Best Dog Training Treats 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

1. Zuke’s2. Milk-Bone3. Pet-Botanics

Zuke's Naturals Training and NEW! Soft Chewy Calming Dog Treats

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats with Real Bone Marrow and CalciumPet Botanics Training Reward

Treats are an enticing way to train young dogs. Getting rewarded for good behavior encourages them to be more disciplined. The treats will also keep them focused on learning new tricks. 

This article deals with the best dog training treats available in the market. Since it is an aspect that majorly contributes to the pupper’s conduct and health, choosing healthier options is a must. Sure, the titbits are of great joy, but it is not wise to shower them with the saturated calories at once. 

Keeping this in mind, we’ve curated a list of healthy treats that won’t add to your doggo’s waistline and keep them motivated for the next training session.

Here are some factors that you’d like to consider before purchasing the best dog treats for training:


Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Best Dog Training Treats

1. Calories

Like us, our doggos need to be healthy and fit too. As much as we love them, it’s simply unethical to let them gorge on unhealthy food or treats that will add up to the unnecessary-calorie count. 

When looking around for best training treats for dogs, you should always pick the ones that would be a healthier alternative. To ascertain if the treat is of high nutritional value or not, always make sure to check the ingredients list. If the first ingredient is a by-product like grain, soy, or rice, drop that bag and move forward. The first ingredient should always be fish or chicken.

2. Type

Type refers to the smell of the treat. We may throw up to the smell of stinky cheese or chicken, but dogs love that! 

These are considered to be the best dog training treats! The rule of thumb for doggos is, stinky equals yummy. It is advised to keep the smelly treats for distractive surroundings or tough tricks. This will keep your dog’s focus on the training and help him/her learn faster. 

3. Variety

The factors variety and type can be used interchangeably. We separated these two sections to keep it crisp and clear for you. Here, variety refers to the texture of the treat. They range from crunchy, soft, freeze-dried, dental chews, bones, etc.

4. Amount

You might face issues while training your dog in a distractive environment. It can be that your doggo lacks the focus needed for learning tricks. After all, an ideal dog life consists of eating, playing, and sleeping. 

If you face such problems while training, even when you provide them with the best dog training treats, we have another course of action planned. All you need to do is, keep the portions small. 

This trick is the ultimate technique to utilize the training time and gather all the concentration of your dog. The small bites will not saturate their diet with unhealthy fats and sugars. They will reduce the consumption time and keep your puppy focused on earning more treats. This simple trick will keep your dog from overeating too.

Now that the factors have been described, let’s move on to the products:

Top 14 Best Dog Training Treats 2021 

1. Zuke’s  Chewy Dog Treats

Zuke's Naturals Best Dog Training Treats

Zuke’s treats have been an all-time favorite for dog owners and the pups. You’re bound to be satisfied with the nutritional value, quality, and quantity of the treats. 

This particular variant consists of chicken. Your dog will love the taste and texture of this treat. Its bite-size pieces are perfect for quick training breaks. The soft, chewy texture will give them the required time to relax between training sessions.

Zuke’s has been producing high quality, and delectable dog treats for years. You can trust this brand for quality products for your beloved dog. It contains rice, barley extracts, potato protein, sunflower oil, cherries, natural flavourings, vitamin E supplement, and a bunch of other nutritious ingredients apart from chicken. The pack weighs around 0.8 ounces and is recommended for small puppies.


2. Milk-Bone Marosnacks Dog Treats

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats with Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

Milk-Bone has been producing highly nutritious dog treats for over a century now. The treats are an absolute delight because of the mindful composition. It’s perfect for including in an everyday balanced diet for your dog. Using these delicious treats for training purposes is highly recommended.

This particular variant consists of a dual texture and enticing ingredients. The soft and crunchy texture will be a new yet fun addition to your puppy’ies diet. The crunch comes from the top layer with the softness of the inner filling of bone marrow. It’s a perfect combination to enrich them with the benefits of calcium. These treats are recommended for big dogs. If your dog is a small cutie, you can break the treats into pieces for easy consumption. 

The presence of high protein ingredients makes it one of the best training treats for dogs. Make sure that you keep the intake regulated and rely on healthy dog food instead of treats. 

Treats should be used for special occasions only as it will keep the excitement intact. Regular treating may be unhealthy. Hence, these are perfect for special training treats.


3. Pet Botanics Training Rewards

Pet Botanics Training Reward

Pet Botanics promises quality, consistency, and safety with its Training Rewards. These treats are one of the best training treats for puppies and dogs. The meaty aroma, filler-free composition, and bite-size pieces make it an absolute favorite among dog parents.

As mentioned in the factors above, training treats should be easily consumable to shorten the learning curve. If you treat your dog with dense, big treats every time, the whole process will become lengthy, tiring, and distracting. 

Pet Botanics Training Rewards are perfect for everyday treating as all meat and poultry ingredients are an ideal healthy choice. Since most training treats are for supplementary consumption, it’s beneficial for them to be made of natural ingredients.

This pack contains approximately 500 treats consisting of pork liver, vitamins, and minerals. It’s a low-calorie reward that won’t fill up your dog in a short time. It will also be easier for them to finish off their snack within a few seconds and resume. It’s perfect for increased training focus and productivity. 

It’s one of the best dog training treats available in the market, and we highly recommend it!


4. Blue Buffalo Wild Bits

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Wild Bits High Protein Grain Free Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo has a fantastic range of healthy dog training treats. Its soft texture and organic composition make it a wholesome reward.

The Wilderness Trail Treat claims that your dog would howl for these. The ingredients are pretty impressive. Gluten-free treats with the goodness of DHA and chicken make up for an excellent titbit.

The high protein components topped with a soft, meaty texture make it up to be the best treats for dog training. It is filled with the benefits of Omega fatty acids. The overall mix of ingredients makes up for a wholesome and joyous surprise for your canine companion. 

The makers of Blue Buffalo recommend all treats to be used as supplementary additions in your dog’s diet. Treat them with the best treat for good behavior and fast learning!


5. Stewart Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Stewart Freeze Dried Treats

Stewart Treats boasts of providing dog parents with an easy option to feed their beloved canines with raw meat sans the hassle of dirtying their hands and kitchen. 

The wholesome goodness of gently processed human-grade beef liver in a single protein chew is the perfect treat for your enthusiastic doggo. The treat is filled with vitamin A, B12, folic acid, magnesium, taurine, and lots of protein. 

These freeze-dried chews are a boon from technology as they do not lose their nutritional value and get an added shelf life. The resealable tin tub reduces the additional storage requirements. Dogs love treats, and Stewart gives you the best dog training treats!

It’s an excellent reward for fruitful and tiring training sessions. Your dog is definitely going to jump and run out of joy once the smell of fresh beef liver reaches their nose!


6. Blue Buffalo Tender Soft Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo probably has the cutest dog treat biscuits and packaging. You’ll instantly fall in love with the super adorable pastel blue package! The treats are heart-shaped, making for an even heartwarming experience. 

These soft-moist chews are enriched with the nutrition of DHA. Your dog needs plenty of DHA to increase its cognitive functioning. The treats are wholesome with no traces of poultry by-products, soy, wheat, artificial preservatives, additives, etc.

Blue Buffalo BLUE bits are stinky, meaty treats that can be used for extra special days or challenging training sessions. The high nutritional value will give your puppy the required energy to jump and play all day round. It’s reviewed to be one of the best puppy treats for training in the US. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that all types of treats should be given on special occasions or as  supplements. 


7. Purina Dry Dog Treats

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Natural Adult Dry Dog Food & Dog Treats

Purina ONE dog treats are made from top quality chicken and other wholesome ingredients. It is perfect for treating your good boy after rigorous training. 

The protein-rich composition with a low-calorie count is precisely what you’ve been looking for. The bite-size titbits are easy to consume and shorten the time taken between treat breaks. Dogs of all sizes can consume them. 

Your canine goofball is absolutely going to love the treats. Purina’s dog food and dog treats have been a popular choice among dog parents. The reason being that the treats are enriched with vital nutrients that result in an overall healthy appearance. 

Your dog’s coat will shine brighter than a diamond, his eyes will seem lit, and his teeth will be more reliable than your feelings for your crush! We did exaggerate a bit, but that’s the whole gist of the idea we’re trying to convey. 

The delectable snack comes with 650 bites per pack and has a calorie count of 3 per bite. Isn’t that amazing? 

Give it a try and see the remarkable difference in your dog’s overall health!


8. Milk-Bone Mini Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks Dog Treats for Dogs of All Sizes

Milk-Bone Mini’s are cute little bone-shaped biscuits that primarily help with maintaining your dog’s oral health. Isn’t that paw-dorable? These biscuits help by removing plaque and tartar and reduce lousy breath considerably.

Milk-Bone treats are fortified with 12 essential nutrients that are necessary for the healthy functioning of your dog’s body and mind. 

These irresistible biscuits contain five calories per bite. Hence, you can squeeze it in your puppy’s regular diet as an additional supplement. 

You can also use these as rewards for good behavior. Appreciation for a specific type of behavior will encourage the dog to perform the tasks repeatedly. This can be an excellent training trick on an everyday basis. 

Milk-Bone treats help you create mini moments of affection and appreciation between your furry friend and you. Try these out since they’re listed as one of the best dog training treats on the internet.


8. Rocco & Roxie Jerky Treats

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats Made in USA

Rocco & Roxie is a brand that can be trusted with closed eyes. We say so because it has one of the most healthy, well-composed, and thoughtful treats in the world. The all-natural ingredients are meat-based, and a secret recipe is used to slow roast the treats for 10 hours! Damn, the commitment is noteworthy!

Jerkies are sticks of beef, chicken or turkey, that can easily be split into smaller pieces. The aromatic smell as soon as you open the pack will be identified by your doggo, and he will come running to you! Dog’s sense of smell is astounding, and therefore, they won’t be able to ignore Rocco & Roxie’s gourmet treats!

These high in protein snacks are perfect after intense training or playing sessions. Your dog and his/her health will thank you for providing them with these nutritious eatables. 


9. NUTRO Crunchy Treats

NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

NUTRO Natural dog treats are gluten-free, crunchy bites filled with the goodness of chicken and brown rice. It’s one of those rewards that your dog would obey you for!

These crunchy dog bites are all-natural and contain no added colorings, flavors, preservatives, etc. The natural flavor and goodness of peanuts will prove to be of great help for your dog’s active lifestyle.

The substantial nature of these treats can conveniently be carried in your pocket without the fear of soiling or crumbling. This way, you can hands-on reward your dog for good behavior. Isn’t that amazing?


10. Purina Real Meat Dog Treats

Purina Beggin' Strips Made in USA Facilities Extra Large Pouches Adult Dog Training Treats

Who doesn’t love bacon? Now, we’re telling you that you can treat your furry boo with the deliciousness of smoky bacon in a single treat! 

Purina’s Beggin’ Strips are made from USDA approved bacon that will keep your doggie beggin’ for more!

The revitalizing taste of bacon is definitely going to be their favorite reward during obedience sessions. You won’t have a hard time training them to be good pups with the help of these delectable treats.

You can treat them with five strips a day without worrying about their health. These are by far the best treats for training puppies considering the enticing taste of bacon! Give it a try and see if your doggo gives you those puppy eyes for more of these treats!


11. Pet ’n Shape Beef Lung Treats

Pet ’n Shape Beef Lung Dog Treats – Made and Sourced in the USA - All Natural Healthy Treat

Beef lung treats are considered to be one of the most nutritious and healthy treats for dogs of all ages! Pet ‘n Shape beef lung treats are exactly what we’re talking about. 

This treat has nothing but the goodness of wholesome beef lung, which provides an excellent source of protein for dogs. It is said that grain-free snacks promote good oral health and a shinier coat. 

The texture and nutritional value of beef lungs make it an excellent choice for dogs that have a weak stomach or suffer from weight issues. It’s a light and filling snack that’s bound to make training sessions a great experience!


12. Fruitables Skinny Minis

Fruitables Low Calorie Training Treats for Dogs

Fruitables are hands down the most adorable dog treats you’ll come across. These fruity-meaty bites come in the shape of cite flowers. The addition of fruit extracts with every dog’s favorite bacon is what got us to add it up on the list!

Fruitables contain apple, pumpkin, and sweet potato as their core ingredient. This makes the treat astoundingly healthy and does not add up to your puppy’s weight. It is by far the best treat for puppy training.

The original products used for its production give it a thumbs up from our side for consumption. You won’t regret incorporating these as a snack or training bonuses for your sweet, little dog.


13. Crazy Dog Training Rewards

Crazy Dog Train-Me! Training Reward Dog Treats 16 Oz., Bacon Regular

Crazy Dog training treats are the perfect rewards for your canine bestie. Once they get a taste of what these treats taste like, don’t be surprised when they shout TRAIN ME!!

Enriched with vital vitamins and minerals, the main ingredient consists of pork liver. It is high in protein content, which makes these treats perfect as additional supplements. After a strenuous bout of activities, these chewy pork liver treats will re-energize them for more!

The alluring smell of how bright will make your dog listen to every command of yours and follow it obediently. Give it a try and witness drastic improvement in your training sessions.


14. Full Moon Training Treats

Full Moon Organic Human Grade Training Treats for Dogs

Full Moon Organic goes by the motto, “what’s good for us is good for them.” That being said, all pet lovers would agree to the fact that almost all the food that’s fit for human consumption is suitable for animal consumption too, except for some items like chocolate, etc.

The organic human-grade training treats for dogs by Full Moon is made of all organic ingredients. Its first ingredient is organic chicken followed by organic cane sugar, organic flax seeds, ground celery, natural rosemary extracts, etc. The natural ingredients will surely be beneficial for your dog’s overall health.

The undeniably jaw-smacking taste will make your dog do whatever you want them to. It’s the perfect treat for training them to be good boys. 

We know you want to treat your doggo for every little progress they make but hold your hands. You should always monitor the number of treats given to your doggo based on its weight. 


Benefits of Dog Training Treats

1. Instill Good Behavior

As kids, we often practiced discipline in school to be rewarded with chocolates or shiny stars on our ID cards. These were our treats for being good kids. Our doggo’s function the same way. 

According to psychology, good rewarding behavior can ensure the repetition of such behavior. The excitement of being treated to learn tricks will keep your dog engrossed in training and give you an easy way of teaching them some fun stunts.

This system of learning and reward makes for a healthy and loving relationship between the dog and his/her owner. 

2. Increase Mind Activity

To keep your dog active during training sessions and increase their mental activity, you can hide stinky treats around the house for some fun adventure. This should keep your dog looking around for those delectable treats, and you won’t have to run around them. 

You can put these treats in dog toys and let him/her figure out a way to get those treats out. It’s great to increase their alertness and cognitive thinking skills.

These tricks are useful for days when you don’t feel like training your dog vigorously. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t overfeed your dog with training treats as they’re made explicitly for supplementary feeding.

3. Build A Strong Relation

Dogs are man’s best friend. Your best friend deserves all the love and care in the world. It is essential to keep the relationship trusting and loving because our paw-dorable dogs only understand that. 

Treating them for exhibiting good manners and being obeying little balls of furry happiness will ensure that they listen to you thoroughly. Dogs are incapable of understanding the human language, but have emotions as operative as ours.

Like actions speak louder than words, your act of treating them now and then will build a robust parent-pet relationship. This will help you practice full control over their behaviour at all times.

4. Keep Them Busy

There are days when we don’t feel like being up and running. However, little Scooby won’t understand our need to rest for a while.

For times like these, dog treats are the best option to keep these little balls of energy busy. You can put treats inside dog toys made for this purpose. They’d spend at least half an hour taking out and gorging on their favorite snack.

This would give them the much-needed change in diet and you, the much needed time to relax. Isn’t this the ideal win-win situation?

5. Add Up To Training Productivity

Training an over-enthusiastic dog is as difficult as training an easily distracted one. Some treats might become difficult to chew during coaching sessions. Hence, it is recommended to use bite-sized, crunchy treats as rewards. 

It’s essential to reduce the time taken between consuming rewards and starting with the next drill. This keeps the focus of the dog intact and does not let them get distracted easily.

If your dog keeps losing focus, try using a treat that is of the stinky variety. Meat-based treats are considered to be the best for such guidance sessions. You can choose the one suitable for your doggo from our list of best dog training treats mentioned above.

Tips To Train Your Dog With The Help of Treats!

1. Reward the behavior, not the excitement of completing the task.

We mean, when you want your dog to perform a particular trick, reward them right when they perform it. Do not treat them when they’ve completed the task, as it would lead to misinterpretation.

Dogs do not understand complex emotions. It would be difficult for your canine companion to understand the reason for the treat if you take time. Giving the prize for exhibiting desired behavior will enforce the repetition of the same.

Keep it simple, and your dog will soon start following your instructions.

2. Reduce your dog’s dependency on treats.

If you make too much of the trick-reward pattern with your dog, he/she will build dependency on treats to behave a certain way. This isn’t the right way to train your pet in the long run.

Keep the rewards limited till the time they learn the required skill. As they become familiar with the commands for a particular behavior, start decreasing the frequency of treats. 

Gradually stop providing them with treats altogether and substitute it with verbal affection. You’ll have to make sure that you make this change effortlessly or your dog would not understand the reason for the sudden halt in treats. 

3. Small treats go a long way.

Since we love our puppies with all our hearts, they can easily trick us into treating them more than required. Can you resist the adorable puppy face?

Treats should always be used as supplementary additions. It won’t be beneficial for your dog’s health to consume so many snacks in one go. You should use them as and for the purpose they’re made. 

It is recommended to decide the number of treats to be given to your dog based on their weight.

4. Train in a suitable environment.

Dogs can easily be distracted by whirring cars, chirping birds, woods lying around, etc. 

To keep your dog’s focus entirely on the training, choose a spot that had the least of those distractions. This will shorten the learning curve and let you give them frequent treats after they complete each task!

5. Variety should be the spice of life!

Can you eat chicken every day? Even though we all love chicken, eating it every day will lead to it unappealing to our taste buds. 

The same monotony will lead to your doggo, not responding to your commands. Therefore, surprise them with different types and flavours of rewards to keep them interested in grooming sessions. 

Always treat your dog like you would do with a baby.

Other Ways To Train Your Dog

It’s not possible to carry food treats around every time. For such situations, you would want to train your dog in a certain way. 

Training your dog without making them dependent on food treats is a better way to ensure ethical behavior. 

We have jotted down some ways to train your dog if training treats are not readily available:

  • Try and reward them with an activity they like for good behaviour. For example, if your dog loves to go on walks, use commands for practice. That is the most vulnerable state which can be used for your dog’s obedience training. As soon as they follow your command, reward them by letting them out. 

This is a slow process and would take a lot of practice. Be patient, and you’d see a positive difference in your doggo’s behaviour.

  • If your dog likes playing with toys, use them as reinforcing certain behavioural aspects. Letting them access their toys when they obey your command or exhibit overall good behaviour can be the right way of training. You won’t have to take them out or do anything special for it. 

Simply use the little opportunities you get around your house for teaching them tricks or luring them into obeying you. 

  • Another way of rewarding your doggo for performing basic tasks would be petting, scratching or verbally praising them. Your dog might not understand it initially, but they do love being touched affectionately by their owners. 

You can consequently make them associate this act of affection with behaving in a certain way. This would also build a strong relationship between you and your pet. 

Dogs understand the language of love, and it’s the best way to establish excellent communication with them. If your doggo trusts and understands you, they will listen to all your commands.

  • If you’re out on a walk, using their leash as a tool for control training is excellent. Don’t love to sniff around and run across. Like mentioned before, use their liking for or teaching them self control. 

Every time they pull the leash to run away, don’t let them go. Instead, use that moment of excitement to make them practice obedience. Once they stopped talking on the leash is when you let them go. 

This would establish a pattern, and they would understand what kind of behaviour gets them what they want. 

It’s as simple as taking care of a toddler. You just have to use their weaknesses to reinforce some good habits. 

FAQs on Dog Training Treats

1. Are all dog treats healthy?

No, all dog treats are not healthy. Some of the brands out there have added preservatives and additives in their products to enhance the taste. This can upset your dog’s stomach and health. It is crucial to look up the composition of protein, fibres and fats in the ingredients list. This would help you ensure that you’re not feeding any trash to your dog. The treats must be naturally balanced for reaping more enormous benefits.

2. Is it necessary to give your dog treats while training?

Food treats have been proven to be a powerful method for training dogs. But it is not entirely necessary. You can play mixed and go for positive reinforcements like praises and affection for good behaviour and use treats too. But don’t make the treats an exclusive solution for obedience and ethical behaviour. 

You can also try traditional methods or any other creative ways as you deem fit. You must bond with them for them to respect you.  

3. Can we make homemade puppy treats?

It is recommended that you make homemade treats for your paw-pies. It is free from any additives and by-products and a healthy snack for them. 

Homemade treats are easy to make, effective and less pricey. Using these, you can efficiently manage their diet and calories. 

In the long run, you’ll take fewer trips to the vet as your dog will be quite healthy from homemade snacks.

4. Why are dog treats for training essential?

Treats are the most effective modern way of training your dog. They are special tasty treats that they only get while training which encourages them to be good, obedient and be active and energetic during the whole session. They are smart too; they will only follow your command if they know there’s treat waiting for them.

5. What are the major components of the best dog training treats?

While choosing a dog treat, see if they are highly valued, i.e. if they are freeze-dried and extra smelly. Check the labels for preservatives and by-products. Try to buy ingredients with chicken, preferably all meat, fish, liver, tripe or even peanut butter and sweet potato rather than filler materials such as grains, corn or rice. Monitor the calories to keep a check on not overfeeding your dog. 

6. Can dog treats be used as dog meals?

Dog foods are well balanced and specially formulated for dog consumption as a full-fledged meal. At the same time, dog treats are just intended for intermittent and supplement feeding. 

It’s not recommended to use dog treats as meals. Instead, you can add treats as a small portion to the meal. 

It would take the fun out if you start giving them treats regularly and would be less effective while being trained.

7. What is the best way to train my dog?

You’ll find all kinds of advice on training your dog, and it might get a bit confusing. 

First, you just need to follow the basic steps like building an understanding with your dog, making sure they trust you. 

Then, start with simple tricks and obeying sessions. Reward them for good behaviour.

Observe your dog and try to understand how they learn. Immediate consequences of their behaviour are how they learn effectively.

8. Is homemade dog food better than readymade ones?

Homemade food has increased varieties, and readymade ones mean one kind of food for a week or two. It costs you less money, and you can control their diet in a better and healthy manner. It also helps to avoid filler ingredients and additives mixed in readymade ones. Plus, it helps in creating a special bonding with your dog.

9. Will regular consumption of processed treats affect my dog’s health?

Reportedly there have been a lot of problems related to processed dog food as they are pre-cooked.

Cooking alters the chemical structure of the food and makes it difficult for dogs to digest. In the long run, it creates a lot of health issues for your dog. Try to give them fresh foods when possible.

10. Are puppy treats safe?

Treats of high quality, in the right amount, are suitable for puppies. You cannot give them treats instead of food. Treats are supposed to work as a good incentive and encouragement for them while training. Make sure you give it to them as per their diet. Their calorie intake should be keenly monitored. It’s just that you need to choose the safest and healthiest treat for them while buying.

Get The Best Dog Training Treats And Reward Your Pooch With Your Love And Our Top Picked Treats Every time It Accomplishes Something!

Paw-adorable doggies deserve woof-worthy treats! Every living creature on Earth loves being treated for good behaviour.

Having a puppy is like having a child of your own. Their well-being is of utmost importance for you, and we understand that! We curated a list of the best puppy treats for training for you to choose from.

You should always go for the ones with an all-natural ingredients list. Added preservatives and by-products reduce the nutrition content and make it as unhealthy as deep-fried junk foods. Hence, always choose treats that have any type of meat listed as the first ingredient. 

You can even make these treats at home. But the readymade ones are for dog owners who like showering their furry best friends with the little extra titbits. Go ahead and choose what’s best for your doggo!

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