Best Cat Dewormers 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guides

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If your cat is falling sick often, one of the many causes could possibly be intestinal parasites. While the illnesses caused by intestinal parasites are severe, the remedy is pretty simple – deworm your cat right away! Finding the best cat dewormer can be a challenging task, considering so many different factors, such as temperament, sensitivity, eating habits, and your cat’s environment.

Most cat owners feel that your cat is hale, hearty, worm-free, and doesn’t require deworming at all. But the fact you need to know is that by merely looking at your cat, you cannot tell whether it has worms or not. Secondly, cat owners claim that their cats cannot have worms because they don’t step outdoors. 

Even if your cat doesn’t step outside, other pets and your family do step out. Each one of you can be carriers of worm eggs into your home – which the cats can easily catch. In no time, your cat will be infected with worms.

Facts suggest that 45% of cats have intestinal parasites at any given time – now, this is definitely a matter of concern.

Worms are not good for not only the health of your cat but also your family. This is also why you need to deworm your cat every three months. And we know how much you love your furry friends; we know you would definitely be looking out for the best cat dewormer for them. 

We’ve made your task easier – based on research and reviews, we have listed out the best cat dewormers out there, which are completely safe for consumption by your cats. Read to know more.


Factors to Lookout for When Buying a Cat Dewormer

Irrespective of which breed your cat is, what size or age it is, whether it always stays indoors or keeps wandering outside, one thing that remains common for all cats is worms. There are so many reasons that cats can get infected with worms and parasites, even staying where they are.

 For example, a little kitten can get worms merely by drinking contaminated milk from the mother while nursing. For the active cats and kittens who love playing outside, rolling in, sniffing, eating or licking soil, too, can be a cause of worm infestation. 

Accidental ingestion of flea or tick bites too, count in. Sometimes, cats chase rodents or birds, hunt them down and consume them, leading them to contract worms. One of the most common reasons happens to be in contact with an infected cat or any other infected animal.

Cats can get infected with many types of parasites – roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, heartworms, whipworms, and ringworms. Of these, whipworms are the most harmful, causing damage to several organs in the cat’s body. Likewise, tapeworms and ringworms are very commonly found but extremely difficult and painful to get expelled.

Worm infestation in cats is not something to be casually brushed off and has to be taken seriously. The earlier you tend to the problem, the better it is, not only for the health of your cat but also that of your family, especially your children. Approximately 10,000 children are infected with these parasitic worms, most of which end up with severe consequences such as blindness.

And for this, the easiest way is to deworm your cat at regular intervals. While visiting your vet is always advisable, there are deworming medicines available over the counter. These medicines are readily available without any prescription. 

This allows you to buy and use the deworming medicines as and when you require, without the instructions or recommendations of a veterinarian. But again, buying any random, cheap dewormer doesn’t work. You have to be careful about what to look for in a dewormer. After all, you do want your delicate little friends to have the best cat wormer!

Here we have listed all the factors you need to look for in the best dewormer for cats. Read on.

1.  Age of your cat

Before you start browsing through the cat dewormers, get the age of your cats or kittens right. You have to do this because not every cat dewormer is suitable for cats of all ages. For example, certain brands have three different variants of the same product – one for kittens, one for cats, and one for larger cats.

You have to ensure you choose the right product based on the age of your cat because usage of the wrong product can lead to severe allergic reactions in cats, some of which can even prove to be fatal. 

The minor reactions vary from hair loss to itching or burning sensation on the skin. However, to avoid these, exercise caution and select the right product.

 2. Ingredients of the dewormer

Most dewormers are blends of active ingredients, which make them immediately effective. However, not every cat reacts to the dewormers available out there in the same manner. 

Some cats are extremely sensitive and react adversely to the chemicals used in the dewormers. In comparison, the other cats are completely okay and show no symptoms at all. In fact, for these cats, these dewormers work exceptionally well.

In the case of sensitive cats, you need to opt for dewormers that are either chemical-free or low on chemicals. You have chemical-free deworming options available out there, which not many pet owners are aware of. There are quite a few reputed brands that have successfully come up with award-winning low on chemical dewormers, which are not only safe for the health of your cat but also the environment.

No guesses here; these sensitive cats have no adverse reactions and have accepted these sensitized dewormers in a much better way.

 3. Type of Dewormer

Dewormers come in three types – one in the tablet form, that has to be taken orally. The second one is a solution that has to be applied topically. The third one is a collar, which has to be worn around the neck of the cat. Now the question is – why do we have these three varieties of dewormers? The only reason behind this is the cat’s preferences.

 Most cats hate ingesting tablets. No matter how hard the cat owners try to disguise the pills in their food or water, the cats run away at the mere sight or smell of these tablets. Forget taking the whole pill. These cats can sniff out even the powdered form of these tablets! 

Their utter refusal to take in the pills (which, by the way, are the best and safe way of getting rid of ticks) has led to brands coming up with unique, creative ways to get these sensitive cats dewormed. This is where the topical solution comes into the picture!

Most topical solutions are odor-free and have a non-greasy, watery texture. The benefits do not stop here. This topical solution also dries off quickly. The brands that make these topical solution dewormers take the utmost care to ensure that the solution is not suitable for the cat in any way. 

Most cats that are not okay with the consumption of pills adapt to these topically applied dewormers easily. However, many cat owners also have complaints that their cats are sensitive to the topically applied dewormers too. 

They end up with an itching or burning sensation on the skin, have hair fall, or cannot tolerate the very application of the solution on their bodies. For such cats, you have the deworming collar!

The deworming collar is the last resort that you can opt for deworming your cat externally. Every cat owner hopes that their super-sensitive cat will accept this collar, at least! 

This collar features a blend of essential oils, which work to keep away ticks, fleas, and other parasites that could possibly infest your cat. Cats love the color as it is soft and flexible. If you have a really stubborn cat, you should definitely try using the deworming collar!

 4. Type of Worms

Brands try their best to come up with generic dewormers that are suitable to get rid of all worms at once. However, you need to understand that there are times when your cat will be infested by a specific type of worm, for example – tapeworm, or ringworm. To help get rid of these faster, better, and in a painless manner, you need to choose dewormers that specifically target these worms.

Secondly, these dewormers act immediately, as they are meant only for one type of parasite. So if you want to have faster results, you need to look out for worm-specific dewormers that are readily available out there.

 5. Frequency of deworming

Based on different factors, you have to decide the frequency your cat will be dewormed. If you are not able to figure this out by yourself, you should head to the vet and get the deworming guidelines from him. 

We’ve tried to give you a generic gist, you can read through. Do remember that every cat is different and has different requirements as you read this.


These tiny little balls of fur have to be dewormed 3 weeks after their birth. The later deworming can be scheduled as per the direction of the vet. 

After you are done with the initial, post-birth deworming, ensure your kitten gets its dose of monthly heartworm preventive. Kittens are easily susceptible to heartworms, and the only way to protect them is the monthly deworming.

Adult cats

Along with continuing with the monthly deworming schedule you began with your kitten right after its birth, you need to additionally keep a watch on the schedule, eating habits, the overall temperament of your cat. 

Any minor or noticeable changes could be a possibility of a worm infestation. You can also get regular fecal tests done. Remember, the earlier you find out about a worm infestation, the better it is for you.

Adopted/rescued cats

with these cats, it is difficult for you to gauge the age and other factors that are critical in formulating a deworming cycle. And the rule is pretty clear; when in doubt, rush to the vet. The veterinarian is the best person to advise you as to when and how to deworm the cat you have just rescued or adopted.

Top 8 Best Cat Dewormers 2021

1. Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

Bayer Tapeworm Best Cat Dewormer

Of all the worms, tapeworms are the most stubborn and, without any doubt, extremely disgusting. These long flat white worms anchor on to your cat’s intestines, and getting rid of them is no easy task. But with Bayer’s Tapeworm Dewormer, you need not worry. 

One of the best tapeworm dewormers for cats, this one is a 3-count bottle of tapeworm dewormer for cats. Easily, it is one of the most effective ways to remove tapeworms from cats.

These tablets are specifically for cats that are six weeks or older only. Be careful before issuing out the tablets to your cat, as the age factor is critical. The pill is large in size, and you can face possible resistance from your cat. Otherwise, this is definitely the best tapeworm medicine for cats.

All you have to do is crush the tablets and feed your cat orally. There could be a possibility that your cat isn’t receptive to this way of consumption, and it is pretty common. In such cases, you can mix the crushed tablets in cat food. Your cat will consume the tablets without any fuss!

The medicine is extremely effective in getting rid of different types of tapeworms from your cat’s intestines. The most commonly found tapeworms are Dipylidium Caninum and Taenia Taeniaeformis, and you can rest assured of expelling the worms from your cat’s body with a single dose of this cat dewormer. 

Moreover, you don’t even require a prescription from the vet to get the medicine, making it easier to fetch it as needed. This product from Bayer is one of the best over the counter cat dewormer you can find.


  • Get it over-the-counter
  • Different ways to issue the tablets in case of fussy cats
  • No side effects


  • Large tablet


2.  Bayer Flea Prevention and Treatment

Bayer Animal Health Advantage II Flea Prevention and Treatment for Large Cats, Over 9 Pounds

The deworming requirements of larger cats are different, which is why Bayer has come up with this unique product. This dewormer is exclusively for larger cats that weigh more than 9 pounds. The product comes in four varieties – 1 dose, 2 doses, 4 doses, and 6 doses. The six doses pack suffices for six months.

Unlike other medicines, which have to be ingested by the cat to work, this medicine must be applied topically. Despite a different method of usage, this product from Bayer works exceptionally well to make your cat flea-free. It is super convenient, and all you have to do is apply the product to your cat once a month. This product is the best worm medicine for cats in this price range.

The best part of this product is that it is free of any fragrance that your cat might repel. It is also water-proof, so you don’t need to worry about it getting washed off after bathing your cat. The only thing you need to be cautious about is not letting the product enter your cat’s eyes or allow your cat to ingest it.

The advanced formula of the Advantage II is that it kills fleas at multiple stages – so whether your cat is plagued by eggs, larvae, or adult fleas, you need not worry at all. It starts showing effects within 12 hours of application, and the impact of the medicine stays for 30 days, after which it is advisable to repeat the cycle.


  • Easy to apply
  • Effective for fleas in all stages
  • Caters to larger cats
  • Year-long protection


  • May cause balding 


3. Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment 

FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats

Suitable for cats and kittens weighing 1.5 pounds and above, this product from Frontline is the best cat dewormer in the waterproof dewormer category. A fast-acting, long-lasting tick, and flea treatment for your cat, this dewormer has been trusted and recommended by veterinarians for nearly 20 years.

The product acts as the first line of defense against fleas and ticks, irrespective of what stage they are at. The dewormers work just as effectively to get rid of eggs, larvae as it works on full-grown ticks and fleas. Not only does it stop an existing infestation, but it also works amazingly well to prevent new infections.

Consisting of two powerful, anti-flea, and tick ingredients (fipronil and (S)-Methoprene), this product is perfect for cats and kittens eight weeks older. Fipronil works to tackle adult fleas, whereas the latter works to combat eggs and larvae.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment feature a unique formula, which is stored in the oil glands of your cat’s skin to ensure long-lasting protection from ticks and fleas. Once applied, you need not worry about any infestations for at least 30 days. 

It comes in three different variations – 3-dose, 6-dose, and 8-dose. A 3-dose pack lasts for three months, similarly the 6-dose works for six months, and an 8-dose pack goes for eight months.


  • Counters both fleas and ticks
  • Effective for all stages of the flea and tick lifecycle
  • Easy application with the complimentary applicator
  • Unique formula for a long-lasting effect


  • May cause side-effects in some cats


4. Capstar Fast Acting Oral Flea Treatment 

Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Cats, 6 Doses, 11.4 mg

One of the fastest working oral flea treatments, this product from Capstar, shows effects in less than 30 minutes. You can easily get this off the store without a prescription from your vet and prescribe one dose a day to your cat. It is the best wormer for cats in terms of prompt effectiveness.

While the effects of the medicine are quick and long-lasting, you wouldn’t have to give your cat repeated doses for a long while. However, if you do feel that your cat is re-infested with fleas repeatedly, you can easily give another tablet to your cat without any hesitation.

One pack consists of 6 tablets and can be prescribed to cats and kittens weighing 2 pounds or more and are four weeks or older in age. The fuss-free, orally ingestible pill is a better option than topical application, as it helps to keep your cat free from fleas inside out. If your pet is being fussy over taking the pill orally, you know what to do – crush it and add it to either the food or water bowl of your cat.

If your cat is currently under medication for some other health issue, you can still go ahead and safely use this tablet. The pill works wonders to not only alleviate a current infestation but as a subsequent preventive to prevent future re-infestation. It is also the best roundworm treatment for cats.


  • Easy oral delivery
  • Works from inside out
  • Quick action


  • Mild reactions


5. Cat Flea and Tick Collar

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat, all weights,

This collar from Parenda works round the clock to keep your furry friends safe from ticks and fleas. The Cat Flea and Tick Collar work amazingly well to help get rid of internal as well as external parasites, ticks, fleas, and other pests. 

Providing protection for up to 8 months, the collar has a waterproof design and an emergency breaking point. This allows your cat to wear the collar irrespective of the weather, without worrying about the safety and effectiveness of the collar.

The collar is known particularly for its unique idea and flexibility – it is suitable for cats of all sizes, thanks to its adjustable setup. All you have to do is adjust the collar as per the size of your cat’s neck and cut off the excessive length.

Parenda has used completely natural ingredients to make this collar. It consists of a proprietary blend of essential oils, which repel the ticks, fleas, and other pests. The Cat Flea and Tick Collar are non-greasy and free of any odor, and we’re sure your cats will love it! 

This extremely easy-to-use collar additionally comes with a tick-removal kit too. Parenda has gone a step ahead and offered a 45-day money-back policy. The brand is also known for its super-friendly customer service. 

No other brand apart from Parenda has come up with this unique type of cat dewormer. In terms of idea, design, and usability, the collar is the best dewormer for cats out there. 

For those cat owners who struggle to feed orally or topically apply commonly available dewormers, this is most definitely something worth trying. A simple yet extremely effective solution for fussy cats! 


  • Unique design
  • Odor-free
  • Adjustable
  • Water-proof
  • Weather-resistant
  • Money-back guarantee


  • May cause allergic reactions


6.  Advantage II Flea Prevention for Small Cats

Advantage II Flea Prevention for Small Cats, 5-9 lbs

Earlier, we browsed through the same product from Bayer, but it was specifically meant for larger cats. This product has been specially crafted for usage for small cats. 

If your cat weighs between 5 to 9 pounds, you should opt for this product. You need to exercise caution and not pick the one meant for larger cats, as it has had extremely bad reactions on cats of smaller sizes.

The best part of the product is that the effectiveness stays the same.  It is very easy to apply and comes with pre-measured application tubes. Using this, you can topically apply the product on your cats’ skin, ensuring full coverage. 

After application, you will note visible results within 12 hours and find all ticks and fleas falling off your cat in no time. This amazing product is effective for 30 days and doesn’t require any reapplication any time sooner.

It contains a compelling blend of active ingredients that immediately attacks and kills fleas. The product has been curated to kill fleas in multiple life stages-  right from eggs to larvae to finally, the fully grown adult fleas. Advantage II is equally useful for all. 

The vets recommend this product, especially for cats who are sensitive and cannot tolerate any smell. This odor-free product is just amazing for your cats who refuse oral intake of medicines. Not only will it help stall an existing flea infestation, but it will also work as a preventive for future re-infestations. It is definitely one of the best over the counter dewormer that you can find out there.


  • Easy topical application
  • Great for fussy cats
  • Odor-free
  • Acts immediately
  • Long-lasting effect


  • May cause allergic reactions like hair fall


7. Cheristin for Cats and Topical Flea Prevention

Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Prevention – Starts Killing Fleas in 30 Minutes, 6 doses

This fantastic topical flea treatment is specifically for cats who hate oral intake of medicines or refuse to put on the flea collar. Recommended by vets, this product from Cheristin features a fast-acting formula, which shows exceptional results in less than 30 minutes. 

It is definitely one of the fastest-acting dewormers out there. In terms of speed of action, this is the best cat dewormer out there.

In terms of complete relief, this dewormer delivers complete flea relief in 12 hours, killing 98-100% of fleas. This is not a mere tall claim. It has been studied and proven. A single application of this Cheristin dewormer lasts for up to 6 weeks, and it is advisable to re-apply the topical dewormer monthly. 

It is suitable for cats and kittens over 8 pounds and 8 weeks old. For best results, you have to apply the topical solution at the base of your cat’s head and not between the shoulder blades. This product is suitable for multiple cats, and you only need to ensure that you use a separate applicator for every cat.

This dewormer features an easy-to-apply mechanism and comes with a round-tip applicator. It dries quickly and has a non-greasy texture. The main active ingredient in this topical solution is spinetoram. The product received the Presidential Green Chemistry award in the year 2008 for a low environmental impact on the agricultural industry.


  • Acts quickly
  • Lasts long
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Environment-friendly
  • Less usage of chemicals


  • May cause reaction


8.  Zodiac Flea Control for Cats and Kittens

Zodiac Spot On Flea Control for Cats & Kittens, 4-Month Supply

Now every brand comes up with a generic product that can be used for both cats as well as kittens. But with this product from Zodiac, you no longer need to worry about the weight or age of your cats. 

You can simply use the product for all your cats without fretting over the side effects or allergies. A note of caution you need to consider is that you cannot use this product for kittens less than 12 weeks old, as their skin is too delicate to handle even the slightest chemicals.

Secondly, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before using the product on aged, debilitated, medication, pregnant, and nursing animals. All these categories have different levels of sensitivity, and it is best to consult the vet about what will suit them in these conditions.

This topical solution has an advanced active formula, which works fantastically to get rid of fleas and ticks on your little furry friends. The solution is like water, which makes cats receptive to it. Also, it has a non-greasy texture making it easier to apply. It shows immediate results and the effects of a single application last four months. 

This product stops the entire life cycle of fleas and ticks from thriving – right from eggs to larvae and adult fleas and ticks – the topical solution is an all-rounder remedy to keep your cats and kittens free from ticks and fleas.

Once you buy the product, it lasts for up to four months. It is advisable to restrict application to one time every month. After 30 days, you can reapply the solution again.


  • Non-greasy, watery texture
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Suitable for cats and kittens
  • Works immediately
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for multiple cats


  • May cause irritation/ allergies


FAQs on Cat Dewormers

1. Can I walk into a store and get a dewormer for my cat?

The ideal way is to visit a vet first, get your pet examined, and get a prescription from the vet for the dewormer. However, if you have already gone through this process before, you can always walk up to the store and get the dewormer that suits your cat.

You also have the option of buying Over The Counter dewormers that are readily available without prescriptions. It is advisable to exercise caution in such cases.

2. Do I mandatorily have to visit the vet before deworming my cat?

The answer is no. However, it is advisable to vet a vet and get your cat checked. Animals, too, are exposed to a whole lot of different situations, food, and the environment from time to time. Assuming that their health will stay constant at such times is not a wise thought. So, it’s best you get your cat examined and prescribed before deworming it. 

3. Can another pet transmit worms to my cat?

Direct transmission of worms from one animal to another is not possible. However, if both the animals are exposed to the same environment or the exact source of worms, the possibility of your cat getting infected is high. So whether it is contaminated soil or spoilt milk, if your cat and dog both have been exposed to the same things, chances of infestation are high. 

4. Can I catch lice from my cat?

The answer is no. There are specific parasites that are zoonotic, which means they are transmittable to humans. Lice do not fall in the category of zoonotic parasites. 

This also can be interpreted in this way – lice are species-specific. So, for example, if a cat gets lice, it can be transmitted only to another cat. Similar logic applies to dogs and humans when it comes to lice. 

5. When should I deworm my cat?

Typically immediately, when you see the signs of a worm infestation. But you should not wait for your cat to show signs of an infestation and then rush to deworm them. 

Systematic and scheduled deworming should be taken care of, as per your cat’s requirements and the vet’s prescription. Ideally, a cat should be dewormed every month. This keeps worms and all the nasty consequences they bring along away. 

6. How do I know that my cat has to be dewormed? What symptoms should I watch out for?

There are a whole lot of symptoms that come into the picture once your cat is infested with worms. Weight loss, marked by an increase or decrease in appetite, is one of the major symptoms. The appearance of your cat will also change drastically, and you can visibly notice a potbelly.

Diarrhea and vomiting are peculiar symptoms of worm infestation. This accompanied by perennial lethargy or chronic cough is symptoms not to be left ignored. Hair loss, loss of enthusiasm, reduced activity count in as acute symptoms. 

One of the most common symptoms is visible segments of these worms in the stools of your cat. For example, if your cat has tapeworms, it will leave behind structures like tiny grains of rice in its stools.

Most of these symptoms can also indicate other illnesses, which is why, when you notice such symptoms in your cat, you should head to the vet right away for an extensive checkup. 

7. Can humans get worms from cats?

Worms can be transmitted to humans through close contact. For example, stroking your pet, facial contact, or contact with the usual surroundings of a pet are causes of transmission. This transmission cannot be avoided altogether. 

What you can do instead is frequently deworm not only your cat but also your entire family. This will keep every member of your family safe from worm transmission by cats. 

8. My cat looks perfectly healthy. Should I still deworm it?

You should not wait until your cat starts showing symptoms to deworm it. Following the routine prescribed by the vet is the best thing you can do to deworm your cat from time to time and steer it clear from any possible illnesses. 

9. Do I have to deworm my cat when traveling abroad?

Yes, the law requires you to do so. This is not only for the safety of your pet but is done to contain the spread of parasites in the country you are visiting.  Take the example of the UK. Quite a few parasites still do not exist there. 

However, if you carry along with pets that are not dewormed to the UK, the possibility of transmission and spread of these worms in such countries is extremely high. Hence, it is advisable always to deworm your pet before any kind of travel. 

10. Can I use the same dewormer for my cat and dog?

Most deworming products are specific to either cats or dogs. After having said that, there are very few dewormers that are compatible with both cats and dogs. You can easily find them after thorough research or by a talk with your vet.

As easy as it is to use a standard dewormer for both your cat and dog, you also need to be careful. Cats and dogs may get infested by the same type of worms, but their reactions to the same dewormer will obviously be different. What goes well with your dog need not necessarily suit your cat and vice versa. 

All we’re saying is keep a watch. If all goes well, you’re in for good luck and can continue issuing the same dewormer to both your cat and dog. If not, please reach out to your vet and find something that particularly suits the needs of either animal. 

11. Can I deworm my pregnant, aged, injured, or already under medication cat?

No. You should not attempt to deworm a cat with any of the above conditions without instructions from your vet. The best thing that you can do is consult a vet, explain the situation, and get the best guidance of what you need to do in such cases.

Get The Best Cat Dewormer And Give Your Kitty An Itch-free, Protected Life Now!

Finding the best cat dewormer for your little furry friend is a difficult task only until you find the perfect dewormer for your cat. Once you do, it is all about following the schedule and ensuring your cat is dewormed from time to time.

We hope that the top 8 dewormers we have listed help you out in finding the most suitable one for your cat. Before you finally buy one, do consider the factors you need to look out for in the best cat dewormer for your cat.

As we repeatedly mention, every cat is different and comes with different needs, schedules, eating habits, temperaments, and also allergies, for that matter of fact. Remember, just because a product is expensive or has impressive reviews and top ratings don’t mean it is the best. 

What suits your cat is ultimately the best product. Instead, you can consider reviews of fellow cat owners and find out different brands that make these dewormers for a lot cheaper price.

We do hope you find a dewormer that your cat accepts without any fuss soon.


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