Best Washable Dog Beds 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Best washable dog beds are the best alternative to dog mats or conventional dog beds. You might have noticed that even indoor dogs tend to collect maximum dirt on their bodies even if they are out for a few minutes.

The dogs once inside the house would aim to land on their beds to get a cozy sleep. Thus, the accumulation of dirt on the beds would not only make it seem dirty but also cause the formation of a foul odor, which can’t be ridden off in some cases.


Not all beds available in the market are washable. Some might claim so and you might be able to remove its outer cover. In other cases, you will have to thrust the full-sized bed into your washing machine.

But after a wash or two, the beds won’t be able to regain its size. Thus, the next time when you go for dog bed shopping, instead of looking for the washable sign, you need to check whether it is easily washable or not. Here’s a list of the best washable dog beds in the market that are equally easy to install and clean.

Factors To Look Out For While Buying Best Washable Dog Bed

If you have figured out the shape and size of the dog beds that best fit your dog, it’s time to identify the materials that would make the bed more user-friendly.

As dog beds can be the breeding ground for microbes such as ringworm, tapeworm etc., these beds should be washed frequently to ensure safety to all living beings that come in contact with the bed. Thus, the material should endure the frequent washing process and shouldn’t crumble or lose its shape after each wash.

1. Materials

  • Plastic Dog Beds

The very thought of a plastic dog bed must have startled you, but wait, these beds are some of the best washable dog beds you will ever find. Either the bed may be made completely from plastic or it might come with a soft cushion.

In either way, you will never have to pop the bed into the washing machine and wait for it to dry. Instead, you can just cleanse the bed with a good disinfectant and voila, the cleaning process is done.

If the plastic beds have a cushion along with it, then you will have to wash it separately and that again depends on the material of the cushion used. In most cases, the cushion cover would be easily removable and you can pop it into the washing machine.

While buying a plastic dog bed, make sure that your pet doesn’t tend to chew it. If your pet is an ardent chewer, then you will have to skip this type of washable bed and move on to the next type.

  • Velvet Dog Beds

about how these beds would look? Velvet dog beds have a class of their own and would surely please your dogs as well as the house interiors. Depending on your budget, the beds may be made from cotton or polyester, but it will have that lustrous, luxurious look. These types of dog beds come with removable cushion covers that might either have a Velcro or zip closure. But you need to wash and handle them with utmost care.

The fabric may be strong enough to withstand the piercing of your paw’s claws, but it may not be able to withstand the rigorous wash cycle of your washing machine. Thus, either you will have to turn on the gentle wash mode on your machine or you will have to consider washing the covers by hand.

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam beds are usually recommended by vets for dogs with arthritis or other joint-related diseases. These beds mould to shape your dog’s body and provide the utmost comfort. But do these beds provide the same convenience level while washing? The answer may be yes. Some memory foam beds come with removable covers with either zipline or Velcro closures.

These cushion covers would be extra durable and you can therefore easily machine wash them. But some memory foam beds might not come with removable covers; instead, they would feature a non-removable cover. Thus, it would be better if you stay away from these beds as you will have to pop the whole beds into the washing machine and after a few wash cycles, they may not even regain their shape at all.

  • Faux Leather

Is your dog a tough cookie and has a high energy level all the time and destroys beds in a matter of minutes? Well, you then need to check out faux leather dog beds that are durable and at the same time fancy as well.

This chew-proof bed can either be popped into your washing machine as a whole or its covers can be easily removed and washed. The latter type of faux beds is common and is often waterproof as well.

Thus, you can easily disinfect them regularly and wash the covers just to be completely sure. As these are deemed as the most durable and indestructible among dog beds, you will surely have to pay some extra bucks when compared to the conventional dog beds.

  • Tweed

Tweed is a naturally derived fabric, that has its basic material as wool and has a herringbone weave pattern. Often, colored wool fabric is added to the material to give it a distinctive color and pattern. The material is extremely soft and cozy and your pet would love it for sure.

Tweed beds are easy to wash and dry off at a fairly faster rate. You can easily remove the tweed cushion covers and pop them into the washing machine.

The material can endure several washing cycles and you also don’t have to worry about your dogs puncturing the bed with their claws. Thus, tweed dog beds are some of the best washable dog beds and are equally stylish and classy as well.

  • Synthetic Fur

Dog beds made from synthetic fur are very soft and comfortable for the dogs to lie on. These beds are equally convenient when it comes to the washing process and as they are mostly derived from polyester, they dry off very quickly. Synthetic fur dog-beds can be washed in a washing machine and are strong enough to endure several wash cycles.

2. Inside The Bed

It is not only the outside fabric that matters. The inside filling of the bed should also be considered. If you are to pop a bed into the washing machine just by looking at the fabric covering, you are doing it wrong. The fabric outside might endure the rigorous wash cycles but the inside filling might lose its shape and ultimately you will have to get rid of the bed.

  • Loose Fiber Filling

Loose fiber-filled dog beds can be popped into the washing machine and are capable of enduring numerous wash cycles. As these beds don’t have a definite shape, the washing process altering the shape of the beds is out of the question.

All you need to check is whether the fabric dries off quickly or not. If the bed isn’t dried off properly, it can lead to the formation of foul odor and ultimately you will have to throw it away.

  • Solid Foam

Solid foam-padded beds do have a definite shape; therefore, it isn’t ideal to stuff them into a washing machine. Either you can disinfect them if the covers aren’t removable or you can just remove the covers and machine wash them. Most solid foam beds would be having a waterproof covering. Thus all you have to do is disinfect them regularly.

Top 10 Best Washable Dog Beds 2021

1. Midwest Bolster

Midwest Bolster Best Washable Dog BedThis synthetic fur dog bed works best as a standalone dog bed and is meant for dogs that weigh up to 90 pounds. The extra soft and smooth synthetic fur dog bed has a padded polyester filling and a bolster cushion that can be used as a headrest for dogs.

However, the dog bed is not durable enough to resist the actions of an excessive chewer dog. This synthetic fur dog bed from Midwest is available in 8 different sizes and 6 color variants.

While choosing the size of the dog bed, you need to consider the weight and length of your dog. If you rope in a dog bed that isn’t meant for your pet’s body weight, the dog bed would easily tear off due to the excessive tension on the outer fabric.


2. MidWest Homes

MidWest HomesThis stuffed dog bed made from synthetic fur can be used in a dog crate of 42 inches of length and would also work as a standalone dog bed. Ideal for dogs up to 90 pounds, the bed is made from polyester-derived synthetic fur with a non-skid surface and the inside of the bed is overstuffed with different kinds of fabric.

The bed would be perfect on all types of surfaces and your dog will fall in love with the comfort provided by it.

The bed is available in 6 more sizes and 3 different colors and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You can easily pop the whole bed into your washing machine and as the material is polyester, the bed dries off quickly.

As the filling is of loose fabric, you don’t have to worry about the bed losing its shape. All you need to make sure is that you rope in the right size according to your paw’s weight.

Even though the padding appears to be thick, it deflates after a few washes, and you would feel the ground through the bed. For this reason, the dog bed is better for usage in a dog crate instead of using it as a standalone dog bed.


3. Furhaven

FurhavenThis dog bed from Furhaven has an L-shaped chaise that is specially designed as a headrest with polyester bolsters.

Apart from this, the design provides a cozy space for your dogs to curl, making it the best choice for dogs who love to cuddle. The surface of the dog bed is made from faux fur leather, thereby making the dog bed highly durable and comfortable at the same time.

The orthopedic foam-filling makes this bed the best choice for dogs suffering from joint pain or arthritis. However, the bed isn’t meant for dogs with aggressive chewing behavior as the polyester bolsters can tear off very easily.

The bed is best for dogs weighing up to 125 lbs and is available in 5 different sizes. The faux fur covering can be easily removed by unzipping the closure along the sides of the bed. You can machine wash the same without the tension of the cover being damaged due to continuous wash cycles.

The dog bed comes with a 60-day worry-free program wherein you can get the bed replaced if you aren’t satisfied with its quality and also comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects. With a user rating of 4.4 out of 5, this is one of the best washable dog beds available online.


4. Sheri The Original

Sheri The OriginalThis donut-shaped dog bed is made from luxurious faux fur and is best for dogs that love to curl up. The raised rims of the beds provide adequate protection while sleeping and prevent the dogs from falling off the beds.

The cushioned rims also make for a good headrest. The non-skid bottom of the dog bed is water-resistant as well as dirt resistant.

The bed can be machine washed and dries off quickly as well. As the bed is stuffed with loose fabric, it doesn’t lose its shape even after numerous wash cycles.

Also, as the faux fur is water-resistant, you can disinfect the dog bed frequently to get rid of the odor and dog fur. You can vacuum the bed as well. It is important to dry the faux fur covering properly before using the bed again, else it causes the matting of the fur.

The dog bed is available in 5 sizes and is suitable for dogs weighing up to 150 lbs. You can also use the bed for your cats as well, but make sure the right size of bed is roped in. If you are looking for a good washable bed for your pet, then this is one of the best beds you could ever find.


5. Joy Elf

Joy ElfThe Joyelf orthopedic dog bed is made from solid memory foam and has a removable cover that can be machine washed and is flame resistant. The bed provides an unmatched level of warmth and comfort and your pet would love to curl up on it.

The bed is filled with high-density solid memory foam that makes it for dogs with arthritis. The top surface of the bed is made from faux fur fabric while the bottom part of the bed has rubber particles to make it skid-proof.

The bed features a zipper line closure, and the zip is hidden at the bottom part of the bed, thus making the bed look stylish whilst making it difficult for the dogs or kids to remove the cover from the bed.

The removable cover is durable enough to endure multiple wash cycles and is dirt resistant. You can easily vacuum the cover to get rid of the animal fur on it. Make sure you do not immerse the cover in water for a long time.

This can weaken the threads and thereby affect the durability of the cover. Also, use the cover only when it is completely dry, else it leads to the formation of foul order combined with the smell of the dog.

This dog bed is available in 4 different sizes and can be used for dogs of any size or breed, but isn’t suitable for dogs who are extensive chewers. If you are in search of a good dog bed that is durable and at the same time can be easily washed, then this is worthy enough to be chosen as the best washable dog bed on the list.


6. Furhaven

FurhavenThe Furhaven Pet dog bed is specially designed for coddlers and provides an unmatchable level of comfort and softness. The open design of the bed with slightly raised rim provides enough space for the dogs to stretch themselves and sleep comfortably.

The top surface of the bed is entirely made of faux fur fabric and is gentle on the nose, ears, and eyes of the dog.

As the dog bed is made from solid memory foam, it moulds according to the shape of the dog’s body, thereby helping them to get rid of the extensive muscle and joint pain. The bed provides adequate support to the neck, back, and hip of the dogs and also provides warmth and comfort.

The pet bed is very easy to clean as the covers can be easily removed by unzipping the zipline closure and you can pop it into a washing machine.

You can even tumble dry the covers and nothing would happen to the texture of the fabric. It would be as soft as the first time. The only thing you need to make sure is to not to immerse the fabric in water. This can weaken the strands and ultimately it breaks off.

This dog bed is a big no for dogs having a chewing habit as the cover would get damaged very quickly. Also, if your dog has the habit of puncturing its claws onto something, in that case, too, this pet bed is a big no.


7. Friends Forever Donut

This donut pet bed from Friends Forever is specially designed for small and medium dog breeds. As the bed has self-warming properties due to the thick synthetic fur used, it is best to be used indoors always as it can get dirty really quick. If your pet likes to curl up, then this would be the perfect gift for him.

The inside of the pet bed is made from loose fabric filling and you can therefore pop the pillow as such into the washing machine.

While going for a machine wash, it is highly recommended to tumble dry it afterward as the chances are high that the loose fabric filling might retain the water for a longer period.

You can even vacuum or regularly disinfect the pillow just to be sure. As the bed is resistant to dirt, you can easily get rid of the animal fur by just dusting the pet bed with a brush as well.

This pillow bed is best for dogs weighing up to 45 lbs and can be easily carried around as it is extremely light in weight. Make sure you don’t give the bed to pets above 45 lbs, as the fabric might not be able to withstand the tension or pressure and ultimately would get damaged.

If you are in search of a good pillow/ donut bed for your small breed dogs, then this is perfect for them. The slightly raised padded rim would make for a good headrest and your pet can curl up in the bed without the fear of falling from the bed.


8. Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish CuddlerThis pet dog bed is made for small breed dogs weighing up to 45 lbs. The bed looks like a muffin and is made from synthetic fur fabric. This ensures that the dog receives adequate warmth throughout the day and the rubber grips on the bottom of the bed prevent the bed from moving around.

The bed is resistant to the claws of the dogs and can also be used for dogs who are aggressive chewers.

The 12-inch bolster at the rear part of the bed acts as a headrest and also helps in easing the joint pain. The orthopedic form provides adequate support to the head, neck, and hips, whilst retaining the shape of the bed even after years of use.

To clean the bed, you need to unzip the cover and you can either vacuum and disinfect it or you can pop it into the washing machine. But make sure you don’t put the cover back onto the bed while it’s still wet. This can alter the shape of the memory form and also cause the production of foul order when combined with the smell of the pets.

The pet bed would make for a good orthopedic mattress for small breed dogs suffering from arthritis and is easily one of the best in the list. If you have a small breed dog, then this is the ideal washable dog bed. 


9. BarksBar Gray

BarksBar GrayThe BarksBar Gray dog bed is made for medium to large breed dogs and is durable enough to resist their vigorous motion. The bed would make for the best orthopedic mattress for dogs weighing up to 100lbs.

The slightly raised and moderately padded supports provide support and act as a headrest. Therefore, the dogs can easily rest their necks and sleep without the fear of falling from the bed.

The pet is at a certain height from the ground and for this reason, it isn’t suitable for small breed dogs as they may find it difficult to mount on the bed. The soft polyester cover feels and looks luxurious and is also very easy to clean.

All you have to do is remove the cover and pop it into the machine. As you can tumble dry the covers, you need not have to wait longer for the cover to dry. The rim of the bed is cotton-padded while the rest of the bed features a solid memory foam padding.

The sleek and stylish design of the dog bed makes it easy for you to easily pair it with the home décor.

The non-slipping rubber bottom ensures that the bed doesn’t move around when the dog moves on the top of the bed. The bed would make for a good washable dog bed and rope in one only if your dog isn’t an aggressive chewer.


10. BarkBox-X

BarkBox-XThis pet dog bed is made from gel memory foam and is highly recommended for dogs with arthritis and dysplasia. The bed is made from water-proof material so you can either just wipe it off with a damp cloth or just pop the cover into a washing machine and you are done cleaning the bed.

The bed is ideal for all breeds of dogs and is available in 4 sizes. As there are limitations for the weight that a gel memory foam padding can hold, it is important to measure your dog’s weight and then rope in the right size.

The bed comes as a vacuum-packed bed and you will have to leave it for at least 72 hours for it to inflate into its final form.

The major downfall of this bed is that it is flat and doesn’t have any raised rim to prevent the pet from falling off the bed while sleeping.

Got for this pet bed from BarkBox if you are urgently in need of a good orthopedic bed for your pet. The product also comes with a surprise toy that your pet would surely love to play with.



1. Are Dog Beds Machine Washable?

Yes, dog beds can be easily machine washed. In some cases, you can pop the whole of the bed into the washing machine while in other cases you will have to remove the covers and then wash it. You can also find waterproof beds; thus, you will have to wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth and then disinfect it.

2. What Is The Best Dog Bed For Large Dogs?

It is always better to rope in orthopedic beds especially for large breed dogs as they are at a higher risk of contracting joint pain. If your dog is very active throughout the day, an orthopedic bed with solid memory foam padding would be the best choice.

3. Will Dog Hair Ruin A Washing Machine?

Pet hair can ruin your washing machine. Thus, always get rid of the hair on the bed or bed covers before popping them into the washer. You can do so either with the help of a brush or by simply vacuuming the bed cover.


Just like us, dogs, too, would love to curl up on the bed and have a sound sleep. This can be made possible by roping in a good dog bed that moulds according to their body shapes and provides the necessary support to their joints.

It all depends on the fabric or material used both on the inside as well as outside. Thus, buy the best washable dog bed for your dogs, the beds that they would love to lay on all day long.

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