What To Put On A Dog Tag

What To Put On A Dog Tag

Dogs are one of the most adorable family members. Occasionally feisty, sometimes cute, and most of the time a bundle of joy, they have a way of winning everyone’s heart. Did you know almost sixty-seven percent of the US households are dog owners? 

Taking care of pets is a huge responsibility and is nothing less than taking care of a child. It becomes our responsibility to keep them happy, healthy, and most importantly, safe.

You’re reading this, so clearly you’ve got a new canine member in your family or you’ve faced the horrors of them disappearing in the eerily large city before. 

Another important question that is raised now is, what to put on a dog tag? How much information should be provided that is sufficient for someone to contact us with our dog’s whereabouts? To answer these questions let’s walk through some quick pointers.

1. Your Pet’s Name

Now, you’ll find that an endless debate begins whenever the topic of writing your dog’s name on accessories like tags is raised. The argument goes that there are evil human beings who’ll try to steal your pet.

They can gain their trust by calling them by their name and may kidnap them for ransom or even worse, sell them.

However, if that’s the case, a piece of bacon would do the same job as calling their name. In fact, are we even careful to not call out their name in the park where hundreds of people visit every day?

Also, if the person already has your dog, not knowing his name becomes a moot point. 

Besides, if a good person finds your dog, he’ll take care of him until you can bring him back home. Knowing your pet’s name might make it easier for them to reach out and help him go back to his family.

2. Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are no brainers. Even if you forget to put everything else on the tag, always give at least two contact numbers. Phone numbers are the easiest way to reach out to people nowadays.

Hence, that’s probably the first thing people will try. This will also increase the likelihood of you finding your dog sooner. 

Always try to give at least two cell numbers. In case you’re not able to answer your phone, at least there’ll be someone else who can.

This will increase the odds of people reaching out to your family to let them know about your dog. A personal touch to the tag “ Please help! I am lost. Can you contact my family?” can be a good way to attract attention.

3. Address

The address is another very important information to add to the tag. If in case someone is not able to call you, they’ll be kind enough to drop your pet at home, safe and sound.

Especially if your dog is in the neighborhood, they’ll not be reluctant to walk down a few blocks to drop your furry child at your place. 

Addresses have proved to be helpful in these kinds of situations. However, getting your address and phone number in the wrong hands can also pose a danger to you. There are, no doubt, risks attached to adding your address. 

However, in most cases, your dog would not walk miles away from you, he’ll possibly be roaming around the nearby blocks. This can lower the risk of being exposed.

4. Your Name

Another information you can add is your name. It may happen that someone on the street recognizes your name and connects the dots. They’ll be able to be more comfortable to help and contact you immediately.

If your dog went out a few moments ago, he’ll be in the neighborhood exploring the familiar streets on his own. There are high chances of someone finding him on those streets who may recognize your name and drop him home safely.

5. Reward

Most people who would be ready to help your pet could be pet owners or just good people helping out of compassion and care. They are not here for rewards.

However, if someone went out of their way to help your pet reach home safely and incurred some expenses, you should definitely offer them something as a reward. 

In fact, adding a reward can have its own benefit for someone who may also return your pet home safely, just to get that money or offer, whatever you’ve kept as a reward. 

6. Medications

There are many pets who require timely or daily doses of medicines. This has to be added to the tag. It creates a sense of urgency among the people who find your dog to return him back to you.

Also, listing any physical condition such as blindness or deafness is valuable information for strangers who’ll find your dog. 

Also, even though it may not sound very ethical, adding any medical need even if it’s fake can prevent someone from stealing your dog. 

7. Microchip Information

Another information you can add to the tag is whether there is a microchip on him. Many suggest that you should add the microchip number and the microchip company’s name on the tag.

Some even suggest that only having this information on the tag is sufficient. However, if someone is not aware of the number and how it works, it may get a little confusing for the strangers. 

The idea behind these sets of long numbers is also complicated. When scanned at the vet or any shelter you’ll just get an inexplicable set of long digits, that too without the company’s name. It can get a little tricky for some. However, some people prefer to add the information anyway. 

Benefits of Dog Tags

  • They are cheap. It won’t cost you much to get a cute tag for an awesome family member. Besides, it’s smart to have a tag on him/her.
  • They are not hard to find and customize to your requirement. You can easily purchase them anywhere without any hassle. You can also get it customized.
  • The best alternative to any technological device. Microchips can be complicated to read and understand. A tag will do the job better.
  • They are easy to read and quick to follow. The information on the tag can make the people who found your dog to act promptly and get him home ASAP.

Find What To Put On A Dog Tag today!

Unfortunately, there’s a fair chance that your dog will run away at least once in his lifetime. Lucky for us that technology has increased the odds in our favor, with new microchips to track them.

However, it is more convenient and cheaper to use a tag with important information in it. It is very important to know what to put on a dog tag.

Finally, there may be some drawbacks to adding information to the tag. It may so happen that sometimes your privacy is compromised. However, the world is not all black and there are some kind people who’ll be more than willing to help your pet reach home.

Hence, stay safe, take care of your cute ball of fur and paws, and try not to let them go on a trip alone.

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