Best Automatic Cat Feeder 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

2. PetSafe3. Cate Mate
WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and DogsPetSafe Dog and Cat Food DispenserCat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs

Your pet friends may not be able to go hungry for a long time, just like you do. They need their food and water on time. So, when you are away for some time, either you have to rope in someone to look after them or rope in the best automatic cat feeder to feed them.

The best automatic cat feeder equipment will automatically dispense food and water into separate bowls, thereby preventing the food from getting spoiled. When you use an automatic cat feeder, the food comes only in contact with the air for a short time. Thus, you need not pour large quantities into the cat bowl and then throw away some when it gets spoilt.

Scroll down to see some of our picks for the best automatic cat feeder available online. Also, you can find some quick tips that will help you make a better choice. So without much ado, let’s dig in.

Top 13 Best Automatic Cat Feeders 2021

1. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder 

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs

This automatic cat feeder by Wopet dispenses pet food alone. There is no extra bowl or valve for dispensing water. Thus, you will have to rope in a pet water dispenser separately.

Coming to the specification of the product, it has a portion control system. This makes sure that only a certain portion of the food falls into the bowl. 

So even if the food is left open or unused for a long time, you will have to throw only a small portion of it. The portion size can be adjusted between 2 tablespoons to 4.5 cups depending on the size and age of your cat.

The product also comes with a dispenser alarm. That is, whenever the food is dispensed into the bowl, the product makes a small sound that notifies you that the food has been served to your pet.

You can schedule the feeding size and time with this automatic feeder. The product allows you to feed up to four feeding schedules in a day. Also, you can record your voice on the machine. 

Thus, when it’s feeding time, the product’s speaker sent out the message, and, in this way, you can remind your pets to eat on time.

The product operates on 3 D-size batteries or can be connected to your wall socket. But make sure that you install the batteries in the product to ensure that your pet gets the required food even during a power outage.


  •   Easy to use
  •   Can schedule the serving time and size
  •   Suitable for dogs as well as cats
  •   Works both on electricity and batteries
  •   Can hold up to 4 serving sizes (18 cups)


  •   Doesn’t come with a water dispenser
  •   The recorded sound may startle your pets

2. PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Dispenser

PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Dispenser

This is an innovative cat feeder that has five meal storage capacity. It works like a clock, and the dial turns into the required slot wherein the pets can easily eat their meal. 

Each tray in the 5-meal system can hold up to a cup of cat food. You can even store water, in case you are out for quite some time.

The turning of the dial can be scheduled as per your wish. For programming this, you can make use of the digital clock at the top of the product. If you are in-house and wish to feed the cat a bit more, you can press the feed now button, and the dial overwrites the programmed schedule.

The top tray wherein you hold the food is completely dishwasher safe. So, when you feel like cleaning the product, just lift the top part and remove the food tray and then pop it into the dishwasher.

Coming to the build of the product, it is completely dishwasher friendly and is safe to use for your pets. However, the product doesn’t have any alarms or sound systems that notify you that the food has been dispensed.


  •   Suitable for dispensing both water and food
  •   Can hold up to 5 meals
  •   Food serving time can be scheduled
  •   Serving size remains constant as you put in the food on each tray
  •   Suitable for both dogs and cats
  •   Dishwasher friendly


  •   Doesn’t have a beeping system to notify you of the time of dispensing

3. Cat Mate Automatic Pet Feeder 

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs

This automatic cat feeder is somewhat the same as that of the previous product. The only difference is that the small digital screen is visible even when the top lid is closed. This is actually more effective than the previous one, as you can easily see the timing of dispensing without lifting the lid.

This product, too, has a 5 Meal tray and all the five compartments are of equal sizes. You can schedule the timing of each part, and if required, you can overwrite the programmed schedule by pressing the feed now button.

The product works completely on batteries and doesn’t support direct electricity. It requires 3 AAA batteries for its operation. 

Below the food tray, you can find two cooling ice packs that are placed to keep the kibbles cool and prevent the spoiling of the food. If you want, you can even fill the tray with water and use it as a food-cum-water dispenser.

You can put in both dry as well as wet food. In total, the tray holds around 11.5 ounces of food. The tray of the product is dishwasher friendly and is made of high-quality BPA-free plastic.


  •   Can store food as well as water
  •   Comes with an ice pack to prevent the food from getting spoiled
  •   The food tray is dishwasher friendly
  •   Can store up to 11.5 ounces of both dry and wet food
  •   Doesn’t make any weird sound during its operation


  •   No alarm system to notify you when the food is dispensed
  •   Works only on batteries

4. AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder 

AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispensers

This product is a basic pet feed that works based on the action of gravity. The product can be used to pour in water as well as dispense food into the bowl. As the product doesn’t have any portion control settings, the food falls into the bowl as long as it is full.

In the water feeder, you can store up to one gallon of water, whereas in the food feeder, the capacity is around 6 pounds. The bottom of the food feeder bottle can be opened, making it easy for you to fill it with food.

The water feeder has a small opening when compared to the food feeder. This is to ensure that the water in the bottle doesn’t come out all at once. Instead, it slowly fills the bowl, and this also makes sure that the dog or cat won’t get startled by the sudden falling of the water.

Both the feeders come with a side handle that allows you to carry it around easily. Thus, if you want to change the position of the feeders in your house, you can lift the product as such without spilling the contents inside.

The main advantage of this type of feeder is that it doesn’t require any sort of power to work. It works on the effect of gravity and works as long as there is food or water in the feeder.


  •   Doesn’t require any power or electricity to work
  •   Can dispense both food and water
  •   Made of food-grade plastics


  •   Not dishwasher friendly
  •   Doesn’t have portion control
  •   No provision for scheduling the serving time

5. Cat Mate Automatic Meal Pet Feeder 

Cat Mate C300 Automatic 3 Meal Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs

This 3-meal automatic feeder is designed for cats or dogs with a large appetite as each potion is larger when compared to the 5-meal feeder. The product has the same mechanism as the 5-meal feeder, except that the serving portion is bigger.

As the serving portion is bigger, you can easily accommodate water in the tray as well. The food tray is dishwasher friendly and is made of BPA-free plastic. Thus, it is safe for use. 

You can also handwash the product as if the food tray is wide enough and doesn’t sustain any kinds of stains from the wet foods.

The product is completely battery powered and requires 3 AA batteries for its operation. However, it can’t be plugged into a socket, and therefore, you need to be extra sure that the battery has sufficient power remaining before you leave your house.

The product comes with a 3-year warranty, and the company provides 24X7 support to ensure that you and your pet have a good time with the product.

Underneath the food tray, you can find a large ice pack that helps in keeping the food fresh for a longer time. Make sure you don’t let any moisture get into the rest of the product, as it might hamper its operation.


  •   Suitable for both cats and dogs
  •   Comes with a 3-year warranty
  •   Has an ice-pack for preserving the food for a longer period
  •   Easy to use and transport
  •   Dishwasher friendly


  •   Can only be battery operated
  •   Has space for just three meals

6. WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder, Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats with Ice Pack Included - 2 Meals

The Wopet Automatic cat feeder comes with two food trays to provide two meals a day. If needed, you can use one for dispensing water as well.

The food tray stays in the lock position until the time reaches zero. Once the timer hits the zero button, the tray opens automatically, and your cat can easily feed on the bowl. Each tray holds around 1.5 cups of kibbles, so the trays are capable of holding 3 cups of food in total.

This automatic feeder has a dial programming mechanism, and you can program it up to 48 hours beforehand. The dial continues rotating until it hits the zero point.

This automatic feeder works on battery power, and you need to insert one AA battery (not included). Below the food tray, you can find ice packs that help in preserving the food for a longer period.

You can also close and open the lid manually when not in use using the lock button. This benefit ensures that the food doesn’t get spoiled.


  •   Suitable for both cats and dogs
  •   One of the best automatic cat feeders in terms of ease of use
  •   Comes with an ice pack for preserving the freshness of the food
  •   Easy to program and schedule the opening of the lid


  • an only be battery powered

7. Cat Mate 2 Bowl Pet Feeder 

Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder With Ice Pack

This cat automatic food feeder is somewhat similar to the previous product mentioned in this list. This product, too, has two separate trays secured using two different lids. The lids open only when the dial at the top reaches the point zero.

Each of the food trays has the capacity to hold 1 pound of food, both dry and wet. You can also store water in this food feeder if you are out for a short period.

The programming can be done 48 hours prior to the timing you want the lid to open. Once the dial reaches zero, a liver is activated, and this push opens the lid. It opens with quite a force so that the cat would easily notice the movement.

The product is powered using 1 AA battery, and it is not included with the product. You can either use a rechargeable battery or a regular single-use battery as well.

Beneath the food tray, you can find two ice packs that help in preserving the wet food for a long time. If you are out for more than 12 hours or so, there’s a chance that the dry food will get spoilt. This issue can be solved with the help of the ice pack.


  •   Easy to program/ schedule
  •   Has sufficient capacity to store food
  •   Can be used as a water feeder as well
  •   Suitable for both dogs and cats
  •   Made of pet-friendly plastics


  •   Can only be operated using battery power

8. Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder

Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder, 6 Meal Food Dispenser for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

This automatic pet feeder from Pawple has 6 slots for storing six meals. The feeder is of a dial-type that rotates according to the timing schedule. You can program the timing of the five slots, and this ensures that your pet doesn’t go hungry or overeat.

The design of the device has a slot opening, and only a small slot of the tray is left open to the pet to feed on. The rest of the slots are visible only during the programmed time. You can alternatively fill the system with water if you don’t want to buy another feeder for water alone.

The programming mechanism of the product is quite easy. All you have to do is enter the timing at which the slots should come into the position. When a new slot of the tray is available for the pet, the machine makes an alarm kind of noise to notify you as well.

Each of the slots on the tray holds up to a cup of dry or wet kibbles, and in total, you can fill 6 cups of food.

The product is to be powered using 4 type C batteries, and these are to be purchased separately. You can easily wash the food tray in your dishwashing machine. It is made of BPA-free plastic and is pet-friendly.


  •   Easy to schedule and operate
  •   Can be used to store both food and water
  •   Dishwasher friendly
  •   Suitable for both dogs and cats


  •   Can be operated only using batteries

9. Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder

Roffie Automatic Cat Feeder 7L Dog Food Dispenser for Small Pets with Distribution Alarms

This automatic cat feeder from Roffie is suitable for both cats and dogs. The dispenser is best for automatically dispensing dry foods. The storage box can store up to 4 meals, and each of them is distributed according to pre-measured quantities.

Each portion size ranges from 2 tablespoons to 4.5 cups. Make sure that kibble size is in the range of 0.2 inches to 0.6 inches.

The product is capable of running on both batteries as well as using the direct power from our wall socket. Make sure you keep it plugged at all times. When the power is gone, the feeder makes use of the secondary power source, that is, the batteries, to work. In this way, you can ensure that your pet won’t go hungry at any cost.

The programming mechanism of the product is pretty straightforward. You can easily schedule the dispensing time using the keypad and the digital screen at the top of the product. 

You can also record a message for your pet to remember them to have their food on time. Considering its ease of use and ergonomic design, this product wins our vote as the best cat food dispenser mentioned in this list.


  •   Ergonomic design
  •   Ease of use
  •   High storage capacity
  •   Works on both direct power and battery power
  •   Great for both dogs and cats


  •   Isn’t dish washable
  •   Kibbles in the bowl are always exposed to dirt particles

10.  PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder

PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder, Smart Feed Pet Feeder for Small Animals

The Petkit automatic cat feeder is a smart cat feeder as you can operate and schedule its working either using your smartphone or using home assistants like Alexa. 

The smartphone app is available both on the app store and play store. Once you download it, you will have to enter some primary details to enable the connection.

Once the devices are paired, you set the complete schedule from your mobile. Also, if your pet is being a good girl, then you can feed them instantly without tampering with the schedule.

The storage bin is large enough to accommodate almost half a kilogram of the dry kibbles. You can even decide the size of each serving to ensure that you don’t overfeed your pet. The serving size can be varied from 5 g to 50 g.

The duo lock fresh system ensures that the food stored inside the product stays fresh for an extended period. The minimal contact with air and external conditions also help to preserve the food.

The phone connects to the dispenser via the Wi-Fi. But don’t worry if your Wi-Fi is down. The machine will continue working according to the schedule you have set earlier.

The product is powered using a power adapter, and if you wish to have a back-up, you can insert 4 AA batteries into the battery slot. In this way, your pet would receive its required food on time.

Another great advantage of this product is that the bowl can be easily detached. Once detached, you can pop it into a dishwasher to make sure it’s free from all kinds of microbes. 

The product also gives warning alarms when the food stored inside the bin is below the minimum quantity. In this way, you won’t forget to fill in the storage bin.

No matter whatever may be the shape of the kibble, it would easily fit in the storage, and there won’t be any problem while dispensing as well. Make sure you don’t put in wet food as it can damage and stain the interiors of the product.

The product is specially designed for cats and their kibble sizes but can also be used for small breeds of dogs. Because of the ease of use and the smart design, this product even wins our vote as the best cat feeder available online.


  •   Duo fresh lock to retain the freshness of the food
  •   Made of highly durable plastic
  •   Has a smart dispensing system
  •   Specially made for cats
  •   Can store quite a number of kibbles without spoiling it
  •   Suitable for storing kibbles of all sizes


  •   Not suitable for dispensing wet food

11.  PetSafe Cat and Dog Food Dispenser 

PetSafe Cat and Dog Food Dispenser

PetSafe automatic cat feeder has two separate trays that can hold up to 3 cups of food in total. Both the trays are covered using different lids that open only at the scheduled time. The feeder is apt for both small breed dogs and all breeds of cats, and you can schedule the feeding time up to 4 days beforehand.

Even though the feeder can hold just two meals, the quantity of each meal would be sufficient enough to keep your pet full for a long period. As the food tray opens when it is time, you don’t have to worry about the food getting spoilt.

Both the food trays are dishwasher friendly, so you can wash it by keeping it at the top rack of the dishwasher.

When coming to the programming mechanism of the product, it has four keys along with a digital screen that will help you easily set the time for the opening of the tray. As the keypad is hidden with a small lid, your dog won’t accidentally tamper with the timings.

The design of the feeder is quite ergonomic. It doesn’t take up much space or produce any extra sounds that might startle your pet.


  •   Low-noise operation
  •   Can store both dry and wet food
  •   Can hold water
  •   Suitable for both cats and small breed dogs
  •   Ergonomic, lightweight, and stable design
  •   Dishwasher friendly


  •   Can store just two meals (might starve the pet if you are away for an extended period)
  •   Can be operated only using batteries

12.  PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed 

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Pre-Portioned Automatic Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs

This yet another automatic feeder from PetSafe, and this model is designed to dispense pre-portioned food on the scheduled timings. The dispenser is ideal for all breeds of dogs and cats. 

The main advantage of this product is that it has a large storage capacity. Thus, you need not worry about serving your pet with food for a long time.

The product has three modes of operation – slow feed, immediate feed, and pause feed. If your pet is an eager eater and finishes the food in an urge, then press the slow feed. This process ensures that the food is dispensed very slowly, thus providing time to digest the food properly.

If you feel that pet has been a good girl throughout the day, press the immediate feed to dispense a quick snack without altering the next timing schedule. The pause feed pauses the operation of the dispenser but doesn’t change the timing schedule you had set.

The product is kind of huge and can store up to 24 cups of dry food. Make sure you don’t pour in wet food as it might clog the dispenser holes. The portion size varies from 1/8 cup to 4 cups. Make sure you set the right portion depending on the dietary requirements of your pet.

The product doesn’t come with an attached bowl. It is a boon, as well as a bane. You can choose a bowl that is easy to clean and doesn’t spill off easily, but there is a chance that your pet might move the bowl around the house.

Also, considering the ease of use and the ergonomic construction of this product, it most definitely is one of the best automatic cat feeders mentioned in this list. It is operated by a power adapter and makes sure that you always load the battery back-up with batteries to ensure that the product doesn’t turn off at any time.


  •   Ergonomic design
  •   Large storage capacity
  •   Works with batteries as well as with the power adapter
  •   Suitable for both cats and dogs
  •   Easy scheduling features and three unique feeding modes
  •   Easy to clean and maintain
  •   Portion control feature


  •   Can’t dispense wet food
  •   Doesn’t have a bowl attached to the machine

13.  Sure Petcare 

Sure Petcare -SureFlap - SureFeed - Microchip Pet Feeder - Selective-Automatic Pet Feeder Makes Meal Times Stress-Free

This Sure Petcare microchip pet feeder has an innovative design and is best in homes where there are multiple pets. Each pet will be provided with a microchip ID, and the lid opens only when the microchip ID approaches it, and the lid closes when the pet moves away.

Each pet will have a separate ID, and this ensures that all pets get equal quantities of food. If the pet has already eaten its share of food for the day, then the lip won’t open.

The lip forms an airtight seal with the tray. This makes sure that the foods are kept airtight and the moisture is preserved. Also, you can store both dry and wet foods.

As the product works on microchip IDs, you don’t have to worry about programming it regularly. But don’t forget to fill the tray with the required quantities of food for your pet.

The product comes along with a microchip collar that has to be worn across your pet’s neck. If you want multiple collars for your other pets, you can order the same from the company’s official website.

If you notice that one pet steals the food meant for your other pets, then this feeder can solve the problem and ensure that all your pets get equal nutrition at home.

The product works on 4 C-type batteries, and these have to be purchased separately. As the product works frequently, each and every time your pet approaches the product, there is a high chance that the battery would drain quickly. 

So, make sure you check the remaining battery charge before going out for a long trip.


  •   Easy to use
  •   Smart and innovative technology that ensures the right nutrition for your pets
  •   Suitable for both dogs and cats
  •   Can store both wet and dry food
  •   The airtight lid of the product keeps the food fresh for a long time
  •   Handle makes it easy to hold the product and carry it around


  •   The serving size of the tray is relatively low
  •   Works only on battery power

Factors To Look For When Buying An Automatic Cat Feeder

1. The capacity of the storage bin or tray

The capacity of the storage bin or the tray is one of the most important factors you should consider before you narrow down o a choice. The primary purpose of an automatic feeder is to dispense food on the schedule set by you so that you can be at peace. If the product has a very low storage capacity, then there is no point in buying an automatic feeder.

The best automatic cat feeder will have at least 5 cups of storage space, and this ensures that your pet gets a full 3-meal.

Also, another factor associated with the storage capacity of the feeder is portion control. It should dispense only a pre-measured quantity of food, and in this way, you can be sure that your pet doesn’t under-eat or overeat.

If you are looking for a feeder that can store more than three meals, then look for a larger feeder with adequate storage capacity and an efficient portion control mechanism.

2. Type of food that can be stored

Many a time, cat feeders support or store only dry foods. If you are looking for a dispenser type feeder, then you will most likely find one that can dispense only dry foods. If you want to incorporate both dry and wet food in your pet’s diet, then go for a dial-type food feeder.

This type of food feeder has special trays wherein you can easily pour in the required amount of each kind of food. Once the tray aligns with the slot opening, your pet would get to eat what’s in the tray.

So always make sure that the dispenser you chose can dispense the food your pet consumes. Never try to dispense wet food through the dispenser meant for dry food; this can create a total mess and can even damage your machine.

3. Scheduling mechanism

Most feeders allow you to efficiently schedule the next three to four meal timings. If you are a busy pet mom, then you can rope in a pet feeder with larger storage capacity and the one which can schedule more than four meals.

Some pet feeders also allow you to use your phone as a remote controller to schedule the timings. This benefit is highly effective because you can easily set the serving time way before and don’t have to change it now and then.

4. The speed of releasing the food

If your pet gets startled by even the slightest sound or stimuli, you need a dispenser that has slow to the medium speed of releasing the food. If it releases all of a sudden, some cats will develop an aversion towards the product.

The speed of dispensing depends mainly on the size of the kibbles you have used. If your dog likes to munch on small kibbles, then the dispensing rate would be higher. If the kibbles are larger, it will take some time to fill the bowl.

This factor isn’t applicable to feeders with a dial mechanism. In this type of feeder, the tray is exposed, and there is no need for dispensing the food from the storage compartment.

5. Number of pets

The number of pets in your house also matters. Some pet feeders are designed for a single pet while others for multiple pets. If you have multiple pets and rope in a feeder meant for a single pet, then your pets would starve until you fill in the storage compartment again.

Thus, make sure you schedule the dispenser in such a way that all your pets get an equal amount of food. If you go for dial type, make sure you purchase more than one feeder and schedule it accordingly.

If your pets fight for food or one of them eats most of the food meant for others, then you can go for the most advanced and smart feeder that uses microchip technology. With this feeder, you can ensure that all your pets get equal nutrition, no matter what.

6. Build of the product

Most of the automatic feeders are made from BPA-free hard plastic. This ensures that the product doesn’t break into pieces, even if you have aggressive cats at home.

Cats by nature will try to get more than what they are provided in their food bowl. So, if you have portion control on your dispenser, your cat will try to do everything possible to get an extra kibble on the bowl. So, the product should be strong enough to resist all these vigorous actions.

7. Warranty

If you plan to buy a feeder, make sure that it has at least a year of warranty. Also, as soon as the feeder reaches your house, make sure it is in perfect condition and works as promised by the company.

The best automatic cat feeder will have at least two years of warranty; this is because the company is double sure of the quality of the products used for its manufacture. Never buy a feeder that doesn’t provide a warranty.

Get The Best Automatic Cat Feeder And Never Worry About Your Cat’s Food-Routine Anymore

And That’s it! We have explained in detail the factors to consider while buying a pet feeder and have also listed some of the best automatic cat feeders that are available online. Now it’s all up to you to choose the one that best suits your pet and their feeding regime.

Always make sure that having a pet feeder alone won’t solve all the problems. You need to clean it on time and fill the storage with their favorite food to keep your pets happy. Also, if the product is battery powered, then make sure you change the batteries on time.

Pet feeders come in different shapes and sizes. Instead of picking up the costliest one that is rich in features, evaluate whether your pet needs it. 

Always have a few training sessions to make sure the pet goes well with the practice of using pet feeders. If not, they might struggle with the product and even refrain from eating food from the product.


1.  Are automatic cat pet feeders a good idea?

Yes, training your cat with an automatic pet feeder not only makes them well-behaved but also, you can be sure that they get the necessary nutrition even when you are away. 

Some pet feeders allow you to store food required for three to four days. These feeders are a boon for busy pet parents. Buy a suitable water dispenser along with the best automatic pet feeder, and then you can have peace of mind.

2. Is there an automatic pet feeder for wet food?

Most pet feeders are designed for dry food. But if you want to ensure that your pet gets a combination of wet and dry food in their meal, then you can go for a dial-based pet feeder. 

As these feeders don’t dispense the food and use a tray to serve the food, there is no question of the wet food staining the dispenser.

Also, these dial-based feeders have easily washable trays, and, in most cases, you can wash them by placing them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

3. How does an automatic cat feeder work?

The working of the feeder depends on the type you buy. The best automatic cat feeder is the one that can easily dispense the food in equal portions and doesn’t cause the spoilage of the food. 

It may be battery operated or draws power using the power adapter. Always buy a pet feeder with an airtight storage compartment. In this way, the food doesn’t get spoilt easily and will last longer inside the storage bin.

4. How long can you leave the food in the pet feeder?

If it’s dry food, you can leave it for a longer period. But if it’s wet food, it is ideal that you change or empty the storage every two days to prevent any food poisoning. If the storage compartment of the feeder is air and watertight, then the dry food can stay inside as long as its expiry date

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