Best Small Dog Harness Of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Rabbitgoo2. Voyager3. Puppia
Rabbit Goo Dog HarnessVoyager Step In Air Dog HarnessDog Harness - Puppia

Dogs are considered to be the kindest and most trustworthy pets around the world. A variety of breeds exist, some are cute and small, while the others are huge and smart.

If you own a dog already or are planning to get one, you must know that it is extremely important for the dog to exercise regularly.

The most common exercise for dogs is walking. Yes, it is that simple. Taking the dog out for a walk every day is very beneficial for him to stay healthy and fit. But since dogs are very active and fun-loving, they tend to want to run all around.

They might even get lost on their way. Thus, it is recommended to put a dog harness over him so that he does not run away from you. Keeping a dog is never an easy task. He is just like your own baby, whose responsibility lies completely on you.


There is so much to look out for- his food, his dressing, his comfort, his bed, the list goes on. In this article, we will help you choose the best dog harness for small dogs.

Finding the perfect dog harness is never a cakewalk, but it is worth the effort and time. It makes your walk with the dog so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Even if the dog is pulling hard or is yanking, you do not have to worry about any sort of external or internal injuries. The dog will be safe at all times. You might think it is not worth the price or the time but honestly, it is a great investment.

These accessories provide you with better control over your dog without putting any pressure on his neck- something that dog collars fail to provide. It also keeps the dog safe and secure. For this, you must ensure that you buy the best quality harness that is the perfect fit for your dog, to enjoy all the services that the harness provides.

You do not want to cause inconvenience to you doggy and hence, it is necessary that you look through all the options before making the right choice. A dog harness is spread over the body of the dog unlike the best dog collars, which is wrapped around the neck of the dog.

This harness does not cause any sort of pain to the dog while the dog is being pulled, and is often considered to be better than a dog collar because of its shape. Since it covers a greater surface area, the dog feels more comfortable wearing it.

This is also because the collars may end up hurting the neck or the trachea, if the dog is constantly jumping around or pulling the leash. There are a lot of myths about using a harness for the dogs.

People believe that harnesses are uncomfortable for the dog as they are in constant contact with the fur of the dog, thereby leading to skin irritations and allergies.

So before going any further, let us look at the pros and cons of using a harness on the dog:

Pros And Cons Of Using Dog Harness

1. The most well-known benefit is that harnesses give the owner better control over the dog. This is a very basic requirement and a necessary accessory to ensure the dog’s safety. When you are walking you dog on a busy road, it is necessary that you have a control over him to make sure that he does not run towards the main road.

2. Because harnesses give the owner better control over the activities of their dog, it is a great tool to train them. This way, the dogs are trained without any pain or discomfort. They learn that their cooperation can make life easy for the dog as well as his owner.

3. The risk of neck or trachea injuries in specific gets eliminated with the use of harnesses. If you choose to give your dog a collar instead, there is a constant fear of him choking or injuring his neck, which can prove to be fatal.

Therefore, when the pressure is spread all across the body and not just at the neck specifically, the risk of getting injured reduces drastically.

4. Harnesses reduce how much the dog would tend to pull. This is mainly because the pulling is not really effective when the dog is wearing a harness. So, by wearing a harness the dog learns which movements are unnecessary and ineffective.

5. Using a harness is also effective if your dog tends to jump at people. When you have a proper control over the dog, you can effectively control his movements, without him getting hurt. With time, the dog learns which habits are advantageous for him and which ones are not.

6. Unlike dog collars, which can slip off the neck of the dog very easily, dog harnesses are wrapped all around their body, and thus, will not slip off unless intended. Even if the dog pulls the harness, it would not come off.

7. Another benefit that is offered by these harnesses is that in case your dog needs assistance in getting up after sitting down for a while, or even during walks, harnesses are much more convenient compared to collars, as dogs do not get hurt during this process.

Moreover, they remain calm and quiet. If your dog is in his early years or if you are planning to get a little puppy, then it is the best time for you to start looking for a harness.

Young pups adapt more quickly to changes than old ones because they do not have a specific set regime, unlike the latter. Now, before we dive into what kind of harnesses you want, or the pros and cons of each such harness, it is important to first learn why a dog should wear a harness.

Why Your Dog Should Wear A Harness?

1. It helps to avoid injuries to the dog – when a dog is wearing a collar and is constantly tugging at the leash, jumping, or yanking, his neck might get hurt. This can also lead to severe trachea injuries.

When the leash is attached to a harness, the pressure shifts from the neck of the dog to his entire body, which relieves him from any stress.

2. It avoids tangling- you never know when a dog starts to jump or feel excited about something. Sometimes, even the dog himself does not realize how much he is pulling or jumping, and in such cases, he can get tangled with the leash very easily. Often the dog causes the owner to get tangled up as well.

It is very easy for him to do so because when the leash is attached to the neck, the dog has full control over it. It becomes more difficult for him to do so, when the leash is attached to his back with the harness.

3. It helps in training the dog- even if your dog is well-behaved, putting a harness over him will allow you to have control over him. It is much easier to attach the leash to the back of the dog, when he is not willing to stay still or is jumping constantly.

4. It provides them with security- it protects the dog from every obstacle. It helps the dog sit firmly and steadily while you are driving. It provides you complete control over the dog, which makes it easier for you to protect him in all circumstances.

5. It helps you tackle the dog and keep him safe- if you have a large sized dog, you must be aware that his size could sometimes make him difficult to handle, especially when you are out with the dog. His muscular body might make it difficult for you to control him.

Having a harness attached to his body will help you get a grip on him and tackle him. If you have a smaller breed or a young dog, you must know that they are more sensitive than other breeds. Such dogs are more prone to getting hurt easily.

Thus, making them wear a harness will protect them in this way. Moving on, let us look at the factors which one should keep in mind before buying a dog harness.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Dog Harness

1. Make Sure It Connects Correctly And At The Right Spot

It is very necessary to ensure that the leash connects properly to the harness, before you make the purchase. There are two ways in which the leash can attach with the harness: front clip and back clip.

When using a front clip harness, the leash is attached near the chest of the dog, whereas the back clip harness attaches the leash to the upper body of the dog.

  • Front clip harness is used for hyper-active and untrained dogs who tend to pull every now and then. This can stops the dog from tugging.
  • The back clip is generally used for trained and calmer dogs. This is because, when the leash is attached to the upper body of the dog, it does not provide as much control over the dog, to the owner. If an untrained dog is made to wear a back clip harness , there is a possibility that the owner of the dog would get dragged behind it unwillingly, in case the dog starts to run.

For training purposes, side attachments have become popular lately. They help you assert a gentle control over the dog to make sure that he moves in the right direction.

2. Thickness Of The Harness Needs To Be Assessed

Whichever harness you choose to buy, make sure that it has proper thickness, in accordance with the breed of your dog. The fitting of the harness needs to be constantly taken care of because dogs quickly grow in size and thus, their fittings change very often. In the case of young dogs, special attention should be paid for the same.

3. Ensure That The Harness Is Made Of Good Quality Material

Comfort is all that we are looking for, all the time, right? So, it is our responsibility, as proud dog owners, to give the same level of comfort to our pup as well. A good quality harness may be more expensive, but it totally worth it.

Buying a harness of good quality will make the dog feel comfortable and happy, and of course, the product will last you longer. It is also important to ensure that the harness adjusts well, to the body of the dog.

It will help in his ease of movements even when he is wearing that harness. This way the dog will not feel irritated, and you can have a peaceful time with him, all the time.

4. Make Sure It Meets Your Demands

People generally have a set routine as to when they want to take the dog out for a walk. So, if you are planning to take your dog out early in the morning or late in the evening, you might want to invest in a harness that has reflectors.

It is for your own convenience, as well as your dog’s safety. With the reflectors on, you will be able to locate your dog very easily in the dark, so you do not have to worry about him getting lost.

This will also help him be safe as the reflectors will make him more visible. In case there is traffic on the road, he would be visible to the drivers, which would decrease the possibility of him meeting with an accident.

5. Make Sure The Harness Is A Perfect Match For The Leash

That You Use If you are particular about using a specific leash for your dog, then make sure that the harness attaches well to that leash. Do not take this lightly because not every leash attaches well to every harness.

You want to make sure that your dog does not suffer because of your negligence. If the leash you are using or prefer to use does not attach properly to the harness that you choose, then the dog might feel uncomfortable with it, which would lead to his cranky behavior.

6. Make Sure To Buy A Harness That Works Well If You Have Multiple Dogs

It is not easy to take more than one dog for a walk at the same time unless you know how to handle them. If you own multiple dogs, then you can make your daily walk more convenient for yourself by not purchasing a separate leash for each of them.

One dog may choose to go in one direction, while the other would go in some other, causing a lot of trouble for you, obviously. In such a scenario, it is better to invest in a harness that works with split leashes.

This means that the harness will have the leash attached to either of its side so that it makes it convenient for you to manage the leash and your dogs properly, without any hustle.

7. Watch Out For The Material Of The Harness You Are Buying

The market offers you a wide range of harnesses made up of different materials. Each material has their own set of benefits and problems. For example, some dog owners prefer using leather harnesses because of their touch.

Leather harnesses are considered to be good for dogs that have skin allergies. Once the leather harness is polished, it becomes as good as new. The good thing about this material is that this process of polishing can be repeated over and over again, without the quality deteriorating.

While some prefer leather, others prefer nylon. Harnesses made up of nylon are very convenient to use, as they can be washed easily and quickly. There are no special requirements to keep it in shape.

Thus, it is also preferred by those who are working under a budget, as nylon harnesses do not require any additional expenditure. The material you choose for the harness largely depends on the breed of your dog, the condition of their skin, and the size of the dog.

8. Make Sure The Harness Benefits Him

Dogs often suffer from joint pains when they get older. They become weak and thus, are more prone to injuries. If you feel like your dog is getting slower or has started expressing discomfort, then you should consult a vet.

As dogs become older, their preferences change accordingly, and they need different accessories. Now that we have discussed all the factors that should be kept in mind before purchasing a harness, let us move on to discuss the different types of harnesses that are available in the market.

Different Types Of Harness Available In The Market

1. Back Clip Harness

We have already discussed back clip harnesses briefly. They are very convenient to use, and the leash can be easily attached to the harness since the clip is on the top. These types of harnesses are mainly preferred for small dogs because they cannot afford brutal injuries.

The leash in such a harness is less likely to get tangled in between the legs of the dog. Since the attachment clip is located at the back and nowhere near the neck, it totally eliminates the risk of neck injuries, especially in the case of small and delicate dogs.

Dog collars come with a huge risk of choking and hence, you need to be very careful every time you are pulling the leash. However, in case of harnesses, there is no such risk.

The only drawback of this harness is that it does not prevent tugging by the dog. This type of harness is used for calm dogs, and not for dogs that are prone to pulling at the leash. Therefore, you cannot direct the dog where to go, when he is wearing such a harness.

2. Front Clip Harness

Such types of harnesses are preferred for dogs who pull their leashes all the time, either out of excitement or because they do not like to be controlled by a leash. When the clip is below them, the owner gets better control over them, and hence, it ceases their constant pulling.

The position of the leash attachment clip makes it harder for the dog to tug at the leash.. It discourages this sort of behaviour without causing any pain or discomfort to the dog. However, while this harness comes with such great benefits, there are also some downsides to using it.

Since the clip is attached on his front body, the leash is very likely to get tangled in between his legs, which might cause him injury or discomfort. When you are using such a harness, make sure that the fitting is proper and precise. Poor fitting of the harness would lead to undue stress on the legs of the dog.

3. No Pull Harness

Such type of harnesses are more like the front clip harnesses. The only distinction is that they can be extended. This type of harness offers an extension that tightens at the legs too. This means that if you have an overexcited dog that pulls at the leash, then this harness is the best for you.

It provides the dog with little control over his body, which means that the dog moves around freely but cannot pull the leash.

4. Dog Mobility Harness

If your dog suffers from some sort of injury or is unable to walk because of joint pains or any other problem, then this harness is your solution. This type of dog harness facilitates the owner to pick up the dog easily and safely, without causing any pain to the dog.

It should be noted that this type of harness does not facilitate walking of the dogs, but is mainly for clinical purposes. It is meant for dogs that are injured or cannot walk because of certain reasons.

5. Dual Clip Harness

This type of harness has 2 clips. One is positioned at the front and the other is at the back. The rear clip helps in guiding the dog with the directions, whereas the front clip restricts his hard pulling. This type of harness is perfect for controlling the dog.

It should be noted that dual clip harness is usually expensive, and thus, it should be considered only if you need that extra control over your dog, or if he is very aggressive. Such a type of harness is not very convenient to use.

6. Head Halter Harness

If you have a very aggressive dog that tends to pull strongly at their leash, then this type of harness can be a good option to consider. Using this harness is not harmful or painful for the dog at all. It functions in a specific way; one of its straps covers the neck while the other is wrapped around the snout.

Whenever the dog tries to pull, the nose of the dog moves down, making it impossible for the dog to pull. It is not like the dog cannot open his mouth. He freely can, but he just cannot pull the leash.

It may take some time for the dog to adjust to such a harness, but if you use proper reinforcement techniques with your dog, it will be very convenient for him as well as you to adjust to these changes.

There is something though, which you need to be careful about while using this type of harness, you need to ensure that your dog does not pull or yank the halter.

Otherwise, it will cause him pain and discomfort. Halters are a great way to control big dogs that are very difficult to deal with otherwise.

7. Harnesses For Special Purpose

Some dogs are too small to be able to protect themselves from the extreme weather conditions. Certain harnesses are made for them that protect against heat strokes with their cooling effect.

There are other harnesses which protect against cold weather by providing warmth. Now that we know what types of harnesses available in the market, let us go through a few different products.

Top 14 Best Dog Harness In 2021

1. Rabbit Goo Dog Harness

Rabbit Goo Best Small Dog HarnessNo Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest for Dogs Easy Control for Small Medium Large Dogs

This harness comes in 4 different sizes, in every possible size, ranging from small to large. This is a ‘no pull’ dog harness, which makes it perfect for a calm and hassle-free walk with the dog.

It is very easy to put on and take off as it has 2 buckles attached to it for the ease. The harness is extremely adjustable, which makes it very comfortable for the dog to wear. It gives that perfect fit to the dog, without any risk of choking or slipping off.

It is made up of nylon and is also padded. This will protect the skin of the dog from any sort of irritations. It also has reflectors stitched onto it, to make your early morning and late night walks stress free. It comes in 6 different colors, so you can choose whichever one you like the best, and is also very affordable.


2. Voyager Step In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step In Air Dog HarnessAll Weather Mesh, Step In Vest Harness for Small and Medium Dogs by Best Pet Supplies

It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from. Now, let us talk about what qualities this product offers. This harness is very lightweight and is breathable.

Your dog would not feel uncomfortable wearing this at any point of time. It has 2 reflective bands attached to it on each of its sides, which will make him visible in the dark.

This harness is very easy to wear and will not make the dog cranky at all. It is safe as well, for the dog to use. You can choose whatever size fits your dog, after taking proper measurements. 


3. Dog Harness – Puppia

Dog Harness - PuppiaIt is a very basic dog harness, widely used by the dog owners. It is made up of 100% polyester and has an adjustable chest belt. It can easily be worn by the dog.

The neck area of the harness is padded, which is a very good deal as it ensures that the dog feels comfortable. It is easily washable, and can be kept clean at all times.

You can either wash it with your hands or in your machine. It has more than 10 colors to choose from, which will make your shopping even more exciting. 


4. Baby LTRL Big Dogs Harness

Baby LTRL Big Dogs HarnessNo Pull Adjustable Pet Reflective Oxford Soft Vest for Large Dogs Easy Control Harness

This is a no pull harness. So it is great for dogs that are stubborn and difficult to handle. It is very easy to wear and take off, and also comes with locks on each side to make it more secure.

It is a perfect harness for training purposes. It is extremely lightweight and thus, it does not burden the dog. It has reflective straps attached to it, which will keep the dog safe in the dark by making him clearly visible to everyone. It is made up of nylon and can be cleaned very easily. It has various colors from which you can choose.


5. Eco Bark Classic Dog Harness

Eco Bark Classic Dog HarnessSoft Gentle No Pull & No Choke Dog Harness Double Padded Halter Ultra Cushioned Walking Breathable Mesh Dog Vest for Puppies

This dog harness is very soft and gentle on the dog’s body. It is made up of non-toxic ROSH, which makes it breathable and light-weight. It has anti-rub technology to protect the legs and the chest of the dog from chafing due to continuous strap rubbing.

The pads are made up of recyclable bottles, which makes them eco-friendly. The mesh fabric makes the harness an all-weather harness, protecting the dog from heat, dry cold, rain, and even snow. It has a wide variety of colors to choose from.


6. Co Patchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness with Handle

Co Patchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness with HandleIt is a very affordable no-pull harness. It comes in 5 different shades. It can be worn very easily because of the buckles present near the neck as well as the chest. It is filled with sponge. and is therefore very comfortable for the dog.

Also, whenever he tries to pull, the harness resists, but at the same time, it does not cause discomfort for him because of the sponge it is filled with.

There is a handle attached in the front, which makes it easier for the owner of the dog to maintain control. It is good for elderly dogs.


7. Sporn’s Dog Harness

Sporn’s Dog HarnessNo Pull and No Choke Humane Design, Non Pulling Pet Harness with Mesh vest, Easy Step-in Adjustable Mesh Harness for Control, Patented Dog Pull Control Technology by Sporn

It is made up of premium quality nylon mesh. It is suitable for all kinds of weather and is very durable. It is a no-pull harness and will do its job properly without causing any discomfort to the dog.

The elastic webbing in it stretches and adjusts automatically with the dog’s movement, so your dog would not feel burdened. It can be worn very easily. This harness is very affordable and comes in 4 different shades. 


8. Ruff Wear Front Range Everyday No Pull Dog Harness

Ruff Wear Front Range Everyday No Pull Dog HarnessWith front clip, trail running, walking, hiking, all day wear

As the name suggests, it is a no-pull front clip harness. It is great for training purposes, as the front clip will help you control the dog very effectively. It is a perfect fit for all the activities that you might want your dog to do with you.

The harness is well padded and thus, provides comfort to the dog in every way. The harness is extremely adjustable and has reflective straps attached to it. It also has a pocket for you to keep the dog tags.


9. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest HarnessPet Car Harness Vehicle Belt with Adjustable Strap and Buckle Clip/ Carabiner, Easy Control for Driving Travelling Safety for Small Medium Dogs

The most amazing feature that this harness offers is that it has a seat belt attached to it that can be used in the car, to eliminate the risk of your dog jumping out of the window. This belt is detachable.

It is made up of 100% polyester and is padded at the chest area, making it extremely comfortable for the dog. It is light in weight as well. It is generally worn by small and medium sized dogs, and comes in 9 different colors. 


10. Poy Pet No Pull Dog Harness

Poy Pet No Pull Dog HarnessNo Choke Front Lead Dog Reflective Harness, Adjustable Soft Padded Pet Vest with easy control handle for small to large dogs

The harness has 3 buckles, which makes it easy to wear and take off. It has 2 leash attachment clips, the one in the front restricts pulling, and the one at the back makes it easy to walk the dog.

The harness is very comfortable and has reflective straps attached to it. This will ensure the safety of the dog. It is stretchable enough to adjust itself according to the movements of the dog.

It is lightweight and very durable. The size ranges from XS to XL, and a huge range of colors is available. 


11. Bolux Dog Harness

Bolux Dog HarnessNo Pull Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Vest with Handle for outdoor walking- no more pulling, tugging or choking

This is a great harness for small dogs. It gives them the perfect fit and is extremely adjustable. It has reflective straps that will make your dog visible in the dark.

It is a perfect harness for walking, hiking, running, training etc. There is no risk of choking or other neck injuries with this harness. The harness is very affordable and comes in more than 10 different colors. 


12. Revolutionary Illuminated And Reflective Harness For Dogs

Revolutionary Illuminated And Reflective Harness For Dogs(USB Rechargeable, Adjustable, Light weight, Rain Proof)

The LED in the harness can switch between 8 different colors, so you and your dog would not get bored of wearing the same harness over and over again. It also offers 6 different modes of multi-colors flashing.

The battery life is incredible. It offers more than 12 hours of playtime after every charge. It is suitable for all types of weather and is extremely lightweight.

Your dog would not feel burdened at all, and will definitely stand out in the crowd, without compromising on his comfort. The harness has buckles that make it very easy to put it on and take it off.

The straps are adjustable, so you do not have to worry about buying a new harness even when the dog grows a bit.

The harness is slightly on the higher end but it comes to the cost, but is totally worth the price. It is considered to be one of the best harnesses. 


13. Voyager Step in Soft Plush Dog Vest Harness

Voyager Step in Soft Plush Dog Vest HarnessFor Small And Medium Dogs By Best Dog Supplies

This harness has a very soft inner lining. The plush never fails to make the walk peaceful and cozy.  This is a padded harness and comes in 5 different sizes, in a wide range of colors.

This harness is highly recommended for small dogs, and completely takes the pressure off the neck of the dog. For these reasons, it is considered to be one of the best harnesses for small dogs. 


14. Comfort Fit Pets No Pull Small Dog Harness Vest

Comfort Fit Pets No Pull Small Dog Harness VestThis harness comes with reflective straps, which will ensure the safety of your dog during early morning and late evening walks It is a very soft and comfortable harness and does not hinder the movement of your dog in any manner.

Despite this, he would not be able to pull the leash or run away. There is a lifetime guarantee for this product. It comes in 8 different colors and a variety of sizes. The straps are adjustable. It is a great choice if you are looking for a harness under $20. 



Safety and comfort is something that we all are looking for. No doubt safety comes ahead of comfort which is why, it becomes extremely important for us to make the dog wear a harness.

The dog might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning but once he gets used to wearing a harness, there will be no greater joy than this. A harness keeps the dog safe in all circumstances and it is also very comfortable to wear.

In winters, the dogs will feel cosy with these harnesses and in summers, the cooling effect of the harness will keep them cool throughout the day. Even though you might feel that there is no need for a harness, or that a harness would make the dog feel uncomfortable.

However, if you find the right harness, it is a great investment. All the risks of choking and neck or trachea injuries are eliminated when you use a dog harness instead of a dog collar. It is much more convenient. The risk of choking or of the collar slipping off is also eliminated.

It is important to make small dogs wear harnesses as they are extremely delicate. With the harness on, they are protected and safe. To find the perfect harness for your dog just keep in mind the above mentioned factors and you will be able to pick the best of all.

You just need to find the best small dog harness, and your dog will be ready to play whenever he wants to, without you worrying about his safety.

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