Best Leather Dog Collars 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guides

1. Aolove2. Didog3. Bronzedog

AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Best Leather dog collar

Didog - Cute PU Leather Dog Collar - Rhinestone Flower Pattern Studded - 1 Inch Width Fit Small and Medium Dogs

BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar Round Rope Pet Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs Puppy Cat Red Pink Blue Teal Brown Rose Green

There’s one accessory that your dog is guaranteed to use every day – and that is a dog collar. And what better, than to purchase one of the best leather dog collars available in the market! 

Leather dog collars are well-known to be durable and of high-quality. They are the best option for new dog-owners to train their dog without causing any harm. 

Not only do leather collars last long, but they give off a classy and elegant look. If you opt for an adjustable, easy to clean and comfortable model, your dog will be elated, and so will you. Considering that your dog spends a lot of its time outdoors, its best to have a collar that can accommodate dog tags and leashes.  

Now you might be thinking, out of so many brands in the market, how to choose one that is good? Well, you don’t need to think too much. The decision has been made easier, as we have  provided information about factors like material, style, buckle quality, etc.

Ultimately, your decision is based upon your dog’s and your preferences. It can still be difficult to choose a collar, so here’s  a list to make your life simple.  


Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Leather Dog Collars

1. Faux vs Real Leather Collars

There are two options in the market when it comes to leather collars. Whether you want to opt for genuine leather or a faux leather collar, it all boils down to your personal preference. 

Genuine leather tends to last for many years, and is more durable in comparison to faux leather. This durability makes it a good choice for highly active dogs.

High-quality faux leather will also be less likely to irritate your dog’s skin, as some low-quality genuine leather collars are treated with many chemicals.

So if you are opting for a genuine leather collar for your dog, make sure it is of high quality – otherwise faux leather is your best option.

2. Rolled or Flat

Rolled collars are said to be the best leather dog collars for breeds with long hair. These collars prevent any kind of tangling or damage that could be caused by flat collars. 

However, rolled collars can be uncomfortable and unsafe if you choose a collar that is poorly stitched. Such rolled leather collars often unravel, and this reduces the longevity of the collar.

3. Hardware Quality

The leather collar that you bought for your beloved dog might be strong, but the fixtures need to be just as strong. Dog collars usually consist of metal buckles, clasps, and D-rings. It is necessary to pick a collar that is made of rust-resistant hardware, or at least coated for the same. 

Buckles are usually either cast or stamped, but cast buckles have the upper hand. These buckles are stronger and will not snap or bend easily, making sure the collar is secure. 

Be careful of any sharp points or edges near the fastening of the buckle that might make the collar uncomfortable or injure your dog.There should be no gap between the ends of the D-rings, so that there is no slipping off of the collar over time. If you keep all these points in mind, you will easily be able to select the best collar for your furry friend.

4. Accessories

When you go through the list of best leather dog collars, you will notice the different decorative ornaments and accessories attached. While this jazzes up the look of your pet’s collar, it can cause a choking hazard. 

If the accessories are not fastened tightly, they can fall off and since they are small in size, the dog might swallow it. So, before you go and purchase a dog collar, make sure there are no loosely attached decorative materials.

5. Perfect Fit 

A crucial factor to look for when buying a leather dog collar is the fit. If your dog’s collar keeps slipping off, it will be uneasy and hard for it to run around. On the other hand, if the collar is too tight and heavy, it will be irritating and painful for the dog.

When you go shopping, make sure to buy a collar that has at least a 2 finger gap between the neck and the collar band. This is where adjustable collars shine, and are a brilliant option as they will be able to accommodate your dog’s neck size as it grows.  

Top 10 Best Leather Dog Collars 2021 

1. AOLOVE Classic Leather Collar

AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Best Leather dog collar

All those dog-owners who want a simple but stylish design, should get their hands on this collar. The AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather pet collar is available in a wide range of colors to suit your preferences.

Often leather collars are too heavy and bulky when worn by smaller dogs. To help combat this problem, the brand has put forth an interesting feature that will suit all dogs. AOLOVE increases the width of their collar width, as per the neck size. 

This padded collar is constructed from leather and proves to be high on quality and durability. The hardware of the collar is nickel-plated, providing a heavy-duty D-ring that protects your pet’s neck. All in all, this collar proves to be fashionable yet durable, a perfect match for your dog!


  • Neck sizes vary from 8” to 18.5” 
  • Length varies from 11.8” to 20”
  • Width varies from ⅗” to 1” 

2. Didog Rhinestone Dog Collar

Didog - Cute PU Leather Dog Collar - Rhinestone Flower Pattern Studded - 1 Inch Width Fit Small and Medium Dogs

This is the best leather dog collar for dogs who are just charming, and are complete divas. The Didog collar has been fabricated using Polyurethane leather, making it soft and comfortable to wear.

The most appealing feature of this collar are the rhinestone-studded flower patterns, that make it ideal for special occasions as well. This collar attracts many buyers with female dogs, as it gives their pets a charming and pretty look.  

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the collar is also sturdy and easily adjustable. You also don’t have to stick to just one color, as the brand gives you three color options.  This leather dog collar is evidently the best choice for dogs who just love some bling!


  • Neck sizes vary from 11” to 15”
  • Width is 1” for all sizes
  • Length varies from 14.5” to 16.5”

3. BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Collar

BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar Round Rope Pet Collars for Small Medium Large Dogs Puppy Cat Red Pink Blue Teal Brown Rose Green

Rolled dog collars are an excellent pick for dog breeds that have long hair. Not only do they help in preventing your dog’s fur from getting tangled, but turn out to be a durable option compared to regular collars.

The BronzeDog collar is available in seven different colors for you to choose your favorite one. You will find it to be a perfect fit for everyday wear as well as special occasions. 

Metal fixtures of this leather collar include a buckle and a ring that are secure and reliable. This collar is constructed from a soft grain genuine leather material, which is very comfortable for dogs.  Whether you have a small, medium, or large-sized dog, this collar is ideal for all!


  • Neck size varies from 7” to 21” 
  • Length varies from 11” to 26”
  • Weight varies from 13 grams to 69 grams

4. chede Handmade Leather Collar

chede Luxury Real Leather Dog Collar- Handmade for Medium Dog Breeds with The Finest Genuine Leather Collar That is Stylish,Soft Strong and Comfortable

If you are looking for something that is luxurious and of premium quality, this collar is your go-to. The chede collar is one of the best leather dog collars when it comes to providing the utmost comfort. 

There are no short-cuts while producing this collar – everything is handmade and handcrafted. It provides a high-class look to your dog, owing to the soft genuine leather used during construction. If your dog suffers from irritation and rubbing, you can opt for this collar. The inside of the collar is padded, which protects your pet from any distress. 

Another striking feature is the unique metal clip clasp used for closure instead of the traditional buckle. This clasp provides your furry friend with a seamless fit, adding to the comfort.  Overall, featuring not just easy to clean but strong and durable leather, this is a collar your dog will love!


  • Neck size varies from 9.4” to 20”
  • Width varies from ⅗” to 1”
  • Length varies from 14.5” to 20.5”

5. ADITYNA Leather Collar

ADITYNA Leather Dog Collar for Small, Medium and Large Dogs - Heavy Duty Wide Dog Collars with Durable Metal Hardware & Double D-Ring - Unique Name Tag Included

It doesn’t matter if your dog is big in size or small, ADITYNA has got your back! This brand provides you with any size collar you might require.

Available in just two colors, this leather collar gives off a sleek and classy vibe. You will fall for the premium quality, as the collar is constructed from 100% genuine leather.  Not only is this collar a treat to the eyes, but also a comfortable and flexible choice.   

This leather collar features a double buckle system with double D-rings, offering you double the protection offered by a normal collar. While the double buckle keeps the collar secure, the D-rings can be utilized for adding tags or a leash.  So, if you are looking for a stress-free collar that has a stylish design as well, this is a must-buy. 


  • Length of collar varies from 10” to 30”
  • Width of collar varies from ¾” to 1.75”

6. Peshouco Handmade Leather Collar

Peshouco Leather Dog Collar with Handle Genuine Leather Dog Walking Training Collar With Alloy Hardware Adjustable Handmade Heavy Duty D-Ring Collar for Large Medium Small Pet Dogs

Is your dog a bit hard to handle and gets a bit aggressive occasionally? If so, you have nothing to be worried about! The Peshouco collar is one of the best leather dog collars for such situations, and is also equipped with a handle. The D-ring design of the collar makes it easy to handle your pet, while providing a padded lining for comfort.

Not only is it suitable for big dogs like German Shepards, but also for small dogs who have just started training. It can be quite hard to train dogs in the beginning, and this collar makes it easy by providing the users with a quick release metal buckle.

The materials with which some collars are made from often irritate the skin of dogs. Peshouco offers a chemical and dye-free full-grain leather construction. The leather is naturally tanned and genuine, giving the collar an authentic and classy look.


  • Neck size varies from 17.7” to 21.6”
  • Width is of 1.2”

7. Moonpet Soft Padded Collar

Moonpet Soft Padded Real Genuine Leather Dog Collar - Best Full Grain Heavy Duty Dog Collar - Durable Strong Adjustable for Small Medium Large X-Large Male Female Dogs Walking Running Training

The Moonpet leather collar is a luxurious ornament for your furry buddy. With 100% genuine leather and brass fittings, this collar will last you years before it wears out. 

It has a two-tone color, which will help highlight your dog by giving off a stylish look. Furthermore, the collar is available in 3 colors, and you can select one as per your dog’s style.

When it comes to the hardware of the leather collar, Moonpet offers a heavy-duty D ring, which can be used to attach a leash or dog tags. The brass hardware does not rust like other collars in the market; it proves to be there for your dog in the long run. 

An extraordinary feature is the lifetime guarantee put forward by the vendors. At any point in time, if this collar fails to fulfill your needs, the company will refund or replace it. 

Moonpet also has padded its collar well to prevent your dog’s neck from getting irritated. Moreover, it is a great choice for long walks, training, running, and more. Be it any situation, this leather collar will never fail you!  


  • Length varies from 12.4” to 22”
  • Width varies from 1” to 1.4” 

8. Charmsong Leather Studded Collar

Charmsong 19-22Adjustable Black Leather Studded Dog Collar with Spikes for Dogs

If you are looking for a fierce and bold look for your dog, or just something different, go for the Charmsong collar. With two rows of metal spikes studded onto the collar, your dog will instantly look stylish.

The Charmstrong collar is made of genuine leather material and is easily adjustable. It uses high-quality metal buckles and studs, which are durable and keep your dog comfortable.  The cone nail design that is implemented on the collar is to prevent your dog from biting the collar.

It is available in two colors for you to choose from, both very classy and fashionable. There is a company offer of a 30 day warranty, which means you could try it for a few days. If you change your mind, you can always return it back – within certain conditions.


  • Neck size varies from 14” to 21”
  • Width is 1.2”

9. Beirui Flower Dog Collar

Beirui Cute PU Leather Dog Collar with Adorable Flowers

Looking for a special collar for your dog? Beirui offers a cute and decorative leather dog collar. It is ornamented with multicolor flowers, making it one of the best leather dog collars if you are looking for a smart and chic collar.

The Beirui collar is a skin-friendly pick, made from PU leather. Unlike other collars that are stiff and irritating for dogs, this collar is soft and flexible, and aids in your dog’s comfort.  The vibrant leather color makes it easy for you to locate your pet in case it wanders off. There are three colors for you to choose from, and all are equally stylish. 

Don’t be worried about the flowers falling off, as they have been studded to keep them in place. If you have a female dog, this color and style will appeal to you the most.  Overall, the Beirui collar gives maximum comfort for your dog and also makes it the most stand-out dog in your neighborhood.


  • Length varies from 10” to 15” 
  • Width is 1”


10. Weaver Leather Collar

Weaver Leather Sundance Dog Collar

The Weaver Leather Sundance dog collar looks like it’s from the Wild West. The collar gives such an antique and classy look, that you are bound to buy this for your beloved dog.

When it comes to aesthetics, this collar doesn’t fail you. This exquisite leather dog collar features alluring small berry concho charms. It also has an antique scallop edge design that is hand-stitched.

You don’t need to worry about the buckle quality, as it is one of the best out there. As the collar is hand-tooled you don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged or falling off. The collar is beautifully crafted from a brown skirting leather material which is oil rubbed. This not only portrays a unique look, but provides comfort as well.  Overall, this is a brilliant collar for dog-owners who are looking for something handcrafted and vintage.


  • Length is 26” 
  • Width is 1.5” 

FAQs on Leather Dog Collars

1. Should dogs wear a collar all the time? 

This is a very common question, however, there is no hard and fast rule for leaving a collar on. There are many things to consider before you leave the collar on all day or not. It depends majorly upon the dog’s size, personality, environment, and breed. Talking about pup-owners, their young pups tend to stay inside most of the day in order to stay safe and don’t require a collar yet.  

On the other hand, for dog-owners who just can’t get their dogs to stay inside, they need a collar. Moreover, whether the dog needs to still wear a collar all the time, depends on safety. If children or other animals are going to be present where you are going, you should put on the collar. So, it all depends upon the situation and the dog’s preferences. It is completely up to the owner.

2. Are wide collars better for dogs?

This depends solely on your dog’s size and strength. You might have noticed in the list of the best leather dog collars, that some collars increase width with the neck size. This technique proves to make the collar comfortable for dogs of all sizes.

If your dog is of a smaller breed, buying a collar of greater width will make it heavier for the dog to handle. It is a poor decision if your dog is not able to handle that weight, as it will just cause pain. 

Dogs that are larger cannot wear a less width collar ,as this will increase the pressure on the neck. Thicker collars tend to provide more support to the neck and this makes it an ideal choice for larger and stronger dogs.  If you are unsure about your dog’s strength, go for a standard collar size of 1.5”. 

3. What is the best material for dog collars?

There isn’t just one material that proves to be perfect for dog collars. The most popular and widely used materials are leather and nylon. While both are very durable in long usage, you must choose what you value more. 

If leather is kept dry over the years, it will be durable and outlast nylon as well. Leather dog collars are both aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. However, nylon is a lightweight material that is less likely to break. When it comes to choosing between these two, that is a decision that you must take after monitoring activities your dog performs in a day, and what is comfortable for it. 

4. How Do You Clean Leather Dog Collars?

The dog collars crafted from genuine leather are built to last for years and maintain their stylish look. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t maintain them; they need to be cleaned occasionally as well.

You should use a clean and soft cloth to remove any dirt with a leather conditioner. This conditioner will protect it from water – just buff it after cleaning it with a second cloth and you are good to go.

There are many leather cleaners in the market for you to choose from. The most inexpensive and best choice is saddle soap. You need to dip a lightly dampened cloth into the soap and rub it onto the leather. Once the soap dries, just buff the collar like usual and your collar is ready for your four-legged friend!   

Get The Best Leather Dog Collars For Your Little Pooch To Give Him Both Safety And Comfort Now!

Now that you have gone through some of the best leather dog collars out there in the market, I hope you make a better and informed decision while shopping.

The dog collars presented to you had all the style variations possible with functionality. Right from a classy subtle leather look to a sparkly bling look, you are bound to find a large variety in the products. They are hand-picked by me to only showcase the best there is for your furry friend. Remember to keep in mind all the necessary factors when you go to purchase the one for you. The last thing you want is to compromise on your dog’s comfort and style. Buy a leather collar for your dog today to enjoy training and walk sessions to the full extent! And trust me, you will not regret any dog collar you buy from the list present.

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