Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes 2021 – Top Reviews

1. PetSafe2. LitterMaid3. Le You

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box – Includes Disposable Trays with Crystal Litter and Hood - 2 Colors

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter BoxLe you pet semi-automatic quick cleaning cat litter box, Luxury cat toilet

My very first question to you is, what’s one thing that you like the least when it comes to owning a cat? If it’s having to clean your feline’s litter box, then you, my friend, have come to the right place. 

Having to clean up after your cat following a cumbersome day isn’t something anyone would enjoy. Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you could spend more quality time with your pet? Well, we’ll tell you a way through which you can leave your scooping and cleaning days behind.  Bring home the best automatic cat litter box, a unique and efficient solution to the unpleasant and uneasy cleaning after your furry friend.  

I’m sure you are someone who is always waiting to go back home to hear the pitter-patter of your cat’s feet. And you would want nothing but the best in the market for your pet. To help understand what this particular equipment should offer and what would suit your cat the best, we have composed a buyer’s guide. Not only will you understand the many features that the litter box you choose should consist of but also the top players in the market. 


Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

1. Number of Pets

The first question you must ask yourself is, how many pets can I accommodate in the automatic self cleaning cat litter box I have selected. Never suppose that a single cat litter box can handle the waste of many cats. 

Most brands mention the number of cats they can take on board as per their capacity. However, if it is not mentioned, feel free to select self-cleaning litter boxes that are larger. Since they will be running more than just twice or thrice a day, it is necessary to choose a litter box that is larger and has a bigger frame. 

2. Usability

While picking out the best automatic cat litter box in the market, make sure it is easy to use and set-up. The best products will be simple to put together with a detailed instruction manual. As these products are all technology-based, it is smarter to go for one that has directions of handling it. 

To check if you and your cat will be compatible with a certain type of product, always remember to go through customer views that will give you a deeper insight. As you get ready to purchase an automatic cat litter box, make sure that it’s easy to clean.

3. Programmable or Not?

Many of the best selling products given in the list are programmable, which means you can track your feline throughout the day. The number of times the sensor detects your cat using the litter box, and the details will be sent to you. 

Moreover, the self-cleaning times can also be set as per your requirement. This feature is very convenient for pet parents who spend a lot of their time outside, working, or traveling. So, if you are someone who wants to be able to set cleaning times and know in detail about how much your pet uses the litter box, an automatic cat litter box that is programmable is your go-to. 

4. Litter Type

Litter is an extremely absorbent material and can mostly be found in a granular form. The use of this litter is to line the litter box container or tray. 

There are a variety of different materials in the market that are sold as cat litter. This litter consists of bases made using everything from corn to crystals to clay. As self-cleaning or automatic cat litter boxes often have technology that involves rakes, the type of litter used will matter. So it is important to go through the manufacturing brand’s product manual before you purchase litter for your litter box. If the product requires a specialized litter type, then remember to consider the recurring price of the replacement litter.

5. Size

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, and having an accommodating litter, no matter what, should be a priority when it comes to buying the best automatic cat litter box

No cat likes to feel caged or trapped, which is why picking out a litter box that has enough space for your cat to move around would be perfect. Moreover, if your cat is larger than fifteen pounds and on the heavier side, you must look out for the recommended capacity by the brand. You don’t have to worry about your budget as with each size variant, you can choose from many options.

6. Waste Bin and Disposal

The reason you are opting for a waste disposal system is so that you don’t have to handle the disposal of cat litter every day. A well-designed automatic cat litter box should have a disposable tray or bin that can easily be removed. Disposable trays are one of the simplest to clean, and many times come along with pre-packaged cat litter. While they are convenient, they add to the total price of the litter box. On the other hand, products that utilize waste collection drawers or traps are affordable to many, but they require more maintenance. You will have to periodically wash out these drawers and traps as they are made of plastic. 

Along with the type of waste disposal system, the size matters. If you purchase an automatic litter box that has a large waste bin then you won’t have to clean it as often as it will have a bigger capacity.    

7. Noise level

Even the best automatic cat litter box as claimed by reviews ends up producing a lot of noise. This noise is the result of the moving parts that are fitted into these boxes. If the noise level is more than 50 decibels, it can be hard for you to keep it in rooms you sleep in as it will prove to be a disturbance. Not only will you feel disturbed but your cat can also get scared and refuse to use the litter box. So, it is necessary to look for an automatic litter box measuring up to 50 decibels in the sound it produces for a peaceful environment.   

8. Price range

The more number of features your automatic litter box has, the pricier it is for you. Most automated litter boxes vary in price from the range of $60 to $500. If you can afford to purchase the slightly expensive one, you get a premium quality litter box that will do many things for you at once. Right from self-cleaning every few hours to giving you updates on the activities of your pet, it will do it all. On the other hand, the low priced litter boxes might not be able to do all this but still reduce your workload by giving you options to separate the litter through a simple rotation.

Top 10 Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes 2021

1. PetSafe Ultra Automatic Hooded Cat Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Bid farewell to the heap of litter that gets collected in your cat’s litter box every day! Grab the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Hooded Litter Box; an immensely loved product among cat owners.

The PetSafe litter box is the best automatic cat litter box for many reasons. Firstly, the product requires you just to plug it in and wait for the cleaning cycle to kick in. This cycle can be set as per your feline’s requirements. Whether you need it to be set at five, ten, or fifteen minutes after the box senses your cat leaving, it can be set with the click of a button. The sensor can also be used to monitor the wellbeing of your pet by tracking the number of times your cat makes use of the litter box.

Many cat-owners complain that their home has a slightly pungent odor even after regular cleaning of the cat’s litter box. To keep all the odor issues at bay, the litter box is hooded to control any immediate odors while also keeping the cat waste from splattering. Additionally, the crystal litter, recommended by PetSafe, does a wonderful job of absorbing urine and dehydrating any solid waste. 

Another great feature is the use of leak-proof disposable trays that come equipped with plastic lining, keeping your floor clean. This tray is perfect for keeping your cat’s paws clean as well; no dirt will stick to them.  Overall, the PetSafe Automatic Litter Box, with so many features, is no doubt an excellent choice to make your life easier and save you time.


2. LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Many people feel that just one cat is not enough, and if you own many cats, this litter box proves to be a highly accommodating box. As mentioned in the name, the LitterMaid Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box is constructed and designed keeping in mind numerous larger cats. 

Compared to other brands in the market, this brand can hold up to fifty percent more cat litter. Therefore, an excellent choice for multiple cats. 

When multiple cats use the same litter box, there is bound to be a foul odor, but LittleMaid has done its all to prevent it. Exactly ten minutes after usage, rakes push the clumps into a waste repository as a part of the cleaning cycle. In this waste repository, there are carbon filters that contain the displeasing odor. 

Cats tend to bury their waste, and normal litter boxes do not facilitate this tendency. LittleMaid, on the other hand, understands this need and has high walls that make sure it is contained in the box. It also has quite a lot of space, so your cat doesn’t feel trapped and has ample space to dig.

The LittleMaid automatic litter box has done everything to keep your cat comfortable and safe. There is a safety bar fitted into the litter box that stops immediately upon any type of blockage. Along with this, there is a paw cleaning ramp that has dual functions, one is to prevent any litter tracing out of the box, and the other is easy access for smaller cats.


3. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Some pet parents are very particular about their pet’s hygiene and want timely removal of any cat litter from the litter box. Well, this has been made possible by the CatGenie company which has come up with a self-washing and self-flushing cat box. 

This automatic cat litter box resembles a toilet. It can flush down waste just like any other toilet, but it isn’t exactly one. So, if there’s an ultimate self-cleaning litter box out there, it’s the CatGenie. 

For cat-owners who house more cats, this will fit the waste of up to three mid-sized cats. Even though it is priced a bit higher, its space and capacity are worth every penny. 

You must take into account that for installing and using this litter box it requires to be set up in a laundry room or a bathroom as there is a need for cold water supply along with an electrical outlet. In these set-ups, you can either put in a hose through the washing machine drain pipe or secure the drain hook underneath the toilet seat. If you feel like there isn’t enough space to place such a litter box near such areas, then you might have to rethink your choice.

CatGenie manufactures the best automatic cat litter box when it comes to cleanliness and efficiency. With up to three options with specialized cleaning, your litter box will stay fresh and clean around the clock.


4. Omega Self Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Omega Paw Roll N Clean Self-Separating and Self-Cleaning Litter Box are among the best in business for households with multiple cats or big cats. It’s easy to set up anywhere as per your requirement. Moreover, it stores the waste without any chance of spillage thanks to the covered box.

There is an exceptional grill technology which has been patented by the brand and incorporated in this model. The insides of this litter box have these grills that enable the removal of clumped waste and deposit it onto the pull-out tray. The tray can then be removed and the waste can be disposed of for fast and easy cleaning. 

The Omega paw doesn’t use electricity, therefore, there is never a chance of breakdown. It keeps the cleaning process going for years without any disruption; it will take a long time for this product to get damaged.

It’s perfect for cat-owners with big-sized cats as it has an increased capacity. Moreover, the self-clean also assists in containing and controlling dust particles and displeasing odors. For getting the best results using the Omega Paw Litter Box, it is recommended that the users use clumping or silica litters for an extra clean finish. 

It requires less litter when compared to a regular litter box and the scoop only gathers the clumped waste, which means that the clean litter is never thrown away. Overall, the Omega Paw Litter Box is an amazing self-cleaning litter box that is unbelievably fast in cleaning your cat’s waste.  


5. Nature’s Miracle Litter Box

Nature's Miracle Nature's Miracle Single-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you love having many features to choose from then, Nature’s Miracle Single-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter box is the best automatic cat litter box with many cool features. This litter box is another essential product that you and your furry friend will enjoy using while maintaining a clean household.

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box is quick to gather your cat’s litter automatically, after every use is it night or day. This detection is possible only when your feline makes its way down the ramp attached to the litter box. Once your furry friend sets its paw on the ramp to get down, a smart sensor that detects movement of the cat is triggered. After the triggering of this sensor, the rake fitted into the litter box rakes out the dirt and clumps. The litter box is best suited for cats who range from 12-15 pounds. While this product is the single cat variant, you can opt for the multi-cat if you have more cats at home. 

This self-cleaning box features odor control receptacles with carbon filters to make sure any unpleasant or foul smells of cat litter can be contained and dissipate eventually. Furthermore, it features high walls to avoid litter scattering the waste produced by your cat.

The ramp does not only activate the sensor but also aids in paw-cleaning making sure your house floors are always clean. Additionally, a night light setting is present in the litter box that allows cats to steer towards the box at night-time.  Finally, Nature’s Miracle Single Cat Self-Cleaning litter box with some valuable features, makes it easy for you and your cat to have a clean and spotless household.


6. Catit SmartSift Litter Box

Catit SmartSift Litter Box

To those cat owners who are looking to forgo the process of timely maintenance completely, the Catit SmartSift Litter Box is your best bet. It is going to be tough for you to pass up such a low priced yet straightforward design. 

The Catit SmartSift Litter Box doesn’t require any energy to keep it working, so if someday the power is out, you don’t have to worry about this litter box not functioning. Also, the lack of motorized parts makes it user-friendly as you don’t have to go through manuals repeatedly. 

Since this is a closed container, there is more chance of it starting to smell after a few uses. However, an advantage is that it provides privacy to your pet along with control of any immediate odors. So, to combat the odor issue, there is a carbon filter fitted that absorbs smells at all times, keeping the box smelling fresh. 

There is no need for you to scoop out anything manually. This process is done on its own by just pulling the lever attached to the litter box. Through this lever, a pull and refresh process gets activated, all the nasty waste will be sifted to the waste collection tray fitted in the litter box.

This litter box has an entry flap that is fitted with a swinging door, this reduces the tracing of cat litter and ensures complete privacy. If your cat is not a fan of the closed flap, you can always remove it. Overall, the Catit SmartSift is an excellent alternative to the manual self-cleaning litter boxes, which are generally tedious or hectic. 


7. ecoFLEX Litter Loo, Litter Box 

ecoFlex Litter Loo, Litter Box Cover End Table

Do cat litter boxes mess up your interior ḍesign and the overall aesthetic of your house? If this is the case, here is a litter box that perfectly camouflages as an end table. The ecoFLEX litter box works as an end table that not only provides a safe enclosure to your cat but also adds a stylish look to your living space.    

This litter box is available in two colors and sizes to fit your requirements and preferences. The standard and jumbo size can be chosen as per the cat size or number of cats you own. At the same time, the two colors, espresso and russet can be matched with the rest of your interior.

The assembly process is a very simple task, you require no tools to install this product. Besides the ease of installation, this product is environment-friendly as it is made from non-toxic materials. As the name suggests, this Loo is made up of ecoFLEX material that consists of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. This ensures that this litter box will have greater durability.

Another advantage of purchasing this litter box is that it is resistant to odors, moisture, splitting, and cracking of its surfaces. Many times a cat misses the litter box and this can ruin the surroundings. So, to prevent such instances, the bottom is completely sealed to prevent leakages.

The cat door is big and nifty so that the cat can enter and leave with ease. This large door also means that changing the litter will not be a big task for you.   Ultimately, the ecoFLEX Litter Cover Table is the most fashionable and efficient litter box in the market and is a great choice for your pet.


8. PetSafe ScoopFree Cat Litter Box 

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box – Includes Disposable Trays with Crystal Litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is your ideal choice for multiple features that will provide comfort to the maximum to your furry friend.

The Petsafe ScoopFree litter box is a self-cleaning litter box that comprises disposable litter trays and provides you with hands-off convenience. For the fans of PetSafe who find their products a bit heavy on the pockets, you can opt for this budget litter box. It consists of all the basic features in PetSafe Ultra, with just a few of the features stripped off. Nevertheless, this original variant still has a self-sensing cleansing mechanism, non-tracking litter crystals, and great ease of disposal.

If you’re worried about the displeasing smell that fills the room post usage of the litter box, the PetSafe litter box is there for you. The crystals packed in are unmatched when it comes to odor control, they are five times more effective when compared to clumping or clay litters in the reduction of odors. 

It features the automatic rake system which sweeps the waste into a  covered compartment within 20 minutes after your cat has used it. The Safety sensors installed in the box detects if your cat re-enters the box and the 20-minute automatically resets. 

With the purchase of the Petsafe litter box, you will also receive their Bag of Premium Crystal Litter for the removal of bad odor. All in all, the PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box provides a clean environment for you and your cat to enjoy.


9. Le You Cat Litter Box

Le you pet semi-automatic quick cleaning cat litter box, Luxury cat toilet

If your cat is a fan of raised litter boxes then the Le You Pet Litter Box is the perfect model to buy. This litter box claims to make cleaning up after your pet a breeze and its simple design separates all the cat litter effectively. 

Purchase this simple yet efficient litter box that has a quick cleaning system, taking only seven seconds to complete cleaning. 

To utilize this litter box, you must tip the box backward, ensuring that all the cat litter is passed through a grated door. Moving along, you must tip the box forward to pass this litter back through the same door. This method traps the cat waste in the removable trap door while filling the litter back in for your cat to use again. After this, you must lock the reset bar after lifting the box. Once you have followed all these steps, simply pull out the waste drawer to discard the collected waste. While this seems like a tedious process, it is made simple with the stand provided to facilitate rotation. So it is a better option to purchase this instead of a conventional cat box.

Fully automatic cat boxes can be a bit difficult to lift and move around, but this product is just 6.8 pounds and can be placed according to your choice. The dimensions are big, making it available for cats up to 18 pounds without any problem.  You can purchase this box without thinking twice as even the construction is from PP plastic material, which is environment-friendly.


10. PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Automatic Litter Box, Works with Clumping Cat Litter

The brand PetSafe is no doubt one the best in the litter box business. With this product, they have come up with a litter box that constantly stays in motion. The PetSafe Simply Clean Cat Litter Box claims to offer a low-power consumption design that facilitates cutting down daily scooping needs and unpleasant odors.

The box features an automated system that conveniently sifts through the produced cat litter and removes the waste. This quick waste removal makes sure that you don’t have to bother even cleaning it every day. This rotation doesn’t stop; it takes place every thirty minutes. The litter box completes one full rotation every hour, making sure the waste is transferred to a covered bin, which makes it easy for you to dispose of the waste. 

If you’re worried about this constant moving part making noises or just any kind of noise from this product, there is no need to worry. The PetSafe litter box features a motor that runs very quietly so that your cat is also comfortable. To inform you that the box is running, the brand has provided a LED light on the side. 

The replaceable carbon filters that the box features are another plus point as they help remove the bad odor from the litter box and the area around it.  If you are wondering which litter is best for the PetSafe litter box, it works best with clumping litter which helps in removing odor as well. 

This self-cleaning litter box is designed and constructed for felines weighing around 11-14 pounds using thick plastic which makes it durable in the long run.  With the help of the exceptional PetSafe Self-Cleaning litter box, you can spend more time with your beloved cats rather than cleaning up their litter. 


Benefits of Using an Automatic Litter Box

Scooping up and cleaning up after your cat is a tedious process and having one less thing to worry about is what buying an automatic litter box is all about. Whether you are busy with work, school, or just aren’t fond of scooping up your cat’s waste; buying the best automatic cat litter box will make your life easier and your cat tidier without any extra effort. Here are a few benefits that will come along with your automatic litter box.

  •  Least Contact With Cat Litter

Nobody is a fan of cat waste, no matter how much we love our cats, this isn’t the most favorable job to do every day. Moreover, cat waste is also considered to be toxic and dangerous. There can be chances of parasite or bacterial infections that can transfer through contact with litter. So, buying an automatic litter box will pay off keeping you healthy and safe.

  •  Odor-Free Household

You can’t always clean the litter box the moment your cat uses it, sometimes it is there the whole day before you reach home or notice it. This can spread the unpleasant odor around your house and especially wherever your litter box is kept. As automatic litter boxes perform regular scooping on their own, the odor is taken care of every few hours. Your cat will have a fresh and clean litter box every time it goes to use it.

FAQ Section

 1. Where Should You Keep a Litter Box? 

If you live in a small apartment or house, you must be knowing how hard it is to find space for your stuff, let alone an automatic cat litter box. However, it is very important to place the box appropriately. The main target is to make sure the litter box is out of the way yet easy to access for the cat. Make sure that the place you decide to keep the box is quiet and private. Guest bedrooms and corners that are covered are ideal spots to place the boxes. 

Also, don’t think that there is a disadvantage when it comes to placing a litter box in having a smaller house. Instead, an advantage is that you will smell the bad odor early which will help clean out the cat litter.

2. Can You Use Regular Litter in an Automatic Litter Box?

You probably purchased the best automatic cat litter box to make work convenient and easy. So, you definitely shouldn’t be using the wrong type of litter in it because you will have to pay for this later. Using the wrong litter, you could end up damaging components, clogging the litter box, or even breaking  the box. Remember that if you want to avoid early damage to your box you must use the litter recommended by the litter box brand.

Although there are a few things you can look for like a low-dust litter or a biodegradable one. A low dust litter will not only spare your lungs but also extend the life of your self-cleaning litter box. On the other hand, biodegradable litter creates hard clumps quickly making it easier to take out the waste.       

3. Do Cats Prefer Open or Closed Litter Boxes?

All cat lovers want the best for their furry pets no matter what it takes. So, the question of open or closed litter boxes has many answers. Some cats refuse to utilize covered litter boxes whereas some prefer to use open litter boxes. It is widely believed that open litter boxes are the best for cats but there is no evidence supporting this.  A factor that will influence this decision is also the number of cats you have at home. If you have more than one cat, an open litter box will be the best choice for you. 

A study was conducted in 2013 that proved this fact wrong by showing no inclination to any type of litter boxes. According to the study, cats do not have any specific preference when it comes to a closed or open litter box. Ultimately, it all boils down to your cat and its preference.  

4. Are Automatic Cat Litter Boxes Worth It?

Most cat owners will admit that cleaning up after their cat is their least favorite part while taking care of their cat.  An automatic litter box that cleans itself is a bonus, as it cuts down on the time spent scooping the box.

You can use this time saved to play with your adorable cat. Moreover, if you plan to take a vacation and can’t take your pet along, self-cleaning litter boxes will reduce the mess you come home to. You might even be able to convince your friends or family to become cat-sitters without them having to get their hands dirty. 

A huge problem with conventional litter boxes is of unpleasant odors that eventually spread across the house. If you are going through this problem, an automatic litter box will efficiently remove waste many times and trap odors as well. So, now from all these advantages, you can understand that the best automatic cat litter boxes are worth it.      

Get The Best Automatic Cat Litter Box And Get Rid Of Those Unpleasant Cleaning Routines Now!

Let’s be honest, you adore your cat and it qualifies as a furry family member. So, why wouldn’t you want the very best for your pet, it deserves all the care and comfort in the world. Hence, buying the best automatic cat litter box is the ultimate solution for your feline.

If you are a busy cat owner you will benefit from this product and its technology to the fullest. Moreover, pet owners with more than just one cat to look after will count a self-cleaning litter box as a blessing. The amount of scooping, scrubbing, sifting that takes place in cleaning after your cat litter is a little too much to handle. This is why all the automatic litter boxes mentioned in the list are some of the premium quality products available in the market.

Now, if you were already convinced that a self-cleaning litter box is a key to all your problems, then this guide must have given you that push you were waiting for. We made sure to provide you with all the information necessary to find the perfect match for you. Finally, we also shared some of our well-researched product picks. After reading this guide, I hope you end up buying the litter box that matches your cat’s and your preference and requirement.

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