6 Best Chihuahua Breeders In Florida (2021)

1. HollywoodChis2. Tivoli Chihuahuas3. Eva’s Chihuahua
HollywoodChis - Altamonte Springs Florida Best Chihuahua Breeders In FloridaTivoli Chihuahuas – FloridaEVA'S CHIHUAHUA

The Chihuahua is an adorable breed of dogs and is commonly known for its small size and highly energetic behavior. They are fun to be around and are notorious for following you around, cheering up your mood. To own a chihuahua that is energetic and healthy, you need to make sure that the breeder is trusted and certified. If you were to buy them from a cheap breeder, you will have to spend a fortune on the medical expenses that follow.

Well, if you are in Florida and are on the lookout for a chihuahua breeder in Florida, then you are at the right place. We have carefully curated a list of the top-rated and certified breeders that have years of experience and provide you with healthy chihuahua puppies.

Top 6 Best Chihuahua Breeders In Florida 2021

1. HollywoodChis – Altamonte Springs Florida

HollywoodChis - Altamonte Springs Florida Best Chihuahua Breeders In Florida

Vanesa Semler, the official and main breeder of HollywoodChis, has been in business for more than 16 years and is known to deliver quality, purebred chihuahua puppies. All their chihuahua puppies meet the standards set forward by AKC (American Kennel Club). You can also find their listing on the official website of AKC, thus, proving that they are a trusted chihuahua breeder.

All their dogs, both adults as well as puppies are raised by the breeders in-home and given all the comfort and care. They are taught to be around people and are quite familiar with toys, their food, and the kennel.

Additionally, the breeder provides a 30-day insurance policy for all the puppies, Declaws Removal, and AKC registration. 

Vaccination & Health Checks

All the parents from which they bred their puppies are tested before the breeding process to ensure that they are free from any kind of unwanted medical condition. This ensures that the puppies are born healthy.

The breeders take special care in providing the necessary medical and grooming attention for their puppies. They hand over already vaccinated, perfectly groomed puppies. Additionally, the in-house experts would educate you about the needs and conditions in which the puppies were bred and brought up afterward.

Basic Training Included

 The puppies are well-trained and know the basic in-house manners, thus, you won’t have a hard time training them further. The trainers would also tell you the methods they used to train your puppy so that you can continue with it. The puppies are fed with quality food items that are suggested by the vets to ensure that they are their healthiest.

Appointment Booking Process

Before buying the puppies, you can visit their centers to meet and greet the puppies and choose the one which you think would be your perfect companion. But you will have to pre-book the appointment to ensure that there aren’t any other pet parents present at the time you visit.

Coming to the breeder and their certification, they are all-certified and operate in compliance with the AKC. Also, they provide humane international shipping services.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 18

Health & Vaccines: Up-to-date

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Vanesa Semler

Phone: (617) 314-0523

Website: https://www.beverlyhillschihuahuas.com/ 

Exact Location: Altamonte Springs, FL 32716


2. Tivoli Chihuahuas – Florida

Tivoli Chihuahuas – Florida

The breeder, Trivoli Chihuahuas, breeds only chihuahua puppies and is one of the best chihuahua breeders in Florida. All the puppies are of pure breed and are bred after a detailed medical checkup of their parents. This ensures that the chihuahuas are safe from any genetic disorders and are their true energetic-self since birth.

AKC Approval

They have been in the breeding business from 1966 onwards. Ever since the breeder has garnered the praise of all the pet parents who bought their puppies from them. They are a certified member of the AKC and all their breeding techniques are at par with the rules and regulations put forward by them. This ensures that you only lay hands on the best puppies in town.

The breeder attained the AKC Professional Handler’s License in 1976 and since then they are a trusted name when it comes to chihuahuas. The breeder also breeds 11 other breeds, but chihuahuas are their specialty breed.

The puppies are available around a particular time of the year, so you will have to contact and book an appointment to see when they are breeding the next set of litters.

 The unique feature about this breeder is that they provide tons of information and guides to help you help the puppy adapt to your household and the environment around. They also provide a well-detailed report on the current health status of the puppies to help you keep a track of the previous and upcoming vaccine dates.

 AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 50

Health & Vaccines: up-to-date

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Ellen Scheuing

Phone: (540) 664-7978

Website: https://www.tivolichihuahuas.com/ 

Exact Location: Clermont, FL 34714




Eva’s Chihuahua has been breeding chihuahua litters since 1988. They are a registered breed under the AKC and follow all their rules and regulations for the breeding of the puppies and chihuahua puppies for sale in Florida. They have some of the finest AKC show quality chihuahuas that are blessed with long and smooth hair.

The breeder has received quite a number of awards and certifications under their belt. The chihuahua’s puppies adopted from this breeder have bagged numerous accolades including the AKC Champions, Westminster Show Stars, and Chihuahua Specialty Top Winners.

Breeding Process

Coming to the quality of the litter, all the puppies are vaccinated on a regular basis and are bred only in small numbers. This means you will have to pre book your chihuahuas to ensure that you don’t miss out.

You can visit their centers in Florida to see the conditions in which they are bred and brought up. Further, the in-house vet experts would give you an overview of how to take care of the puppies and their special needs. 

Health Status Of The Puppies

All the puppies are in perfect condition and de-wormed before they are handed over to you. They would also be groomed appropriately and the breeder would give you the details on how to groom the puppies and what the puppies consume on a daily basis.

 Most of the puppies are of 12 weeks or above, and thus, are taught basic manners and provided with some training to instill good habits in them.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 33

Health & Vaccines: up-to-date and de-wormed

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Eva & Nina Wang

Phone: (718) 208-5707

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.edensecretcats.com/ 

Exact Location: Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


4. Impeccable Mastiff Puppies

Impeccable Mastiff Puppies

The Impeccable Mastiff puppies are a single center-based kennel that provides quality mastiff and chihuahua puppies. The breeder is known around in the area for providing quality pure breed puppies that are healthy and free from all kinds of genetic disorders.

Breeding Process

Their breeding process is quite strict and the breeder puts in a lot of effort to ensure that the parents are kept safe and free from diseases at the time of breeding. The breeder, therefore, breeds just 1 to 3 litters a year and if you need a puppy you will have to contact them in advance.

The breeder is registered under the AKC and is in compliance with all their rules to be followed while breeding a puppy. The experts at their kennel home are ready to answer all the queries before you purchase a puppy. They expect you to come prepared with the necessary questions so that the breeders can clear all your doubts regarding the whole procedure.

Vaccination Status

Coming to the quality of the puppies, all the puppies are vaccinated on time and they are provided with the necessary medications to ensure that they stay healthy and energetic. They would handover the vaccination card and all the necessary medical documents at the time of purchase.

All their dogs participate in the official events registered under the AKC and therefore, deemed to be fit and healthy. This makes the breeder a trusted and notable choice.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 30

Health & Vaccines: up-to-date, groomed, and dewormed

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Kimberly Harac

Phone: (352) 299-0631

Exact Location: Belleview, FL 34420

Socials: https://www.facebook.com/impeccablemastiffs/


5. Debbie Selling

Debbie Selling

A trusted breeder under AKC, Debbie Selling breeds chihuahua from AKC registered Chihuahua parents, therefore ensuring that you are delivered with pure-bred puppies. Debbie Selling is a small breeder and they have been in business for quite a long time. Each of their puppies is monitored on a day-to-day basis and the breeders ensure that the puppies don’t have any kind of medical conditions when they pass them to you.

Health Status

The breeder is AKC registered and all their breeding activities are as per the norms set by AKC. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the litter. Also, all puppies are vaccinated on a regular basis and de-wormed to make sure that they are in the best form.

Training Procedures

Additionally, the puppies are given basic training and live in well-conditioned spaces. You can visit the center to make sure whether the conditions they are brought up in are hygienic or not.

As the breeder breeds the puppies on demand and in small quantities, you will have to pre-book to get your puppy. You can also visit their center to book the puppy or check on the AKC marketplace to see if they have an extra puppy with them.

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 40

Health & Vaccines: up-to-date, de-wormed, and well-groomed

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Debbie Selling

Phone: (954) 579-6537

Website: https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/debbie-selling-28570/chihuahua/251445

Exact Location: West Palm Beach, FL 33411


6. Lil Rascal Puppies

Lil Rascal Puppies

The Lil Rascal Puppies of Florida is one of the best chihuahua breeders in Florida that not only breed pure-breed puppies but also provides full grooming solutions for them. The breeder has been in the field for quite a long time and they are registered under the AKC marketplace as well.

The breeder also provides complete boutique services for your puppies and helps them be at their best at all times.

Breeding Process And Health Status

They put in utmost efforts to ensure that the parents are free from any kind of harmful diseases and also ensure that the puppies are healthy and at their best. You can visit their centers to know more about the vaccination and other medical checkups they conduct for the puppies. As the breeder is certified and has a quite high rating among existing pet parents, you need not worry about getting cheated with poor quality chihuahua puppies.

Further, they also transport your puppies to your house according to your convenience, so you don’t have to wait at their centers. They provide on-call assistance, and the experts will be glad to walk you through all the required procedures. 

AKC certified: Yes

Years of Operation: 5

Health & Vaccines: up-to-date and de-wormed

Chihuahua Breeder Contact Details: Lil Rascal Puppies

Phone: 239-947-7877

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.lilrascalspuppies.com/

Exact Location: 10035 Gulf Center Dr, Fort Myers, Florida 33913

Socials: https://www.instagram.com/lilrascals_gctc/



Well, that’s it! That would be our take on the top 6 chihuahua breeders in Florida where you can find pure-breed, healthy chihuahua puppies. You can physically visit all these centers if you want to know about the conditions in which the puppies are bred. Further, all these centers provide assistance over the phone and ship your puppies to your doorstep in the most humane way. 

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