Best Dog Harnesses Of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Rabbitgoo2. Voyager3. EcoBark
Rabbitgoo Best Dog HarnessVoyagerEcoBark Classic

A dog’s harness is an unavoidable accessory every pet owner must own. But what would you do when you are surrounded by numerous options and have no clue where to start from?

Then start right from here. This guide would help you choose the best dog harness and would enlighten you about the things you must know while purchasing them.


Why Is It Necessary To Own A Dog Harness?

Taking your dog out for a walk is a must if you want a friendly pet. It is during these short walks that the pets get to interact and socialize. A harness, therefore, is essential. Some dogs take time to socialize and might get nervous at the sight of people or other pets.

Thus, the harness helps you to have a hold on your pet and also to avoid those panic attacks other people might get.

Dog Neck Collar Vs Dog Harness

It is quite normal for the dog to constantly keep pulling you or the yank. When a neck collar is used, the dog can get choked when he pulls you as the stress is concentrated around the neck. This isn’t the case when it comes to a harness.

The pressure gets evenly distributed all over the body of your pet and thus he doesn’t get hurt. By using a harness instead of a leash or neck collar, you can avoid the cases of a neck injury.

However, care must be taken to not leave the harness on the body of the dog 24/7. Whereas, the dog neck collar can be left on the dog at all times. Leaving a harness for long can cause skin infections and may affect the haircoat.

Also, do not put a wet harness on the dog’s body. Would you like it if someone were to put wet clothes on you? No, right, same is the case with dogs. They would not like it and would simply start refusing to wear the harness.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Dog Harness

Buying a harness that is best suited for your pet can be puzzling. You might not have the idea to start looking from where. Look for these factors before you narrow down to one.

Choosing a harness depends on many other factors apart from the size of the breed. You would have to visit a vet before buying a harness. The veterinary doctor can help you pick a harness that would be comfortable for your dog.

1. Connection

The connection between the leash and harness is an important factor to look for. The leash can be connected to harness in two ways, either by using a front clip or a back-clip.

Harnesses that have front clip connection provides more control over the trajectory of your pet. But this doesn’t mean it can help you tame your aggressive dog with it. The leash might get tangled between the pet’s legs.

When compared to the front clip harness, the back clip harness is easier to put on and will not hurt the neck of the dog. But you might have to compromise on the control part. The back-clip harness provides very little room for the control of the dog’s movements.

Be it front clip or back clip; it is much better than using a leash as far as training purposes are considered. This is because leashes exert more pressure on the neck than a harness. While training, the dog might have the tendency to pull or yank, this can lead to severe neck injury if a leash is used.

Middle clip harness isn’t that popular but still exists. This type of harness is best for your dogs and can keep them in control. But it might be uncomfortable for the owners to use it if your dog has a habit of pulling.

2. Size

The size of your breed obviously matters when you buy a harness. You can’t simply go and pick up a harness just because it looks like it would fit your dog. Take your dog to a veterinary doctor and have his measurements taken.

Then find a harness that fits its size. For dogs that are in the growing stage, make sure you check if the harness is of correct fit or not.

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The thickness of the harness also does matter. The thickness should also be determined from the measurements, and dogs that are aggressive in nature might require a thicker harness.

If your dog is aggressive in nature, make sure you buy a harness with a handle. Some dogs calm down when their owner is nearby.

3. Harness Padding

If your dog has a thin haircoat, then padding would be essential and can help prevent skin infections or skin allergies. Whereas if your dog has a thick hair coat, then padding wouldn’t be a necessity.

As the padding increases, the harness becomes heavier. Harness with padding indeed oomphs the overall appearance of the dog. So, padding isn’t necessarily about hair coat, nowadays, it has become more about the style of the harness.

4. Physical measurements of your dog

A harness is just like the dress you wear. If it isn’t of the right fit, the dogs would feel extremely uncomfortable in it. Thus, it is highly recommended that you carry a measuring tape and take your dog along when you go to buy a dog harness.

Here are the physical measurements that matter when buying a dog harness:

  • Neck measurements

Even though the pressure of the harness isn’t applied around the neck region, the measurements of the neck region must be taken. Take a measurement tape and measure that “thickest” part of the dog’s neck. This ensures that the harness doesn’t bother the neck region of the dog and sits comfortably without moving around.

  • Chest measurements

The chest area measurement is crucial because this is where the effect of the harness is felt the most. Thus, the chest measurements should be rightly taken and never buy a harness that measures an inch lesser than the chest measurements. You can buy a harness bigger by an inch, as the difference would become nearly unnoticeable once the straps are tightened.

Measure the chest area of the dog just behind its forelegs. Starting from the rib cage, take a full round around the dog’s body with the measuring tape.

  • Weight of the dog

The weight of the dog does matter when you are buying a dog harness. The weight of the dog doesn’t make a difference in the sizing of the harness, but it is crucial for determining the material of the harness. If you have a large breed dog, then the weight of the dog would help you ensure that if the harness is capable of withstanding the aggressive pulls of the dog.

5. Material And Stretch

Once the harness is on your pet’s body, closely watch the movements of your dog. Look if the harness keeps growing or adjusting as your dog moves. Initially, some adjustments have to be made in the harness to make it a perfect fit for your dog.

Look for the material as well as the padding used. If the material is cheap, then the harness would wear out easily. Also, check if the harness has sharp edges or anything poking out that might hurt or limit the movements of your dog in the future.

6. Reflect-Type

Harness made from materials that have a reflector on it is considered to be the best option if your dog is aggressive. The harness can, therefore, increase the visibility and let people notice your dog from a distance.

Reflector-type harnesses are best for an evening or a morning walk. The cost would be slightly more as compared to the normal harness, but it does the work and therefore, is worth it.

7. Length Of The Leash

The leash can be either purchased along with the harness or separately. Most of you might have a stylish leash that is your favorite. A fact is that all leashes won’t suit all harnesses. If your leash is quite long, then you wouldn’t get control of your dog. Also, the leash length depends on the position of the connection to the harness.

8. More Than One Dog?

If you are a parent of more than one dog, then the need for harness and leash is completely different. If you have two dogs, then a Y-shaped leash would be perfect along with a front-clip or middle clip harness.

If your dogs aren’t of the same size, then it would be better carrying separate leashes and therefore the connection of the harness to a leash can be according to your choice and comfort.

9. Material

The material of the harness is an important factor. Harnesses should be washed regularly and before buying one, check with your vet if your dog has an allergy towards any specific fabric.

The pure leather harness would surely be the best dog harness as it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. You can also opt for nylon harness for the ease of washing.

10. Type of Harnesses

You can find a lot of different types of harnesses specifically tailored to meet the problems faced by the dog owners. Some dogs might have a pulling problem and others would find it difficult to walk. Thus, harnesses are tailored to help these dogs to socialize and be a bit more well-behaved out in the public

  •  Standard dog harness

The Standard dog harness works best for small breed dogs or small dogs in general. The harness applies pressure only in the chest and back area and is designed for dogs who don’t showcase the pulling problem.

With that said, the dog harness is a big no for a large breed dog. They can easily pull you along with the harness all down the walkway. These harnesses aren’t designed to refrain the dogs from pulling but are designed for dogs who don’t showcase the pulling problem or those who are already harness trained.

  •    No-pull harness

The no-pull harness is specially made for the dogs who are aggressive pullers. The harness is designed in such a way that it tightens slightly when the dog pulls aggressively. But even when the harness is tightened, the pull isn’t felt around the neck area instead it felt around the forelegs. This would stop the dog from pulling further. Thus, making it the best harness for dogs who aren’t trained at all.

But you must be very careful while buying a no-pull harness. You should always rope in the harness that perfectly fits the dog. If not, then the dog’s skin may get irritated when they pull and when the harness tightens.

11. Activities

The activities of the dog are to be considered as well when you buy a dog harness. You can find harnesses specifically made for different sports activities like swimming, jogging, walking, etc.

A harness suited for swimming will be made of synthetic material. This ensures that the material dries off very quickly and doesn’t cause any discomfort to the dogs. Also, ensure that the harness has very light padding. As padding is made from foam or sponge, it quickly absorbs water and would make it difficult for the dog to swim.

A no-pull harness would be the best option when you go jogging with your pet. This can help you efficiently control your dog without much effort. Look for a harness with a handle if you are planning to go trekking with your dog. This can help you to assist and control your dog closely and in urgent situations.

12. Weight Of Your Dog

This isn’t a factor concerning the harness, but it is to be considered while buying one. Certain harnesses can only be used by dogs up to a certain weight.

If your dog is heavy, then you have to double-check the stitching and the leash of the harness to know if it is durable enough. If your dog breaks the harness once, this will motivate him to do it again. So, don’t pave the way for that to happen.

Also, don’t just buy a breed-specific harness, thinking that the harness would suit the weight of your dog. Your dog may have grown more than the weight the breed of dog would have, as weight-gain completely depends on the lifestyle and diet of the dog.

A Thing Or Two About No-pull Dog Harness

If your dog constantly pulls you during a walk, it can be quite annoying and you would start to hate walking with your dog. Thus, a no-pull harness comes to your rescue. A no-pull dog harness can help gain better control of your dog and is safe for the dogs as well. You can improve the leash skills of your dog by using this type of harness.

The no-pull harness would be having a strap above the shoulders of your dog. The tightening part of the strap would be at the chest area and also at the back of the front legs. The leash attachment clip would be at the front of the strap.

In order to move forward, the dog has to be with you and should move in the same direction. If the dog tries to pull, the leash instead of going straight would move to the side of the dog’s body. Thus, the dog would have to come back to the direction in which you are traveling to move any further.

Using a no-pull dog harness is one of the best ways to train your dog. The dog would get accustomed to the harness and if it tries to deviate, all you have to do is to apply slight pressure, and the dog comes back to your side. The application of pressure would also have no harmful effect on your dog unlike the case with dog collars.

Be sure to make the strap adjustments before you slide on the harness to the dog’s body. When you adjust the harness while it is on the body of your dog, you might end up pinching or applying too much pressure on its body which can make the dog dislike the harness.

Before putting on the harness, help them adjust to the sound of the buckles. Doing so would make them less uncomfortable while wearing it.

Top 20 Best Dog Harnesses 2021

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Best Dog HarnessThis dog harness is a no-pull type and comes in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large. The harness has two metal leash rings and has a leash attachment clip on the chest. The attachment ring on the back is ideal for casual walking or jogging. The clip on the front is to train the dog to adjust with the harness.

The harness has four adjustment straps -two on the chest and one each on either side of the neck. The harness is made of breathable material to avoid sweating, thus it can be used during the day as well as night.

The handle on the top is sturdy and the harness has reflective strips all over it to easily sight the dog. The material is durable and won’t suffer wear and tear easily. The harness has padding all over it, thus it is suitable for dogs with thin hair coats.

The main con of this harness is as the material is made of mesh lining; it tends to get loose after a week of use. The side straps too might get loose easily and in some cases, the dog would be able to get rid of the harness easily.

This no-pull harness is one of the best no-pull dog harnesses available in the market, but make sure to tighten the straps well enough so that your dog can’t easily come out of it.


  •   Ergonomic minimal design
  •   Looks elegant and stylish
  •   Comes with four strap attachments
  •   Buckles made of metal for longevity
  •   Suitable for aggressive pullers
  •   Easy to wash and dry
  •   No-pull design, effective for training purposes as well


  •   Heavy due to metal straps
  •   Side strap might loosen constantly

2. Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

VoyagerThis dog harness is made from easily breathable material and is safe to use in all weather conditions alike. The harness can be washed easily and dries off quickly. The harness has the attachments on the back and is not suitable for dogs that are not trained to wear a harness.

The harness comes in five sizes – extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. Reflective strips are attached to the harness in order to make the dog visible from a distance. The buckle is of hook and tight system and the attachment rings consist of two D-rings.

The harness is light in weight and is made from high-quality material. The harness doesn’t come as breed-specific but comes in a single design. So, you have to take the measurements of your pet and find the perfect size.

The harness isn’t overly padded; the dog can easily breathe through and he would get adapted to it very fast. The main disadvantage of this harness is that there is a single Velcro strap for tightening it.

Over the course of time, the Velcro might lose its property to stick together and your pet might easily get rid of the strap. Also, Some breeds might have a problem with the reflective strips on the harness. This might poke their neck and the harness would choke them.


  •   Machine washable
  •   Lightweight
  •   Breathable material
  •   Soft and light padding


  •   Doesn’t come with a front clip
  •   No trap attachments or buckles
  •   Might poke the dog at the neck area
  •   Full padding can be a problem for dogs with hair coat problems

3. EcoBark Classic

EcoBark ClassicThe harness is available in 9 sizes ranging from small to double extra-large. Each of the sizes comes in more than one measurement. The harness is best suited for breeds such as Dachshund, French Bulldog, Havanese, Pug, Miniature Poodle, Pekingese, Cairn Terrier, and Shih Tzu.

The straps are made from recycled water bottles and the harness has double padding on it. Even then, the material is breathable and can be easily washed. You do not have to worry about the strap rubbing the legs of your dog as the straps are specially designed and don’t cause any rashes or skin allergies.

The harness is designed in such a way that your pet can’t easily escape, provided you buy the correct fit for your pet. The harness best suits the puppies of small breed size and won’t choke the neck of your puppies.

The main con of this harness is that you can’t adjust the collar part of the harness and also the buckle is not durable enough.

This is one of the best no-pull dog harnesses available in the market for small breed puppies and dogs. The harness comes with a six-month warranty and is made from eco-friendly materials.


4. Babyltrl

BabyltrlThe harness is quite sturdy and is best suited for Large breed dogs. Straps are provided at either side of the neck and also on the chest area. The harness is of no-pull type and can be used all day. You can also attach the leash on the back of the harness as well.

The harness is made of mesh lining and has slight padding all over it. Reflective strips are attached all over the harness and is best for use at night. The straps can be adjusted to vary the neck and chest girth. You can find a handle at the back of the harness to control and assist the dog at certain times.

It would be difficult for the dog to escape from the harness as there is a lock system for the strap. The harness is slightly heavy, but as it is for large breed dogs, it won’t be a problem. The dog won’t face any problem breathing while wearing the harness.

You would find that after a couple of uses, the strap would get loose easily. Also, the soft padding in the chest would at times slip from its place and chances are that the strap might poke the skin of the dog.

The harness is good for daily use and if you are looking to buy a harness for your large breed dog, this would make a great choice. But make sure to tighten the strap each time you go for a walk.


5. RUFFWEAR Front Dog Harness

RuffwearThis harness from Ruffwear is one of the best dog harnesses available in the market. Made from lightweight slightly padded mesh type material, the harness would be light on your dogs. The material is also easily breathable and can be used all day long.

The harness has reflective strips attached all over it so as to glow in the dark. Four adjustment points are provided so as to make the harness a perfect fit for the dog. A name tag pocket is available at the front of the harness to store the name tag.

The harness is of front range type and adjustment points can be found at the chest area as well as at the back. The leash attachment points can be found at the dog’s back and also for training purposes, a leash attachment is given at the chest area as well.

The main disadvantage of this harness is that it doesn’t come with a strap across the top of the halter. Some dogs might get irritated with the fitting as chances are that the harness might reach up to their neck and might cause breathing difficulties.

The harness is quite good for your dog if it has been trained, else, even though it is a no-pull harness, you may not be able to control the dog efficiently.


  •   Lightweight design
  •   Breathable structure
  •   Thick padding
  •   Easy to put on and off
  •   Water-resistant to some extent
  •   Best for all breeds and sizes


  •   Reflective strips are less in number

6. Metric USA

Metric USAThe highlight of this harness is that it can be easily removed from the dog by releasing a clip at the back of the dog. The harness isn’t breed-specific, so you have to take the measurements and match it with the size chart to find the perfect fit. The sizes available are extra -small, small, medium, and large. If your dog is above 11 kgs, then probably this harness isn’t suited for him.

The leash attachment is at the back and has double D rings for secure attachment. The harness has medium padding all over it and would take some time to dry.

The padding is a boon for dogs with thin hair coats and probably this is the reason why it is the best puppy harness. The harness won’t be suitable for large breed adult dogs but it is best for the small breed puppies as well as small breed adult dogs.

The material even though it has padding, is light in weight and is breathable as well. It would not cause any irritation to the skin and is really soft. But you might face a problem with getting the perfect fit for your dog.

The extra-small would be too tight and when you decide to go for one size up and purchase small, it would be too loose. Also, there are no adjustment straps other than the one at the back, and that too provides very little room for adjustment.

Apart from the cons it has to offer, if you are lucky enough to find the perfect fit for your dog, then this harness is a steal at this price. Not only is it comfortable but also affordable.


7. Sporn

SpornThe harness by Sporn is made from nylon mesh to make it durable and thus, suits all the weather types. As it is of nylon, the harness can be easily washed and dries off really quickly.

The harness is all about the comfort of your dog. Neither does it restrict the motion nor does it choke the dog. As the webbed material is highly stretchable, the dog can move its legs without any problem.

The harness is of no-pull type and uses the patented Sporn technology. Therefore, all you have to do is just give a little pressure on the leash, and the dog would take your directions and stop pulling.

The pressure won’t concentrate on the neck like most harnesses, instead, Sherpa sleeves near the front legs tighten and the movement of the dog is restricted.

As the adjustments are available only around the collar, getting the perfect fit around the shoulders would be a problem. Small breed dogs might easily slip off from the harness and therefore it is recommended only for the large breed dogs.

Another problem is that some customers find the adjustments flimsy and not durable enough for their strong large breed dogs.


8. Expawlorer

ExpawlorerThe harness is suitable for medium to large dogs and is of no-pull type. The leash adjustment is provided at the back of the harness and is of D ring system to provide better hold on the dog. You can also find a handle on the harness to assist the dog.

Reflective strips are provided at either end of the harness so as to make the dog visible at night. The main buckle is highly durable as well as big enough so that you can lock and unlock easily.

The material is sturdy and can be easily washed. The harness even though claims to be of a no-pull type, it isn’t necessarily one though. But if your dog is leash trained, then this is the best dog harness you can find.

The main problem you would face while using the harness is that it would choke your large breed dog and the adjustments might poke his skin. Also, the harness isn’t suitable for all weather. It is definitely a no-no during the rainy season.

So, if you are up for a dog harness, that necessarily isn’t a no-pull type, then this would make a great choice. Looking for the best no-pull dog harness, well this isn’t your cup of tea.


9. Pawaboo

PawabooThe Pawaboo harness is one of the best dog harnesses that can be used to ensure the safety of the pet while inside the car. The harness can help the dog to not get hit while a sudden start or stop. You can find four adjustments, on either side of the neck and either side of the body, so as to make the harness a perfect fit for the dog.

Made from oxford fabric, the harness is 100 percent polyester, thus it can be easily washed at home and dries off quickly. The chest is highly padded to avoid any injury and the hook or the D ring is made from stainless steel and therefore is highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

The harness would be ideal for small and medium-breed dogs and is not recommended for large breeds. If your pet is an aggressive chewer, then this harness isn’t for him. The harness comes in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra-large.

As the harness isn’t breed-specific, you might have to check with a veterinary surgeon and take the accurate measurements to find the size perfect for the dog. Please note that do not select a size just because the same size harness from another brand fitted your dog perfectly. Sizes do change with the brands.

You can use the harness while going out for a walk as well. When in a car, don’t forget to attach the harness to the seat using the seat belt clip. After a couple of uses, you might notice that the harness might move out of its place or the padding moves sideways. To avoid this, make sure you tighten the adjustment straps each time you put it on the dog.


10. Bolux

BoluxThe harness is specially made for medium dog breeds such as Border Collie, Doodle, Golden retriever, Russell, Daschund, etc. It is designed in such a way that the pressure is evenly distributed across the whole body when you pull the leash.

The straps in the chest area have reflective strips attached so as to make the dog visible at night. You can also find a handle made from nylon on the back of the harness. This is provided to assist and control the dogs in urgent situations.

The harness comes in six sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-large. In order to find the perfect fit, measure the neck girth and the chest girth and choose the size that matches the measurements.

The material is of nylon and PU, therefore making the harness easy to wash and suitable for all weather conditions. Also, there is slight padding on the back and overall the harness would be light on the dogs.

Based on the customer reviews, the main problem with this harness is that the buckle comes easily. As the harness is for medium breed dogs, a loose buckle means, the easier it is for them to come out of it.

Another problem is that the company claims the harness is of a no-pull type, but considering the weight of the medium breed dogs, the harness does nothing to stop the pulling tendency.

Go for this harness only if your dogs are leash trained, else you might face quite a lot of troubles controlling them.


11. Blueberry

BlueberryThis harness from Blueberry has an attractive multi-colored stripe design with reflective strips. This is a no-pull harness and comes with two leash clips, one at the chest area and another at the back. Thus, the front clip is ideal for training purposes and the back clip can be used during casual walks.

The harness is made from polyester and has a mush design to make it more breathable and easier to wash. The leash attachment rings are made from stainless steel and are made to resist corrosion. The harness can also be used during swimming as well, as it is made of polyester material dries, it off very quickly.

You might face problems with the position of the leash attachment ring on the back of the harness. The ring is placed very near to the tail, so you have to maintain a distance with your dog while walking in order to use it.

Another problem would be associated with the adjustment straps. The straps might get really loose when the dog moves aggressively, making room for your pet to slip off from the harness.

The harness as a no-pull type does its work, but make sure you adjust the straps frequently. If your dog is really new to harnesses, then this surely isn’t the one to start with.


12. Noxgear LightHound

Noxgear LightHoundThis harness has illuminated lights all over it and you can change between the colors and also the pattern of light. Thus, even your dog can join you at a disco party and have some fun. The illuminated lights can also help the drivers or other people sight your pet from a distance.

You need not change the batteries often, instead, the quick recharging option gives light for about 12 hours. You might be confused with the fact that with all the lighting and fittings, would it be comfortable on the pet? Absolutely yes. The fabric is chosen in such a way that it doesn’t cause sweating and is fairly breathable.

The leash can be easily attached and detached from the harness and the clip is at the back of the harness. The harness is best for large breed dogs and it is durable enough to handle the movements.

The main problem associated with the harness is that it can’t be washed easily. As the circuitry might get short-circuited. Therefore, care must be given while washing the harness.

Also, another thing to be noted is that this harness should not be worn while swimming as well. The harness is also slightly on the higher price range when compared to other harnesses.

If you are up for a fancy dog harness, then go for this. It wouldn’t be of use as a no-pull harness or won’t suit for daily use, but just for the sake of the light effect.


13. Gauterf

GauterfThis harness from Gauterf can be used for dogs and cats alike. Best for small dog breeds, the harness has medium padding all over it to protect the thin hair coat. The highly reflective straps help your pet to be spotted easily.

You can find two adjustable buckles on the back of the harness that can be used to adjust the fit. The sizes range from extra-extra-small to extra-large, and it isn’t breed-specific. The harness has a mesh lining inside so as to make it easily breathable.

This can be used by your pets while swimming as well, as the material dries off quickly. Also, the buckle on the back makes it easy to take off and put on the harness without much effort. This isn’t necessarily a training harness but would be ideal for short walks.

The harness might not be a perfect fit for some dogs; thus, chances are high that they might easily slip out of the harness. You would probably have to tighten the straps every now and then and as there are no straps on the neck side, if you end up buying the wrong size, it can choke your pet.

Looking for a harness that suits your small breed dog as well as your cat, then go for this harness from Gauterf. It is affordable as well as easy to use.


14. Icefang Tactical

Icefang TacticalThe harness is a no-pull type with very light padding and is recommended for medium-sized breeds. The leash attachment can be either done at the chest area or at the back of the harness.

With six sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-extra-large, the harness isn’t breed-specific and can be used for puppies and adult dogs alike.

The adjustment straps can be found on either side of the neck and on either side of the shoulder. You can also find a handle at the back of the harness and this is to help you control the dog in urgent cases. The buckle is made of better so as to ensure that the dog doesn’t slip off from the harness.

You might find problems with the strap adjustment during the course of the time. The strap might fall from the buckle and therefore, you have to tighten it pretty enough to stop them from falling off the buckle.

Chances are that your pet might chew on these straps, which isn’t good for his/her body. Apart from this, the harness would make a great choice for a no-pull type and you can use it for training as well as walking.


15. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

PoyPetThe PoyPet dog harness would make a great choice for the no-pull type and its special design makes sure that it doesn’t choke the dogs.

Made from a quick-drying and breathable material, the harness is great for your dog if he is fond of swimming. The harness has a mesh lining with normal padding and is best for small to medium dog breeds.

Reflective strips are provided all over the harness to help spot the dog from a distance in the dark. With two leash attachments, the harness can be used for training purposes as well as for daily activities.

The attachments aren’t flimsy and the material is highly durable. The harness is light in weight so that your dog won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it.

If your dog is leash trained, then this harness would be the best one for the dog. This is because the controlling process is a bit difficult and your dog might find a way to slip from the harness.

Also, if the straps aren’t tightened enough, then the harness would move from its position, which can restrict the dog’s movements.

Up for a harness that does the job without causing much trouble to your dog, then go for this harness from PoyPet, but make sure your dog has some previous experience with a leash or a harness.


  •   Lightweight design
  •   Moderately padded
  •   Easy to put on and off due to the 3-buckle lock design
  •   Highly durable
  •   Suitable for a variety of activities
  •   Attractive design


  •   Might not be the perfect choice for large breed dogs
  •   Plastic buckles used

16. PoyPet Upgraded Version

PoyPet Upgraded VersionThis harness is the upgraded version of the PoyPet No-pull Dog harness mentioned previously. The upgrade brought is that you don’t have to slip the harness over the head of your dog, instead, the buckle at the side neck can be removed and the harness can be easily put on.

The harness is made from washable materials and contains reflective straps all over it. The padding is provided to help protect the haircoat and also helps to keep the harness in place. The padding also protects the dog’s body from getting hurt while tightening the straps.

The harness is of front range type and consists of four adjustable straps and has a soft padded handle on the back of the harness for training purposes. The harness might take some time to get dry due to the padding, but the fabric doesn’t get destroyed even if your dog goes swimming with the harness on.

Even though the harness is of np-pull type, when the dog pulls, the harness rotates completely and changes the position it is supposed to be on.

This can restrict the dog’s movement and each time it has to be adjusted and brought back to the original position.

Also, this can’t be used for dogs above 40 lbs. Even though it is suitable for medium dog breeds, the stitching might get loose when used for dogs above 40 lbs.


17. Eagloo Dog Harness 

EaglooThe Eagloo Dog harness is one of the best no-pull dog harnesses you can find in the market. With two metal rings for leash attachment, the harness is best for training as well for walking. The attachment rings are placed on the chest area as well as the front part of the harness.

The harness is softly padded to make the dog comfortable while wearing it and to help the pressure distribute evenly. The harness would be perfect for small and medium breeds, but the hooks may get snapped when used for large breed dogs.

The harness is made from synthetic material; therefore, it is easy to wash and dries off quickly. It can also be used for swimming purposes, but make sure there are no chemicals dissolved in the water. If present, chances are that the color of the harness might fade out really soon.

Make sure you tighten the strap each time you go out, else your dog would find it really easy to slip off from the harness.

Also, if you are planning to use the harness for your large breed dog, then first leash-train the dog and then put it on. Even though you would find the right size for your large breed pet, the stitching might come apart when the dog pulls aggressively.


  •   Best for aggressive pullers
  •   Comes with two metal leash rings
  •   Made of highly durable nylon fabric
  •   Can be hand-washed and dries off pretty quickly
  •   Ergonomic and lightweight design
  •   Has four adjustment straps for getting the right fit


  •   A big no for dogs with skin coat problems
  •   Reflective strips are not bright enough at night

18. Pupteck

PupteckThe Pupteck dog harness doesn’t come with any padding, rather consists of just straps and buckles. This harness would be perfect for dogs that are trained to move around with leashes. The D rings can be used to attach the leash to the harness.

The harness comes in three sizes-small, medium and large and would be best for medium-sized breeds. Make sure you purchase the perfect size, as there is no padding, using the wrong size can result in scarring the dog’s skin.

Using the harness for a large breed dog who hasn’t received any leash training would be a foolish thing to do. You can be easily carried away by the aggressiveness they show after the harness is on them. As the material is of synthetic made, it can be easily washed and fried off very quickly as there is no padding.

The main problem you would encounter using the harness is that your dog might get choked even with the application of small pressure. As there is no padding, the effect would be prominent in certain areas and if you apply too much pressure, you might scar your dog.

Another problem is that the straps aren’t strong enough to hold your medium sized fully-grown dogs. Considering their weight and physique, a strong pull from them can make you let leave of the leash.

This leash would make a great choice for small puppies and small breed adult dogs but would be a bad option for fully grown large breed dogs.


19. Didog

DidogThe harness from Didog is a simple harness with just one buckle and strap adjustment. You would have to put it over the head of your dog, so taking on and off is a bit difficult. The harness doesn’t contain any extra padding, but the strap is padded so as to avoid scarring the dog’s skin.

As there is only a single strap adjustment, the harness is light in weight and would not slip away from the position. You can find two leash attachment points, one at the chest area for training purposes (to make the harness a no-pull type) and the other at the back for daily activities.

The material is of nylon and is extremely comfy and has reflective strips all over the harness to sight the dog from a distance in the dark. You would also notice that the buckle at the top isn’t fixed at a position, instead, it is made to move and is attached to the handle.

The straps are also made wider, so as to distribute the pressure. You can also hang the name tag on the clip attached at the front of the harness.

The harness comes in five different sizes ranging from extra-extra-small to large. As the harness isn’t breed-specific, make sure you take the proper measurements and then narrow down to the size.

As there is only one strap adjustment, it tends to get loose when the dog starts running. This provides room for the dog to slip out of the harness easily. Another problem associated with the harness is that it chokes the dog.

When you pull the leash, the strap at the chest area might get too tight, thus chances are that your dog might get choked for a minute fraction of time.

If you are up for a simple yet elegant harness, then go for this harness, but make sure you choose the perfect fit. As there is only a single strap adjustment, you might not be able to adjust the harness properly if the wrong size is bought.


20. BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness

BarkbayThe Barkbay harness is one of the best no-pull harnesses you can ever lay your hands on. Specially made for medium and large breeds, the harness comes in four different sizes-small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Made from nylon, the harness can be easily washed. The drying process takes very little time. Thus, you can put it on your dog even for swimming.

Padding is provided to help distribute the pressure evenly and is made of mesh lining, thus making the harness easily breathable. The harness is made to withstand the effects of any weather and whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, you can take your dog for walking any day.

Even though the buckles are made of plastic, it is durable and the harness is light in weight. The reflective strips of the harness make the dog easy to be sighted from half a mile away. You can also use the harness for small breed dogs, provided it perfectly fits them. A loose harness means, the easier it is for the dogs to escape.

This harness is super comfortable and you can find a handle on the back to control the movements from close. Metal, specially crafted clips are used for leash attachments to prevent snapping of the clips.

The only problem associated with this dog harness is that if your dog constantly pulls you, due to the slight elasticity of the straps, it might get loose over the course of time. Apart from this small problem, the product is one of the best in its kind and go for this product without a doubt.



  •   Elegant design with enough reflective strips
  •   Easy to put on and off
  •   Made of water-resistant and durable nylon fabric
  •   Suitable for medium to large breed dogs
  •   Back handle for close control of your dog


  •   The back handle is a bit clumsy

FAQs on Dog Harnesses

1. What Is The Easiest Harness To Put On?

The front range type harness is the easiest to put on and take off. You don’t have to pull the harness across the head of your pet to put it on and also it is one of the most comfortable types of harness for your dogs as well.

2. Will A Harness Stop A Dog From Pulling?

The no-pull harness is specially designed to train the dog not to pull the harness. These harnesses can also be used as a normal harness as well.

The no-pull harness would have a clip at the front to which the leash can be attached. The dog has to move in the same direction as yours to move forward, thus gradually your dog would stop pulling.

3. Are Dog Choke Collars Cruel?

The god choke collars are indeed cruel. The collars inflict pain in the neck when the dog tries to pull the leash. Over time, these collars can cause serious physical damage and also hurt them mentally. Thus, if you love your pets, you shouldn’t use this inhumane way to train the dogs. Instead, you can choose from a range of best no-pull dog harnesses to train your dog.

4. Is Dog Harness Better Than Dog Collar?

Dog collars have a high chance of causing neck injury and can also lead to severe breathing problems for puppies as well as adult dogs. Whereas harness doesn’t have this problem. This is because, in a harness, the pressure is distributed equally throughout the body when the dog pulls the leash.


The dog harness is the best way to train your dog and to control them. Considered as the most humane way to train dogs, the dog harness can last for a long time and if chosen well doesn’t cause any health problems.

While choosing a harness, always go for the one which has a slight to medium padding. No padding and over padding, both can lead to discomfort for the dogs.

When a non-padded, strap-only harness is used, it can cause severe pain to the dogs when they pull the leash, whereas in the case of over padding, sweating would be a problem and the harness won’t be breathable at all.

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