How To Fix A Retractable Dog Leash

How To Fix A Retractable Dog Leash

Retractable dog leashes are indeed a resourceful pet accessory. They provide your dog with a little more freedom to move around. However, like any other product, they are prone to malfunction when the internal mechanism gets jammed. If you don’t know how to fix a retractable dog leash by yourself, We are here to help you!

Considering their make and application they are on the expensive spectrum of dog accessories. Many dog owners often complain that after a few months of purchasing a dog leash, it starts getting jammed and doesn’t retract as much as it used to. 

Throwing it away and purchasing a new one can be an option, but it is not an economical one. You would have to shell out at least another $20-$40 for a new decent leash. Instead, you could always give it a try to fix it.

90% of the times dog leashes can be repaired with just a few tools and some patience. In this blog post, we will look at a step-by-step procedure  on how to fix a dog leash in less than 30 minutes. 

Tools Required 

  1. Cross slot screwdriver 
  2. Flat head screwdriver 
  3. Some glue (if necessary) 

Procedure To Fix A Retractable Dog Leash

Step 1

Before unscrewing anything on a retractable dog leash, loosen the lock brake mechanism on the side of the dog leash. Test the retractable leash to see if it is getting jammed or not. 

Then take a close look at your retractable dog leash’s screws and use the required screwdriver to unscrew them.

The screws can be generally found near the corners of the gadget and can be hard to locate sometimes(Most of the time, the screws have cross slots. Using a standard cross slot screwdriver is advisable). 

Step 2 

With the help of a flat head screwdriver, try to undo the top mechanism evenly on each side to avoid the plastic cover from snapping or cracking. If the cover snaps, make sure you have a glue with you.

Patiently inspect the interior of the device and look for signs of damage or errors. For instance, tangles, burns, jams and other cracked or broken parts.

If the leash material looks a little worn out and is threading, then consider changing the leash material. This may have caused the tangling or jamming of the dog leash.

Step 3  

If you notice nothing wrong here, there could be a possibility that the spring might have malfunctioned.

So, take the flat head screwdriver and pry open the internal mechanism where the spring normally rests(Different manufacturers have different locations and mechanisms for the spring, so be careful while opening it.).

Step 4 

Gently inspect the spring. If the curly spring looks a little tangled or stiff, you might have to unwind it and rewind it to retrieve its tension. This can be a little tricky, so be cautious on the direction you are winding the spring back. 

Now pack the spring back in its place and encase it back where it initially was. Check for the functionality of the spring. If you have fixed it properly, the tension in the spring will increase. 

Many times the leash material gets tangled with the spring, so you might have to untangle the whole spring and the leash. Even after all attempts the spring does not seem to have the same tension it used to, then consider getting a new coil spring.  

Step 5 

Replace the screws and of the internal mechanism and wind the leash material in a straight and even manner. Place the case back on and screw it back tightly. 

Try to pull the leash entirely out a few times before going for a test walk/run with your dog. 

Find out How To Fix A Retractable Dog Leash Today!

Figuring out how to fix a retractable dog leash is not as hard as it seems. The retractable leash is fixed and you can take your pup out for a walk again. However, if nothing works out, you could always go for a better branded retractable leash. 

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