5 Best Chihuahua Breeders In Georgia (2021)

1. Sargon2. Lyon’s Toys3. Darlene and Bradford’s Chihuahuas
Sargon Best Chihuahua Breeders In GeorgiaLyon's ToysDarlene and Bradford's Chihuahuas

Known for their short and adorable stature, chihuahua puppies are one of the pets to have in the company. They are extremely cheerful, energetic, and love to play around your house. However, finding a purebred chihuahua puppy can be quite dreadful. Either the puppy won’t be of pure breed or suffers from some or other medical condition. That is when you have to look for trusted chihuahua breeders in Georgia.

If you are in search of an adorable purebred chihuahua puppy and don’t know where to start from, then this guide will help you find the trusted chihuahua breeders in Georgia. From the breeder’s history to their recent achievements, we have curated everything you want to know about a breeder here.

Some of them are quite established, while others are small business breeders. Whatever may the case be, these breeders can be trusted and you would get to own a purebred chihuahua puppy.

Top 5 Best Chihuahua Breeders In Georgia 2021

1. Sargon

Sargon Best Chihuahua Breeders In Georgia

Debbie Hornback from Sargon has been in the breeding business for a long time. started in 1985, the breeder takes utmost care while breeding their chihuahuas. The breeder and the parents are both registered under the AKC, and therefore, the breeding process is done as per their standards.

Litter Quality

When it comes to the quality of the litters, they are healthy and in perfect condition. All the puppies are regularly tested and de-wormed to prevent them from any kind of disease. As the parents are free from all kinds of genetic disorders, the puppies are born healthy and the breeders put in maximum efforts to keep them healthy.

You may not be able to choose the coat color or type as the breeder breeds the puppies in small batches. You can visit their kennel to see the puppies in person, but you will have to book an appointment to do so. You can either procure the puppies in person or have them delivered to your doorstep.

AKC Registered

As the puppies are listed under the AKC marketplace, there is no need to worry about quality and health. The in-house specialists at Sargon will help you know the food regime that was administered to the puppies until they reach your house and will also educate you about the vaccinations and deworming procedures.

The breeder provides on-call assistance even after you buy the puppies. This helps you adapt to the puppy and help them feel comfortable. The puppies are kept in well-air-conditioned rooms and made to socialize with other puppies and as well with the humans. This will aid the puppy to suit your surroundings without much trouble.

Before buying the puppies, you can get in a call with the breeder or meet them in person to know all about the puppies’ parents and how the breeding process is organized. It’s best that you prepare the questions you wish to ask the breeder so that you can clarify all the confusion and concerns before you procure your puppy.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 36

Health & Vaccines: vaccinated and dewormed, in-perfect health condition, and no medical history

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Debbie Hornback of Sargon Kennel

Phone: (678) 938-2567

Website: www.sargonkennels.com

Exact Location: Dallas, GA 30157


2.  Lyon’s Toys

Lyon's Toys

The Lyon’s Toys have been breeding puppies for shows as well as pets. This established breeder has been in business since 2010 and ever since they have been producing quality puppies. All their puppies are raised in the home and given proper care until they are ready for adoption.

As the puppies are raised in homes with people around, they are good at socializing and would easily mink with your family. The breeder would help you with the food regime that was given to puppies until then and also about the mild training practices they have been giving. The puppies they sell are neutered, and the owner won’t have any breeding rights.

Breeding Process

The breeder has strict rules regarding the breeding process. The parents are in perfect condition and are regularly checked for any kind of medical condition. Further, the parents are also properly vaccinated, de-wormed, and maintained at their best with necessary grooming.

The puppies are slightly expensive compared to the previous breeder, but that is because of the care they take in the whole breeding process and bringing them up. You may be not able to select the puppies based on the coat color or the texture of their hair coat, because the breeders have a limited set of chihuahua parents and they don’t practice cross-breeding of the chihuahua species.

AKC Certified

Both the parents and the puppies are registered under the AKC and therefore follow all their rules and regulations regarding the breeding process. you can also purchase their puppies from the official AKC marketplace.

As they breed puppies for show, all their puppies are groomed well and you get to see them in their full glory. Vaccinated, and regularly de-wormed, the puppies are brought up in a homely environment and no doubt, Lyon’s Toys is one of the best chihuahua breeders in Georgia.

If you have any queries regarding the breeding process or want to see their kennel in person, you can book an appointment via their official website. Further, they provide on call assistance to the new parents on how to cope up with their puppies and make them comfortable at home.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 11

Health & Vaccines: vaccinated, de-wormed, and in perfect health condition. No history of medical conditions/diseases

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Trish Lyon of Lyon’s World

Phone: (404) 319-7836

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.lyonstoyspuppies.com

Exact Location: Hiram, GA 30141


3. Darlene and Bradford’s Chihuahuas

Darlene and Bradford's Chihuahuas

This AKC registered breeder from Oglethorpe, Georgia has been breeding chihuahuas for more than a decade. This small kennel breeder breeds only chihuahuas. The chihuahuas they breed are brought up at home until their adoption. You can choose from a variety of chihuahua puppies, both male and female.

Both the parents and their puppies are AKC registered, thus, the breeder follows all the rules set by the AKC regarding the breeding process. further, they put the parents through a variety of testing processes they are bred. Thus, the breeders make sure that the parents from any kind of genetic conditions or diseases that might harm their puppies.

Health Status

Both the puppies and the parents are vaccinated on time to ensure that they stay their best at all times. Additionally, the breeder grooms their puppies and would also help you go through the process once you adopt them.

Before visiting the breeder, you will have to book an appointment by a call to ensure that the place isn’t crowded. Additionally, they would ask you to prepare a set of questions, and all your queries, so that you can easily clear it upon meeting them in person.

Litter Quality

As the breeder breeds chihuahuas in small batches, you will have to pre-book before the breeding process to ensure that you get your puppy. The puppies won’t be handed over to you until the vaccination dose is over. In most cases, you get the puppies after 6 weeks or so. By then, they would be more friendly and adaptable to living alongside human beings.

Further, the breeder would deliver the puppy on your doorstep alongside a pet nanny to ensure that they reach home safely. This service is available only if you live far away from the pet home.

At all times, the center provides on-call assistance to the new parents and will help them get through with the food needs, training routine, and other needs of the puppies.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 10

Health & Vaccines: De-wormed, vaccinated, properly groomed, and in perfect health condition with no medical history

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Darlene Swafford and Cathy Bradford

Phone: 706-866-8741 , 423-645-4028

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.cuddlepuppies4u.com/

Exact Location: 68 Elaine Circle, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. 30742 USA


4. Jerries Pet Place

Jerries Pet Place

Jerries Pet Place breeds different kinds of puppies and you will have to inform them earlier if you want a chihuahua puppy. This trusted breeder has been in business for a long time and their puppies are kept at homes. This helps the puppies to be with humans and socialize, making them easy to adapt to the new homes.

The puppies are given basic pad training while at the kennel. The puppies are also potty trained and taught basic manner training. This will help you easily carry on with another training process if you wish to.

You can visit their center and see the conditions in which the puppies are raised. Further, you can also meet their parents, and the in-house breeding specialists will help you go through all the breeding processes and techniques they undertake.

Breeding Process

The breeder doesn’t involve in cross-breeding and therefore, the puppies are purebred. But then you will not be able to select the coat color or length of your puppies. The breeder does the breeding process in small batches, thus, either you might have to wait some time to pre-book to ensure that you get your puppy on time.

Health Status

Coming to the health condition, all the puppies in the kennel along with their parents are vaccinated on time and de-wormed to protect themselves from any diseases. Also, their kennels and other living spaces are cleaned frequently to keep up the cleanliness of the space.

You can visit their centers in-person to see the condition of the kennels. You might have to book an appointment to ensure that the place isn’t crowded when you visit them. Further, you can inquire about the puppies and their needs even after adopting them. The breeders would be pleased to help you at any time.

AKC certified: Registered with a state license

Years of Operation: 30

Health & Vaccines: Vaccinated and comes with one-year health certificate

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Jerrie

Phone: 478-825-0846

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://jerriespetplace.com/

Exact Location: Fort Valley (Macon area), Georgia


5. The Dog Barn Alma

The Dog Barn Alma

This family-owned and operated kennel has been in business for more than 2 decades. The kennel takes utmost care while breeding their puppies. The parents are regularly de-wormed and medically examined before the breeding process. This ensures that the litters would be safe and free from any genetically passed medical conditions.

Registration And License

The kennel is registered and licensed by the state of Georgia and has been known for providing quality chihuahua puppies. All of their puppies are dewormed in the 2,4,6 weeks after they are born. After that, they are dewormed every 3 weeks. The puppies are up for adoption only after the 6th week or the first dose of the mandatory vaccination. They also provide a health certificate that states that the puppy is free from any kind of medical condition at the time of adoption.

The breeder is just a call away and you can always contact them to know more about the puppies and what their routine was like. They would help you find the right food and as the puppies are brought up among humans, your puppy won’t be needing any extra socializing lessons.

The puppies are given basic training like potty training, thus making your life with the puppy even easier.

Make sure you book an appointment with them via their website before you visit the facility. In this way, you can avoid the rush and select the right puppy for you. also, you would also get a chance to meet the breeder in person and know more about the puppy.

AKC certified: No, but registered under the State of Georgia with an official breeding license

Years of Operation: 20

Health & Vaccines: vaccinated and de-wormed regularly. In perfect health condition

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details:

Phone: 912-632-5005

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.thedogbarnalma.com/about-us

Exact Location: 161 Row Boat Rd. Alma, GA 31510

Socials: https://www.facebook.com/thedogbarnalma


Adopt PureBred Chihuahua Puppies in Georgia!

Well, that’s the list of the trusted chihuahua breeders in Georgia. Most of their puppies are listed in the AKC marketplace. If they are not available, you can contact them directly and see when the next breeding would be. All these breeders have an official breeding license and therefore, you get to adopt purebred chihuahua puppies.

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