Best Cat Scratching Posts 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

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SmartCat Pioneer Best Cat Scratching Post

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

PetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post (Avail in 2 Sizes


Hey there, Cat people!

Are you tired of your feline friends making a mess of your living room? Do you keep trying to make sure they don’t get near your elegant sofa set or your luxurious curtains, but somehow you always find them there ignoring your warnings. It’s a sign your cat needs something more than just the best bed and treats, get them a cat scratching post.

Cats have a natural desire to scratch and it is because of many reasons, be it grooming, a way to mark their territory, to stretch their body, an urge to itch, or just to feel good. Getting a scratch post may seem insignificant, and you might feel that it occupies unnecessary space, but try getting one of the equipment for your furry friend which is the best cat scratching posts and see the approval you get from your pet. 


What is a Cat Scratching Post?

A cat scratching post is a wooden pole-like structure covered with different fabric materials to provide a comfortable scratching surface to the pets. Scratching is a natural urge in cats, and this helps them get rid of old skin from their claws and any other unwanted material stuck inside them. It is also a way for communication for them as they mark their territory by scratching a surface. Wild or outdoor cats often use wooden logs or tree trunks to fulfill this urge. Domestic Indoor cats can be prevented from scratching the furniture by providing them with a good cat scratch post. 

Why Do You Need One? 

If you’re still doubtful, here are some infallible reasons to make you run for one of the best cat scratching posts for your cat. 

  • Activity and exercise 

Whether you have a new-born kitten or a fully grown cat, daily exercise through walks or recreation is very important to keep them healthy. A cat scratching post allows them to stretch and move their legs proviing plenty of physical activity. Also, some scratch posts come equipped with toys and other features that provide a playful environment. 

  • Relaxing 

A young kitten often has a lot of pent-up energy. They run around all-day, jumping and playing, getting in trouble with other cats (probably older than them). A good quality scratch post with a satisfying fabric helps them discharge and relax. Some scratch posts contain cat beds and hollow chambers that provide a resting place for your feline buddies. 

  • Attachment

Newly bought or adopted pets generally are timid and hesitant to come out and about and mix with their new family. A good scratch post comforts the cats and gives them something to attach themselves. In the new environment, the post acts as a satisfying and comforting object that cats tend to stay around it longer and hence get attached to it. 

  • Grooming

Cats love their grooming more than anything (except for treats, of course). They are continuously cleaning themselves by licking and rubbing. Besides being a good release for their feistiness, a scratch post keeps their claws in good shape. The scratching action helps them get rid of old, dead skin and debris stuck around the claws. Although, you still have to trim those claws from time to time, or they might hurt themselves or the people they are around.

  • Behavior

Cats are naturally less emotionally attached to their owners or to anyone in particular. They are not very social. and this natural behavior can come off as hostile sometimes. 

Also, due to  their detached nature, training them to behave agreeably might be a hefty task. Training by luring them with treats and catnips put at the top of a scratch post after every desirable action could help with the behavior alleviation problem. They tend to learn that behaving in a certain way, will get them treats!

  • Reduces anxiety and stress

Anxiety is not just a human trait;it is something we share with animals such as cats and dogs alike. Be it separation anxiety due to abandonment issues, cruel or abusive behavior, neglect, fear of predators, or motherly concern for their babies. Our pets feel stressed just like they feel joy. Buying one of the best cat scratching posts of durable and quality material will provide them with a good scratching experience to help them relax and wind down.

  •  Interaction 

In a house with more than one pet, making them like each other can be difficult. Cats especially are very emotionally detached beings and do not like to share their things. Be it food, bed, or their human buddy. A cat scratch post acts as common ground and allows all the cats to meet and convene here. They play together, scratch the post together, and tend to develop a tolerance for each other. It is a great tool for interaction and for playing together.

  • It’s either that or your furniture

The natural desire to scratch that cats possess is fulfilled one way or the other. It is a normal, routine activity for a kitty, and will surely happen more than a few times in a regular household. They tend to do this as a means to mark their territory as well. Now, If you care about your precious carpet and your expensive furniture, do provide them with a good alternative to fulfil their requirement. 

What are the different types of cat scratching posts? 

  • On the basis of shape

They can be L-shaped, tall and pole-like, rectangular, triangular circular, or platform shaped. They can have a wide surface or a circular surface and can even be irregularly shaped. 

  • On the basis of material

Different types of material are used in providing a satisfactory scratching experience to the cats. They can be sisal fabric, sisal rope, jute fabric, just rope, corrugated cardboard, carpeted material, recycled cardboard and corrugated cardboard.

  • On the basis of the position

They can be straight, upright, horizontal, vertical, inclined, hanging, wall-mountable, etc. 

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying The Best Cat Scratch Posts 

  • Size

Choosing the right size for your kitty is very important. A very big post can be uncomfortable for a small kitten, whereas a very small post may not be able to hold the cat’s weight. 

  • Height

Choosing a tall post for cats is a good option as they like to stretch out their body while scratching in any unusual position possible. It helps them tone their muscles. A small post can be very uncomfortable and dissatisfactory. 

  • Form

A scratch post must be sturdy and should be able to hold its own weight as well as the weight of the cat. If it is shaky or wobbly the cat will feel unsafe and might not use it at all. Buy a post with a wider base and weight so that it supports its height.

  • Shape

Cats prefer unobstructed motion while scratching, so a fabric or a plain surface is preferred over a rope. Also, the shape of the post depends on the preference of your cat. It can be around the pole, a cuboidal pole, or a smooth flat surface. 

  • The material of the post

Cats want a material that is satisfactory and shreds under their claws easily. Sisal fabric, sisal rope, corrugated cardboard, uneven wooden surfaces are preferred. Try not to buy rugged material since your pet might not be able to differentiate between the post and your own living room floor carpet. Also, avoid materials similar to those of your furniture. 

  • Angle

Depending on different pet preferences, look for a vertical, inclined, or horizontal cat scratcher. It is generally good to provide vertical as well as horizontal surfaces by including different scratching posts and pads. 

Now, if you love your pets as much as we love them all, you should definitely get them one of the best cat scratching posts, as mentioned in the list below.

Top 15 Best Cat Scratching Posts 2020

1. SmartCat Pioneer Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Pioneer Best Cat Scratching Post

If you’re looking for one of the best quality, cat scratchers for your cat at a good price, this is the choice for you. Good quality post with amazing customer reviews, it easily makes it one of the best selling options.

A 32- inch tall and strong post for your cat to stretch fully and tone its muscles. Also, the woven sisal fabric provides ultimate satisfaction and allows it to scratch convenently. 

This post has a wide, 16×16 inch square base, which makes it quite sturdy. This prevents it from wobbling or tipping over when the cat is playing around it or leaning against it.  

With ideal dimensions of 16×16×35 inches, it has the perfect length for any size of a cat. The weight of the post is 2.2 pounds. It comes with a simple instructions guide and screws to help you assemble it quickly and easily. 


  • Tall in height.
  • Sturdy
  • Woven sisal fabric which is very pleasing to the cats.
  • Attractive to place in the house.
  • Easy assembly.


  • Lightweight, may tip if a large cat jumps on it.
  • No additional toy or plaything is available.
  • Not a pleasant odor as per some customer reviews. 
  • Expensive, to some extent.

2.  AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

If you prefer nothing but the best for your pet, this AmazonBasics Cat Scratching post should be one of your top considerations. The wooden base and the sturdy built make this cat scratching post an optimum choice.

A dual scratching post design with an elevated cat hammock and a replaceable hanging toy keep your cat entertained for hours. The hammock provides a plush and comfortable relaxing space for the cat after a good amount of scratching and playing.  

The material of the post is natural jute fibers that keep your pet’s claws healthy and groomed. Because of the dual post structure, there are fewer chances of this post, wobbling or tipping. The base is 15.8×15.8 inches, square-shaped for easy placement in house corners. 

With dimensions of 15.8×15.8×19.7 inches, it might not be very tall, but it is enough for a medium-sized cat to stretch to its full length. The weight is an ideal 8.95 pounds. 


  • Very affordable price.
  • Durable and sturdy in design.
  • Additional hammock feature acts like a cat bed. 
  • Dual post allows 2 times the scratching.


  • Short in height.
  • Jute rope is present instead of fabric which provides obstruction during scratching. 

3. PetFusion 3-sided Vertical Cat ScratchingPetFusion 3-Sided Vertical Cat Scratching Post (Avail in 2 Sizes

If you are looking for something different and unique for your quirky pet, here’s a Triangular Cat Scratching Post. The vertical scratching design comes in neutral colours and therefore fits in with your home decor. 

It provides a larger surface area for scratching and comes equipped with a premium catnip leaf to keep your furry buddy pleased. Also, it can be reversed and rotated so as to get 6 surfaces. 

This post is made of recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue, so it is safe and fun to scratch on. The material is very pleasing for some cats. 

The attractive design manages to compliment your cat’s horizontal preferences for scratching. The design also features a comfortable cubby hole for exploration and play, especially good for houses with multiple cats. 

The dimensions are 18×10.5×16 inches and the post weighs 4.2 pounds. Made with superior quality cardboard and is very durable. This eco-friendly post comes in two different sizes and does not require any hassle of assembly. 


  • Vertical scratching surface offers a good scratching experience to your cats. 
  • An eco-friendly product.
  • No assembly required.
  • Affordable price range.
  • 6 times the normal surface area for scratching.


  • Recycled cardboard is not as durable as the other fabrics.
  • Not very tall in height.
  • Less stable as no built-in screws are provided.

4. AmazonBasics Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post

AmazonBasics Large Premium Tall Cat Scratching Post

AmazonBasics Premium Cat Scratching Post is a sturdy, tall, and wood-based post designed to satisfy all your cat’s scratching needs. It comes equipped with a replaceable dangling toy for your cat to play and entertain itself for hours, along with keeping their claws busy and their mind content. 

The material of the post is natural jute fiber,re which is excellent for your pet’s claws and helps keep them healthy. 

The dimensions of this post are 15.8 × 35.4 × 15.8 inches which are ideal for any size of cat to stretch and play comfortably.

The post weighs 16.09 pounds, which is heavier as compared to many other posts. This feature makes it very strong and sturdy to face the wrath of any angry kitty looking for a good scratching.

This post comes in neutral colour tones, which make them very appealing when kept in the house. The rectangular shape is very durable and long-lasting. will save you money and the hassle to buy a new post every few weeks. 


  • Tall in height.
  • Sturdy built design.
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Attractive to place in the house.


  • Jute fabric is not as favoured as much as the sisal fabric. 
  • Heavy and tough to assemble.
  • Expensive for a simple design.

5. 4 Claws Wall Mounted Scratching Post

4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

If you’re feeling dissatisfied regarding all the tall pole-like posts we have to offer, here is an interesting alternative. This wall-mountable cat scratching post comes with a sturdy design that provides a vertical surface for your cat’s scratching needs.

The equipment includes stainless steel hooks for easy installation and replacement. The material of the post is a dense Premium Pressed Cardboard, which is durable and excellent for a satisfactory scratching.

The minimal design saves space in the house and the wall mountable feature adds to the sturdiness. Since the cardboard is 100℅ Recyclable, it is very eco friendly. Also, the affordable price makes up for some of the cons. 

The dimensions of the post are 5.7×5.5×26 inches and it weighs 15.2 ounces. The scratching post is 26″ tall, allowing sufficient room for a comfortable vertical scratching position.


  • Saves a lot of space due to the wall-mountable design.
  • Inexpensive price.
  • Tall in length.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Eco friendly in nature.


  • Recycled cardboard is not as durable as the other materials.
  • Cardboard is not preferred by many cats.
  • Provides a single surface and position for scratching.

6. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher lounge

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

If you want all the comfort for your pet and have searched every store for the best product, this is where your search ends. A scratcher cum lounge for your feline buddy that comes equipped with a premium catnip leaf. That too, just under $50!

The attractive curved design provides them with a comfortable place to rest and play and makes for a fun scratching pad. The large surface area is perfectly suited to a large as well as multiple cats. 

The material is recycled cardboard with non-toxic corn starch glue, which is wonderful for your cats to scratch on. It is very pleasing to some cats as it reminds them of their kitten days.  

The dimensions of the scratcher cum lounge are 34 × 10.5 × 10.5 inches and it weighs 7.5 pounds. The design is very efficient as it is reversible and can be used for the second time just by rotating. 

Made with superior quality cardboard, this product is eco-friendly and very durable. It comes in three neutral colours which blend in easily with your house decor.


  • Comfortable curved design acts as a lounge along with a scratcher.
  • An Eco-friendly product.
  • No assembly required.
  • 4 scratch surfaces available.


  • Recycled cardboard is not as durable as the other fabrics.
  • Not very tall in height.
  • Less stable as no built-in screws are provided.

7. Callas Ultimate Thick Cat Scratching Post

Callas RioAndMe Ultimate Thick Cat Scratching Post with ToyCallas scratching post is a tall, thick and sturdy scratching pole to give your cats a wonderful scratching experience. It is a different design than the other posts which are usually long and thin. 

The material is highly durable compressed wood, wrapped with plush fabric on top and the scratch post is wrapped with Sisal rope. Even though Sisal fabric is an ideal option the rope also feels incredible to the cats.

The strong wooden base prevents the post from wobbling or tipping over and gives your cats a secure feeling. It comes equipped with a  replaceable dangle toy to keep them entertained for longer periods of time.

The thicker design makes it sturdier and very stable. The post has a round-rimmed elevated couch which acts like a cat bed for your feline buddies to relax. It is covered with plush, soft fabric to provide them with a warm and comfortable setting.


  • Thick and sturdy design.
  • Sisal rope is durable and good quality scratching material.
  • Additional features like the soft couch and the dangling toy. 
  • Very affordable price.


  • Short in height.
  • Sisal rope is less satisfying than sisal fabric.
  • Not suitable for big cats.

8. Foodie Puppies Cat Scratching Post

Foodie Puppies Cat Tree Scratching PostIf you’re looking for an-all-in one cat post here is a different and creative design, meant to fulfil all your cat’s scratching as well as relaxing needs.

It is equipped with a square base platform, one round scratch post, a tall scratch post, a cave, an elevated platform and a dangling toy. A complete play and relaxing environment for your cat. 

The elevated platform is rimmed and acts like a cat bed to give them a secure relaxing domain. 

The structure is made of compressed wood with carpeted surfaces and the posts are wrapped in jute fibre and jute rope. It is very easy to assemble and replace. The tools and instructions are included in the packaging. 

This cat post provides your feline friends with optimal surfaces for sharpening claws and a fun place for playing. Also, it gives them a way to show off their impressive climbing and jumping skills, plus a cosy spot for naptime.


  • All-in-one cat post.
  • Affordable price.
  • Eco-friendly material. 
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Jute rope is not as satisfying as sisal fabric or rope. 
  • Not suitable for big cats. 

9. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Post

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

This AmazonBasics Cat Activity Post is a double platform design with 3 scratching poles. Along with a good scratching surface, it provides a small play area as well.

It is made of compressed wood with carpeted surfaces covered with jute fibre material and jute rope which is excellent for your cat’s claws after a good scratch. The top tier has a round-rimmed platform that acts like a cat bed. 

It is covered in a soft, warm fabric that gives them a comfy setting. They get to play and relax as per their own preference. The post is very stable and durable for an indoor cat tree design. The square-shaped base provides extra sturdiness and makes it ideal for placement in corners.

Its dimensions are 15.7× 15.7 × 31.5 inches and it weighs ideally 16.5 pounds. The assembly of this post is very easy and the package comes equipped with the tools and instructions. It is available in two different sizes. 


  • Affordable price.
  • Provides a good activity area for the cats.
  • The elevated platform acts like a cat bed as well.


  • Jute rope and fabric is not as satisfying as the Sisal fabric.
  • The top bowl-like bed is small for a big cat. 
  • Not very stable.

10. PetnPurr Cactus Cat Scratching Post

PetnPurr Cat Scratching Post with Teaser Ball The Cactus Cat Scratcher Your Cat Always Wanted

If you are looking for a unique and creative design for your cat’s scratching post, here is a very good option.

The scratch post comes in a green-coloured sisal fabric wrapped around the wooden post. It resembles the look of a cactus plant and hence, adds a fun flair to the decor when placed in the house.

The woven sisal fabric provides ultimate satisfaction and allows your cat to scratch to its contentment. The replaceable dangling toy is provided with catnip which pleases the cats and keeps them entertained for hours. 

The cat scratch post is quite stable due to the wider round base. Also, It is quite easy to assemble in a few minutes. 


  • Unique design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sisal fabric is very appealing to the cats as it shreds easily under their claws.
  • Comes with additional dangling toy and catnip leaves.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not very tall in height.
  • The sisal fabric is not continuous, sisal rope is present in some places.
  • Not very durable.


11. Downtown Pet Interactive Cat Scratch Post

Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Cat Scratching Sisal Posts Tree and Exerciser for Kitty, Interactive Cat Toys

This ordinary looking scratch post might fool you into doubting its quality, but that’s not true at all. This post is very sturdy and durable with a wide base and a tall design.

This cat scratching post is made with good quality sisal material rope and is provided with a small toy mouse to give your cats hours of scratching and playing. 

The base is carpet-covered 11×11 inches, made from durable particleboard. The post is 22 inches in height which is enough to give your cats a good stretch and tone their muscles.

The top of the post is covered with a plush covering and a similar mouse toy is attached to it.The post is very easy to assemble and comes equipped with the tools and resources required for the assembly.


  • Tall in height.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Requires minimal space to put up.
  • Sisal fabric is very appealing to the cats.


  • A thin post.
  • Not very stable for a big cat.
  • Sisal rope is less satisfying than sisal fabric.

12. Max and Marlow tall scratching post

Max & Marlow Tall Scratch Post

Here is a simple and efficient scratching post available to fulfil your cat’s every scratching need, designed by Max and Marlow.

This base and top of this scratching post is covered with very chic yet durable designer fabric and wrapped with natural sisal rope. The post stands very stable with a wide, square base made of compressed wood and is very tall in height.

A small play bird is attached to the top of the post, which provides entertainment to your cats for long periods of time. 

The cats tend to scratch different surfaces around the house and damage the precious furniture, door frames etc. This post prevents them from doing that, as it gathers all their attention towards the scratching material wrapped around it. 

The post is very easy to clean using a vacuum or by manual hand washing so you don’t have to worry about the fallen fur or fabric. 

The dimensions of the product are 16.2×16.1×25.2 inches and it weighs 6.4 pounds.


  • Tall in height
  • Sturdy in design
  • Sisal is very appealing to the cats 
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Sisal rope is less satisfying than sisal fabric. 
  • Not available in many colour options.

13. AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post

Here is another dual-featured cat scratching post for your pet cats. 

This AmazonBasics cat scratching post is very attractive in design, acts as a scratching post as well as a cat bed. The post is a single pillar design with a plush cat bed on top. 

The post is wrapped with natural jute fibres, which your cats will certainly enjoy scratching and after that, the relaxing cat bed will provide them with a warm and comfortable lounging space. 

This purrfect scratch-friendly post will keep them entertained for a long time and deter them from scratching things they shouldn’t.

Its dimensions are 19.3×19.3×25.6 inches and it weighs 16.6 pounds. The square base provides a stable and secure environment for the cats.

 This deluxe cat post is available in neutral colour tones which will compliment your home decor very elegantly. It comes equipped with the tools and instructions that are necessary for assembly.


  • Dual-featured cat scratching post.
  • Plush cat bed available.
  • Sturdy base design.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Expensive as compared to other posts.
  • Not very tall in height.
  • Jute fabric is not as satisfying as sisal fabric.
  • Requires more space to put up.

14. Omega Paw Cat Scratching Post

Lean-it Scratching Post

If you are looking to give your cats a good enough scratching post but do not want to spend a lot of money, here is an inexpensive option. 

The lean-it cat scratching post costs even less than $10 and provides a satisfactory scratching experience to your cats. Although it is not as great as the sisal fabric, the carpeted surface is excellent for cats who enjoy scratching your valuable carpets at home. 

The post is 25 inches tall and has rubberised feet because of which it can be leaned against any surface such as vinyl, hardwood and even carpeted floor. You can even lay it horizontally on the ground if you’re sceptical about its stability while leaning against the wall. 

The material is treated with catnip oil to attract cats and encourage use. Allow them to get familiar with the object and observe which angel they like the best for scratching and then place it accordingly. 


  • Very cheap in price
  • Good quality build. 
  • Can be placed against any surface easily.
  • No assembly required.


  • The post is only six inches wide which is a small surface for a big cat.
  • The carpet material might not be preferred by every cat.
  • The lean-on design is not very stable. 

15. Dimaka Cat Scratching Post

Dimaka 29 inch Tall Cat Scratching Post, Claw Scratcher with Sisal Rope and Covered with Soft Smooth Plush

A tall and standard scratching post for your pet cats to scratch to their heart’s content. It is a two-piece post with a connector in between. 

Its height is 29 inches and therefore it provides a good stretch to your cats while scratching. The wide square base is made from recycled heavy chipboard and measures 14×14 inches which gives stability to the post and prevents it from wobbling or tipping over. It is covered with plush, soft fabric.

The post is made with a thick cardboard tube and is covered with good quality sisal rope which is a very preferred scratching material by a majority of cats. The rope is easily replaceable with a new one after it gets worn out.

It comes with a replaceable dangling toy which hangs from the top and provides hours of entertainment to the cats. The post is very easy to assemble and comes with the required tools and instructions.

It is available in five colour variants: brown, dark brown, light grey, blue and beige to match your house decor. 

It is very stable and durable in spite of its tall size. Comfortable for use by small and large cats alike. 


  • The affordable price of the product.
  • Easy to place in corners around the house due to the ideal base measurement.


  • Not very durable.
  • Not very stable due to the smaller base.
  • The sisal rope is less satisfactory than the fabric as it provides obstruction during scratching.

FAQs on Best Cat Scratching Posts

1. What is the best cat scratching post? 

Cats usually prefer Sisal fabric material on a scratching post as it is heavy duty and shreds easily under their claws. But more often it is not the same for every cat. Observe your pet and see what kind of material it prefers the most. They usually like a tall and sturdy post that does not wobble. It gives them a sense of security from the post which is very essential, especially for a cat new to the household.

2. How do I attract my cat to a scratching post? 

Your cats won’t be easily attracted at first by the post. They are already used to scratching different surfaces around the house that introducing them to a new object can prove to be tricky. 

Attract your cats by using treats and catnip leaves. Sprinkle and rub them over the fabric and allow it to get familiar with the object. Incorporate the hanging toys and the pole itself while playing with your cat. Show them what the post is for by scratching it yourself a couple of times.

3. How often should you change the cat scratching post? 

It depends on the use. If your cat uses it regularly, then it might need changing in about 2-3 months. Otherwise, it can range anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. Some durable posts last as long as a whole year before they need any replacement even after regular use. 

Also, look for the type of post you have. If it’s wrapped with a rope material, then the rope can be easily replaced after the old one wears out. 

You will have to buy a new or different one if the cat has stopped using the old one. It can be because the surface has worn out to the point that your cat no longer enjoys scratching on it or if it never liked the material in the first place. 

4. What materials do cats like to scratch? 

Different materials appeal to different cats. Mostly Sisal fabric is preferred, then corrugated cardboard and even uncovered wood. Provide them with different materials to choose from and add to the overall quality experience of your pet. You can buy different posts or ones with different types of material incorporated in a single post.

Usually, cats prefer fabric over rope material as ropes obstruct the flow while scratching and hence they are not very satisfied with it. 

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