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There are 900 million dogs in the world. As a result, there is a huge possibility of your dog getting lost like a new born baby, dogs cannot communicate with the people around them, to tell to whom they belong to or where they live. The only difference is that a child eventually learns to speak but dogs do not, no matter how old they get.

As a responsible dog owner, it is our duty to take every precautionary measure to protect our little friend. Therefore, it is important on our part, to make our pup wear a dog tag. Buying the best dog tag makes the process of identification of the dog simple and convenient.

These ID tags are so useful and necessary, that in some countries it is a legal requirement to make pet dogs wear a dog ID tags whenever they are in public. This is because you never know when the dog might head out for an adventurous day! So, these dog tags are a very simple but an effective way of ensuring that your dog never goes missing.


The idea of dog tags might not sound very appealing but using one determines whether reunited with your fur ball, or whether you will lose him for the rest of your life. It is entirely your call. Even if your dog is micro chipped, even then you must hang a tag on him, because the person who finds your lost pup may not necessarily have a chip reader with them.

In such cases, dog tags are much more reliable, since every detail about the owner is mentioned on the dog tag. You can put multiple dog tags too. If all the information cannot be written on one tag, in such cases it is advisable to use multiple dog tags for a single dog.

Multiple tags are required mostly for those dogs that have some sort of medical problem or any kind of medical history.

This is because you never know in what condition your dog is found by an unknown person, so in case of an emergency, if something happens, this tag would guide that person who finds your pup and will also guide the vet about the medical procedure he should use on the dog.

In cases where multiple dog tags are put, they continuously strike against each other and make a noise. To prevent this, you can use dog tag silencers. They will undoubtedly help you get through the day.

If you do not want too many dog tags hanging on the neck of your dog, but still want all the relevant information to be there, you can fill in the information on both sides of a single dog tag.

Generally, what people do is that they get the dog’s name printed in a slightly larger, bold font on the front side, and all other information, like the details of the owner at the back of the tag. This will help you reduce the number of tags you are willing to make your dog wear,and at the same time, there will be no compromise on the safety of the dog.

Sometimes, people also get their dogs tattooed with the relevant information. The tattoo is made on the legs of the dog. However, this is generally not considered to be a very great idea because it causes pain.

The pain of such tattoos is undoubtedly unbearable for our pets, and hence, it is not advisable to get the dog tattooed.

Another down side of this is that apart from the name of the dog, most other information such as the contact numbers or the address or any other important information which you can get tattooed is subject to change and thus, in case of any change, wrong information will be shown on the dog.

Vets also say that getting a tattoo on the dog is not the safest option, so it is recommended that you get a collar for the dog, and then hang the identification tag on it instead. Finding a suitable dog tag which is suitable for the dog and that can hold all the required information is one of the first things that a dog owner should focus on, before bringing the dog home.

When we start our search for an appropriate dog tag, we will see that there are thousands of options available in the market. They are available in different colors, different sizes, various shapes, and materials. As a result it can be difficult for us to choose on what to buy. The never ending options available out there makes the process of selection even harder.

Now, you obviously do not want one of those regular dog tags, which every other pet dog would wear. That is too clichéd. For your dog to stand out every time he steps out of the house, there are certain factors one must keep in mind before starting the process.

First, let us discuss what type of dog tag we are looking for. For instance, if your dog is easily excitable or exuberant, you would want to go for a dog tag with a silencer. This will prevent the tags from noisy striking against each other and will avoid any unnecessary voice throughout the day.

If the tags were to jingle all day long, it would be annoying for the dog, as well as the owner of the dog. Even for those dogs who love to run and jump around, this type of dog tag is considered to be the best. The slip on tags are also considered to be a good option for such dogs.

These tags avoid that jingling and will make your day a lot more peaceful. So it is a smart decision to keep in mind, your dog’s playful activities, while choosing the right kind of dog tag, so that it does not become a hindrance for your doggy.

If you are a permanent resident of a place, then you could invest in engraved dog tags. Such tags will provide all the relevant information about the dog and will protect him, even when he is not around you. This option might not suit you if you are constantly moving with your dog, unless you want to purchase a new tag every time you move.

In such cases, when you are relocating with your dog very frequently, you can put a waterproof ID storage tube. Such tubes have a small space inside them, where you can insert a piece of paper with all the necessary details. This information can be updated as and when you are moving.

Hence, you will not be required to invest in new dog tags every other month. If you are looking for engraved dog tags, then make sure the text is clearly engraved and visible enough.

You can also go for embossed texts. Such texts are considered to be better than engraved ones. This is because the former is much more durable than the latter. Here comes the most important question about purchasing a tag.

How long will the product last? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, whenever a person is willing to buy a product. Now, as a buyer, you must know that the better the quality, the better will be the durability. No cheap product can last for a good time, and no good quality product lasts for a short span of time.

You must be wondering what information needs to be mentioned on the dog tag. Well, here are a few things which you should get printed on the tag you choose to keep it up to date.

Things You Should Print In Your Dog Tag

1. Name Of The Dog

2. Name Of The Owner

3. Owner’s Contact Number

4. Owner’s Address

5. Optional – You Might Want To Mention It If Your Dog Is Micro Chipped

These are the most important details that need to be with the dog at all times, in order to ensure that if by any chance he gets lost, the person who finds him does not find it difficult to return him to the owner of that dog.

Next comes the size of the tag. Dog tags come in a range of sizes and shapes. It is up to the owner to decide what they prefer to buy for their canine companion and what they think will suit him/her.

However, it should be noted that whichever tag you choose for your dog, it should not be too heavy for the dog to ensure that he is not weighed down by it and it will also make him uncomfortable if he is wearing it for long hours.

The breed of the dog should be taken into consideration when you are buying a dog tag, as you would know what weight would be suitable for them.

In all cases, the tag should be unobtrusive for the dog. It is important to remember that dogs have a very sensitive neck area so you do not want to hamper their day to day activities, or make them uncomfortable. The look of the tag you choose should not be ignored.

Looks should not be compromised, no matter what, as it is the first impression that you give to a second person. Make sure you do not fill in a lot of information on a single tag, as more information will lead to smaller text will be which will make it harder for the reader to read it and know about the whereabouts of the dog.

The color of the text should be visible on the dog and should not be hidden by the fur of the dog. Also, the font of the text should not be too fancy, as some readers might struggle to read it. At the very least, the dog owner’s name and his or her phone number should be written boldly and clearly.

The traditional dog tags are usually of circular or rectangular in shape. These days, people tend to go for more creative designs as well. Tags in the shape of a bone shaped or a heart shaped tag for their dog. Such different shapes are very only cute.

Moreover, they make the tag much more noticeable than the ordinary ones. You can go for either a dog bone or something bossy for your male dog and a heart or something classy for your female dog. People these days prefer to get their dogs a personalized in their own creative way.

Like getting the relevant information can be engraved or embossed, and then adding cute little paws printed on them, or maybe bones or a bowl of meal, just to make it more cute and adorable. These days, dog tags are available in every color.

All you need to do is choose the color, and the shopkeeper and it will have it made for you instantly. You can even go for multiple colors. Whatever you choose, make sure your dog stands out in the crowd every time he steps out in public.

Here comes another big question! How and where does the tag attach? Do we need to buy another collar for it?

Well, no. There is absolutely no requirement for another collar for the dog. Originally, the dog tag will come with a tiny ring attached to it which can be attached to the buckle or the D ring from where the leash is attached to the dog.

For slip on tags, all you have to do is attach the edges to the dog’s collar, and then slide it over the collar. The tag, in this case, will not be hanging from the dog’s neck, but the information would still be visible.

Let us now discuss about the various kinds of dog tags:

Kinds Of Dog Tags

1. Metal Dog Tags

Most popularly used, are metal tags. They are the easiest dog tag option available at any local pet store. It will just take you a few minutes to get all the relevant information engraved on the tag of your choice.

These dog tags are considered to be a great option, because they are very easy to find and are also very cheap as compared to other types of dog tags. They come in many different shapes, for example bones, circle, heart, etc. Even the range of color options offered to you is much larger.

One down side of such dog tags is that they will not make your dog stand out in all ways. Since they are very common, it is up to your level of creativity to decide how unique it will look on your dog. The durability of these tags depends on the type of metal you are choosing.

For instance, if you choose your dog tag to be made up of aluminum, it will not last for very long, but if it is made of stainless steel, your dog tag will last much longer. Even dog tags made up of brass have greater durability as compared to aluminum.

Space for writing on these tags is generally not enough to put in all the relevant information. You might have to go for multiple dog tags in such cases if you plan to hang each and every important information on the neck of your fur ball companion.

It is in the case of metal dog tags that a constant noise of jingling might be an issue To control this constant noise, as mentioned earlier, you can get a dog tag silencer. It is not a device per se; it is just a small kit in which you can put all the tags can be put in.

2. Slide On Dog Tags

If you are not a person who is fond of hang your dog tags, or if you cannot stand the sound of the dog tags striking each other, you can consider getting a slide on dog tag. These tags are basically a simple flat metal strip on which all the relevant information is engraved.

Such types of tags are also considered to be a great option for dogs who work on fields. Dogs who are engaged in heavy field work would not want something to be constantly hanging on their necks and distracting them. For such dogs, slide on tags are really beneficial, as they will obstruct their work.

The risk of the tags getting broken and lost is also mitigated. Rivet tags are exactly the same kind of tags, except for the fact that they are attached to rivets, while slide on tags are attached to the holes on the collar. The major down side of slide on dog tags is that they do not cover much information.

So, if you want a lot of the information concerned to your dog, like the basic contact details and also the medical information then for such cases, you may want to avoid using slide on tags are not much beneficial.

Since, it is just a simple metallic strip, only the name of the dog and contact number of the owner can be written on it, without compromising on the clarity of the font.

3. Digital Dog Tags

In a world where everything is going digital, how can dog tags stick to just metal? Now, dog’s identification has also gone digital. These are just like metal tags, but contain a lot more information than a single metal tag could contain.

These tags have a QR code on the tag which can be read using any smart phone, and the person will get all the detailed information about the whereabouts of the dog, his name, his owner’s name, his contact number and all that has been put up by the owner, on that digital code.

The benefit of these tags is that they allow for the editing of information, as and when required. For instance, if you are moving or are changing your contact number, you can easily update the information on the tag, using your own smartphone.

It should be noted that this type of tag is a bit expensive because of the use of technology that goes behind it. If you want digital dog tags for your dog, then make sure you order them on time, because they take some time to be prepared according to your preferences.

Your dog will definitely look incredible wearing such tags because they are so innovative. You can personalize it in whichever way you want it to.

4. Tube Tags

This type of tag is especially good for people who want to put in a lot of information about their dog. It is a tube like structure that can be opened, and information can be stored inside the tube, written on a rolled slip of paper.

When you are using tube tags, the information tag can be replaced as many times as you want it to. Thus, it is a perfect buy for people who are constantly moving from one place to another or if their contact number has changed for some reasons.

This is also great for dogs that have special medical conditions or if you are going out for a vacation with your dog, you might want to write about it for your own convenience. These tube tags are not very expensive Moreover, they can easily carry a lot of relevant information.

The biggest down side of this type of dog tag is that they are made up of aluminum, which is not very durable. Also, if your dog plays and jumps around too much, there is a higher probability of these tags breaking. Apart from this, these dog tag tubes are not 100% water proof.

Thus, if your dog is playing with water while wearing this dog tag, the tube would get wet, and there is a very high probability that the slip of paper inside it containing information could be damaged.

5. License Tags

This type of tag is very simple yet very elegant at the same time. They resemble a driver’s license that an adult human carries. They are made up of plastic, and are very sturdy. They are comparatively bigger in size but do not weigh much, it does not cause any sort of inconvenience to the dog.

They will be easily visible to anyone, and your dog will stand out all the time because of his elegant accessory. In terms of cost, they are slightly on the higher end, but are totally worth the price. They can be ordered online as well, with all the specifications.

6. Embroidered Collars

If you do not want the tag to be hanging constantly around the neck of the dog and if the idea of a slide on dog tag does not excite you, here is another type of dog collar. Very colorful yet subtle, this tag is entirely customizable.

You can get the details you want the tag to carry, you can get it embroidered on the collar itself. You can add the name of the dog, as well as the contact number of the owner of the dog. This information will be very helpful for the person who finds your dog, just in case it gets lost.

This type of dog collar needs some time to be made, though, so you need to order it on time, if you want it to reach you by a specific day. The size of such collars can be adjusted, and it is available in a wide range of colors. You can choose whatever color you want your dog to wear.

Now, since we have gone through every detail which we should be kept in mind before making a choice to purchasing the best dog tag, here is a list of a few options:

Best Dog Tags of 2021

1. Go Tags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

Go Tags Best Dog TagPersonalized dog tags, with up to 8 lines of custom text engraved on both sides This dog tag will be a very simple and elegant purchase. It comes in 9 different shapes which and is not too expensive which is a really great deal. The biggest benefit of this dog tag is that 8 lines can be fitted on a single dog tag.

Thus, it has the capacity to contain a lot of relevant information regarding the whereabouts of the dog. It is made up of stainless steel, which makes a very durable and of great quality. Because of their high quality, these tags do not break easily and will also not wear off after a use of only a couple of months.

Text can be engraved on both on the front side as well as the back side of the tag. It comes in two different sizes, so you can choose whichever size will suit your pup.


2. Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags | Dog Cat Aluminum

Providence Engraving Pet ID TagsThese are made of premium quality aluminum made dog ID tags. Text can be engraved on both sides of the tag which makes it a great tag to suffice a lot of information. It comes in two sizes; small size is mainly for toy dog breeds, while the large size is for larger dog breeds.

It is available in 8 different shapes and interestingly, 8 different colors.Your dog will stand out, by wearing these colorful dog ID tags. It is easily attachable to the collar of the dog.


3. Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer

Quiet Spot Pet Tag SilencerIt is a very small and cute and adorable dog tag silencer. It has the capacity to hold up to 4 tags, which is more than enough to carry all the relevant information about the whereabouts of the dog, including any necessary medical information.

It is made up of neoprene and is good for any kind of weather proof, thus, will be protected in extreme weather conditions also. The dog ID tag silencer has a reflective logo printed on it, which will be helpful for anyone trying to locate their dog tags even in the dark.

It is very comfortable and is extremely light weight. It comes in 8 different colors. You can choose whichever color will suit your dog.


4. Pet ID Tag Custom

Pet ID Tag CustomDog Cat Personalized | Many Shapes and Colors to Choose From | Strong Anodized Aluminum

This dog tag is made from high quality aluminum, which will increase its durability. It is a perfect purchase if you are looking for a budget friendly option not willing to invest much for the dog’s ID tag. The tag has split rings, which will make it very easy for you to attach it to the collar of the dog.

Text can be embossed on both sides of the tag, giving it extra room for important information. Since it is made up of high quality aluminum, it is very strong and thus, will not break easily. It comes in more than 5 different colors.

Thus you can choose your favorite color and your dog will undoubtedly glow at all times.


5. Roth Co Dog Tag Silencers

Roth Co Dog Tag SilencersThese dog tags are made up of plastic, thus offering you maximum durability. It is a perfect dog tag for over excited and super excited dogs, as no matter how much they jump and play around, these tags will neither break nor fall off.

These dog tags are very comfortable, and the quality will leave no room for any sort of complaints. This dog tag silencer will help you prevent the constant clanging that arises because of a loose, hanging tag which hangs on the neck of the dog, unprotected. It comes in 2 different shapes and colors and is extremely affordable.


6. Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

Stainless Steel Pet ID TagsEngraved Personalized Dog Tags, Cat Tags Front & Back up to 8 lines of text- Bone, Round, Heart, Flower, Badge, House, Star, Rectangle, Bow Tie

It is a tag made of stainless steel, made dog tag which is extremely durable and long lasting, due to its high quality. Text can be engraved on both the sides of the tag, the front and the back which gives the owner a lot of space to get all relevant information down.

The most amazing part, apart from the high quality, is that it offers is that it comes in 9 different shapes. You do not have to stick to the ordinary circular and rectangular shape now.

Also, it has 2 different sizes to choose from. You can choose, according to the breed of your dog. It also has a split ring attached to it, and can easily be attachment of the dog tag to the collar of the dog.


7. Freeze Tag Dog Tag Silencer and Connector

Freeze Tag Dog Tag Silencer and ConnectorIt is a water proof and smell resistant dog tag silencer. If you plan to purchase this particular dog tag silencer, you will be saved from all the jingling and irritating noises that the tags produce. This dog tag silencer has the capacity to hold 4 different dog tags of the standard thickness.

The tags can easily be attached to the silencer, without any hassle. It comes in 4 different colors, and is highly recommended by users.


8. Paw Scout Smarter Pet Tag

Paw Scout Smarter Pet TagDog and Cat Community Pet Tracker (Bluetooth, not GPS), Medical Profiles, Virtual pet Leash, Walk Tracker, Pet Points of Interest, No Monthly Fees

It is a digital dog ID tag as mentioned above in the article. In case your dog gets lost, this tag will make it easy for you to locate him. You can easily mark your pet as ‘lost’, on the Paw Scout App, and the app will automatically alert anyone using that app, if they comes within 300 feet of your canine companion.

You can store all the relevant data about your dog, along with your contact details and address on the app, by creating a profile for your dog. It has a long lasting battery life, so you do not have to worry about the battery being discharged too frequently.

The dog tag has some other exciting features as well, like Bluetooth-enabling and water-proof enclosure. It is slightly on the higher end in terms of price, but is totally worth the cost, and is considered to be one of the best dog tags.



A dog can get lost, anytime and anywhere in this huge world, and the burden lies on us, the proud and loving owners of our cute little fur balls. We have already discussed about why it is important to always put an identification tag on the dog, it gives us no point on the basis of which we deny having one.

The tag not only provides the dog identification, but will help their respective owners in the long run, if by any chance the dog steps out for an exciting day without any supervision.

Whoever finds your dog on such a day, will be able to contact you without any problem, using the information that you provided on the dog’s ID tag. When you buy an ID tag for your dog, make sure it is of good quality of the tag.

It is advisable to choose such a dog tag, keeping in mind the activities of your dog and not just any random tag. This purchase is totally worth the investment, not only the safety for your dog but it is also a really cool accessory as well.

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