Best Orthopedic Dog Beds 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Furhaven 2. Best Friends 3. MidWest Homes
Furhaven Best Orthopedic Dog BedBest Friends By SheriMidWest Homes

Several dog owners regard their dogs as their own kids and treat them with nothing more than the latest of food and accessories. Your dog always needs a warm spot to rest its head at night, as your best mate and most faithful partner. If he still sleeps on a rusted-out dog bed, or a rolled up-blanket, it may be time to start looking for something fresh.

Dog beds come in various sizes and types, yet nothing matches a dog bed better than an orthopedic bed. Not only are orthopedic beds better in terms of comfort, but they do also offer protection for the bones and joints of your dog. It is especially essential for elderly dogs, but they will benefit from the right joint treatment.


The dog needs the best of luxury, but choosing the correct dog bed may be a struggle if you have a big dog. When your dog is older and has arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other medical problems that contribute to sore joints or general exhaustion, it is particularly crucial to find the best bed for your dog’s comfort and safety.

Orthopedic dog beds incorporate padding with ample breathing area and offer a supportive spot for your dog and lie on that will not add strain on their joints. Discover the best orthopedic dog bed on the market to help alleviate stress and stiffness in the joints.

Factors To Consider When Buying Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

1. Size

First, a dog bed should have a resting area that is appropriate for your pet to relax comfortably, avoiding leaning over the edges of the feet and legs. This suggests that pet owners of big dogs like a Great Dane or Mastiff might be more constrained in their choices because fewer pet beds come in varieties that are wide enough to match their dog.

It’s a smart idea to determine your dog’s normal sleeping area and to limit the scope to beds that follow specific standards. Finally, if you are searching for a bed which can deliver as a crate mat, understand your dog’s crate dimensions before you go shopping.

2. Foam Quality

A dog bed must be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your dog and relieve the strain off its bones and joints when it is sleeping.

In general, you ought to opt for thick, durable, human-grade orthopedic padding instead of torn materials or low-loft fiber lining, which is more apt to squish below the weight of your dog. Large dogs need beds with a more robust, firmer foundation to hold their weight-for the big dogs; small, flimsy pads do not usually make it.

3. Safe And Eco-Friendly

An important factor when it comes to foam is health concerns. Owners of an eco-minded pet might want to find a dog bed made of recycled or environmentally sustainable fabrics.

Nonetheless, any dog owner will search for beds constructed of approved silicone, ensuring it’s free of asbestos, arsenic, heavy metals, flame retardants, and any chemicals and contaminants that may damage the safety of your pet.

4. Style

Healthy sleeping habits and the essential personality traits of your dog must also be considered. Does your dog like to curl up in lesser, more confined spaces in a ball? In this scenario, you could find a bed with bolsters on the sides to get a more secure, confined space.

Nervous dogs would also appreciate the extra privacy and feelings of safety provided by a bolster dog bed. On the other hand, if your dog enjoys rolling over and reaching out, a pillow or mattress-style dog bed may be more appropriate.

5. Waterproof

An orthopedic memory foam pad is a good option for elderly pets, so if your dog has trouble with urinary leaks, you can always find water-resistant fabrics. Look for a dog bed with a reusable, machine-washable cover, at least, so that you can hold your pet bed clean effectively.

Whether your dog is young or elderly, a long-hair shedder or a short-haired type, is suffering from urinary leak or incontinence or is still accident-free, your dog’s bed can get filthy and stinky with time – so quick cleaning is essential.

6. Durable

Search for a dog built from sturdy fabrics like hard nylon or cardboard that will be more robust to the most vigorous shredding attempts on your puppy. Durability is often something to be remembered for dogs that prefer to scrape or dig until they lay down.

7. Colors And Designs

Colors and patterns may be an important factor based on where you intend to keep your dog’s new bed. If you’re going to keep it in your living room, you’re not likely going to want a dog bed that will conflict with your decor and stands out like a bump on a log.

Luckily, many dog beds come in all sorts of colors for big dogs, and others have a few style options, too. The bulk comes in a few soft tones to match almost every design.

8. Warranty

When you drop a couple of hundred bucks on a dog pad, then you’ll need to be sure it’s one that’s going to last. A guarantee covers several dog beds – right up to 10 years; this guarantees that for a particular duration, the plastic or other fabrics should retain much of their form and loft, so if it does not, you will get a free substitute.

9. Non-Slippery

You should also know where to put the bed of your dog. When you are planning to put it in a wood or tile flooring space, selecting a dog bed with a non-slip bottom will prevent you from trying to move the bed back to its correct position anytime you step into the house.

This is because when your big dog flops into his bed, dog beds with a soft fabric surface tend to slide on wood or tile floors across a bit, which means that in quick order, it can move through the room.

10. Outdoor Use Beds

Ultimately, if your pet goes together with your family on outdoor activities such as road trips or spending time outside in the garden, it’s a smart idea to invest in a dog bed, which is ideal for outdoor usage in addition to a standard cozy indoor bed.

Elevated dog beds are the perfect choice for outdoor use. Such dog beds are lifted a few inches above the field, ensuring that the dog does not lay in the hot turf. Besides, getting the air ventilation beneath will help keep the dog comfortable on hot summer days.

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds 2021

1. Furhaven

Furhaven Best Orthopedic Dog BedThe FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Couch is an ideal option for the genuinely budget-minded, who do not want to risk the safety of their dog, for dog beds for large breed dogs under $50.

The large scale, measuring 44 inches by 35 inches, and providing a 32-by-29 inch sleeping area, costs less than $50. This is 4.5 inches long, providing an orthopedic padding foundation and an egg-crate to soothe pain points and protect joints, making it an ideal option for aged dogs or those with hip and knee issues.

The foundation of this dog bed is constructed of orthopedic padding with egg-crate and liquid-resistant poly canvas, a bonus for elderly dogs that may have incontinence issues. It has a smooth, sturdy fake cotton sleeping board, and three-sided solid, supporting reinforced corners.

Now offered in small, medium, and large sizes are the FurHaven Orthopedic Dog Bench, but the jumbo version is the only model appropriate for bigger breeds. Luckily this dog bed is so cheap that it’s no big deal to pay for the large version.

And the FurHaven Dog Couch comes in many different colors for the aesthetic-conscious pet parent, from velvet smoke gray to plush clay, quilted navy, fleece coffee, and more, as well as a diamond pattern design in blue, brown, or gray. This is one of the best orthopedic dog beds out there.


2. Best Friends By Sheri

Best Friends By SheriHelp your fuzzy buddy get the quality sleep it needs with this Luxurious Shag Donut Orthopedic Self-Heating pet bed. The circular shape produces a supportive aura while the reinforced edge offers extra orthopedic protection and serves as a paw-positively perfect headrest.

The specific type of insulation radiates moisture from the body heat of the pet itself. It’s washable by machine, dryer-safe, and comes in a fluffy faux-shag cloth that keeps your pal warm, cozy, and relaxed.

The excellent quality donut cuddler pet bed is perfect for dogs who enjoy curling up, thanks to its circular form! The elevated rim offers a feeling of protection, which provides comfort for the head and neck while the super-soft lining provides relief for joint and muscle discomfort.

Combined with deep crevices enabling the pet to burrow, the animals can have absolute, restful sleep for more significant behavior and better safety. It is offered in natural colors, the pet beds are a flawless addition to the decor of any house.

And since they are filled with water and bottoms that are dirt-resistant, they help avoid unintended messes from hitting the surfaces.


3. MidWest Homes

MidWest HomesThis Midwest Homes for Pets tufted, luxurious, over-stuffed Deluxe Pet bed is the dream bed for your furry pal, whether it’s a cat or a dog. Every bed comes in various sizes, to suit the style of your dog or cat. The impartial-colored beds complement every home design and offer a cozy spot to relax for your cat.

This bed also features a non-slip bottom that ensures you can put it on any surface like tiles or hardwood floors without worrying about risking your pet’s health. This pet bed is suitable for dogs and cats weighing between 11 and 25 pounds.

You may even place this pet bed on your couch or in a pet cage, truck, or pet carrier to hold your pet warm at any time. The kit comes with one of Midwest Homes for Pets’ comfortable Deluxe Pet Beds, guaranteed to be enjoyed by your furry friend the moment they first lie on it. This has to be the best orthopedic dog bed.

This deluxe pet bed is your pet’s best in relaxing and warm. The overstuffed bed has a ripple design which not only looks fantastic but is also sure to make your dog or cat feel like a queen or king.

This bed is of good quality, long-lasting, and low maintenance, just what it should be for a pet bed.

The fluffy, tufted poly-fiber cushion will survive several years of usage while the extremely-soft polyester does not get pill fibers like pet pillows from fleece. There is also no need to strive when washing to remove the cover, as the entire bed is fully machine-washable.

The softcover has a ripple design that ranges from mocha to taupe and gives your unmatched pet warmth.

The bed comes in seven different sizes, and you can choose the right one for your dog. No matter how messy your dog gets while playing and digging, there’s no reason to fear. This pad is sturdy and is conveniently washable in your laundry.

Only place the pad inside the unit and run a soft, cold cycle or pet-safe detergent. You could also use low heat or air to dry the bed to tumble dry to make sure your pet is always tidy and hygienic.


4. Best Friends Deep Dish

Best Friends Deep DishBest Friends by Sheri’s OrthoComfort Cuddler bed has an excellent rounded shape to ensure the best warmth and protection for your pet. The large, oversupplied rear wall offers considerable back protection while the lower sculpted front wall protects the head and neck of your mate.

The matching bottom is constructed from sturdy cloth that won’t absorb dirt or dust, so placing it in the dryer is machine-washable so clean. It also includes fluffy, luxurious Sherpa cotton, keeping your pet beautiful and comfortable while he’s sleeping.

Because of its tall walls and cozy wool-like body, each sofa bed provides warmth and a sense of safety, promoting more good sleep, promoting improved health and behavior.

Our luxury dog beds are adaptable enough to satisfy any dormant position, from cuddling to sprawling. The high 13.5 “rear bolster wall helps to ease joint pain while the 9.5” front provides additional orthopedic support for the head and neck.

Quick and straightforward to vacuum, pet owners would enjoy putting a waterproof bottom on our dog mattresses. This not only saves floors, but as these beds are machine washable and dryer-safe, extra hair and odors are an earlier problem.

Crafted from pet-safe fabrics only, you can be assured that our puppy beds are completely non-toxic! Stuffed with new materials, it retains the loft up to 3 times longer than the materials used in any other pet sheets.


5. PetFusion

PetFusionThe luxury PetFusion product utilizes a sturdy memory foam block as the foundation, which offers medium strength when adhering to your dog to alleviate trigger points. Where some dogs could choose the stiffer orthopedic foam, memory foam may produce better results for your dog.

The layer of memory foam is thicker based on the size of the dog you purchase to suit the correct weight. The lining comprises two layers, one of which is a waterproof inner layer and one of which is a reach safety accredited polyester/cotton blend, which is intended to be safe to skin contact.

The two zipper compartments help you to quickly distinguish the bolstered layer from the bottom layer and just wash what’s filthy, and there are substitutes.

A non-skid foundation helps to hold the bed in place, while the large bolsters help to keep the dog happy. The bolsters are lined with a recycled, robust combination of polyester and cotton.


6. BarksBar

BarksBarA more budget-conscious, but high-quality, option is the orthopedic dog bed BarksBar Snuggly Bed, which costs around $70. Also, an orthopedic dog bed, due to the reliable protection it is suitable for elderly dogs and those with hip or knee issues, including arthritis.

The BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper is appropriate for medium to large dogs, measuring 40 inches by 30 inches in length, and is a full 10 inches high, including the cotton-padded rim cushioning across the sides, intended to contour the neck of your pup.

The foundation, made of sturdy and grooved orthopedic material, is four inches thick to offer excellent cushioning and pain relief for achy joints.

This dog bed can hold up to 100 pounds of dogs and is comfortably 36 inches deep. The ultra-soft polyester cover incorporates a quilted pattern for a chic feel that won’t compete with your furniture, plus there’s a non-slip rubber backrest on the bottom to keep the bed from rolling over wooden or tiled flooring. At the same time, your pup happily flops down for the night.

The Barks Bar Snuggly Sleeper is simple to clean and includes a reusable, machine-washable cover that is also quick to see during washings. You’ll need to encourage it to air-dry instead of placing it in the dryer, though.


7. BarkBox

BarkBoxThe orthopedic dog bed BarkBox memory foam has a dense memory foam base that protects the joints and core muscles of your dog, perfect for all dogs but particularly those with arthritis, recovering from knee surgery or other joint problems.

A specially made mattress cover can be machine-washed for quick cleanup. The mattress has a heat-regulating gel built in to help maintain your pup warm. Find the right styling with various sizes and paint choices for your dog.


8. Big Barker

Big BarkerThe Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed will certainly not disappoint you when you’re searching for the best in quality for your large breed dog.

The incredible comfort that your dog would enjoy comes at a price – this dog bed varies from around $240 to $400 in quality, depending on the size – critics agree the cost is worth it.

This dog bed is made of a three-inch H45 comfortable foam sheet, wedged among two, two-inch H10 comfort foam layers, making it a full seven inch thick. Besides, a four-inch, curved foam pillow top on one side offers a cozy spot for your dog to rest his head.

The highest consistency that you can consider in an orthopedic dog bed is the American-made therapeutic foam layers so that it won’t flatten over time.

Big Barker also guarantees it won’t, and they back the material with a 10-year warranty – if the foam fails to maintain 90 percent of its original form and loft for a full ten years, the company will give you a free substitute.

The foam meets US quality, pollution, and toughness requirements, and is tested by independent, third-party testing labs. The bed is covered in a machine-washable lightweight, 100 percent microfiber cover, and zips open for quick cleaning.

The high-quality foam construction and the ultra-thick, seven-inch foundation make the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed an excellent choice for dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and age-related general aches and pains.

It offers superior protection even for the biggest dogs, ensuring that they do not fall through the bed and end up lying basically on the hard floor. Instead, this bed embraces every curve of your dog’s body, providing additional relief for the achy muscles and joints.

The Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed arrives in three sizes that match every size medium breed dogs. The standard size is 48-by-30 inches, the extra-wide measures 52-by-36 inches, and a generous 60-by-48 inches of “giant” scale.

And you can choose from four shades to match your furniture with your dog’s bed: burgundy, gray charcoal, chocolate, and khaki.


9. Milliard

MilliardThe Milliard Luxury Orthopedic Pet Bed is far more reasonable on the market than other orthopedic dog beds, and it still appears in four various sizes. This dog bed is 4 inches deep, with a mix of a durable foam base and a memory foam top.

It is crafted from sturdy materials with a washable zip-off cover, which can be placed for your comfort in the washing machine. This comes in four sizes and one neutral color.

One thing to remember about the Milliard Premium Orthopedic Pet Bed is that it provides the best protection for small and medium-sized breeds – for very big or bulky dogs, it might not be thick enough.

However, when you are searching for an inexpensive dog bed that provides orthopedic help for an average-size dog, this might be the right choice.


10. Furhaven Luxe

Furhaven LuxeThese Furhaven orthopedic dog beds are crafted using medical-grade foam and have a specific shape that allows for different sleeping positions while removing trigger points. They’re also usually a little cheaper than competitors, particularly given the variety of sizes they’re selling.

The cradle configuration offers some encouragement without limiting how your dog lies. Because there is no pronounced rim, the size of the bed allows you a little more sleeping surface space.

The coverings are comfortable and welcoming and can be removed for the washing machine. That being said, they’re certainly on the thin side, so you’d like to look somewhere else if your dog wants to dig before lying down.

They make the covers available themselves if you wanted to fix just that later. They are all available in 11 different variations of color/patterns.

This model comes in orthopedic foam as well as refrigerating gel foam and memory foam, as described here. Opt for orthopedic padding for the highest performance and durability, but it depends partly on what your dog wants.

It’s just one layer of foam, so it’s both performing and multi-layering options. This is considered the best orthopedic dog bed.

Such beds come in five sizes, with one minor exception. The dimensions of Jumbo Plus and Giant raise the thickness from 2.5 to 5 inches. It would be easier if the Large and Jumbo were thicker but only go up a size if you’re concerned about that.


Benefits Of An Orthopedic Dog Bed

While you certainly have an idea of what the term “orthopedic” means, the name does not have a technical or legal meaning. The orthopedic dog bed is typically one specially built to protect the bones, joints, and body.

The bed responds and offers protection, instead of collapsing under the weight of the dog. Orthopedic dog beds appear to be more costly than standard dog beds, but there’s a good reason – inconsistency and service, they’re superior.

1. Memory Foam

As the name suggests, memory foam complies to the image of the body, when it lays on it. The substance can slowly revert to its original form after he leaves the room. The memory foam density helps you have a smaller mattress with more protection.

The unique nature of memory foam helps pets by doing away with pain points. When you pictured a dog rolled on his side or sprawled on his back, you’d find that the elbows, knees, hocks, and hips are the places of the most strain. Memory foam removes such pressure points by uniformly dividing body weight.

The head, neck, and back are areas of the body that sometimes receive very little protection from a bed, as opposed to pressure points. Memory foam offers stability and cushioning while still accommodating the weight of the puppy.

2. Joint Support

Orthopedic beds can slow the development of the effects of arthritis by offering early restful sleep and mutual support. Most big breeds need extreme training to preserve mental stability or are working dogs. Orthopedic beds will relieve muscle soreness and reduce wear and tear on the joint.

3. Comfort

Humans still strive to sleep on the right mattress. In reality, a mattress improves or destroys the consistency of a person’s sleep.

Picture a dog who needs to sleep more than 12 hours a day, wouldn’t he like to rest in a cozy bed? He does. Of both breeds, young and elderly, orthopedic dog beds are convenient, so it’s the most significant kind of dog bed that you can provide to your pet.

4. Alleviate Pain

Orthopedic dog beds are a tremendous benefit to pets suffering from joint conditions. The truth is they are particularly susceptible to canine arthritis, as dogs develop aged. And that’s not it; elderly dogs also experience hip dyslexia, spine damage, damage to soft tissue, muscle weakness, and other joint issues.

Orthopedic dog beds also help relieve the discomfort dogs experience by memory foam bed comfort and cushioning. It’s not just elderly dogs who are susceptible to these situations, by the way.

Because of their weight, too, big dog breeds are vulnerable to new joint and bone degeneration. Therefore, supplying them with the help they need early on and before things get worse is vital.

Do Orthopedic Dog Beds Work?

In the end, this depends precisely on what you set off to do. No dog bed will relieve the dog’s joint discomfort. It is a task for the doctor, who can prescribe physical treatment or surgery to make it easier.

Think about orthopedic dog beds as having a superior support sheet that reacts more to your dog’s body than the surface, a pillow, or even your sofa. This will also assist with discomfort as part of a broader approach, along with holding the dog at a good weight, eating better quality meals, and regular activity.

If your dog is anxious and squirms a lot in their sleep, finding one of those beds may be perfect. If they continue to dig in their bed as if they are seeking to create a more comfortable surface to lie on, it may be another sign that their present bed is not functioning for them as well.

The selection of choices focuses on foam-based beds, which are built to relieve strain. Such kinds of purchasing choices also have to align risks with payoff opportunities. If your dog sleeps well, walks effortlessly, and you’re satisfied with your doctor, you’ll realize you’ve found the right room.

Find The Correct Bed Size

It’s hard to weigh the dog in a vulnerable state, as he would want to communicate with you as soon as you contact him with measuring tape. You will, therefore, be able to make a fair guess. Check for how the dog lies sprawled or tucked into a small bundle on its foot.

Bolsters to the latter are perfect. Speaking of bolsters, you do ought to keep in mind that they can take some of the sleeping room in the bunk. Descriptions of dog beds typically describe the width of the bolster and the overall length of the pillow.

The last factoid to take away is that when the surface area is too large, orthopedic beds may not provide sufficiently under a small dog’s weight. If you have a Poodle or Papillon dog that has joint complications, you don’t want him to sink in an uncomfortable bed.

FAQs on Orthopedic Dog Beds

1. Do Orthopedic Dog Beds Help?

Definitely! When you buy a well made authentic memory foam dog bed, it will do a lot for your older pet. An “orthopedic” bed with high-quality memory foam can ease achy knees, improve stability, and provide some much necessary relaxation for a pain-riddled dog.

2. What Size Dog Bed Should I Get?

To find the right bed size, it is advised to measure your pet in its usual sleeping position. Use 4-6 “for small dogs and cats, or 8-12” for medium to big dogs.

3. Why Do Dogs Sleep Curled Up?

When dogs sleep in the wild, mainly when it’s cold, they’re going to dig a nest and curl up into it. That gives them comfort — tucking into a ball removes heat from their body. This also defends their most fragile abdominal organs from would-be predators.

4. Does A Dog Need A Bed?

Most dogs get 12 hours of sleep a day. You must choose the right bed. While many people believe dogs are most likely to curl up and sleep wherever your fuzzy buddy should just not rest on the floor. The fact is, dogs need beds just as we do because they are helpful for several reasons.

Best Ortho Dog Beds – Made Your Yet?

Every bed is not suited for every dog. You understand your dog better than anybody else, and are the best judge of what kind of bed would be best for your furry friend. Is your dog tired of cuddling beneath cushions or stretching out much of the time?

Does your dog usually feel bundled up and cold, or is she just trying to cool down on the heated floors? Will your elderly dog with arthritis or joint problems have a tough time going up and down?

Now that you know the choices available, make a list of all the items your dog wants in a bed and honestly decide how much you can expect to pay, then pick your dog’s dream orthopedic bed.

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