Best Cat Shampoos 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

1. All-Natural
2. John Paul3. Vets’s Best cat shampoo&qid=1596573682&sr=8-20John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats, Sensitive Skin Formula Soothes and Moisturizes Dry Skin and FurVet's Best Waterless Cat Bath

Joint health is an important aspect every pet parent should take care of. If not properly taken care of, the dogs might suffer from severe joint problems as they age.

All animals are capable of grooming themselves. But there are instances where you need to step in and give them a clean and quick bath and proper grooming. This can not only help to get rid of the greasy appearance of the coat but also keeps your pet clean and healthy.

If you have a pet cat at home, you might be wondering which shampoo to use on their hair coat. Well, understanding your dilemma and concern for your pet, we have put up a complete guide on the best cat shampoos that are available online.

The guide contains a detailed review of some of the best cat shampoos online and also includes some quick factors that will help you make the right choice. Without much ado, let’s begin the hunt for the best cat shampoo that’s available online.

Top 10 Best Cat Shampoos 2021

1. All-Natural & Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo

All-Natural & Organic Oatmeal Pet Shampoo Best Cat Shampoos

This shampoo is from Pro Pet Works and has an all-natural and organic oatmeal formulation that is proven to be hypoallergenic. The formula contains the effects of shampoo as well as a conditioner. This means that your pet’s hair coat would be smooth and shiny after every wash.

The formula is curated for all kinds of pets and is suitable for pregnant or nursing cats as well. The shampoo doesn’t contain any types of sulfates or soap derivatives, thereby making it a cry-free formula. 

As the product is void of any sulfates, never expect the shampoo to foam excessive lather with water. But don’t worry. The formula doesn’t compromise with the cleansing action.

As for the conditioning action, the manufacturers have included some essential oils like almond oil, that deeply nourishes your cat’s hair coat. The almond oil is also responsible for that smooth and shiny hair coat obtained after each wash. The oil also contributes to the growth of the hair follicles.

Apart from the almond oil extracts, the shampoo is also rich in aloe vera extracts. The aloe vera gel in the product gives a soothing feeling after every wash, which will be liked by your pet.

The product is suitable for pets with allergies as well. As it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals or synthetic agents, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions on your pet’s body or even on your hands. The product’s smell is entirely due to the ingredients that go into the bottle. The manufacturer hasn’t added any kind of artificial perfumes or coloring agents to make the shampoo attractive.

Also, the product is completely biodegradable and doesn’t pollute the environment. Thus, by considering its formula and the ingredients that go into the bottle, this has got to be the best cat shampoo featured in this list.


  •   Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  •   All-natural and organic formulation
  •   Doesn’t contain any toxins or dyes
  •   Contains moisturizing effect from almond oil and aloe vera
  •   Provides Vitamin A, D, and E, which is essential for the growth of thick hair coat
  •   Non-irritating for the senses
  •   Suitable for pregnant and nursing cats
  •   Doesn’t cause any allergic reactions


  •   Doesn’t form much lather with water
  •   Have to use a fair amount in one go as the product doesn’t form any lather

2. John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats, Sensitive Skin Formula Soothes and Moisturizes Dry Skin and Fur

This pet shampoo from John Paul Pet is specially curated for cats and dogs with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. The formula is first tested on humans for allergies. Thus, it’s safe for you as well as your pets.

Coming to the formulation of this shampoo, it consists of oatmeal, aloe vera, and chamomile extracts. All these three ingredients are best in soothing irritated skin and also have the capability to cleanse the skin from inside. 

The aloe vera extracts also give moisturizing effects, while the oatmeal extracts act as a scrubbing agent. This helps in removing the flaky skin without causing damage to the hair coat.

The pH balance of the product is maintained at an optimal level; therefore, it won’t irritate or cause any allergic reaction on both the pet and on your hands. 

Apart from the main three ingredients, the manufacturer has included almond oil that helps moisturize and condition the hair coat once the effect of shampoo is gone. This way, even after the shampooing process, the hair coat of your cat would remain manageable and tangle-free.

The product does contain sodium laureate sulfate, which is a soap base. Thus, it isn’t an all-natural formula but doesn’t cause any harm to your pet’s body. The product is capable of forming quite an amount of lather with water.

The product is highly suitable for cats with dry, itchy, and flaky skin coats. If your cat has any history of allergic reactions, make sure you consult with a vet before administering this shampoo. Some cats can’t tolerate the effects of sodium laureate sulfate, and you don’t want to see your cat in pain.


  •   Contains oatmeal, chamomile, and aloe extracts
  •   Suitable for irritated and sensitive skin
  •   Forms lather with water
  •   Has moisturizing effect along with the cleansing effect of the shampoo
  •   Great for managing the hair coat and retaining its shiny texture


  •   Not an all-natural formula
  •   Does contain soap base

3. Vet’s Best Shampoo for Cats

Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath

If your cat doesn’t like those frequent water baths or is suffering from some kind of injuries, then you can go for this dry shampoo from Vet’s Best Store. This dry shampoo cleans, moisturizes, and soothes the dry and itchy hair coat of your cats without the use of water.

The formula is created in such a way that it cleanses and also leaves the hair follicles soft and shiny. Thus, if you feel that your cat’s cat has turned unmanageable, just spray a few times all over the body and run your hands through the coat. You can quickly see the difference in the texture.

The product is suitable for cats above 12 weeks of age. Also, it is safe for use on pregnant and nursing cats. 

Even if your cat is under flea control medication, the product is useful for taming that wild hair coat. The formulation is in such a way that it doesn’t affect the results of other medicines used on the body of the cat.

As the product doesn’t form any foam, you need not wash your pet’s body, even after multiple uses. Coming to the contents, it is rich in oatmeal extracts and aloe vera gel. The aloe vera gel helps in taming the hair follicles, and the oatmeal extracts are responsible for the smoothening of the skin.

In addition to the aloe and oatmeal extracts, you can find traces of neem oil as well. The neem oil has medicinal properties and treats the bacteria and other microbes living on the cat’s hair coat. Also, the neem oil is rich in vitamin E, which in turn helps in softening the cat’s skin.

The main problem with dry shampoo is that cats might lick it, and this can cause diarrhea and other worse problems. The product contains neem oil, so make sure that your pet isn’t allergic to as neem is notorious for provoking allergies in cats.


  •   Easy to use
  •   Suitable for sensitive skin
  •   Suitable for pregnant and nursing cats
  •   Can be used when using other medications
  •   Contains Vitamin E that promotes the growth of the hair coat
  •   Leaves the hair coat smooth and shiny


  •   Intake of the product can be harmful to the cats

4. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor 12 Ounces

This shampoo from Adams plus is specially curated for treating fleas and ticks. The shampoo effectively kills the fleas, its eggs, and its larvae to ensure that it doesn’t come back for a long time. The product is also useful in treating lice as well.

Coming to the formulation of the product, it is rich in aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal. All these ingredients are famous for bringing about a soothing effect on the pet’s skin. The aloe vera extracts also have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and this helps in getting rid of the microbial action from the pet’s haircoat.

Once the product is used according to the prescription, it can prevent the return of flea and ticks for about a month. So, make sure you regularly use the shampoo to prevent the growth of fleas on your cat’s body.

Apart from cats, the formula is suitable for dogs as well. Make sure your pets are above 12 weeks of age or consult with a vet before starting to use this product regularly.

The shampoo has a deodorizing effect as well. Once the cleansing action is over, you can feel the pleasant smell. It isn’t very pungent, so it doesn’t irritate your pet’s senses.

The product contains an insect regulator in it. Thus, always make sure that your pet is in good condition and doesn’t have any cuts or allergies on their body. Also, don’t let your pet lick the formula as it contains synthetic chemicals in it.


  •   Kills fleas and ticks in two weeks
  •   Prevent the growth of fleas for 28 days
  •   Has a deodorizing effect
  •   Contains coconut extracts and aloe vera for a soothing action


  •   Makes the haircoat rough after few washes
  •   Contains toxic insect killer in it

5. Hartz Groomer’s Shampoo

Hartz Groomer's Best Anti-Dandruff Dog Shampoo

This grooming shampoo from Hartz Groomer is best for cats suffering from dandruff issues. The shampoo’s anti-fungal properties help get rid of the flaky skin on the hair coat within one to two weeks.

The shampoo helps in smoothing the texture of the hair follicles. This ensures that you can easily run the comb through the hair without causing tangles. The formula also helps in easily removing the loose hair and the hairballs.

The product is scented to provide a nice and pleasant smell once the cleansing action is over. This acts as a deodorizer and keeps the cat fresh for hours after the bathing routine.

Coming to the formulation of the shampoo, it contains sodium laureate sulfate, among other chemicals that effectively fight dandruff. The shampoo works at the root cause of the problem and helps in getting rid of flaky substances. Also, it smoothens the skin and prevents the itching sensation.


  •   Best for treating dandruff
  •   Suitable for cats above 12 weeks of age
  •   Has a sweet and pleasant after smell
  •   Helps in relieving the itching sensation


  •   Not suitable for cats with sensitive skin

6. Burt’s Bees Hypoallergenic Shampoo 

Burt's Bees for Pets Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Shea Butter and Honey

The Burt’s Bees is a brand name when it comes to pet supplies. This shampoo from the brand lives up to the expectations and is highly effective for cats suffering from skin infection and other allergies.

The shampoo contains shea butter and honey extracts. The shea butter formula gives a pleasant smell that lasts for days while the honey helps in smoothening the hair follicles. The honey extracts are also responsible for making the cat’s skin soft.

 The product is highly recommended for cats with dry and flaky skin. Both the main ingredients have a moisturizing effect, thus keeping the skin lively for a long time.

The shampoo is suitable for use on a daily basis. It is gentle on the skin and, therefore, doesn’t cause any rashes or itching sensation. The pleasant smell of the product won’t irritate your cat’s senses as well.

The product is completely free of all sulfates and soap bases. Thus, it might not build much of a lather but does the cleansing action quite effectively. As the pH of the product is balanced, it is suitable for kittens as well.

This hypoallergenic shampoo from Burt’s Bees wins our vote as the best kitten shampoo mentioned in this list. If you have a kitten that is allergic and has sensitive skin, then go for this product. You surely won’t regret the decision.


  •   Mild and gentle on the skin
  •   Contains moisturizing agents like honey and shea butter
  •   Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
  •   Is hypoallergenic in nature
  •   Suitable for both cats and kittens
  •   Doesn’t contain any kinds of toxins or dyes


  •   Have to use quite a significant amount in one go

7. TropiClean Shed Control Shampoo 

TropiClean Lime & Coconut Shed Control Shampoo for Pets, 20oz - Made in USA

The TropiClean shampoo is specialized in reducing the shedding activity of your cats. If you have a cat that sheds quite often, then we would recommend you go for this product. The shampoo cleanses the root of the hair follicles and cleans up the build-up around it.

Once the build-up is cleaned, the roots of the follicles are strengthened; thus, the shedding activity reduces. So as to deeply cleanse the hair follicles, the product has lime in it. Lime also has an anti-bacterial property that prevents the growth of any kinds of microbes on the hair coat.

The coconut extracts, combined with the lime action, ensure that the hair coat is exfoliated and leaves it moisturized. This also helps in reducing the shedding of the hair coat.

The product is free from all kinds of toxins. It is sulfate-free and paraben-free. Thus, it doesn’t harm nature. Also, the absence of these toxins ensures that your hair gets the necessary cleansing action without depriving it of its natural moisture.

The product is safe for use in cats and dogs above 12 weeks of age. You can also use it on pregnant or nursing cats.

Even though the product contains coconut oil, it is highly recommended that you use it along with the TropiClean conditioner. This further softens the hair follicles and gives a shine to it.

As the product uses only natural ingredients or ingredients derived from natural substances, you need not worry about the shampoo damaging your cat’s skin. It is suitable for dogs and cats with an allergic reaction or skin infection.


  •   Uses only natural ingredients
  •   Free from all toxins and dyes
  •   Suitable for both cats and dogs
  •   Helps in reducing the shedding activity
  •   Contains line and coconut, which acts as natural moisturizers


  •   Shedding will return once you stop using the shampoo

8. Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo & Conditioner 

Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo & Conditioner In One! Smelly Puppy Dog & Cat Wash

If your cat has itching problems and often causes bruises on their body due to itching, then this product can save them from the trouble. Itching can be caused due to a variety of reasons. The shampoo attacks the reason and makes peace with it to ensure that the itching sensation is gone forever.

The product contains oatmeal and aloe vera as its main ingredients. The oatmeal extracts are coarse, and this helps in providing the exfoliating action. Once the skin is exfoliated, the effects of aloe vera kick in. 

The aloe vera gel included in the bottle acts as a soothing agent and calms down the pores and the hair follicles.

The product is excellent for treating a wide variety of problems like itching, fleas, ticks, and even shedding. The product does contain the effects of the conditioner as well. 

The conditioning action of the shampoo keeps the hair coat soft and shiny throughout the day. The product has a pleasant smell that acts as a deodorizer and keeps the cat fresh for a long time.

The product doesn’t contain any sort of chemicals. Thus, you need not worry about harming your pets. It is free from parabens and sulfates that might irritate their sensitive skin. The pH of the product is balanced so that you can use it on cats with skin allergies as well.

From kittens to senior cats, you can use the product on all and even on nursing or pregnant cats. Considering its formula and its easiness of application, we make the product enter the list of the best shampoos for cats.


  •   Suitable for cats and dogs of all ages
  •   Has a unique formulation that treats all most all hair coat problems faced by the cats
  •   Has a soothing and moisturizing effect from the aloe vera extracts
  •   Suitable for nursing cats
  •   Has all-natural ingredients
  •   Free from parabens and sulfates


  •   Doesn’t form much lather with water
  •   Needs quite a bit of amount in just one go

9. 2-in-1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo

2-in-1 Conditioning Cat Shampoo, Extra Gentle Conditioning Formula 16 oz

The 2 in 1 conditioning cat shampoo has the benefits of a shampoo and conditioner in one. It has a deep cleansing action and also conditions the hair coat. 

The effects of shampoo are visible after each wash. You can see that the comb is free from all those loose or open hair follicles, and the shedding activity is drastically reduced.

The product is formulated for sensitive and itchy skin. It smoothens the tangles and gives a shiny look to the hair coat. It’s recommended to use the shampoo once every three days to make the haircoat manageable and free from hard tangles.

The product is suitable for all breeds and sizes of cats. No matter whichever stage the cat is in, this formula effectively removes the tangles and smoothens the hair coat. This also makes sure that less shedding occurs during each combing session.

As the product is soap-free, it is safe for cats above size weeks of age. The shampoo is biodegradable and eco-friendly. The product has a vanilla fragrance, and this is due to the addition of the freshly sourced vanilla pods. Also, the oatmeal extracts included in the shampoo has an exfoliating action on the cat’s skin.


  •   Suitable for cats above six weeks of age
  •   Has a sweet vanilla fragrance
  •   Free from all kinds of artificial ingredients
  •   Doesn’t contain any harmful toxins


  •   Doesn’t form much lather with soap

10.  Advantage Shampoo Flea and Tick Treatment

Advantage Shampoo Flea and Tick Treatment

The Advantage shampoo is specially formulated for treating fleas and ticks. The fleas problems can cause a severe itching sensation, which ultimately leads to bruises. 

This product effectively clears out the fleas along with its larva and eggs. This ensures that the fleas won’t return for a long time.

The product is suitable for use in cats above 12 weeks of age. The product does contain some sulfites, but these are essential in killing fleas and lice from the hair coat.

As the shampoo is based on synthetic ingredients, make sure you don’t use it beyond two or three times a week. The shampoo can make the hair coat rough, so it’s better that you follow the routine with some deep nourishing conditioners.

The product has a pungent smell from the chemicals inside, so make sure the conditioner you use can either neutralize it or have a scent to it.


  •   Effective in treating fleas
  •   Reduce itching sensation
  •   Suitable for cats above 12 weeks of age


  •   Have a pungent smell
  •   Highly toxic, keep away from the reach of children
  •   Makes the hair coat rough after three to four uses

Factors to look for when buying a cat shampoo

1. Shampoos that cater to specific causes

Before you buy the shampoo, take your cat to the vet and make sure that your cat isn’t sensitive. Also, get them tested for any allergies or specific skin problems and then buy shampoos that help in getting rid of those problems.

If your cats are suffering from dandruff problems, then use an anti-dandruff shampoo. If they have a flea problem, then use a shampoo that has the capability to kill the insects.

If the cat isn’t suffering from any of these problems, then go for a deeply nourishing shampoo. Such shampoos cleanse and then moisturizes the skin making sure your cat is left with a smooth and shiny hair coat.

2. Coat type

The thickness of your cat’s coat also matters. If your cats have thin skin, then make sure you don’t use a shampoo that rips the coat of its moisture and oil. If the coat is thick, then make sure you rope in a shampoo that can deeply nourish and protect the shiny hair coat.

The texture and nature of the coat also matter. If the coat is too oily most times of the day, then shampoo should have high cleansing action. On the other hand, if the coat is dry, then only a moisturizing shampoo can save the hair coat from breakage and tangles.

3. Skin type

The shampoo you choose must cater to the skin condition of the cat as well. If your cat has highly sensitive skin, then the shampoo shouldn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Try to go for an all-natural shampoo in such cases.

If you notice any infections or inflammations on your cat’s skin, then don’t use any random shampoo on their skin. First, consult with a vet and then finalize the ingredients that may or may not work for your pet.

Get The Best Cat Shampoos And Keep Your Furry Friend Clean And Healthy Always!

With that, we have covered all the things you need to know before you buy a cat shampoo. Go through our best cat shampoo picks and then make your mind.

Always do a patch test on their paw area before using the shampoo. If the cat shows any signs of discomfort, don’t resume the use until you get it tested. 

Also, never overuse the shampoos. Strictly adhere to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, or follow the instructions given by the pet.

Even if the shampoo claims to be the most nourishing shampoo in the world, don’t use it on a day to day basis. This can rip off the cat’s skin of its natural oils and trigger shedding of the hair follicles, which no pet parents want.


1. Is it a good idea to bathe cats?

Cats don’t require special grooming sessions. But if you have kids around, then make sure that you step in and groom your cats frequently to ensure that they are free of any kinds of dirt particles. Also, if the cats suffer from fleas or ticks, it becomes necessary to bathe them on a regular basis.

2. Can you use human shampoo on cats?

Never use human shampoos on your cats. Even if you shampoo caters to the problem faced by your cats, never use it on them. 

The pH level of your shampoo and that of the cat’s one varies by a significant margin. This can trigger a series of reactions, and ultimately your cat would be in pain.

3. How often should you wash an indoor cat?

Usually, cats groom themselves. But for the sake of cleanliness, you can step in and bathe them once in two or three weeks. 

If the cat requires special attention, that is, if they are suffering from dandruff or fleas, then the frequency may be reduced according to the doctor’s instructions.

4. What is the best cat shampoo to use on your cats?

Buy a shampoo that contains natural ingredients. Never go for a shampoo with synthetic chemicals unless prescribed by the vet. The natural ingredients won’t tamper with the moisture and oil levels in the hair coat. 

Whereas using shampoos with sulphates and parabens can rip off the hair coat of its oils and moisture, which in turn makes it unmanageable.

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