Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A sensitive stomach is as upsetting for cats as it is for us. They might not be able to express it, but their irregular food intake pattern can give you hints. If not addressed at the right time, it can deteriorate your cat’s health and lead to a significant loss in their body muscles.

As a pet owner, this would be your worst nightmare. Well, not anymore. If you feel that your cat is showing the hints of an upset stomach, you can opt for the best cat food for a sensitive stomach that provides the right nutrition and is light on their digestive system. There are so many options available in the market ranging from dry & wet food to grain-free food.

One of the main factors to look for when buying cat food for your cat’s upset stomach is understanding what ingredient triggers the reaction. If this is clear, you can easily pick the right food. If not, we will help you find the best cat food for sensitive stomachs that best suits your cat.

Top 10 Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach 2021

1. Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

The main ingredient of the Purina ONE sensitive skin and stomach dry food is turkey meat. As it is of turkey meat, the food is light on the cat’s stomach and digests quickly. Apart from being suitable for a sensitive stomach, the food is loaded with necessary vitamins and minerals that aid the growth of a thick hair coat.

The food contains omega-6 fatty acids that are crucial for nourishing the cat’s hair coat and stimulating hair growth. It also helps in trapping the moisture content on the skin and makes the skin softer and smoother.

When coming to other ingredients in the food, it has oatmeal, dried turkey egg, brewers rice, carrots, and peas. These ingredients pack in the necessary nutrients and are also fewer in calories. It means you can feed your cat more, and they can have a hearty meal each time.

The kibbles of the meal look attractive to the cats. It isn’t of a single shape but has a combination of three different ones. It is made to fit the jaw bone structure of all breeds of cats and is extremely crunchy in texture.

The crunchiness of the kibbles strengthens their teeth and gums and removes the plaque deposited on their teeth.


  • Kibbles are easy to chew
  • Includes vital nutrients that fasten the growth of the haircoat
  • Extremely light on the stomach
  • Doesn’t contain any genetically modified ingredients
  • Contains fresh vegetable extracts that add the necessary vitamins
  • Has a great turkey flavor from the turkey meat and liver extracts


  • The food contains soy and cornmeal derivatives which may not suit some cats and can trigger allergic reactions


2. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food

The Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat food is specially formulated for adult cats with an upset stomach. The unique probiotic formula and fibers in the food trigger the beneficial gut bacteria and accelerate the digestive process. In this way, the food sits light on the stomach, and they get the necessary nutrients.

Apart from being light on the stomach, the food includes some necessary vitamins and minerals essential for adult cats. Most adult cats experience severe hair fall and extreme itchiness due to dry skin. The vitamin E oil in the food nourishes the hair coat and ensures that the skin doesn’t dry off quickly.

The product also contains omega-6 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth and ensure that your cat doesn’t develop unnecessary bald patches on their hair coat. The omega-6 fatty acids are also effective in curbing the inflammation on the skin. If your cats are suffering from skin allergies or infections, this is a great food to go to.

The food has chicken and rice as its main ingredients. In addition to this, the food also consists of pork meal, chicken liver, and pork fat. The combination of two different types of meat gives the food an intense and rich meaty flavor, which your cats would surely love.

Coming to the kibbles, it is round and even in size. The single-sized kibbles are crunchy in texture and would easily fit any jawbone structure. The crunchy kibbles remove the plagues and other deposits on the cat’s teeth and, in turn, make them stronger.

However, it isn’t suitable for adult cats with gum or teeth problems. The crunchy kibbles might cause bleeding or pain to their gums, and the cat might not even come near the food afterward.


  • Easily digestible formula
  • Comes in the form of crunchy single-sized kibbles
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients
  • Curated for adult cats
  • Contains minerals that nourish the hair coat and stimulates hair growth
  • Has a rich meaty flavor


  • Contains chicken by-products
  • Contains gluten
  • Has soy and corn derivatives


3. IAMS Proactive Health Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food 

IAMS Proactive Health Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food 

This dry cat food from IAMS Proactive Health is specially curated for adult cats with hairball problems. Excessive consumption of the body hair is also a cause for the upset stomach. This food is highly effective in reducing hairball problems and also assists in weight gain.

The product contains natural chicken meat as the main ingredient, and the chicken broth provides a rich meaty flavor to the kibbles. As for adult cats, the food is rich in protein that aids the muscle gain process.

Apart from chicken, the product also contains turkey meat in significant quantities. The two meat ingredients impart the necessary proteins that are needed for the optimum growth of adult cats.

The primary cause of hairball formation in the stomach is the excessive shedding of the fur coat. The food is rich in essential vitamins and fibers that curb excessive shedding.

This way, a majority of the hairball problems are reduced. Further, the food is rich in fibers, and this eases the stools. Thus, the hairball gets easily removed from the digestive system.

As the food is for adult cats, it is less in fats and rich in proteins. The quantity of carbohydrates comes somewhat in between. The high-quality protein kibbles are made to fit all types of jawbone structure and are moderately crunchy in texture.

It ensures that cats with gum problems can easily munch on the food and spare them of the bleeding gums.


  • Rich in necessary fibers
  • Free from artificial colorings and flavorings
  • Contain real chicken and turkey meat
  • Helps to reduce the hairball problems
  • High protein content helps in muscle building
  • Contain a variety of vegetables
  • Suitable for cats with bad teeth and gum problems


  • Not gluten-free
  • Contains dried yeast, which may not be suitable for all cats


4. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach


The Blue Buffalo Sensitive-Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat food restores the lost muscle weight and is light on the cat’s stomach. It is loaded with real chicken meat and therefore is high in protein content.

The high protein content ensures that the cat gets the right amount of protein to regain their lost weight and be active as before. As the food is rich in protein and low in fats, it isn’t suitable for kittens.

Dry food has brown rice in significant quantities along with some real fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. The anti-oxidants and the omega-6 fatty acids are great for the cat’s immune system.

It boosts the immune system and fights the disease-causing pathogens. The omega-6 fatty acids are also essential to stimulate the growth of hair follicles on their fur coat.

The high fiber content and probiotics in the formula ensure that the nutrients are easily absorbed into the cat’s body. The high fiber content also accelerates the digestion process, and this ensures the food is light on the cat’s digestive system.

The fructooligosaccharide prebiotic, which is plant sugar-derived, increases the healthy bacteria that thrive in the gut. When gut health is maintained, it ensures an effective digestion and absorption process.

Another main component in this dry food is taurine, an essential amino acid that supports the cats’ eye and heart health.


  • One of the best cat foods for older cats with a sensitive stomach
  • Rich in fibers and other essential amino acids
  • Free from all kinds of additives, flavorings, and colorings
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients
  • Best for boosting the immune system and promoting gut health
  • Has a fast absorption rate owing to the high quantity of fibers
  • Kibbles are neither too crunchy nor too soft, making them perfect for cats with gum problems


  • Contains flaxseed, which at times can trigger diarrhea in some cats


5. Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach

This adult cat food from Purina Pro Plan has natural duck meat as the main ingredient and is free from all kinds of filler contents. The highly digestible formula would be great for your adult cat as it provides the necessary protein to maintain their muscle weight.

As the food is rich in prebiotic fibers, it absorbs real quick into the cat’s body, and they won’t feel heavy even after eating their stomach full. The quick absorption formula also ensures that your cat gets the right nutrients in the right contacts without going overboard on the calorie intake.

Apart from helping the digestive system, the product is great for the cat’s skin and hair. Vitamin E and omega fatty acids stimulate hair growth and keep the skin soft. The vitamin E oil traps the moisture on their skin and prevents the formation of any kind of skin infection and inflammations.

Due to its wet food form, your cat can easily have it, and it is perfect for cats with bad teeth. The food comes dipped in duck broth, and this preserves the moisture content and imparts a rich duck-meat flavor to it.


  • Easy to chew and digest
  • Rich in prebiotic fibers that fastens the digestion process
  • Promotes good gut health
  • Helps in the growth of thick and shiny hair follicles
  • Prevents any kind of skin infections or inflammations
  • Doesn’t contain any kind of rice, wheat, or soy additives
  • Free from artificial colorings and flavorings


  • Contains meat-by products


6. Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Digestion & Skin

Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Digestion & Skin

IAMS Proactive Health sensitive stomach adult cat food is rich in real chicken and turkey meat. Thus, the food is rich in proteins that aid the muscle-building process. The product is excellent for cats suffering from rapid weight loss as well.

The Prebiotic fibers included in the food ensures that the food gets easily digested and absorbed onto the cat’s body. As the product has a meaty flavor and an inviting smell, your cat would easily consume the food without showing any resistance.

Apart from protein, the product contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support the overall health of the cat’s body and also nourish their skin coat. These fatty acids, along with the Vitamin E oil, traps the moisture and prevent rashes and inflammation on the skin coat.

Coming to the kibble size of the product, it is small in size and has a single shape. The kibbles are extremely crunchy and are best for removing the plague and other deposits from the cat’s teeth.


  • Rich in protein and is best for cats experiencing rapid weight loss
  • Contain a wide variety of vegetables and fruits
  • Helps in removing the plague and other deposits from the cat’s teeth
  • Free from artificial flavors and colors


  • Not suitable for cats with weak teeth and gum problems
  • Free from corn and soy meal derivatives


7. Royal Canin Adult Cat Sensitive Digestion

Royal Canin Adult Cat Sensitive Digestion

The Royal Canin Adult Sensitive Digestion dry food is one of the best cat food for sensitive stomach. It is loaded with animal protein supplied by the real chicken meat. The food is as tastier as the raw chicken meat that cats would love to munch on. The manufacturer has used natural chicken broth to impart flavor to the kibbles.

Coming to the kibble texture, it comes in three different sizes, and all of them are crunchy. The crunchy kibbles are best for removing plaque from the teeth and making the gums stronger and healthier.

Apart from chicken, the food is also rich in brown rice that provides the necessary carbs. With that said, the carbs content isn’t that high. It is relatively low when compared to the protein content, which ensures that your cat can easily digest the food.


  • Rich in essential fibers and proteins
  • Contain chicken as the primary ingredients
  • Kibbles are crunchy and has a rich meaty flavor from the chicken broth
  • Suitable for adult cats with poor gut health
  • Has riboflavin and other supplements that promote the overall wellbeing of the cat


  • It contains dried egg product, which is a filler content


8. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Sensitive Cat

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Sensitive Cat


The main ingredient in the Nutro Wholesome Essentials for cats with a sensitive stomach is chicken meat. The chicken meat is directly sourced from the organic farms and, therefore, provides quality proteins to the cats consuming it.

Apart from the chicken meat, you can find brown rice in the food as well. As brown rice is quite hard to digest for a cat with a sensitive stomach, the manufacturer has included just the right amount in this product.

The main advantage of this product is that it is free from all kinds of soy or corn derivatives and doesn’t contain any type of genetically modified ingredients. The food contains only the necessary ingredients that contribute to the cat’s overall health.


  • Rich in proteins
  • Contains omega-6 fatty acids that improve the condition of the skin coat
  • Has a rich and meaty chicken flavor to the kibbles
  • Free from all kind of soy and corn derivatives
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients


  • Contains filler contents like dried egg product which is a poultry by-product


9. Halo Natural Dry Cat Food – Sensitive Stomach Recipe

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food - Sensitive Stomach Recipe


The Halo Natural Dry Cat food is specially formulated for adult cats suffering from a sensitive stomach. The product is rich in whole chicken meat naturally sourced from organic farms. Your cat would experience the real meat chunks when they bite into the kibbles.

The kibbles have a rich meaty flavor imparted by the real meat and the chicken broth. As the kibbles are even in size and too crunchy, your cat would love munching on them.

The optimal amounts of protein in the food helps maintain the muscles and counteract the forces that cause weight loss in adult cats. As it is free from all kinds of genetically modified contents and filler materials, this would be the best choice for cats with poor gut health and low digestion rate.


  • One of the best cat foods for sensitive stomach
  • Rich in prebiotic and probiotic fibers
  • Rich in natural chicken meat that imparts an intense meaty flavor to the kibbles
  • Free from all kinds of filler ingredients and additives
  • Contains fish meat as well


  • Contains barley, which may not be suitable for all cats


10. Royal Canin Digest Sensitive

Royal Canin Digest Sensitive

The Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy is a wet food specially curated for cats with a sensitive or upset stomach. The food contains slices of real chicken meat that provides the necessary protein to the cats. The texture and the flavor together would make your cat wipe clean their plate and ask for more.

As the food comes in thin slices, your cat can easily grab it from the plate. The food would also be light on the stomach, and your cat would get all the necessary nutrients from it.

When you open the can, you can see that food comes in a special gravy-like liquid. That is actually chicken broth and is added to enhance the meaty flavor of the product.

Apart from chicken meat, the food is rich in real vegetables and fruits that provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Other ingredients included in this wet food are salmon meat, pork liver, wheat flour, and chicken liver. The pork, salmon, and chicken meat impart a rich and intense meaty flavor, making the food even more appetizing and delicious for the cats.


  • Rich in a variety of animal-based proteins
  • Contains some essential vegetables and fruits that give the required fiber content
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients and food colors
  • Comes in easily consumable slices soaked in gravy


  • Contains corn and soy derivatives
  • Contains gelatin which may not suit all cats


Before you grab a product and pour it out onto your cat’s plate, there are some factors to consider that will help you buy the best cat foods for sensitive stomachs. But before that, you must be well aware of the symptoms that denote your cat has a sensitive stomach.

Factors To Look For When Buying Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

Symptoms Include

  • Undigested food in the cat droppings
  • Unnecessary vomiting
  • Changes in the texture of the tool
  • Increased consumption of water and other liquid products
  • Changes in the food intake pattern
  • The deteriorating condition of the skin coat
  • The appearance of bald patches
  • Constipation

If your cat starts showing any of the above symptoms, then it’s time that you start looking for food suitable for the sensitive stomach. Here are the factors to consider:

1. Protein Content

The protein content is vital in cat foods. But that doesn’t mean you can feed them any food that promises protein. Protein content in cat foods come from two sources – plant-based ingredients and animal meat.

Cats are carnivores by nature; therefore, they require animal-based protein more than plant-based ones. Thus, look for foods rich in animal-meat protein. It is okay if the product has extra vegetables and fruits that supply the protein. But the main ingredient should be meat or meat-based product.

With that said, some cats are allergic to chicken, beef, fish, and eggs. Thus, you will have to test them out first with a vet’s help and then decide on the food. To be on the safer side, you can go for foods with duck, turkey, or rabbit as the primary protein source.

Proteins are easily breakable by the digestive system. Thus, protein-rich food will give them the necessary energy to keep them going, and they won’t have to suffer the after-effects of eating their stomach full. The absorption rate of these foods is relatively high as well.

2. Carbohydrates Content

Carbs are comparatively harder to digest. Some cats find it quite easy to break down the rice and wheat content in their food, while some struggle to do so. Thus, to be on the safer side, make sure that carbohydrates aren’t the prominent nutrient in the cat’s food.

Ideally, protein should be higher than the carbs content. Go for foods with a low quantity of rice and wheat and high quantities of fruits and vegetables. The carbohydrates provided by the fruits and vegetables are better than the ones provided by wheat and rice.

Also, the fruits and vegetables add additional nutrients and antioxidants that promote the cat’s overall well-being.

3. Probiotic And Prebiotic Fibers

If your cat has a sensitive stomach, don’t forget to look for the prebiotic fibers in their food. These fibers promote the production of beneficial bacteria, which increases the rate of digestion and, thereby, the absorption rate.

The probiotic and prebiotic fibers are also great for the cat’s gut health and help maintain a sound digestive system overall.

4. Additional Fibers

Increasing the fiber content in your pet’s food can accelerate the digestion process. If your cat is suffering from diarrhea and you notice the texture difference in his droppings, then fibers are an urgent need for your pets.

Adding a lot of digestible fibers increases the amount of stool produced; thereby, it solidifies, and the texture is retained.

With that said, focus on supplying natural fibers found in carrots and other vegetables. Rely on supplements only if the doctor insists. You can find many dry and wet foods that contain carrots as one of their main ingredients.

5. Free From Artificial Colorings And Additives

Most manufacturers include soy and cornmeal derivatives in their products as filler contents. Such contents might upset some cats’ stomachs and worsen their condition. Therefore, it’s always best that you don’t go for foods rich in filler contents or additives.

Another commonly found additive is poultry by-product. If your cat has a sensitive stomach, make sure only the required food items or ingredients reach their stomach. Avoid foods rich in filler contents.

Also, you might find a lot of preservatives added to increase the shelf life of the products. Such preservatives can cause problems in the long run and might cause some serious digestive system related issues.

Vitamin E oil and ascorbic acids are some naturally derived preservatives. These preservatives are highly helpful for the cat and also protect the food from getting spoilt. The best cat food for sensitive stomachs will only have these ingredients like preservatives and nothing else.

Serve Your Pet The Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

Voila, with that, we have just concluded a well-detailed guide on finding the best cat food for sensitive stomachs. Always make it a point to thoroughly study the ingredients listed on the product before adding it to your cart. If you come across some codes, you can easily search it on your browser and see if it is suitable for pets.

Another tip that will help you find the best cat food for sensitive stomachs is to rope in foods that contain familiar contents. Turkey, chicken, fish, and lamb meat are usually loved by cats.

Foods rich in these ingredients would easily attract your cats, and they would wipe clean the plate in minutes. As cats are programmed to easily digest these food items, their stomach won’t find it difficult or cause any additional problems.


Q1. Which Is Best For Cats With Sensitive Stomach– Dry Or Wet Food?

Both types of food are suitable for your cats. As a pet parent, your goal should be to strike a balance between the amount of dry and wet food you feed your cats. Dry foods or wet foods alone won’t guarantee complete balanced nutrition. You need to find the perfect combination of these foods.
With that said, the popular myth that wet foods are easily digested isn’t true. You might find some wet foods that take a lot more time than dry foods to digest. The secret lies in finding the right ingredients that’ll satisfy your cat’s hunger without upsetting the digestive system.

Q2. How Can I Tell If My Cat Has A Sensitive Stomach?

You can easily find whether your cat has a sensitive stomach or not by looking for the symptoms mentioned above. The most popular ones are irregular food intake patterns, differences in the texture of cat droppings, and poor condition of skin coat.

Q3. What Ingredients Should I Look For In Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Always rely on foods that are rich in animal meat or related ingredients. Plants are programmed as carnivores, and they would love to munch on something that has a meaty flavor and smell.
Look for products rich in chicken, lamb, fish, turkey, or rabbit meat. You can also find products that contain an amalgamation of both chicken and lamb meat.

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