as the first ingredient. It is the right choice of dog food to help your furry friend develop and maintain healthy muscles. The addition of fruits and vegetables to the diet, makes it a wholesome meal for the canines. 

What is the advantage of the exclusive Blue Life Protection Formula? It is easily the best adult dry dog food because of this protection formula. The essential content of glucosamine and chondroitin lead to improved bone health and overall betterment in mobility. The essential carbohydrates and proteins contribute towards maintenance of required energy and healthy lifestyle.  

The premium formulation inclusive of Life Source Bits is a precise and well measured blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has been carefully curated and selected by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to maintain a healthy immunity system. The effective meeting of life stage requirements and healthy oxidative balance are also prioritized by this best quality dry dog food.

The goodness of finely sourced natural ingredients enhances the vitamin and mineral concentrations in this Blue dry dog food. It contributes to the overall health and well being of the canines. The added advantage of no artificial flavours, corn, wheat, chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, soy and preservatives makes it one of the best adult dry dog foods. 

The first five ingredients include deboned chicken, barley, oatmeal, brown rice and chicken meal. All of these nourishing ingredients prove to be pivotal to the overall health and well being of the senior dogs. This US based company is highly recommended by satisfied customers for their premium quality. 


15. Rachael Ray Premium Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Dogs deserve nothing but the best and this dry dog food assures quality with the usage of simple ingredients and trustworthy essential nutrients. If you want something beyond basic beef for your dog, give them the heightened taste of a hearty beef and brown rice meal. 

Designed specially for the scrumptious and nutritious meal of your furry friend, Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Premium Dry Dog Food,is the best dry dog food. Their perfectly blended recipe of brown rice, savoury beef and pea is a winner among dogs.

 The central ingredient is the real beef with the wholesome goodness of veggies. There’s complete all-round nourishment through the use of added vitamins and minerals. Lean muscles are built with the help of protein-rich beef and the vegetables and fiber enhance healthy digestion. 

It’s a delicious way to show your affection towards your dog while taking good care of their health. The all-round, precise, balanced and complete nutrition provided, makes it the best quality dry dog food. This exceptional dog food is Rachael approved and is brimming with natural ingredients. It is noteworthy that they contain no wheat, gluten, fillers, artificial preservatives, poultry by-products or artificial flavours. 

The first five ingredients include beef, soybean meal, beef meal, dried peas and whole ground corn. This is the best adult dry dog food to nourish adult dogs of all breed sizes. It is quite appreciated by customers as a satisfactory product. 


16. Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Small Breed Dry Dog Food

This Blue Buffalo dry dog food consists of real meat as the primarily featured ingredient, as is the signature of every Blue Buffalo product. The high protein from quality chicken helps the pooches build and maintain strong, healthy and lean muscles. The addition of the fruity goodness fused with garden-fresh veggies and grains maintains a balanced diet for the dog. 

The formulation has been designed to suit the adult dogs of small breeds. With the increased levels of proteins and carbohydrates, this best dry dog food looks after the complete wellness of the small woofers. 

The premium blend of Blue’s exclusive Life Source Bits is a measured blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It provides complete support to the immunity system’s health, meets the life stage requirements and maintains a healthy oxidative balance. The veterinarians are very appreciative of this entire formula. 

The highly commendable use of natural ingredients easily makes it the best adult dry dog food. The improvised content of vitamins and minerals in the recipe add to the overall nourishment. It does not contain any corn, wheat, soy, chicken (for poultry) by-product meals, artificial flavours or preservatives. 

The first 5 ingredients include deboned chicken, oatmeal, barley, brown rice and chicken meal. It is the apt choice if you’re looking for the best quality dry dog food to feed adult dogs of small breed sizes. 


17. Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Dog Food, Grain Free

This dry dog food has been specially curated with limited substances rich in exclusive protein and carbohydrates. The formulation of Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D.) is what sets it apart from the other dry dog foods on the market. The recipe of this L.I.D. is a well blended, grain-free combination of potato and duck. 

The recipe of this best adult dry dog food has been prepared in a way that takes care of the canine’s digestive health. At the same time, it helps support the pooche’s glistening coat and healthy skin. The simplicity of the recipe is focused on providing quality protein through a single animal protein source. 

Often it is difficult to experiment with too many ingredients in the dog’s diet at once, in terms of dog food. This is the best quality dry dog food which ensures that the dog is not exposed to too many ingredients all at once. It is appropriate for feeding adult dogs of all breed sizes. 

The first five ingredients consist of potatoes, canola oil, duck, duck meal, potato protein and potato fiber. It has been vividly appreciated by customers as a great buy for their dogs. 


18. Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Puppy Chicken & Salmon

This grain free puppy recipe has been specially made to cater to their needs. Keeping their dietary and nutritional requirements in mind, this dry dog food has been made with quality authentic ingredients. It ensures the all round development and health of the small pooches. 

The foundation years need essential nutrition and this recipe has been formulated to keep up with the necessary whole body nutritional support. The perfect balance of the goodness of highly nutritious whole food will take care of the specific needs of a growing puppy. 

The top quality proteins and healthy fats and fibers guarantee a grain-free dietary experience to your puppy for it to thrive. In addition to this, the avoidance in using fillers, byproducts and artificial preservatives is a major plus for the health of the puppy. The salmon oil is a rich source of DHA which helps support a strong immunity system. Not only that, it plays an important role in the brain development of the puppy, too. 

The precise balance of nutrients along with the help of Omega Fatty Acids, ensure a shimmering coat and healthy skin. This is the best dry dog food for overall and all round health of the puppies with the support of essential vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics. 

It is carefully prepared in the US with finest ingredients sourced from reliable global sources. The recipes are specially crafted with natural, wholesome, non GMO ingredients. This is in complete adherence to a developing puppy’s nutritional needs, while growing up. 


FAQs on Dry Dog Foods

1. What exactly makes a dog food nutrient profile AAFCO approved? 

It is important to understand that if a dog food has AAFCO approval, that means it has a complete and balanced nutrition. This is decided only in terms of the AAFCO nutritional standards. 

The adequate nutrition is decided on the basis of two basic features, 

  • Diet maintenance of an adult dog
  • Diet maintenance in terms of growth and reproduction in a dog 

2. What is exactly meant by dog food for growth and reproduction in dogs? 

Dog foods which come with the label of “growth and reproduction” are usually for puppies and lactating female dogs.

3. How to decide if a particular dog food is okay to be fed to a puppy? 

The dog foods which are permitted for feeding dogs at all life stages, are the ones which are appropriate for puppies. They usually meet the guidelines for both “growth and reproduction” as well as “adult maintenance”. 

4. Are protein rich diets harmful for senior dogs? 

Through proper analysis, it has been observed that high quality protein dog foods are quite essential throughout a dog’s life. They constitute a senior dog’s essential nutrition in a diet as much as they do for younger canines. 

5. What are the ways in which a transition can be smoothly made to a new dog food? 

According to experts, transition should be done gradually. It should start with the addition of the new product to the old product in about 20 to 25%. This amount should eventually keep increasing. Within a period of 7 to 10 days, the transition is complete. 

It is important to understand that the transition period is a sensitive period. It shouldn’t be rushed through and have to be dealt with patiently. The time taken is to majorly avoid any risk of GI upset.  

6.  What are the probable consequences of changing a dog’s food on the basis of a routine? 

There can’t quite be a single definition for or a single recommendation for best dog food. All food products are highly likely to be either excessive or deficient in some way. The perfect choice for dog food has to be made in reference to a dog’s specific dietary needs. 

To add to this, the nutrient content is also variable in all of the dog foods. There can be an excess of a nutrient not essential to your dog or vice versa. Some of them may also have traces of harmful toxins. By feeding the same food to your canine over and over, you might be magnifying the risks. 

However, to prevent these risks, it’s always better to switch your dog foods periodically. This diet rotation can largely reduce the harmful aspects and unhealthy consequences.  

7. How long can dry dog food be expected to stay fresh?

With the appropriate storage, dry dog food is safe for consumption until it reaches the “Best by” date or the expiry date. This is usually printed on the package for the convenience of the customer. Commonly, it is a year from the date of manufacture. 

It is to be kept in mind that the freshness is not stable or constant in terms of dry dog food. To prevent risks, it is best to avoid buying dog foods close to their expiry date or “Best by” date. 

8. What’s the most apt way of storing dry dog food? 

The primary precaution to be taken while storing dry dog food is to protect it from air and moisture. Kibbles are best stored in dry and cool places. Any excess air has to be squeezed out while sealing the bag for best storage. 

If your choice of storage is a resealable container, it is always wise to keep it in its original package inside the container. This is to ensure that you’re able to recall important information regarding the product whenever you feel the need to. 

9. What’s the amount of dog food that I should feed my dog?

 Each dog food has a different content of calories on the basis of per serving. The food instructions on the dog food package must be followed to determine the amount to feed your dog. 

10. When should I start buying senior dog food for my dog? 

This varies from one breed to another. A small or medium sized dog is considered to be senior by the age of seven. However, when it comes to dogs of larger breeds, it is often noticed that they assume the senior status sooner. In large breed dogs, seniority sometimes starts as early as five years of age. 

11. What are the risks to be considered while feeding dogs table food? 

Now that’s dependent on the very definition of table food. If it’s used to mean leftovers from a surplus human meal, it is usually good quality food. If it’s used to mean table scraps then there’s a snag. 

Table scraps usually imply fatty trimmings from whole meat. If these fatty wastes are fed to a dog, they have a severe risk of developing a number of serious diseases. One such painful condition is known as acute pancreatitis. 

The acute pancreatitis is a painful medical condition and is not short-term. The dogs binge feeding on excess fat suffer from overstimulation and overload in the system. The pancreatitis occurs when the cells are so stimulated that they end up secreting enzymes into the surrounding tissues. 

When the potent digestive enzymes become activated in the small intestine instead of the pancreas, it breaks down the pancreatic tissues. This directly results in the death of the tissues. Ultimately it leads to pancreatitis which turns out to be fatal, especially for obese dogs.

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When it comes to feeding your canines, there can’t be a definite way to say that a single food or feeding habit is right or wrong. The most pivotal thing to focus on is that the food is top notch in terms of health of the pooches. It has also got to be in tune with your feeding philosophy. 

Here are a few benefits of feeding dry dog food to your canines,

  • The tartar and plaque build up is greatly reduced. They also have better breath. This is a primary benefit of the designed kibbles in the dry dog food. 
  • There is no question or requirement of refrigerating dry dog food. 
  • It is much more pocket friendly than canned food.

Dogs have craved the chomp, chew and crunch sensations since a very long time. This has continued to remain even after the evolution and domestication of dogs. Their primeval pack days still have quite a bit of influence on their dietary habits. The act of chewing and crunching is usually regarded by pooches as an act of stress relief and as a display of power. 

The added benefit of dry food is that it is much easier to carry it while travelling as it does not require refrigeration. Also, canned food has a higher water percentage than the dry dog foods. The high energy content in dry dog food also ensures that only small portions are enough to make dogs full. It is more economical and budget-friendly to feed dry dog food as it lasts longer on a per-serving basis.

Dry food is also easier to make a non-messy diet. It is usually easy to sweep off or vaccum in case of a spill.