Best Cat Trees 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

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Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet - Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens - Multiple Styles & ColorsGo Pet Club Cat Tree

Cats are among the most common household pets, and while they are small, they are known for their wild misadventures, which often end with damaged items and lighter wallets. 

We all know that cats are avid climbers, as is their nature. Cats love climbing walls, trees, or even poles. Climbing provides them with a space that is free of danger. Since household cats don’t have access to climbable objects, we use cat trees to give them the space they need. This equipment helps in keeping them busy.

What’s a Cat Tree? 

A cat tree is a structure made for cats to relax, sleep, or play on. It is generally high as it provides the cats with a better sense of security due to their natural wild instincts. Cat trees provide house cats with a climbable environment within the house. These cat condos are a comfortable and private space to which your cats may retreat when they feel timid or anxious. The height allows your furry friends to be at a safe distance from unfamiliar or hostile sights and smells.

Although cat trees may take up quite a bit of space, investing in one will have a significant positive effect on your pet’s health, behavior, and overall well-being.  So, if you’re interested in giving your cats their own luxurious little homes, you’ve come to the right place. Just don’t hope that they will stop jumping on the keyboard while you work, that’s what they genuinely love.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying the Best Cat Trees 

1. Cat’s Preference

As mentioned before, every cat is different physically and mentally. This variation makes it very easy to choose the best cat trees for owners who are well aware of their pet’s nature and their likes and dislikes.

As a rule of thumb, cats generally will always prefer height over comfort. This preference in height is because of a cat’s instincts. When a cat is higher up, it can naturally see its surroundings better; and this, in turn, allows them to be more aware of their environment.

While most of our small feline friends prefer height over comfort, some cats choose a softer playground. These cats are comfortable with their surroundings and are not easily timid.

2. Form Factor

Cat trees come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From single-story primary platforms to complex multi-story structures that will baffle even the smartest among cat owners, choosing the best cat condo may prove difficult.

With all this variety in form factor, choosing the best cat tree for your furry roommates comes down to two main deciding factors–the size and the number of cats you own. Have multiple feline buddies around? Go for the cat tree with more than one platform. Have only one cat? Go for the single platform cat tree.

Is your cat heavy? Go for a sturdy cat tree with thick wood and stiff joints. Is your cat thin and agile? You can go for the lighter wood, but keeping your cat safe from injuries is of utmost importance, so choosing a sturdy cat tree is advisable.

3.  Accessories

Cat towers may come equipped with several accessories like hanging toys, scratch poles, cat hammocks, or enclosures depending upon the cat condo you chose. These hanging toys are distractions for your furry partners and act as a source of great amusement to cats.

Scratching poles are a source of vigorous activity, and cats can easily make themselves busy with these poles, this provides them a source of comfort and helps in more effortless adjustment into new environments.  Enclosures are great for timid cats who need quiet spaces or for cats that need alone time. The best cat condos come with multiple accessories to keep your cats busy.

4. Budget

Having a fixed budget in mind before making any purchase is a big part of being financially responsible. Buying an overpriced cat tree can leave you with a heavy piece of furniture that you could’ve done without and be satisfied with the results.

Although cat trees are not mega expensive, having a budget will save excessive spending. Spending this saved money on kitty treats or other essential items for your feline friend is better than buying a cat tower that is too excessive.

5. Warranty

Warranties are an essential part of buying any new appliance or item simply because there have been cases where items have lost functionality very early in their lives and had to be safe from such potential losses. Having an active warranty will help you stave off any financial loss. Cat towers may break down fast if not assembled properly. Having a warranty will protect you from paying for damages out of your pocket. 

6. Building Materials

It is only natural that some materials can withstand more punishment than some others. Having a strong and hard structure is a sure way to minimize loss due to damage.  Hence, strong wood or fiberboards which are better equipped to deal with punishment through the years are always the right option. 

Top 13 Best Cat Trees 2021

1. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Best Cat Trees 

Looking for a quality cat tree with the assurance of quality from previous buyers? Are you on a budget of less than $100?

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is your perfect option with its sturdy build, commending reviews, and a price that is comfortable for most cat owners. 

This beautifully constructed cat tower delivers in more than just the looks department. The material used to construct the tower is hard compressed wood and is covered in faux fur. This provides structural strength as well as comfort to your cats.

Being a 38 x 27 x 62- inches design, the Go Pet Club Tree is essentially what any cat needs- large, small, timid, or fearless. The cat tower comes equipped with a wide variety of accessories like tires and multiple scratching posts. These accessories help the cats relax and have fun on their own and are more than enough to make your furry companion fall in love.

A total of three differently leveled platforms allows your cats to get the space they need along with their beloved height. Along with these platforms a ladder, a hanging toy, a hammock, and a cubby hole are ready to be used by your feline partners.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree does not come assembled out of the box. It must be assembled by hand but that process is quite simple as it comes with a thorough instruction manual and all the required hardware. This cat tree is available in multiple colour options. 


2. Furhaven Pet – Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet - Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens - Multiple Styles & Colors

This budget-friendly cat tower comes with a height that will put even poles to shame. With a whopping 19.7 x 19.7 x 69.7- inches design, the height almost touches 70 inches. Cats love having the high ground 70 inches high will give them apex comfort and awareness.

The Furhaven Pet – Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree is equipped with enough toys to make your pets’ day. The dangling mouse toy, a cat IQ busy box, a hanging ball toy, and multiple scratching posts distract any number of cats easily.  On the medium end of a budget, this cat tower costs less than $100 and comes with accessories that can keep several cats busy at once. 

The multi-condo style is more suitable for people with more than a single cat and the height of this cat tower allows even the timidest cats to feel safe in their surroundings.The cats may use their kitty condos when they wish to be left alone or play with the cat IQ busy box on the top perch.

Having two separate cat condos and a comfortable fabric coating means the utmost comfort for your cats. These condos are very cozy and are a relaxing space for cats.The material used in making this cat tree is sturdy and a sisal coating provides the feel of an actual tree. This surface is also very easy to clean by hand.

The Furhaven Pet Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree must be assembled by hand as it does not come pre-assembled. This assembly is easy enough with the use of the included assembly guide. The cat tree is available in various colour options. 


3. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo is a budget friendly option for multiple cat owners. Its lower price does not reflect in quality as the cat tree has the safety and features of more expensive counterparts.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo has dimensions of 19 x 19 x 51- inches. This 51 inches of height allows clearance for two perches and a cat condo at the bottom. The two upper perches are wide enough for a small single cat and the condo is cozy and comfortable, this is the cat’s favourite lounging space. Accessories are a weak point of this cat tree as it only comes with three scratching posts and no dangling toys and no cat IQ busy boxes.

This cat tower is recommended for smaller cats who weigh less, this is because the top perches are not wide enough to support bigger cats. While the condo is large enough to accommodate longer and heavier cats. The lower placement of the condo means that it will be very stable and secure. While it is a little wobbly sometimes, this can be easily fixed by placing a little extra weight at the base.

The low placement of the cat condo also allows cats easy access into their own private apartment. On the other hand the high placed perch provides cats with a sense of relief and is an escape from unwanted senses.

The cat tower comes equipped with scratching posts integrated into the design as structural poles. A total of three scratching posts can satisfy any cat’s dreams of being scratched all the time. The tree is covered in soft fabric which ensures that our feline buddies stay warm and happy.

This cat tree needs to be assembled by hand. It is very easy to set up if instructions are kept in mind. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo is available only in the beige color.


4. AmazonBasics Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree is a well rounded, budget friendly and high quality solution for basic cat tree needs. It comes with dimensions of 19.3 x 19.3 x 49.6- inches and has a premium build quality. What the AmazonBasics Cat Tree lacks in height, it makes up for in accessories and build quality.

This cat tree comes equipped with two hanging ball toys, a condo, two perches, a ladder and multiple scratch posts for our feline roommates. The scratching posts are made of natural jute fiber which does not damage the cat’s nails.

Its condo is a cozy safe space for easily spooked cats and the upper perches are safe for cats to lounge and play on. The hanging ball toys are a great distraction for cats and the scratch posts will keep them busy and happy for hours on end. The topmost tower is wobbly sometimes under a heavy cat, so it’s advisable to go for a more sturdy cat tree for a bigger and heavier cat. 

Scratch posts act as integrated poles that support the whole cat tree. They can be tightened on  becoming loose. The AmazonBasics Cat Tree also needs to be assembled by hand and is a fairly simple task if the instruction manual is followed. It is available in shades of brown, shades of grey and beige.


5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower & Activity Tree

The PetFusion Cat Climbing Tower is a cat tree in the most basic form. It provides cats with a high climbable pole structure with two perches to lounge on. 

This cat climbing tower is very high, coming in with dimensions 24 x 20.8 x 76.8-inches. The 77-inch height means that the tower’s height is more than enough to satisfy any household cat’s need. Along with being very high, this cat tower has a wide base which is necessary for the right structural balance.

The two perches are padded and have holes for cats to play around in. The main and only pole is a cat scratcher post which makes it easy for them to climb up to the highest point.

The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climber can be secured to walls using the screwable holes present on the side of both perches. Securing the perches makes the tower even more sturdy and ensures that no harm is done to the beloved cats.

The super high perch allows cats to feel better in any environment and this added with the strong structure with no wobbles means that cats can play around on it without hesitation.The total absence of any enclosed space means that timid and privacy loving cats will not be satisfied with the cat tower. 

The material used in its construction is high grade fiberboard. The strength of this material means that kitties with long and sharp claws won’t damage it easily.With a total of zero accessories like hanging toys and condos, the Ultimate Cat Climber is short on a few accounts. Although one must remember that this cat tower is simplistic by purposeful design.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Climber is available only in beige wood color. The minimalist wooden look allows the cat tower to blend into the furniture easily.


6. Furhaven Playstairs Playground

Furhaven Pet - Tiger Tough Tall Cat Tree Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens - Multiple Styles & Colors

A unique design always stands out. The Furhaven Cat Playstairs Playground is designed like ‘Stairs’ and has a unique modern look to them. This modern look matches most homes and the cat tower does not stand out as a beige eye sore.

This cat tree is fitted with a cat IQ busy box, a plush ball toy, several scratching posts and a total of four perches with the highest being 49.5 inches high. Its size is 26 x 19 x 49.5 inches and is equipped with a bigger base to increase its stability.

All the toys and accessories on this cat tree will make your cat fall in love with its new playground. The four perches are all covered in a soft fabric and is very comfortable for cats to lounge on. The lack of a condo does imply a lack of private space for timid cats but other than a condo, this cat tree comes with everything.

The material used to build this tower is composite wood. All the perches and the base are lined with faux fur fabric, this makes playing and lounging very comfortable. The material used is strong and does not break easily.

Toys like the cat IQ busy box keeps the cats busy on their own without the possible destruction of any other household furniture. The average height of this cat tower is compensated by the availability of several toys.

The staircase-like design also makes it easier for the furry climbers to reach the top perch. Again, the assembly must be done by hand and the process is quite simple.

Available in many color varieties from blue to black to the classic beige, the Furhaven Playstairs Playground can fit the look of any home.


7.  VESPER Cat Tree

Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees

Designed for those with a high budget and willingness to spend a little extra for their furry friends, the  VESPER Cat Tree is the best premium cat tower. With the price tag of over $100, quality and extra features are expected naturally. These expectations are fulfilled and even surpassed.

The  VESPER Cat Tree is 22.1 x 22.1 x 47.9 inches. With a total of three perches made of solid fibreboard having medium density. While the surface is partly lined with memory foam which provides utmost comfort to the cats. This memory foam can be removed and cleaned.

A cubby present under the second perch is the perfect cozy heaven and the moderately high perch is the perfect escape for the little feline devils. The support towers are wrapped in rope and act as scratch posts. A hanging triple ball toy is enough to grab any cat’s attention and keep it. 

Designed without any carpet material covering, the VESPER cat tree looks really beautiful with a polished wood finish. Only the topmost deck is completely covered with memory foam, this encourages perching and lounging at the comfortable topmost deck.

Boasting a sturdy design, the VESPER cat tree can easily manage to hold multiple cats at once. Lacking any faux fur carpets is a benefit as it does not look ugly like most other cat furniture. 

Clearly the higher price pays off at the end, with impeccable quality, great aesthetic looks and useful design upgrades from any standard cat tree–the VESPER cat tree is a worthy investment for those who care about looks and functionality. Can be easily put together within thirty minutes.

The VESPER cat tree is sold with three different color variants- black, brown and light brown.


8. AmazonBasics Cat Tree (X-large)

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree with Scratching Posts

If the last AmazonBasics Cat Tree on this list was too small for more than two cats, the X-Large model takes the size factor and improves on it. The X-Large variant, as the name suggests, has ample room for upto three or more cats.

This cat tree comes with multiple sub-variants, each with an added accessory. Accessories range from an extra condo, a hammock and a tunnel to a complete overhaul, done by adding extra levels or extra platforms. This variation in styles provides a high degree of customizability.

The structure of this cat tree as a whole is covered in faux fur material which makes lounging very comfortable for the little furry companions. The cubby can be used as a hideout and a very soft one at that. Any cat will easily fall in love with this comfort and complex platforming the AmazonBasics X-Large cat tree allows.

With complex platforms and a high topmost perch, any climbing and perching needs are quickly satisfied. Other than complex platforms, this cat tree brings with it two hanging ball toys even in the most basic variant. Scratch posts are used as a part of the main structure and no exposed surfaces are  visible.

The scratch posts are wrapped in natural jute fiber which protects cats from possible claw damage. Jute fiber is also among the strongest occuring natural fibers and as a result does not get damaged easily, this encourages scratching and a more relaxed environment.

Constructed with durable and long lasting materials, this cat tree can handle even the heavier cats jumping around on it. The faux fur material acts as protection to the actual frame by not allowing scratch marks from getting through.

The highest perch is 56.3 inches above ground and the overall dimensions of this cat tree are 23.6 x 56.3 x 19.3 inches. With a wider base, it stands more steadily than many other tall cat towers.

A total of four platforms in the basic style are ample room for up to four cats, while the higher models can be equipped with a maximum of six total platforms.  The high degree of customization options and high overall quality makes the AmazonBasics X-Large Cat Tree a valid investment for any number of feline friends.

With only three color options available- grey, brown, and beige, this cat tree does not have a wide variety of color customizability. Assembly is easy and can be done without any help, following the instruction manual will always be the simplest guide to follow.


9. AmazonBasics Cat Hammock

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

Cat trees can be very expensive, take up a lot of space and not always be efficient for everyone. A cat hammock on the other hand is small, inexpensive and is worth every dime. Preferable for only a single cat, a hammock is a simple perch comfortable enough to lounge on.

The AmazonBasics Hammock is a very simple two pole (Scratch posts) setup with a comfortable hammock on top. The hammock is made of plush fabric and keeps the cat comfortable at all times. The two scratch posts are wrapped in natural jute fiber which encourages scratching.

A hanging plush ball toy along with the scratch posts provide the inhabitant cat with scratchy satisfaction and a toy for distraction.

The dimensions of the AmazonBasics Cat Hammock are-  15.8 x 15.8 x 19.7 inches. The low height is justified considering its low price. While it can only be used to lounge and relax on, it is among the best cat towers to be available under $50.

Its building material quality is durable and the base is covered with faux fur material, this lessens the punishment dealt by claws and increases usability over time. While only available in two colors- beige and black, the AmazonBasics Cat Hammock is not an eyesore as it is small and hides even in plain sight.


10. PAWZ Road Cat Tree

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Tower with Double Condos, Spacious Perch, Fully Wrapped Scratching Sisal Posts and Replaceable Dangling Balls

Another highly priced premium cat tree with extensive features and a look that will increase any room’s beauty. The PAWZ Road Cat Tree is one among the best looking cat furniture, but this comes at a hefty price. 

With two cat condos, a plush ball toy, memory foam, scratch posts and a spacious perch; this cat tree has no shortage of accessories and toys. The memory foam is removable and can be cleaned easily. The hanging ball toys are replaceable and the scratch posts are highly durable.

As is seen in more expensive cat furniture, this cat tree is not covered by carpet material. Absence of carpet all around the structure allows the beautiful wood pattern to be visible, but it also increases the susceptibility of the wood to get scratched. Building materials used in the PAWZ Road Cat tower are sturdy, the base board is thick wood and the scratch posts hold up the top perch sturdily. 

It has dimensions of 19 x 17 x 35- inches and a sleek modern design that can blend in with any modern furniture. The low height of 35 inches is justified considering that it is equipped with two spacious cat condos. These cozy condos are enough for relaxing, lounging and playing all on their own.

The top perch is highly padded and is a cozy, comfortable space for our furry friends. The PAWZ cat tree is available in three color options – black, beige and brown.Assembly of this cat tree can be done easily by watching an available youtube video guide.


11. AmazonBasics  Cat Cave

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Cave, Scratching Posts

The AmazonBasics Cat Cave is a cat tree that’s all about customizability. With over seven different styles to choose from, each with its own unique features like extra condos, multiple platforms and higher perches.  Its dimensions are  29.5 x 26.8 x 52 inches, with this height and a cozy condo, no cat will feel uncomfortable in this cat playground heaven. 

The scratch posts are not completely wrapped with rope, having margins of a few uncovered inches on their extreme ends makes the scratch posts damageable. With no hanging ball toys anywhere on the cat tree, it is possible that cats may get bored easily. This is where the comfortable little condo comes into play, it is lined with soft carpet material which will encourage lounging and relaxation.

The materials used in its construction are strong and sturdy with no wobbling. It’s designed to fit in the corner of any room and does so perfectly. Assembly process is simple and quick without any external help, otherwise youtube video guides are readily available. The tower is available in beige and grey colors.


12. Go Pet Club Kitten Tree

Go Pet Club F711 53 Kitten Tree

For those looking to space and on a medium – low budget, the Go Pet Club F711 Cat Tree provides the most accessories and great looks at a low price. 

The dimensions are 23 x 28.5 x 53.5 inches. With a height of 53.5 inches, any perching needs will be easily satisfied. Along with a high perch; two hanging toys, a hammock, a condo and a tunnel are a part of  this cat tree.

Durable construction material along with plush carpet fabric covering the whole tower results in a long lasting and sturdy cat tower that can take jumps from even the heaviest of cats.Available in beige brown and black brown colors. Assembly is very easy especially on following any video tutorial.


13. AmazonBasics Platform Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Platform, Scratching Posts

A cat tower in the truest sense of the word, the AmazonBasics Platform only Cat Tree is a simple conjunction of platforms with no condos or hammocks. This simplicity holds a charm that is unique all on its own.

With a total of three platforms and the highest being 42 inches high, any cat’s perching needs will be more than satisfied on this minimalist cat tree. A hanging ball toy and three scratch posts with fiberless margins on the top and bottom make up the remaining accessories.

Being a very simply designed cat tree, its cost is very budget friendly and costs under $70. With a durable frame and long lasting scratch posts, this is indeed a good investment for those on a budget. Color options of only beige and gray are available in this product. Assembly can be done by hand, quite easily within minutes.


FAQs on Cat Trees

1. Are cat trees worth it?

Yes, cat trees are worth every penny spent on them. Cat trees not only physically beneficial but are also essential to your cat’s behaviour and mental health. The benefits of cat trees far outweigh any possible cons and it is impossible to put a price tag on health. 

2. Do cats actually use cat trees?

Cats absolutely love cat trees. The urge to climb and scratch is naturally present within every feline, cat trees are an outlet for these urges. Cats love to take full advantage of this opportunity and use cat trees a lot, both as a private space and as a playground.

3. Are cat trees dangerous?

Apart from the harmful effects of swallowing long fabric strands, cat trees are considered safe because of their strong build quality cat friendly design. While swallowing the fur fabric may be a choking hazard, cats are always under the risk of choking on swallowed hair or other fabric. Keeping an eye out for such situations is important with or without a cat tree involved.

4. How long does a cat tree last?

The lifetime of a cat tree depends on many factors. A sturdy build will last longer than a non-sturdy cat tree. Along with the strength of materials used, the size of cats is also a determining factor in the lifetime of a cat tree. Cat trees may last up to a whopping 7 years in some cases and in others, not even 6 months. This is a reason why buying the right cat tree for your feline buddy is important, a cat tower made of lighter materials is under more risk of being damaged by a heavy cat.

Get The Best Cat Trees To Make Your Furry Friends Both Happy And Healthy Today!

Our list of the best cat trees and the best cat towers is a selection of the most popular and positively regarded cat furniture in the market and also provides factors that must be kept in mind before deciding on any cat tower.

Cats are natural climbers and being inside homes means that climbing is impossible without an artificial structure, which is a cat tree. Investing in cat furniture will have a positive result on your cat’s behavior and health.

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