Dewel vs Seresto: Which is a Better Dog Flea Tick Collar?

Fleas and ticks have always been a major concern for pet parents. The warm fur of the dogs are a very conducive environment for ticks to survive. Feeding on the blood of dogs, these fleas can prove to be quite detrimental to a dog’s health

Some of these health problems include allergies. However, it can also lead to very serious flea-borne infections and diseases. To prevent this from happening, pet parents take a number of measures. 

A flea and tick collar is more economically viable and is easier to use than getting a monthly dose of pesticide. Collars are also preferred by owners of canines because all they need to do is put them on their pooches. In other words, they are “set and forget” solutions and are very effective. 

Are you hunting for a new tick collar? You’re very likely to be presented with two choices, Seresto and Dewel. They’re the most popularly used tick collars, but that doesn’t mean they’re equally effective. 

Coming to the differences between Seresto and Dewel, here’s how they vary from each other. Seresto primarily consists of two proven pesticides which are readily absorbed through the dog’s skin. Dewel, however, takes to essential oils that repel the parasites. 

Does the idea of applying chemicals to your dog’s body make you feel uneasy? Well, in that case, Dewel is clearly your choice, and it’s quite pocket friendly, too. Apart from that, Seresto is a clear winner, with Dewel as a close second. 

Perks of Seresto Collars – The Winner

So what are the perks that you can expect from the winner, Seresto? 

  • It is quite simple to use 
  • Extremely effective in killing and repelling ticks
  • The formula is resistant to water 

Perks of Dewel Collars – The Runner Up

In the case of its close competitor, Dewel, here’s what you can expect, 

  • The collar is one size, made to fit all dogs 
  • It is quite budget friendly 
  • It has a low risk of causing harm to your pet

What Makes Them Different From Each Other?

For details on the differences between Seresto and Dewel, we have to look at the fundamental differences. It’s not just a mere comparison between two tick repellent collars. Seresto and Dewel use pest-control philosophies that are world’s apart from each other.  

Ways of Application 

To begin with, the most obvious difference between Seresto and Dewel lies in the method of application. The fact that both of these are tick-repellent collars is about as similar as they get. The difference is in the sizes. 

Seresto collars are usually made in two different sizes. One size is to fit the larger dog breeds and another size is apt for the smaller breeds of dogs. On the contrary, Dewel collars are designed in a way to ensure that one size fits larger as well as smaller dogs. The collar just needs to be tightened around the dog’s neck and the excess has to be trimmed.  

The working of the collars is quite similar in both Dewel and Seresto. As soon as the collar is rightly placed around the dog’s neck, the ingredients are activated. They seep into the bloodstream of the canines. The fleas and ticks are likely to fall off or die everytime they try taking a bite because of a dose of the formula in the bloodstream.  

Insight on Ingredients 

It’s easy to talk of the “active ingredients” as a whole but the concerning question to pet parents is, “What are their active ingredients?” Well, Seresto is composed of two very efficient insecticides that have been proven to kill fleas and ticks. They are Imidacloprid and Flumethrin. 

Imidacloprid is an insecticide that has a massive toll on the nerves and leads to paralysis in ticks and fleas. This gradually pushes the ticks towards death through starvation. Flumethrin has a more severe and immediate effect. It has a quick reaction on the fleas through the repelling and murdering of four different kinds of ticks. 

Dewel, however, prefers to go all natural with the essential oils. The pivotal element that Dewel collars are soaked in is lemon eucalyptus. Added to it are hints of linaloe oil and citronella oil. To give it a touch of perfection, traces of lavender oil are also blended into the formula. The scents from these ingredients are thought to be repelling to fleas and ticks in the very first place. This results in the pests falling off. 

Which Collar is Better Suited For Killing Fleas? 

Which collar kills fleas better is not really a legitimate ground for comparison. Seresto has a way more efficient and immediately effective formula that kills fleas straight away. Dewel, however, doesn’t believe in killing the pests. 

The formula of Dewel collars has been created in a manner that it takes care of the pooches’ health. The natural goodness of the essential oils repels fleas and takes care of the dogs’ well-being, at the same time. It prevents your dog from getting exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. The fact that it’s environment friendly is also a plus. 

If your priority is just fast and efficient killing of fleas, Seresto is clearly your go-to option. 

Which Collar is Better Suited For Repelling Fleas? 

When it comes to repelling fleas, you’d think Dewel has secured the win right? Actually, the fact is that Seresto collars not only repels fleas but also kills them effectively. In case they decide to jump back on, there’s no scope of survival for them. 

Dewel’s formulation is one that typically works as a flea repellent unlike the insecticides of Seresto Collars. Seresto models are, however, better equipped to deal with new fleas than Dewel models. 

Which Collar is More Effective In Killing Ticks? 

Coming to tackling ticks, Seresto collars have been formulated in a manner that kills ticks. Dewel’s purpose is mostly to confuse ticks rather than kill them. The catch is, Dewel collars only make the ticks fall off and sometimes even that’s a bit doubtful. 

The point to note in the case of Seresto collars is that it struggles to kill the already existing ticks on dogs. The composition of the insecticides in the Seresto collars are best suited to kill younger ticks. The fully developed ticks might continue to survive unaffected. The pet parents must ensure that all existing ticks have been removed before putting the Seresto Collar on the dog. 

Which Collar is More Effective in Repelling Ticks? 

The question arises, which collar repels ticks better? Seresto Collars are considered to be much better at repelling ticks than Dewel Collars. Flumethrin in Seresto Collars not only kills juvenile ticks but also kills tick eggs on contact. They’re murdered before they can even begin an outbreak or cling to your puppy. 

Ticks are believed to be repelled by the strong, natural smell of Dewel Collars because to them, it’s an overwhelming odour. However, ticks adapt to the circumstances. When they’re forced to choose between an overwhelming stench or starvation, they seem to cope just fine with the odour. 

Which Collar is Safer for Dogs? 

A pivotal question that scares several dog owners is, which collar is safer for dogs? It’s quite controversial. Despite studies vouching for the safety of Seresto collars, some owners are still torn between the two. They don’t think that putting toxic chemicals, which are also nerve agents, on their dog’s skin is a good idea. 

Seresto Collars also have an added safety when it comes to breakage. In case the collar gets caught on something or snagged, it’ll break away. There’s no fear of it getting stuck in the dog’s neck or injuring it by accident. 

On the other hand, Dewel collars are perfectly safe to use. The worst that can happen is the canine might face some skin irritations. This is considered to be a boon as well as a bane. Fleas and ticks also have higher chances of surviving in spite of Dewel Collars. 

Which Collar is More Budget Friendly? 

Dewel is more budget friendly than Seresto but not as effective. Therefore, you might save some money with Dewel but ultimately, your purpose is not likely to be served as well as with Seresto.

Which Collar Lasts Longer? 

The next question is which collar seems to last longer? Both Dewel and Seresto Collars have been designed to function for 8 months. It is recommended that you check on your pooches towards the ending of these 8 months. There’s a high chance that the effectiveness of both collars would have faded. 

Even though both the collars are waterproof, if the dog spends too much time in water, it might reduce the effectiveness. 

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of Seresto Collars


  • Immediate killing of fleas and ticks in any stage of their life 
  • In case of snagging, collar has been designed to break away to avoid injury 
  • Bugs are eliminated as soon as they’re in contact with the Seresto Collars


  • It’s not very cost-effective 
  • The idea of using harsh chemicals on canines is often frowned upon by pet parents

Here’s a list of pros and cons for Dewel Collars 


  • Is not harmful to pets in any way
  • Budget friendly 
  • One size  fits all dogs 


  • Is not as effective 
  • Doesn’t kill pests 
  • Overwhelmingly strong odour 

Customer Reviews 

According to surveys, customers incline towards Dewel Collars because they aren’t quite certain about exposing their canines to insecticides and chemicals. They seem to prefer natural ingredients. In case of health issues or allergies, Dewel collars have very few complaints, but their stench is quite off-putting for several customers.  

The catch, however, is that Dewel Collars do little to to keep fleas and ticks from hopping back on. The existing pest population isn’t affected either since the fleas don’t get killed, they end up on the carpet. 

In the case of Seresto Collars, customers were satisfied at finding the notably reduced population of ticks and fleas. Side effects were also reported, more because of the use of medication instead of natural ingredients.

There is also the added concern of how safe it is to pet their pooches while they’re wearing this collar. Especially when it comes to children.  

In addition to this, because of their thicker coats, the collar showed limited results on some breeds like Huskies and Malamutes. The collars either have to be placed exactly on the skin or other options have to be considered. 

In our opinion, if your dog shows no negative symptoms while using the Seresto Collar, go with it. It is way more effective than Dewel Collars. 

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